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talked about the israeli hostages is believed to still be held in rafah in gaza in general. They had said that the judge had said that he is deeply troubled by the hostages remaining in captivity, and called for their immediate release. Once the un has noted that roughly 800,000 people who were originally displaced from other areas of gaza had gone to rafah and now have left rafah, and the court is not convinced that that a measures are in place to ensure that they have enough food, water and shelter, and an order has been issued for israel to halt operations in rafah. Crystal-goomansingh "global news" london scratching the summer travel itch is high on the list of priorities for many people across the country. >> That's despite high inflation straining household budgets, fresh polling from ipsos for "global news" sheds light on how many are willing to stretch themselves financially to make a getaway happen, anne gaviola explains. >> Financial times are tough for a growing number of canadian households, but the urge to take a break isarticularly strong th summer. >> A lotf canadians are excited to travel, whether that looks like a road trip, a staycation or even a flight overseas. >> 4 in 5 canadians say they really need a vacation, but only in 5 say they're likely to take one this summer, according to ipsos polling exclusively for "global news, two thirds are scaling back vacation plans because of inflation. More than a quarter say there's no way they can afford it this year, while nearly 20% say they can easily afford one. The vp of ipsos public affairs says age as opposed to income dictates how likely you are to want to splurge youngerless aluent respondents say they're willing to break the bank to get away. >> There may be some implications for the line of credit or the credit card, but younger people leading the way in vacation intentions and will simply find a way to do it, budget be. >> Personal finance expert shannon tyrrell says budgeting as you plan your travel is e wato go. >> There is an opportunity to sort of use your itinerary as a budgeting tool. >> Airfare is a major travel expense, tyrrell recommends saving money by flying out on less expensive dates and times from cheaper airports. >> We want to think about chasing the deal and not the destination. If we want to trim costs on airfare, other ways to trim costs consider a staycation rather than a luxury vacation abroad. >> Choose free activities like self-guided tours and scope out less expensive food options. >> We really want to avoid coming home to that nasty credit card bill that we're not anticipating, anne gaviola "global news, toronto. >> Meantime, border crossings could see major disruptions this summer as a possible strike looms for canada border service agents. The group, represented by the public service alliance of canada, has voted 96% in favor of a strike mandate. Members have been without an agreement for two years, the union says talks are at an impasse. Key issues in the contract dispute include fair wages, remote work and retirement benefits. The union says it will be in a legal strike position by early june. No word yet on how it will potentially impact both land and air border crossings. Canada's competition bureau has launched investigations into the parent companies of loblaws and sobeys, court documents reveal alleged anti-competitive conduct by loblaw and empire, saying the grocery giant's use property controls to limit competition in the grocery sector. Those property controls give the companies the ability to exclude potential competitors from selling food in certain regions, or dictate the terms that allow them to do business. Sobeys owner empire has pushed back on the investigation, calling it unlawful while loblaw says they are cooperating with the review and encourage the opening of new stores. The news comes as canada's grocery owners have come under increased scrutiny over inflated bills and alleged price fixing. Quebec diva and international pop star celine dions finall breaking her silee in a newocumenta. M worng hard ery day, but I have admitt's been ruggle and thiis so much people. >> I mis the am celi dion is s to be relead june 2h. The pme videoocumenta fers a r and hont looat e supersr'sattle agnst stifperson sdrome anow it has chgeder life.ion says the bend the scenes cess to her life anmusic is like lo letter to hefans. Viewers n expecto uncovehe tist's resience an grit that helped her dominate the music charts over her decades long career. The edmonton oilers needed overtime against dallas. Mike postovit is in next with

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