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their time has come The stage is set And it is spectacular!! >> Good morning. It is thursday, may 23rd. You're watching ctv morning live. Thank you so much for being with us. Ainsley mcphail is taking us to the farm this morning. >> She is at aurora farm. They have a lot of really fun things going on there for the entire family, that workshops, they also have really great products for your skin and they have a yoga with goats will find a little bit more about the farm itself and she's going to take us around the farm. So the morning. But first, your headlines. A look into the mind of an admitted serial killer. What jeremy skibicki this good bits keys hand written letters reveal. Also today, the city's controversial proposal to cut down on the number of t-bone collisions on winnipeg street. And later, a canadian soccer star is immortalized by mattel. While you won't find this far be on store shelves bringing in terri now and the rain held off yesterday, pretty much, but it's going to change yet. Things will be changing, especially in the days ahead. Not necessarily today. As far as the city haitian goes. >> Here in winnipeg, although as we look out there, you can see some really dark clouds will show you where the rain is falling in just a moment. 5 degrees cooler start to the day than anything we've had for a while now. And that is a below seasonal start to the day by a couple degrees. 7 is normal aeso east northeast winds pardon me, 8 kilometres per hour. The pressure rising humidity sitting at 86% in. Yes, we do certainly have some clouds. We have rainfall warnings in place, but they are issued for what we're seeing showing up in the satellite map today. This all has to do with the system is going to be rolling in for tomorrow. But all of the areas that you're seeing here, we've got wind warnings as well over the big lakes and through parts of northwestern ontario. But most of us here in the southeast is a rainfall warning not about what we're seeing right now. A little bit of shower activity through southern manitoba, likely to move just south of winnipeg. I don't actually think we're certainly seeing the clouds, but don't think we're going to see the rain. It was south of the international line and that's going to be bringing plenty of rain, probably beginning tonight, taking us through tomorrow. Very, very active. Meanwhile, northern manitoba, enjoy the sunshine. But we're looking at soggy conditions to kick well. I guess wrap-up the work we can kick off the weekend and some places with those cool overnight lows, you could be some mixed precipitation, perhaps 50 to 60 millimetres of rain is what environment canada is warning of total over the next couple of days. But then we're back to sunshine, temperatures warm up again. But over the next few days, when it's raining, it will also be cool. Thank you, terry. Handwritten letters penned by admitted serial killer jeremy skip its key were entered as evidence in a manitoba courtroom wednesday. >> Giving us a look into his mind while in prison and his impressions leading up to his trial. Homicide detectives learned jeremy skip its key was reading another inmate at the women's institution in nova scotia. Ctv's alexander hollick shows us what was inside those letters. >> 9 letters over 4 months written by 10 minutes serial killer. These handwritten pages were penned by jeremy skip its key between january and april. 2023 and mail to an inmate at the women's institution in nova scotia. They were submitted wednesday by winnipeg police detective sergeant michael macdonald, who sees the letters through a search warrant one year after skip it, skis arrest at the times. They were written, skip its. He was being held at milner ridge correctional centre in beausejour. Mcdonald testified some of the letters were destroyed, but the remaining ones were turned over. He also said he spoke to the inmates. Kaminsky appeared to have been writing too, but did not provide any details about that conversation in the letters keep its key talks about his quote, extreme views. N writes about a multifaceted plan to subjugate and then eliminate white people. He appears to try and pursue a romantic relationship with the inmate, calling her sweet heart and seeing I will seriously consider getting married to you. Skip its key also discusses his case writing, I am seriously considering giving up, even though I have a not criminally responsible defence with experts. I could have 100 experts while the crown has none and I'd still get convicted by a bunch of the 7 year-old accused pleaded not guilty to 4 counts of first-degree murder. But later admitted to killing rebecca contois. Marcedes myran, morgan harris and a 4th victim known as buffalo woman. His defence lawyers argue skip its key should be found not criminally responsible due to mental disorder. The 9th and final letter submitted in court was written by skip is key to the inmate on april 25th. 2023. It's not clear if any other letters were sent or received after that time. >> Alexander hollick, ctv news, winnipeg. After all the letters were submitted, the crown didn't have any further questions. And jeremy scum it skews. Defence lawyers declined to cross, examined a witness. The crown rested its case on

june 3rd. The defence is expected to make its case by calling on witnesses and introducing forensic evidence of their own. The trial is scheduled to wrap up on june, the 6th. A retired rcmp officer convicted twice of sexually assaulting a 9 year-old girl in 2014 has lost his chance for a 3rd trial on the charges. Robert dowd was charged following an incident at a september. 2014 on fire in the interlake, a girl who was 9 at the time of the incident and cannot be identified claimed he touched her inappropriately. Dowd was tried and convicted in 2017 and sentenced to one year in custody, but appealed in 2019. A new trial was ordered and 2021, where he was convicted for a second time and he appealed the decision again. According to a decision issued may 16th dowd's appeal for a rd trial was dismissed, keeping his sentence of 12 months in custody intact. Ctv news winnipeg has reached out to doubts lawyer to see if he will appeal the ruling. Convicted serial killer robert pickton will stay in a medically induced coma for a few more days. He's currently on life support after he was attacked in a quebec prison over the weekend. Quebec provincial police say the plan is to wake picton up later this week to see if he can survive on his own. According to police, the inmate suspected of assaulting picton has not been interviewed yet. Pickton was transferred to the quebec prison 6 years ago. Families of the victims of a tragic school shooting in uvalde, texas have launched a lawsuit against police 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in the mass shooting. The families of 19 victims have announced a lawsuit against nearly 100 state police officers who were part of the law enforcement response. The family's recently agreed to a 2 million dollar settlement with the city, which agreed to set higher standards and improve training for local police. The lawyer for the families says additional lawsuits are coming. >> There will be lawsuits most immediately. Against the state of texas, which has done nothing. But bird in this town. Before the shooting by not giving them the resources they need. These families from getting the information they need. And then blaming. Blaming the city. The lawsuit comes 2 days before the two-year anniversary of the school shooting. >> One of the deadliest in american history. Former U.S. presidential hopeful nikki haley has shared who she'll support in this fall's presidential election. >> Biden has been a catastrophe so I will be voting for trump. >> The former south carolina governor did say that donald trump hasn't been perfect either the endorsement of her former rival came during haley's first public speech since suspending her republican presidential nominee campaign in march. She was donald trump's last major rival in the nomination race and they targeted each other frequently through the primaries. Healey refused to endorse anyone when she first suspended her campaign earlier this spring. >> You could soon be letting it roll on down the disraeli overpass. Mynarski ward councillor ross edi has put forward a motion to give a portion of the freeway. The honorary title. Bachman turner overdrive. He's motion, says randy bachman and bto have helped to winnipeg on the map and the move would pay tribute to their legacy. If it's approved, the city would organize an official renaming ceremony. Taking a look outside now at the confusion corner area looks like traffic volumes are quite late at this time, but moving well in this area, if you see anything out there, if you have any traffic updates, please let us know. Go to our x page, @ctvmorningwpg. >> All right, we're going go to the farm where ainsley mcphail is live this morning at aurora farm. Good morning, ainsley. >> Good morning. Oh my goodness, rachel, as soon as I got here has never seen a clear day at or farm. >> The elf I can up towards 2 and I can't wait to head out there. Yes. And we're talking though, about a workshop this space. We haven't been able to utilize it yet. When we come to or farm and I love it because they have a workshop coming up, you can sign up now, but everything runs in in june at the end of june as well. So herbs working with them and understanding the health benefits of these understanding what you can do with them later. And they actually have some box that you can take home with you as well, starting at that time period to so having that understanding having that knowledge and being able to cook with them and get creative, make those ice teas for the summer months. They also have a soap making workshop that we're going to be talking about as well. And checking out the various ones. Lavender is known to be calming, I'm told. So maybe I could just sniff it throughout until the weekend. Hahaha you

and we will see in a little bit. Terry, you've likely heard of the puppy bowl where pups face off in their own game before the super bowl. >> Now the nhl is getting in on the action this year with its first stanley pop. >> Each of the 32 nhl teams will have a puppy player facing off in some friendly competitions. Most are from nhl cities and all are up for adoption. You can watch the for stanley pop on saturday, june, the 8th. The league says it's scheduled for 5.30 winnipeg time, but that could change depending on the schedule for the stanley cup final. What a great idea. Honestly, I think all sporting events need to lines those the 2 nd in forget me, the mob born sit me down and I am here for it. Love it. That's an looks good on your face to the guiness is feeling good as well. Now it's cool out here this morning. We've got some slightly below seasonal temperatures. >> But yeah, the sign is busting out from behind these clouds. There are still a few clouds up above. Water of clouds this morning, but they're on the clearing, they're clearing ai 5 degrees is where we're sitting right now. The best spots in my eyes. Now after staring at that northeast winds are 8 kilometres per hour. The pressure rising and the humidity sitting at 92%. So with these clouds moving on out of the way, we will enjoy some sunshine today. There will still be a little bit of precipitation, especially through southwestern manitoba areas just south of winnipeg could also see some showers this before continues to clear northern manitoba. You're not going to be I mean, mix of sun and cloud. It will still be a pleasant day for you work, although going to be a little bit shy of normal as far as temperatures go. So a little bit cool today and then even cooler tomorrow now. Well, there are some showers moving through southern manitoba. This is not what environment canada has issued. The warnings about is going to be moving in overnight and then throughout friday into saturday as well. The heaviest rain likely to come friday by continuing into saturday and total amount over those couple of days could take us to 50, maybe even 60 millimetres. So we are in for us, ok, it's going to take us into the start of the weekend. Right now, though, just soaking up the sun. >> Take a break right now. We'll be back with more on ctv morning live. >> Ctv morning live weather with the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery. There's millions in prizes to win. Plus a fifty-fifty that keeps growing. Ticket deadline is midnight tonight. (upbeat music) Start your morning right Start your morning right Make it outta sight Make it outta sight When you find your flow Then you know it's gonna be a good day So it's time to start your morning right Start your morning right Start your morning right Start your morning right Start your morning right Beautiful!Minnesota gold right there!Nice Katie! Love it. I'm Katie, I'm Kendra.We're from the Carolinas and always wanted tocome to Minnesota. I'm so hungry and readyfor some good food. It's kind of build yourown adventure here. That's merino wool over there. My brain is exploding! Cheers! Look how blue Babe is. Hey y'all, that's a nice fish! Seeing the lakes,hearing the loons, I felt like I wason a different planet. Wow! 10/10 recommend. The Sounds of Summer Sale is on now at Visions Electronics! Incredible savings on amazing tech for outdoor entertainment TVs, speakers, car audio, and more! No Interest and No Payments Until 2026 Plus a chance to Win your purchase See all the deals atVisions dot ca Be there Canada Life Centre. When your Winnipeg Sea Bears take on the Ottawa Black Jacks. Tip off is seven-thirty and you won't want to miss a minute. Tickets on sale now at Sea Bears dot c a. - [Narrator] Your deck your way. Join the growing community of proud DIYers who turned their visions into reality with Windeck, with premium materials and endless possibilities. Do it once, do it right with Windeck. You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) Go to tri-hospital dream dot com now and take a look. So much to see and amazing odds of winning one and a quarter million dollars. So get your tickets now. Don't pay to haul awayyour old working fridge or freezer. Efficiency Manitoba will pick up recycle, and pay you 30 dollars for it. Book your pick up at today

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