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sexual assault charge. The conservative party spokeswoman says the tories are not considering bringing vong into caucus. Major ruling today from the international court of justice on the war in gaza. The united nations top court has ordered israel to stop its military operation in rafah. Ctv's jeremie charron has the details. Inside this courtroom in the netherlands today, a landmark emergency ruling in a case brought forward by south africa, accusing israel of genocide is that he's not sufficiently. >> At this and despair. The concern. It is my is speeding through offensive enough and a strict order from the world court is a must immediately halt its money through a fence. And any other action and that a foreign government. Which may conflict on the bus in a group in gaza. Conditions will fly that could bring about its physical destruction. The president of the court also ordered israel to open the rafah border crossing to allow humanitarian aid in calling the situation in gaza catastrophic. Canada's position has been clear for many, many weeks now. We need an immediate cease-fire. >> A hamas needs to lay down its arms release, all hostages. But there also must be no more military operations in rafah. >> The court also called for the release of all remaining hostages. And while it's order is legally binding, the icj lacks the power to enforce it. The international court of justice doesn't have its own army. It doesn't have its own police. It depends the security council to implement its orders. This is the 3rd time the court has issued orders for israel to pull back and address the humanitarian suffering in gaza. But israel has been accused of ignoring their orders in the past. Israeli spokesman have announced and essentially israel will not comply with the order that they will continue their operation. Israel has repeatedly dismissed accusations of genocide. >> Insisting it has the right to defend itself from hamas. >> South africa's wider case here accuses israel of state led genocide against palestinians. A decision on that could take years. The icj has rejected israel's request to throw the case out. Jeremy charron, ctv news, ottawa. The bodies of 3 hostages killed during the october 7th attack in israel were recovered overnight from gaza. The announcement comes less than a week after the army said it found the bodies of 3 other israeli hostages. Hamas led militants killed 1200 people and abducted around 250 others. About half of the hostages have since been freed. Egyptian security sources say food and fuel may soon start arriving in southern gaza. Phaya israel's kerem shalom crossing. And agreement between the presidents of egypt in the united states would see that temporarily sent to the un in the territory. It would be delivered via the crossing in southern israel at the egyptian in gaza and borders. The sources tell reuters that egypt is coordinating with israel on the aid. The shipments would continue into legal mechanisms are in place to reopen the nearby raf aborting of crossing from the palestinian side. Ukraine's president says his country's forces has secured combat control in northern parts of kharkiv region. In the city of kharkiv. A lot of more zelenskyy visited a printing fact facility where an attack killed 7 people yesterday. Russia has launched an offensive into the north of the surrounding region. But the president says ukrainian soldiers have managed to take control of the border area where the enemy struck on may. 10th. The assault opened a new front in what kyiv said was an effort to divert its outnumbered troops from the east, where the fiercest fighting is taking place. Boeing has said a proposed date for its first astronaut launch. The company is looking at june first. It follows weeks of review that showed the starliner capsule can safely fly to test pilots to the international space station. Now that is despite a small helium leak discovered following the first launch attempt on may 6 that was scuttled by a different problem that is now fixed. Engineers say that even if the leak worsens, it could be managed in flight. Are climbing costs, cramping your summer travel plans. Instead of going to florida, we've decided to do camping. >> Survey says that's the case for most. Canadians will dive into the data after the break. >> There are 2 warnings in effect for southern manitoba. Now we're seeing to the east like here in winnipeg, there's a rainfall warning and to the west in places like brandon and that includes a snowfall warning. We'll talk more about that coming up in your skywatch

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