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Will I be attending any of the meetings this week with Audra? Is Audra in Paris? >> Traci: Ashley has come to this point before where she was willing to get help and then backed out at the last minute. But somehow, this time, Jack, I really feel like it's different. >> Jack: Yeah, we can only hope that she's ready to take the steps to make herself healthy again. >> Traci: Yeah, that's all I want for her. I think about when she finds out what she may be facing, if this is D-I-D, this is gonna be so overwhelming for her. >> Jack: She's always in control. That's who she is. She thrives on it. To find out she's not in control of her actions, her mind, I don't know how she's gonna cope with that. >> Traci: I know, I know. She's worked so hard to overcome mental health issues in the past. When she finds out that she may have to go back into some kind of a facility, this is gonna bring back all kinds of memories of Fairview, and it's gonna add to all the emotional baggage she's already carrying around. >> Jack: Wherever this leads her, she will have our love and support. >> Traci: Of course, she will. And do you know what gives me hope, Jack? That the Ashley that came home today, that's sitting in our house right now, that is our sister. >> Jack: Oh, I pray to God you're right. >> Alan: Who were you talking to just now, Ashley? >> Ashley: I don't know. Oh, God, could you please help me? I don't know what's happening to me. >> Alan: Well, I think we are dealing with several personas here. >> Ashley: What does that mean, personas? >> Alan: Have you ever heard of, uh, D-I-D, dissociative identity disorder? >> Ashley: Yeah, I've heard of it. >> Alan: Yeah, it's rare, and it presents in a number of ways, but in this case, we're looking at multiple, distinct personalities. Identities that can control your behavior, and usually this is the result of some kind of severe trauma. >> Ashley: That can't be what's happening to me. >> Alan: Well, another symptom of D-I-D is memory loss, which you've admitted to. And your family, and Tucker and I have seen you forget memories from your past from your own history. And we've all met these personalities that are very different from the Ashley we all know. >> Ashley: But you said it was because of trauma. I don't like, I haven't experienced any trauma. I mean, not recently. Not that it would've triggered something like this. >> Alan: Unfortunately, I-- I think you may be blocking it. >> Ashley: When would this have happened? >> Alan: Well, right now, looking at the timeline, we are thinking Paris. >> Ashley: The argument I had with Tucker? I mean, that doesn't make any sense. It was upsetting, but it wasn't anything that would've made this happen to me. >> Alan: Well, there are ways of exploring this. >> Ashley: No. No, you're not gonna talk-- you're not talking about putting me away, are you? I won't go. I won't go. >> Alan: Ashley, you need to be in a safe place where you can get good treatment. Now, I promise you, I will be there all the time, making sure you get the best of care. The important thing right now is to uncover the incident that caused this trauma, and once we have, we can begin to address it. >> Ashley: How am I supposed to remember this? I mean, how-- how do I remember this, whatever you think has happened to me? >> Alan: Well, I'm thinking maybe you could come back to Paris with me and we could explore these memories together,ere you can get good treatment. Now, I promise you, I will be there all the time, making sure you get the best of care. The important thing right now is to uncover the incident that caused this trauma, and once we have, we can begin to address it. >> Ashley: How am I supposed to remember this? I mean, how-- how do I remember this, whatever you think has happened to me? >> Alan: Well, I'm thinking maybe you could come back to Paris with me and we could explore these memories together, and hopefully, maybe, find the truth. Captioned byLos Angeles Distributionand Broadcasting, Inc. Captioning provided byBell Dramatic Serial Company, Sony Pictures Televisionand CBS, Inc. Join us again forThe Young and the Restless.

>> Dawna: on this wednesday night U.K. surprise election call. >> Now movement for britain to choose its future. >> Why is russiashy sunak risking it all and is vote voters ready for a change. Through european nations recognize palestinian statehood. >> What it means. >> It could be significant. >>> And israel's angry response. >>> Packers give a $25 million ultimatum to london drugs. The retailer's response and what it could mean for staff and customers. >>> Plus, ouch. The blue jays super fan smacked by a ball. >> I got face smashed. >> Dawna: and how the team is making it up to her. >> Announcer: "global national" with dawna friesen. >> Dawna: good evening, thanks for joining us. We begin with a huge political gamble in the U.K. prime minister sunak called a snap election stunning even members of his own conservative party and the optics of his announcement were dripping withdrawal. He stood in a downpour outside 10 downing street, his words almost drowned out by the song things can only get better, a labour party anthem from 1997 blaring from a street nearby. >> These uncertain times call for a clear plan and bold action to chart a course to a secure future. You must choose in this election who has that plan. >> Dawna: after 14 years in power the tories who are trailing in the polls could face a wipe-out. Crystal goomansingh has our top story on a high stakes political gamble. >>> Alone, exposedded to the elements, any shine rishi sunak may have had all but washed away. >> I hope that my work since I became prime minister shows that we have a plan and are prepared to take bold action necessary for our country to flourish. >> Reporter: come july 4th sunak will face the voting public for the first time. In 2022 his party chose him from a list of one. Rishi sunak is elected as leader of the conservative party.

>>> In the aftermath of the brexit vote which led to cameron's resignation churned through several prime ministers. Sunak, the fifth, hopes to hold on to power but faces opposition. >> We'll stop the chaos. Time and again they pursue their own interests rather than tackling the issues that affect your family. >> Reporter: starmer is a novice in terms of running in a general election, as for his party (indiscernible). >> I don't cares too much. >> Not vote for either of them to be honest. >> Guided by what is right not what is easy, I can't say the same thing for the labour party. >> Reporter: in terms of conservative leaders, sunak is good on paper but financier and oxford graduate often seemed out of step with the public and his party. >> We certainly need some changes. >> Why an election now is the question. Inflation is nearly at a three-year record low but the popularity of the tory leader is also near a near record low. So in less than two months all of the parties will have to find a way to inspire voters and get them to go to the polls. Dawna. >> Dawna: crystal goomansingh in london, thanks. >>> Ireland, spain and norway took a big step. Plan to recognize a palestinian state. Made carefully coordinated delete s announcements today saying palestinians have a legitimate right to statehood and recognizing that is essential to creating a two-state solution. It is a symbolic step. Won't change anything on the ground but israel's prime minister immediately condemned it as a reward for terrorism. Mike armstrong reports. >> Reporter: in three european capitals coordinated announcements. Madrid the spanish prime minister, oslo the norwegian prime minister, and in dublin, the irish, each saying that they will recognize the state of palestine officially may 28th and that they hope others will follow. >> I'm confident that further countries will join us. >> Reporter: the reaction from israel was immediate. The country's foreign minister standing with the families of hostages says the move supports hamas atrocities while the israeli prime minister said it was rewarding terrorism. Israel announced wednesday it will allow israelis to return to three former west bank settlements, access had been blocked since an evacuation order in 2005 under international law the settlements are illegal. Israel is also recalling its ambassadors to the three countries. >> Ireland, norway, and spain are telling hamas in a loud and clear voice that the october 7th massacre pays off. >> Reporter: the news was greeted much differently by palestinians. In the west bank a spokesman for the palestinian authority says a two-state solution is the only path to peace. While in gaza, there was hope the new recognition leads to change. We have the right to live like other countries, this man says, to have a state and to live in freedom. Now whether the move by the three governments leads others to follow is the big question. In each recognizing a palestinian state analysts say will play well domestically. >> The result of the vote is as follows... >> 143 countries voted earlier this month at the U.N. to recognize a palestinian state. Addition of three more isn't moving the needle in the or canada. >> Canada's long-standing position has been to support, to call for a two-state solution. >> Reporter: one thing the three countries are saying is that while they will recognize a palestinian state, they insist they also stand behind israel's right to defend itself. But what was legitimate and even necessary, they say, has dragged on too far. Mike armstrong, "global news," montreal. >> Dawna: some harrowing video was released today by families of israeli hostages. It is disturbing. It shows the kidnapping of five women beima mass on october 7th. Families wanted it made public to pressure the israeli war cabinet to make a deal to release the hostages. It is body cam video from hamas fighters. They are seen binding the hands of the women. Women were working as lookouts near the gaza border on the day of the hamas attacks. At least two are seen with their faces bloodied as men threat and then assault them. Hours after this footage was releases of israelis took to the streets demanding revive hostage talks with hamas.

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