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>> From "global kingston. This is ckws news at six. >> For setting off sirens. Israel once again under attack from hamas. The terrorist organization fires a barrage of rockets from gaza. We'll have the details in the escalation. Ian, we'll have more on that story shortly. Good evening, and thank you for joining us. I'm shallima maharaj. We begin with a unique cross country camp giving youth the opportunity to pursue a career they may not otherwise think possible. Talha hashmi has more on camp marlies four day run in kingston. >> Camp molly is a four day training session for over two dozen young women, non-binary and two spirited youth interested in making a career in fire service. The camp program travels across the country, giving opportunities to those historically overlooked for work in the field that is mostly dominated by men. >> We try and keep track of a lot of the students that go through our program. A lot have went on to pre-service programs. We have one young lady that is currently she did it last year and she's currently up in northern ontario fighting the forest fires hosted in partnership with the city of kingston and kingston fire and rescue, the four day camp wrapped up on sunday with a series of combat challenges and a graduation ceremony honoring the 28 participants. >> This year. >> It's exciting to see so many young women get the opportunity to try their skills and see, their true strength, through experiencing training like this. >> Participation in the camp is free for youth between the ages of 15 and 18. The camp involves a number of activities ranging from learning how to prevent fires, suppressing an active fire, learning how to take a car apart and breaking down barriers and bursting through doors. >> Oh my gosh, I love it so much! Like I was so nervous to do this. And then I came and it's been like the best experience I think I've ever had in my entire life. And all we do is just keep learning new things every day. And I get to wear all this fun equipment and it makes me feel so empowered. And I love it. I think we might have a career choice already picked here. >> The camp's next stop is saskatchewan. Tell her herchmer "global news kingston" >> Another travelling attraction was in town this weekend, the circus kicking off its north american debut in kingston. A sold out crowd gathered for the european production of cirque de paris, consisting of artists and performers from all around the world. Crowds were treated to every manner of eye widening awe, including jugglers, dancers and acrobats. The show heads to quebec next, the province has settled a land entitlement claim, with the mattawan first nation, involving nearly $600,000 in compensation. Moosehorn first nation, about 70km southeast of timmins, is getting just over 5000 acres of provincial crown land. The claim dates back to 1906, and the james bay treaty, in which the first nation did not receive the amount of land it was, promised. Negotiations with ontario began in 2012. In 2019, the federal government provided approximately $16 million in compensation and a provision for the first nation to seek additional compensation from the province. It's time now for our first check on the weather, with more on what you can anticipate. Let's bring in weather specialist norah fant. Hey, norah. >> Hey, thanks very much, shallima. Whatever plans you had today, I hope it involved being outdoors, because things are certainly been gorgeous since we woke up in the afternoon. But ever so slowly, we've been seeing cloud covers start to build from western ontario, and we know why. There is a fast moving line of thunderstorms already into michigan and ohio, and it will be at the border of ontario, namely windsor, and about 30 minutes severe thunderstorm watches for windsor, chatham into saint clair and other communities. The risk is 90 kilometer per hour. Wind gusts toonie to nickel sized hail and of course, the heavy rain. When this system rolls through. But we do anticipate that those watches will begin to move along as the system also moves along. We're already seeing the winds really pick up in windsor, about 50 k in just the past hour. Really still a tad bit. Well breezy. And many of our communities, although we expect that to change as winds pick up in the overnight, gusting up to 40 to 45km an hour. We're seeing a bit of humidity in trenton. Peterborough, 26 degrees with

the humidex 24 towards kingston and a bit more mild in the algonquin area. We will see the heavy rain roll in, but only until about 4 to 5 A.M. and that will be wave one. Wave two is in the lunch hour. Come tomorrow, and this one carries a risk of thunderstorms. Lots of winds. We'll talk about that in the full forecast. So expect a downpour overnight tonight in peterborough 15 degrees with some winds. Come tomorrow. The risk of thunderstorms in your afternoon and evening. Your high at 21 degrees. Our friends in kingston. It will be dry for your overnight until about 5 A.M. and then the rain rolls through thunderstorms early in the morning. Also in the afternoon and evening. Your high at 20 degrees shallima. >> Thanks so much. Nor hamas fired rockets sunday into israel, a response hamas says to israel's strikes on saturday in rafah. As david akin reports, the rockets were launched even as israel opened a checkpoint between israel and gaza to allow food and fuel trucks into the palestinian enclave. >> For the first time in four months, air raid sirens sounded in tel aviv. Residents scrambled for cover. There were no reports of casualties and only minor damage, but it was a demonstration that even after seven months of fighting, hamas still has significant weapons. Hamas said it fired the rockets from the gaza strip at israel's biggest city, in retaliation for the deaths of palestinian civilians caused by israeli military operations in the southern gaza city of rafah. Meanwhile, israel allowed around 200 aid trucks through the kerem shalom crossing at gaza's southeastern corner, bypassing the main rafah crossing that has been blocked for weeks. But some of the food has been waiting for so long to cross. It is beginning to rot. >> Very good to see you, prime minister. Thank you. And on the diplomatic front, norway's foreign minister sunday presented palestinian prime minister mohammed mustafa with papers confirming norway's recognition of the state of palestine. >> I very much look forward to upgrading our diplomatic and consular relations with the state of palestine. >> Mustafa used the opportunity to repeat calls for an end to the war. >> I think it's time to go beyond condemning actions and requesting israel to stop the war in gaza. I think we need to raise the voices a little bit more and demand a cease fire. But the rocket attacks by hamas on tel aviv have only hardened some in netanyahu's government. >> One hard line minister urging the army to hit rafah even harder. David akin "global news" ottawa. >> After the break, destructive storms, severe weather hits parts of texas, arkansas and oklahoma, killing several I'm your host, Stephen Colbert. Normal girl Taylor Tomlinson. (Laughing) You deserve to retire in style. Reimagine what you think retirement living is with Normandy's Retirement Living. Experience Normandy's 24-hour café, pub, theatre hair salon and therapeutic spa, private dining spaces, personal laundry facilities and so much more. Normandy offers a welcoming atmosphere, with affordable retirement living offering independent and assisted living respite care short starts and trial stays, too. Book your personalized viewing today visit At midas of Eastern Ontario, we stand by our work and the parts we sell. That's why we offer our golden guarantee. This is a lifetime guarantee on brake pads, exhaust and suspension. And now we're excited to announce our lifetime guarantee on tires. Know when your tires are covered for tire replacement or repairs for the life of your tires. And right now when you buy 3 guaranteed tires, get the 4th one free with paid installation.Get free guaranteed brake pads with the purchase of any midas securestop brake service book your appointment today on facebook, instagram or Hi Keith Carroll here fom Lifestyle Home Products. Does your home's exterior need a make over? Well I'm here to let you know at Lifestyle we've have you covered. We have up to 18 different designer colours that wil enhance the beauty of your home. Announcer: Take advantage of Lifestyle's spring make over event where we pay the tax or a free upgrade to one of our 18 designer colours for no extra cost. Keith: Call today and let us transform your home with new Lifestyle windows and doors Music Announcer: Call or click today and take advantage of Lifestyle's Spring Make Over Event, where you save the tax or receive a free upgrade to one of our designer colours at no extra charge. Call at at 1-800-465-0593 or

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