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>> The loudist I've ever measured a cicada chorus is 96 decibels. To put into perspective, when jets are flying into chicago o'hare, the cicadas will drown out the jets. >> Reporter: there are apps to track them and zoo animals find they're a tasty snack. Even humans like to fry up a little crunchy cicada cuisine. >> I like to tell people if it's coming from a new orleans kitchen, even if it's bizarre, it's going to be tasty. >> Reporter: so enjoy the spectacle. Above ground the bug's life isn't long and a double brood won't be back until 2037. Joy malbon, ctv news, washington. >> Heather: a spectacle indeed. That's our newscast for this friday. For all of us at "ctv national news," thank you for watching. I'm heather butts. Goodnight and I'll see you again tomorrow. [ ] [ ] crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once.

... All right here. Subscribe now atCRAVE.CA. >> Tonight show a dead by police. What led up to a man being gunned down by mounties. Also tonight, the see there's winnipeg's pro basketball players have the corn at home. And later, how does your garden grow? People would say stuff like it's a regular sized when it's 100 year-old grandmother won't share the secret to her giant shrubs. >> Ctv news. Live from downtown winnipeg with taylor brock. >> Good evening and thank you for joining us. Rcmp have shot and killed a man in southern manitoba. Police say officers were patrolling highway 52 near la broquerie after receiving reports of a suspicious man in the area they saw stopped a vehicle and a man standing by the driver's side door rcmp say the man was reaching in the vehicle and assaulting a woman while holding an edged weapon. Officers ordered the man to step away and drop the weapon. But he began up approaching the officers and one fired a gun. The 51 year-old man from the scene. An area was pronounced dead at the scene. The female sustained minor injuries. The independent investigation unit of a manitoba is investigating. Ctv news has are in grade 12 students will not be riding their english language arts exams next week. Garden valley school division in the winkler morden area says the exam suspended for students across the province. The division superintendent dan ward says the province's department of education and early childhood learning told them earlier today that next week's exam was suspended. He says they were told this is the case for all school divisions in manitoba river east transcona trail school divisions are asking families to check their emails for information about the exam. The exam was originally scheduled for may. 27 2 30th. We have reached out to to the province and school divisions for more information. Ali night intruder at an elmwood ice cream shop made off with a handful of ice cream sandwiches and nothing else. It's the latest in a growing number of break-ins in the neighbourhood that has residents and business is worried. Ctv's danton unger reports. >> There was nothing sweet about this unwelcome intruder at sub 0 ice cream in elmwood around 3:00am wednesday. Someone threw a brick through the shop's window in crawled in. They helped themselves to a few ice cream sandwiches before making their way to the tale, which they found empty. He tried to buy so he left owner linley says this is the 4th time she's at a break-in since buying subzero in 2017. She stopped leaving cash in the shop overnight and now leaves the register unlocked and empty has arisen police as break-ins like this one are happening more often in the area. It's a problem. The chalmers neighbourhood renewal corporation, he's noticed as well. Businesses here are amazing. They are unique and they are fantastic. >> But when these things happen, he gets a little bit harder for those businesses to thrive and flourish. Lani, the larva says the corporation already runs a volunteer neighbourhood patrol one night a week to make the community feel a little bit more safe. But she would like to see a nightly patrol in the elmwood area to address the rising crime. It would come at a cost. She estimates somewhere between 50 to $60,000 a year. Area councillor jason schreier says he would support that. It's really important and I'll do anything to continue that a walk with you. I will provide more resources. It takes $50,000. You know what? I I can handle some of to my ward now ward budget while sub sears ice cream banned, it wasn't able to make off with any cash. The break-in is still costing lee up to 4 grand to replace the broken window. It's money she's having to pay out of pocket is an insurance claim would only lead to higher premiums. But there is a sweet ending to all of this. Got a lot of love and support from our community and continue the yummy ice cream for the community. Danton unger, ctv news, winnipeg. >> Winnipeg police tell ctv news they're investigating the break-in. You know, this ice cream thief wasn't the only visitor to the sub 0 ice cream shop at night lease as a kind stranger stopped by the shop about an hour after the break in and boarded up the window.

b says she's not sure if it was a police or just a good samaritan, but she sending out a big thank you for the help. It was a very rainy day for south central manitoba now in the southwest, that precipitation turns into snow as much as 10 centimetres of snow fell on writing mount shiloh saw a centimetres, although its neighbours in brandon only got 2 centimetres of snow. That's because it's no was mixed with freezing rain and the more dirt and dr would areas as much as 70 millimetres fell of rain today, pilot mound god, 56 millimetres and puerto prairie between 40 and 50 rainfall and snowfall warning continues tonight. We'll have more details coming up in your skywatch forecast. The winnipeg jets have named scott arniel as head coach. He replaces rick bowness were tired after the jets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the colorado avalanche. 61 year-old arniel join the jets as an associate coach when bonus was hired in july 2022. Bowness and his led the jets to the postseason in back-to-back seasons bites, winnipeg was eliminated in the first round. Both times arniel began his coaching career in 1995 after an 18 year pro playing career and spent a season and a half as head coach of the columbus blue jackets. It's a sign that pride season has officially kicked off in winnipeg. A pride flag was raised at city hall today, marking the beginning of pride. Winnipeg's festivities. Dozens of pride events are taking place across the city over the next 9 days, culminating with this years festival at the forks next weekend and parade on sunday. The theme this year is transcend together. This weekend is your chance to step behind doors normally closed to the public. It's called doors open winnipeg and it's exactly what it sounds like you'll be able to get inside. Look at dozens of interesting buildings across the city, saturday and sunday. That includes the legislative building, the vaughan street jail, the holy trinity ukrainian orthodox cathedral. And I'm a sonic memorial centre just to name a few. Many locations are offering guided tours, music or educational activities. And it's all completely free. >> It's a celebration of history built heritage culture arts. I love doors open because it's not just architectural tours, but it's also social history. And also, how are these buildings being reuse? Now? >> The hours for each location very so. You may want to check doors open. Winnipeg dot ca for all the details before you head out. And here's our first look at tonight's weather. Currently 9 degrees and cloudy pressure is dropping. >> Humidity is at 100%. That is because we're getting more rain tonight. >> About 5 to 10 millimetres is expected to fall a bit windier this evening with a low of 4 degrees tomorrow morning, 6 degrees will start the day off with morning rain that will taper off by the time, the late afternoon rolls around with strong winds. >> It's, it's a tough project. This is a this is a heavy heavy project. >> Getting to work on the old hudson's bay building, why the federal government is giving the group behind it. Tens (Cheering) (soft music) (employee yawning) (group applauding) (soft music continues) Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. We are person centered. We want the people that live here to decide basically everything about how they live, the choices that they get to make, the programs they want to see. Were a place where, you know, if you live here, you're running it. We didn't want to be over calendared. We wanted really to, to connect with what the community wants. Now you get to say how you want to be cared for. ate opportunities for youth and families through support and assisted memberships. Let's build strong kids together. Shine on with ymca and ywca of Winnipeg. Proudly sponsored by ctv. (Upbeat music) I've been around cows for as long as I can remember. You work with cows long enough, you see they have personalities. There's Ember, she's the prettiest by far... and she knows it. Halo is so sweet. And everybody gets a kick out of Valina. She's so small but she has the biggest attitude.

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