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if you find a papaya, -that's no joke. -CHARLIE: Yeah. Shocking. I hate to say this to y'all 'cause I've really loved. -Oh! -Oh, come on! Here's your first look atSurvivor47. (all cheering) PROBST: Every survivor story begins with an empty page. It's up to the players to leave their mark. I want to forge my own legacy in this game. I want to be the very first head on the Mount Rushmore of the new era. This will be the most important chapter of my life. Survivor is a completely blank page right now. I want to come here and really be one of those big-name players that people are saying, "We want to see this guy." People look at me as an underdog. That's Miss Delaware or whatever. She has nothing more to her. And I'm like, I'm a big dog. (imitates dog barking) I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a Cub Scout. I threw up and went home. I am ready to forge my own path. I want to be the fasting person out here. I want to be the strongest person out here. I wish they had a bench press competition, 'cause I just hit 300. My final words will be I'm 59 and I beat all your asses. I am either gonna blaze my own path out here or I'm gonna burn down this island. It has to be victory or glory in death. All right, welcome back to theSurvivor46 After Show. If you want to bid on props from this season,you can do that. Website's on the screen. Profits goto Stand Up To Cancer. If you want to be onSurvivor,what do you have to do? -ALL: Apply.-You gotta apply. All right,thank you all, and thank youto the non jury members -who couldn't be here.-We love you, Jeff. Really enjoyed this season. You all were fantastic to watch. Congratulations to our winner, Kenzie. We will see you in the fall forSurvivor47. -(all cheering) -PROBST: Let's do it. Give me a hug. Congratulations. Thank you so much. -Charlie [indistinct]. -CHARLIE: Thanks, Jeff. -[indistinct] -Thank you. PROBST: All right, come here. We got to sign this thing over here. MAN: Kenzie, you got to sign it first. Let's get Kenzie in there first. We've got Charlie, WOMAN: Right under [indistinct]. (cheering) Friday at 8 Easternon Global. Stream on StackTVand the Global TV app.

We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,all new Thursday at 8 Easternon Global. >> From "global kingston. This is ckws news at 11. >> Good evening. There are new details tonight about that deadly boat crash. Over the long weekend. Three young people were killed and five others were injured in the crash on bobs lake north of kingston. And now we're hearing from someone who witnessed the devastating crash and saw the same boat speeding. Multiple times before. Sean o'shea has the latest. >> I was just hoping not to hear the crunch, and then I heard the crunch. >> Tony hammond says he'll never forget the sound as he stood in his backyard at buck bay at bobs lake. The distinctive slam of this speedboat crashing into a metalishing boat after dark saturday night. >> Of all the boats engaging in risky and foish behaviors in the channel, that's the only one. No one has the boat. >> The why wouldn't you is well known here at buck bay. Now more than ever. Five people were injured and three people were killed. Among those who died, 22 year old juliet francis cote. She just graduated from college. She was with others on the fishing boat, which was stationary at the time, according to hammond. He says he heard the speedboat coming even above the loud music on the other boat. >> I heard the rumble. I'm like, it's him. I'm like, nah, he's not going to do it on the long weekend. On a saturday at after dark. And then he gunned it a few seconds later. >> Hammond says the speedboat struck the other at high speed, and then 911 calls for help. >> Mass casualty, multiple bodies in the water. >> Buck bay hammond says he and family members boarded boats to the nearby scene. Others joined the rescue effort, too. They found bodies in the water and tried to save lives. >> Signs of life? No signs of life. You're going to do cpr, right? That's what you do. >> Firefighters and police would show up, but he says it felt like forever as they searched for bodies. >> Because you're looking and you're not finding and clock's ticking and you're just hoping someone with an actual boat built to search above and below water shows up because I'm using a cell phone flashlight. >> The owner of the speedboat had recently posted on facebook about wanting to get out for the first rip of the season, adding, quote, it's time to put the effing hammer down. Hammond says he had seen the boat speeding in the bay before a bay with a ten kilometer per hour speed limit. Hammond says he's been interviewed twice by ontario provincial police, giving his account of what happened, he said he believed a collision was inevitable someday, given the way he says he witnessed that speedboat being operated. I wish it hadn't been that night, but it was going to be some night. >> It was going to be some day. So it was just pure resignation. >> Sean o'shea "global news" >> Pro-palestinian protesters on the queen's campus have decided to pack up their tents and leave . The group has been on campus for 12 nights now, but organizers say they're ready to remove themselves from university grounds after talks with queen's leadership. Kaytlyn poberznick has more on what's being decided. >> We are thus announcing the end of our first encampment today. >> What was originally planned as a single overnight campout turned into 12. Now it's officially coming to an end. >> This encampment was successful as it added pressure allowed us to mobilize and raise collective consciousness and build networks of solidarity across different movements. >> The unanimous decision between the protesters to decamp comes after queen's university made some movement on the six demands of the pro-palestinian protesters, a statement issued by the university says, in part, a written request to consider divestment was made by a campus community group in early may. Principal patrick deane is creating a review committee for responsible investing to review the request. The statement goes to on say final approval rests with the board of trustees. There will be opportunities for all those who have an interest in this matter to participate in this process. >> Principal patrick deane has since accepted our formal request for divestment and commence a committee on divestment within one week's time. We have been told that the committee chair will be announced by the end of this week, and to ensure representation from our party, we have requested two seats on this committee. >> The protesters did say that all the demands have been discussed and addressed within queen's administration, but the pen has not been put to paper yet in terms of a full commitment to all six. >> No written commitments. These were just meetings and that's why we have said that we don't see these as victories, but rather opportunities to hold this administration and these senior admin as accountable. >> Queen's has also added that there will be no retaliation

while campers are prepared to leave the site on university avenue as precondition to decamping, we have received confirmation via email from the provost that there will be no retaliation from the queen's administration for all protesters and campers, matthew evans has assured us and our faculty observers network, that he is prepared to state on the record that there will be no retaliation against protesters. The pro-palestinian group says that just because they will not be camped out here doesn't mean their job is done. They say their plan is to continue to push for change on queen's campus. Kaytlyn poberznick "global news, kingston. >> A large cruise ship has arrived in kingston, bringing dozens of passengers to shore. The pearl mist is currently cruising the great lakes, with on shore excursions along the way. These visits don't just happen. It took more than a year of work by tourism kingston to expand the cruise ship industry and bring this ship here for the first time. Fawwaz muhammad-yusuf has more. >> All hands were on deck wednesday morning to welcome the passengers and crew of the pearl mist. The cruise ship making its first stop in kingston was the product of tours provided to cruise ship staff by tourism kingston over the past year, and they fell in love with the city as one does. Now they've returned with over 100 tourists, all of whom are looking forward to experience seeing the local attractions. >> I'm looking forward to an overview too. I like to know the big picture of things and something about the history fournier each of those passengers has an economic impact of about $300 per day. >> At each port. They stop at, according to tourism kingston's noel piché. >> They're coming back this fall. They're looking forward to doing at least two trips a year. So it's a great economic impact for the city, a welcome impact and one that signals a greater attempt to diversify the city's tourism sector. >> I think what we've seen over the last few years is that there's a real opportunity for kingston to be a signature stop on different itineraries for cruise ships on the great lakes. >> And, she says, in addition to the pearl mist returning, two more cruise lines are being targeted. >> We have a new cruise line that's coming into the great lakes called victory cruises, so that is our our newest one that we're hoping to bring in our newest prospect. We also have the hamburg coming in the fall this year as well, introducing more visitors to the limestone city. >> We're famous for prisons in kingston. >> Once nine and all it has to offer. >> Giving a whole new meaning to come. >> Spend time fawwaz muhammad-yusuf, "global news, kingston. >> Kingston police are warning about a seasonal scam that's making the rounds. People are showing up at doorsteps, offering to pave your driveway at deeply discounted rates. Now, police say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The scam has left some residents out of cash and with damaged driveways, talha hashmani has more. >> It is being described as a paving scam that has left homeowners being approached by individuals promising to pave their driveways for an upfront payment in cash. Kingston police, in a release last week, said homeowners and several neighborhoods have been targeted, leaving their pavements incomplete or work being done that is of poor quality. >> It's something that we see fairly often, certainly once a year, with driveway paving scams , but we also see variations involving other home renovations , so we've seen roofing scams that are very similar. >> Police say one of the suspects goes by the name of tony. He is described as a white man, approximately five foot ten, with short to medium dark blond hair. >> This year, for whatever reason, the scammers have been very successful. There's streets where they've done 3 or 4 driveways, maybe more, and they've worked several different neighborhoods of the city. >> So homeowners are asked to be aware when approached by services, especially if the cost for such services are too good to be true. Anyone who may have been contacted as part of the scam is asked to call kingston police just west of kingston. The city of belleville says it's been dealing with similar scams for weeks now, with individuals posing as city workers, you know, the reality is reputable companies are scheduling their work out, you know, they have, you know, they call for locates, they have the permits, they they're able to show adequate insurance, you know, and, you know, that's that's what I would suggest, that the homeowners do their homework and, and make sure that they're comfortable before they enter into a contract or an agreement.

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