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reported and it's believed to be non criminal. Thousands of manitobans are without power tonight as stormy weather passes over the province. Manitoba hydro says heavy wet snow has caused more than 120 outages throughout western and central manitoba. It says crews are responding as quickly and safely as possible. Manitoba hydro is asking anyone who has power goes out. 2 reported online. And ctv's taylor brock joins us now with a first look at your skywatch evening forecast. And it certainly was a very dramatic day weather wise. >> That is fair to say no here in manitoba, we saw a mix of snow and this over in minnedosa, a video sent to us. You can see that snow is falling, but along with it rain, the sleet was a bit of a theme of the westman region, although other areas got quite a snow dumping, including in writing mount with 10 centimetres. We'll talk more about that coming up and show you exactly how much rain and snow fell, although first that we do have a couple of to decide the screen here. So you can see where the snowfall warning extends from dauphin to killarney and that rainfall from eriksdale fairford and winkler and the hanover area. Right now is currently 8 degrees with a few clouds in the sky as you can see, the rain is falling on. Maybe you can really see because it's covering the screen here. Pressure is dropping and humidity is at 98%. Thanks, taylor. >> We now know who the tories are running in this summer's tuxedo by-election. Last night, lawrence pinsky was voted by progressive conservative party members to carry their banner. The winnipeg lawyer was up against 2 other candidates for the nod. The seat became vacant basics after former premier and pc mla heather stefanson left the post. Voting takes place june 18. A late night intruder at an elmwood ice cream shop made off with a handful of ice cream sandwiches and nothing else. It's the latest in a growing number of break-ins in the neighbourhood that has residents and business is worried. Ctv's danton unger reports. >> There was nothing sweet about this unwelcome intruder at sub 0 ice cream in elmwood around 3:00am wednesday. Someone threw a brick through the shop's window in crawled in. They helped themselves to a few ice cream sandwiches before making their way to the tale, which they found empty. He tried to buy some cash, but so he left owner linley says this is the 4th time she's at a break-in since buying subzero in 2017. She stopped leaving cash in the shop overnight and now leaves the register unlocked and empty as it is. And why now lease as break-ins like this one are happening more often in the area. It's a problem. The chalmers neighbourhood renewal corporation, he's noticed as well. Businesses here are amazing. >> They are unique and they are fantastic. The food that restaurants agree. But when these things happen, he gets a little bit harder for those businesses to thrive and flourish. Lani, the larva says the corporation already runs a volunteer neighbourhood patrol one night a week to make the community feel a little bit more safe. But she would like to see a nightly patrol in the elmwood area to address the rising crime. It would come at a cost. She estimates somewhere between 50 to $60,000 a year. Area councillor jason trier says he would support that. It's really important and I'll do anything to continue that a walk with you. I will provide more resources. It takes $50,000. >> You know what I can handle some of to my ward now ward budget while sub sears ice cream banned, it wasn't able to make off with any cash. The break-in is still costing lee up to 4 grant to replace the broken window. It's money she's having to pay out of pocket is an insurance claim would only lead to higher premiums. But there is a sweet ending to all of this. Got a lot of love and support from our community and >> This continue the yummy ice cream for the community. Danton unger, ctv news, winnipeg. >> With a police tell ctv news that they're investigating the break-in. Now this ice cream thief wasn't the only visitor to the sub 0 ice cream shop that night lease as a kind stranger stopped by the shop about an hour after the break in and boarded up the window. Lee says she's not sure if it was the police or just a good samaritan, but she's sending out a big thank you for the help. There's a push at city hall to end winnipeg's reliance on the private sector and start making its own asphalt. Ocean heading to council next week, says asphalt plants are much more advanced and cost-effective than in the

past. At the same time, inflationary pressures continue to push road repair costs up. And the report says there are fewer companies offering the product. The motion would see the city establish its own asphalt plant or by mobile asphalt equipment. It will appear before councillors on thursday. To mounties in southern manitoba. We're in the right place at the right time. Wednesday morning. The rcmp officers were patrolling highway. 18 near killarney when they watched a car lose control and flip onto its roof in a ditch filled with water. While one officer called for an ambulance, the other jumped into the ditch and pulled the driver out of the car, which was already filled with water. The 20 year-old male driver from killarney suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital where he was treated and released. There were no other occupants in the vehicle. If a medical emergency happens, the quick actions of paramedics and regular people around us can be the difference between life and death. Today, the city of winnipeg honoured, a number of people who leapt into action and help save lives. The celebration of life award recipients include a winnipeg or who performed cpr on a fellow co-worker having a heart attack. And the first responders who were involved in the call. The winnipeg fire and paramedic service says these awards are an opportunity for first responders to see how their work matters. I think sometimes it can be it's emotional to see all the feelings that are caught up with a net and the recognition that there are real people at the end of the work that we're doing. >> And it's not just a job, it impacts people's lives. >> The celebration of life awards are held annually during paramedic services week. The winnipeg jets have named scott arniel as head coach. Arniel replaces rick bowness, who retired after the jets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the colorado avalanche. 61 year-old arniel joined the jets as an associate coach when bonus was hired in july of 2022 bowness and his staff led the jets to the postseason in back-to-back seasons. Winnipeg was eliminated in the first round. Both times. Arniel began his coaching career in 1995 after an 18 year pro playing career and spent a season and a half as head coach of the columbus blue jackets. He was a sea of purple shirts this afternoon for the annual kendra's walk at st. John's ravens court school. The event was started by sjr student kendra mcbain. Back in 2009, kendra was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. And while undergoing treatment. She organized a way to give back to other teens with cancer. Kendra died later that year, but her family, friends and the sjr community continue to hold the walk in her honour. >> All the hard work that kendra to put into actually starting the walk itself is then continued each year as new committee members join and as old ones stay to lead the way and having that teen perspective really gives a good direction as to where the committee should since 2009 kendra's walk has raised more than 1 million dollars for the cancer care. Manitoba foundation. >> This year because of the weather, the walk took place in the school gym instead of outdoors. It's a sign that pride season has officially kicked off in winnipeg. A pride flag was raised at city hall today, marking the beginning of pride winnipeg's festivities. Dozens of pride events are taking place across the city over the next 9 days, culminating with this years festival at the forks next weekend and parade on sunday. The theme this year is transcend together. Still to come, a probe into canada's grocery giants. For something serious is happening because they don't get involved. All that often. >> What allegations led canada's competition bureau to investigate the parent companies of loblaw and sobeys. >> Plus, the summer forecast could include disruptions at canada's border. The strike vote and what it means fo a new password on a new day on ctv I can't believeall this was five bucks.I can't believe you brought mehe ( ) Right now,get a Chicken McMuffin with a hash brown and a small premium roastcoffee for five bucks. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday!

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