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Alright. [thunder and lighting] ( ) Next! Whoa, I'm rich! Lightning Lotto! Coolsculpting is a noninvasive treatment that eliminates fat for good. Learn how it can transform your body at Sculptologys Cool Event. Enjoy one day only special pricing. Galina is Winnipeg's only master's level trained Coolsculpting technician. >> Enjoying some sunshine to kick off the morning is now looking gorgeous out there. There are still a few clouds hanging around in. It is a little bit cool. Temperatures dipped to 5 degrees. The winds are light out of the northeast. The pressurising the humidity is sitting at 92%. The last of those clouds will continue to clear actually in for a fair bit of sunshine today. And we're still seeing a bit of precipitation showing up here on the satellite image. >> Especially through the southwest and moving just south of winnipeg. >> But boy, is it ever a lot more south of the border. And that is what's going to be moving in over the days ahead. So today enjoy a mix of sun and cloud, though, will be a little bit cool high today of just 13 degrees. 21 normal for this time of year now the winds are light this morning, but they will be increasing later today at times gusting to about 40 kilometres per hour. And then that rain likely to begin overnight. 6 degrees is our overnight low with northeast winds about 20 clicks as far as the day goes tomorrow, that's when the heaviest of the rain will fall 30 to 50 millimetres. Numbers are looking to be possibly up around 60. And that will be by the time it tapers off because it's not the end. Tomorrow. 9 degrees to talk about cool temperatures and most noticeable winds anyway, about 30 clicks or so. The rain continues into saturday. And when it's all done, that's when we're talking totals are around. 60 millimetres or up to possibly. Then the sunshine comes back. Temperatures not looking too bad for the rest of the weekend and into the start of next week, but it will take another few days before actually back to what is normal for this time of year. Thank you, terry. >> A plan to modernize part of never feels water system has been flashed. Impacted residents currently using well water overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to install and connect a new water mains. The town says it would have improved water quality and fire response. But as ctv's jeff keele shows you council decided not to move ahead as homeowners felt they were being soaked for thousands of dollars. >> Trevor lori says there is nothing wrong with the water he gets from as well, which flows into his niverville home while one, it's the I have a lot of filters on there. So you can't even tell that it's well waters case, fine. Now he and other homeowners are sending a plan to switch to town water down the drain. I've talked to a few the neighbours and I was like. What do you guys to your late for? Yeah, I don't think that all of that should be on the homeowner. >> 3 million dollar grant from the province would cover half the price to put water mains in the older area of niverville where people rely on well, water now the town says the rest of the costs would be on those homeowners between 500 and $12,000 over 10 years, depending on lot sizes. And if those residents want to then hook up to the water main, another bill ranging from 3500 to $25,000. The town says the average property cost for both is around $19,000. Plus, there would be a quarterly waterville reasoning behind it. I'm not too sure. >> The reason why. I think it's more about a cash grab that offer. >> That came through, it's just. Highly expensive because of the price tag. The survey was done and of the 700 impacted homeowners half responded and nearly 80% of them said no. So the town council is not moving ahead with the water mains. Sta. >> Proper thing to do so it it was a to come up and saying we're not going to do this project at this time. But the town says there are benefits to installing and connecting to a water main. >> Safe drinking water improve quality end. The addition of fire hydrants in this neighbourhood has actually a real benefit when it comes to firefighting in this community. And there is that 3 million dollars from the province that won't be there forever. >> The town has it until 2026, if it wants to dive into this again. Jeff keele, ctv news, niverville. Niverville. Deputy mayor chris wiebe says council likely won't revisit the water main issue until next year. >> And 18 year-old, who was shot at the red river ex 2 years ago, has filed a lawsuit. The man who was 16 at the time of the shooting in june of 2022 is suing the red river exhibition association, north american midway entertainment, canada co and to employers who operated a booth at the fair. The lawsuit says he was taking a break from the booth. He was working at when he was approached by a gang and

believed one of them had a gun. The man says he told his employer but was told not to worry about it. And to go back to station. He was shot above the hip while walking back to the booth. The lawsuit says the man hasn't been able to work since then suffered a loss of income. The plaintiff is suing for damages and health care costs. Ctv news has reached out to red river ex for comment. North american midway says it's aware of the lawsuit, but wouldn't comment as it's before the courts. Westjet is making changes to lower the price to fly. But it comes with sacrifices for travellers. They have to have. >> The space that you can will take a little bit like home away and you know, come to that with the most seats and then sit at another world. >> Westjet is planning to add more seats to some of its bigger plane, saying it will lead to cheaper prices. It's also going to launch an ultra-low fare category for people who are willing to fly without any carry on luggage. People who fly this category can bring a bag on board, but can't use the overhead bin. The airline is also asking ottawa to freeze government implodes passenger fees, which pay for airport maintenance and other projects. China this morning as holding military drills around taiwan, calling, calling them punishment against the island. And a sign of escalating tensions. The drill simulate a full-scale attack on taiwan. This comes just days after taiwan inaugurated its new president. William lay lay is a member of taiwan separatist democratic progressive party has been called a troublemaker by teaching. Taiwan's coast guard is keeping a close eye on the drills, telling china ships to stay away. Its defence ministry has condemned china's actions as irrational provocations and pei's opening a held damage estimating centre following a surge in claims more than 1150 claims have been made in the last week. The new temporary centre will open next week at mpi's physical damage centre. Plus, he's road in winnipeg. It will be open monday to friday and have 70 appointments available each day. Mpi will reach out to customers who opened a health claim, but haven't yet had an estimate appointment customers have been waiting the longest will be contacted first and taking a look at the current traffic situation now on be norwood bridge looks like a pretty smooth drive over here. If you see anything out there, though, please let us know. Go to our x age. @ctvmorningwpg and taking a look at your gas prices. The canadian average sends a $1.65 while the provincial average sits at a $1.41. In winnipeg, the average is about 40. The lowest price in the city is a $1.20 for a 204 fuels in st. James. All this information is on gasbuddy dot com. >> Pressure the palm brought to you by kitten card dot ca get a free tow and a tax receipt for value of your car. >> If you're interested in doing are learning some really cool things you can go to aurora farm. They have a lot of workshops on offer right now. Good morning, ainsley. >> Good morning, brand new stuff to rachel. Manitoba. You should be jealous of me because it's polls. So good in here right now. If you take part in this workshop, hands on her, you could also take part and learn some things. Louise may joins us now to tell us all about it. You've never done this workshop before. Well, I I've talked a little bit, but I really wanted to develop a workshop where people could come here and learn all the ways that you can use him prepare herbs. >> For your own wellness. So it's like both economical and fun and really put you in touch with the nature of the herbs and >> For those who want to experiment in the kitchen as well. A great avenue to do this. Let's start to our media. Right? So these are the forest herbs yet said sure, we'll when I'm not here at the farm, i, I have a wonderful place I can go to in the boreal forest, which is a great need to reserve that we have here in manitoba. So all of these are our forest inspired. >> So when you think of all the different smells that you get when you go into and you know, this term forest bathing has become popularized, but just that real sense of wellness that you get when you are in forest and and smelling, you know, having those deep rest. So that stop family products. >> These ones here I was pulling the face come as his its reminds me of my grandmother and the best way. Tell us about these products, what they could be utilized for this. You know, we have this beautiful bunch of roses that are a heritage breed of roses, that they're highly aromatic. And so I've used them to develop a line of rose facial products because that's what I love and wanted to share it. But really the roses themselves have such a good health benefit in terms of just in deep, deep relaxation and sleep for myself. That's how I've, how how I've experienced it. And also just, you know, it's a it's a beautiful smell that that reminds us of older times when when things were more authentically, you know, they're smell as opposed to all of the thus, you know, really

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