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water so you don't have to. - [Child] One in four children will experience child abuse. - [Narrator] At Toba Centre, kids and youth who have been abused or witnessed violence get wraparound care. It takes a community to raise our children and heal them when they're hurt. - [Child] We're not just a number, we're real. I needed real help, and I found it. - I'm a champion for Toba Centre, and you should be too, because the need is real. >> Good morning. Coming up to 7.16. A retired rcmp officer convicted twice of sexually assaulting a 9 year-old girl in 2014 has lost his chance for a 3rd trial on the charges. Robert dowd was charged following an incident at a september 2014 bonfire in the interlake. A girl who was 9 at the time of the incident and cannot be identified claimed he touched her inappropriately. Dad was tried and convicted in 2017 and sentenced to one year in custody, but appealed in 2019. A new trial was ordered in 2021, where he was convicted for a second time and he appealed the decision again. According to a decision issued may, 16th does appeal for a 3rd trial was dismissed, keeping his sentence of 12 months in custody intact. Ctv news winnipeg has reached out to downs. Lawyer to see if he will appeal that ruling. It's been confirmed that 5 people were killed and at least 35 others injured in the state of iowa after a massive tornado that ripped through the american midwest. The tornado was at least an ef with winds up to 260 kilometres per hour. It left a wide swath of destroyed homes and cars in the town of greenfield. This has been a very active tornado season in the U.S. with more than 860 reported across 37 states, students at a pro-palestine encampment at the university of toronto will meet with school administrators and we are weak that people not be able to maintain this encampment, but they are wrong. Look at the park have been this >> The rally was held last night at the encampment that has been set up for more than 2 weeks. Some students now say they use begun hunger strikes. People at the encampment have 2 main demands that u of t disclose its relationship with israel and that the school divest any investments in has with israeli companies, those at the encampment and taking part in the hunger strike say they'll stick with it until their demands are met. You could soon be letting it roll on down the israeli overpass. Mynarski ward, councillor ross 80 has put forward a motion to give a portion of the freeway. The honorary title. Bachman turner overdrive, 80's motion says randy bachman and bto have helped put winnipeg on the map and then move would pay tribute to their legacy. If it's approved, the city would organize an official renaming ceremony. And taking a look at the current traffic situation. Now along notre dame avenue, things are moving quite well here. Please let us know if you see anything out there. Go to our x ph @ctvmorningwpg >> Ctv morning live traffic brought to you by away says pools and spas, your premium pool and hot tub super centre. >> Time now for some entertainment news, canada's largest documentary festival is temporarily closing its theatre in toronto. The beleaguered hot festival says financial constraints have forced the company to close its flagship theatre for 3 months and layoff staff. The festival has been warning the public of its financial situation since april and has been looking for more financial support. Organizers of the festival said they will use the temporary closure to regroup and come up with a strategy to deal with the crisis. The doors of the hot ted rogers cinema will close on june. The 12th all you need is love and some cool auction items from john lennon's famous. >> Hotan, any guitar trusting guitar presume last for over 50 years. Found recently in an attic in the u k. >> There are 930 music items currently on display at julien's auction in new york at the hard rock cafe. Among those items is john lennon's recently discovered 12 string acoustic guitar. It's estimated that to heart is worth 600 to $800,000. The guitar was used on the beatles help album. Other items include iconic outfits worn by michael jackson, janet jackson, britney spears and amy winehouse. If you had to guess the secret ingredient in willie nelson's cooking, what would it be? Nelson and his wife annie have created a collection of recipes called willian any nelson's cannabis cookbook. >> It features recipes for things like buffalo wings, chocolate cake and fried chicken. But cannabis is in

each one. It also will have a chapter on making cannabis based ingredients like simple syrup. It's the cookbook will be out november. 12, we'll get comfortable and relaxed with some great entertainment starting at 7 with sullivan's crossing, the grey's anatomy is on at 8 and catch station 19 at 9. It's all right here tonight on ctv. >> Ctv morning live primetime lineup sponsored by fairway divorce solutions, number one for divorce mediation >> I'm not really surprised by the the there's a prize as opposed to like everything in moderation is like no, it whole book full of it wild. Well, he's indeed. Does feeling out there right now, you know, I I wore a jacket today and I did that because I knew our temperatures, we're going to be dropping off and I'm glad about my choice. It has been feeling a little bit cool out there. Here's a look right now. The bath fitter live eye bath fitter, bringing bathroom dreams to life and you can still see a few of those clouds that were hanging around from last night. It is looking a little bit brighter off to the east. We're seeing some sunshine busting out enjoy the sunshine today and we'll see more and more of that is these clouds clear and I'm really tell you enjoy the sunshine today because boy, things are going to take a little bit of a term we're sitting at 6 degrees is why I say it's a little bit cooler than seasonal, several be a normal low. We were as low as 5 sevens are what you're now reaching through most of southwestern manitoba, just a little bit cooler than that, only by a couple degrees across the southeast northern manitoba, couple of places here in the northeast that are below the freezing mark or right at 0 with some possible precipitation expected in this area. You may in fact, see flurries this morning may be changing to showers as it warms up a little bit, but it will warm up a little bit, but only the mid to high single digits across the north and a low to mid teens here across the south. The low 20's will be normal for this time of year. So we will still miss the mark of that. There's the activity that we're seeing so far this morning. This is nothing to concern ourselves with just a little bit of light shower activity that really won't amount to much. So why do we have rainfall warnings in place is the system that's coming. All of the red that you're seeing there up to 60 millimetres, possibly by the time it's all said and done, it won't all happen at once today. 7 is we're sending kids off to school next hour up to 13 by the time the coming home winds increasing this afternoon, but sunshine to enjoy and then the rain begins tonight, heavy through tomorrow, still continuing into saturday and eventually that sunshine back again. >> Ctv morning live school day forecast is brought to you by rainbow stage soaring into our 70th season. >> The sun was shining over here in selkirk on tuesday. That's going snapped this picture of harley does hey, you know, the dandelions love this picture. Keeping county police to >> Ctv skywatch pick of the day is brought to you by truck time and capital ford. Lincoln. >> We're going to go to we've been talking that the summer bonus deadline is tonight for the tri hospital dream lottery. So you've got to get your tickets and now finding out a little bit more about the research that is happening. I'm joined by doctor dina rabinovitch nicotine who is the title is long principal investigator, women's heart health and cardio metabolic function institute of cardiovascular sciences, saint boniface hospital research. All right. In a title aside, you are doing remarkable work. Let's talk a yes. First of all, about the difference between men and women because you're primarily focused on women's research. So what are some of those differences, right? So today we know that women to actually not just like men when it comes to heart disease. And today we know our smaller, our heart rates are a quicker than that compared to men. >> And we also have different risk factors and different symptoms when we have heart attacks compared to men. And typically we were always hearing about men's symptoms and because women present differently, a lot of times it would go undetected. So what would some of those signs be for women? All right, so I usually women have exactly the same symptoms as men, but they have additional symptoms. So this sentence can be for example, indigestion or a job and shoulder pain. So at least of these extra symptoms can, it can be a sign for heart attack in women. Alright, given us and example, pleas of some of the research that you're doing. We're focusing on risk factors in my trying to develop treatments to prevent heart disease. So for example, some others, such as we're doing is focusing on risk factors that are more specific to women. For example, cancer treatment can lead to heart disease later in life or pregnancy complications. Also, many women don't know that experiencing pregnancy complications such as this. Just a john david is our hypertension can increase their risk for heart disease later in life. And we're trying to study these mechanisms and how it happens in order to develop treatments. And that prevented it is research that is so important and funds are needed to do that, which is where your money goes. When you buy your ticket. I mentioned the summer bonus deadline is tonight. Get your ticket now, not just for a chance to win great prizes, but to support research like this. Thank you, thank you. >> Thank you. Tearing the winnipeg goldeyes hit the field wednesday evening, fresh off their home opener win against the chicago dogs. The goldeyes got the first run of the game after max murphy batted one in

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