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news at six. >> Tomorrow marks one year since a toddler was found dead on the property of a daycare near cobourg. The child apparently wandered away and fell down a well. Opp are still investigating the death. Robert lothian has more. >> An eerie silence hangs over this empty daycare yard in hamilton township, a true testament to the difference one year can make. It was may 25th of 2023, when a frantic search ensued for a two year old missing from the watch me grow daycare, where her parents trusted she would be cared for. Witnesses at the time saying the toddler was found in what appeared to be a septic tank. Her death sending shock waves across this small community north of cobourg. >> Life is painful, generally. And here's another grand example of that. >> Just horrible, just horrible, horrible. >> One year later, charges have not been laid and police say an investigation remains ongoing. Issuing a release that reads the opp would like to reassure the community that the investigator is ongoing and we remain committed to completing a detailed and thorough investigation into the details surrounding this death. It stopped short of releasing new details, citing the integrity of the investigation. Police also declined in "global news" requests for an interview. Living without you. The two year old has since been identified as vienna rose irwin, known as the most beautiful and sweetest little girl, according to a gofundme created after her death . She is also now at the center of a major movement. I think it speaks volumes how the community has come together and local business owner theresa rickaby shopfronts are among the many in downtown cobourg featuring this colorful butterfly. >> As parents and community members, we wanted to stand behind the family who would have gone through such a tragedy. >> The dozens of memorial murals and posters are only part of efforts raising awareness, reaching nearly 3000 posts. The facebook hashtag justice for vienna is filled with calls for transparency and efforts to keep her story front and center. >> Because it is such touches, so many people's hearts and it's everyone's worst nightmare. The family does deserve answers sooner than later, and so while a one year anniversary will come and go, it's evident by the signs throughout the small community that memories of vienna will not be fading any time soon. >> Not with so many questions and still so few answers. Robert lothian, "global news" cobourg opp are on the lookout for a teenager who went missing a week ago. >> 15 year old merrick, seen here was spotted last friday on gardiners road in kingston. He is known to frequent napanee, deseronto, quinte west and prince edward county. He's five foot nine, with a thin build and brown hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue hoodie, track pants and white shoes. Kingston is getting another traffic circle, this one along highway 15. It will be located near a new housing development in a former quarry just north of gore road. An exact date for the construction hasn't been determined yet, but the transportation director says it will be timed with the completion of the subdivision. The roundabout will cost just over $1 million. The developer will contribute $375,000 and also do the construction work. >> The design of the roundabout is not yet complete, right. So that that we still need to go through a lot of steps with the developer to understand, you know, the feasibility of the footprint. But, I imagine that there will be many questions about like how will pedestrian and cyclists, you know, would be able to cross those components. That's all, things that will work to understand. In the design piece. >> Well, after a successful debut last year, the summer kickoff music festival is making a return to south frontenac this weekend. This is one of the first festivals of the season in our region. It will feature live local music, food trucks, craft beer and even a kids zone to keep everyone entertained on "global" news, morning organizers say it's about bringing the community together to celebrate the beginning of summer. >> The weather last year really helped to bring a good crowd and we're expecting good weather again on saturday, so hoping to have good numbers to support the vendors and performers that are showing up for us. >> A toronto man has become the provin's lates memr of the gian jacot winne club. That's greg scholtz celebrating his win from the ail 19th lottmax jkpot. He won cool 70 milon bucksso what are his answell, heays for him, is all abt fily. >>ou can b anythin but you you knowmemoriess what you'reoing to rememr. A so I don't looat it as oh, buyi stuff f a tng, but now wcan make mories. Ian e each ous lifete. >> Beyonhis fami, t single fath says hwants to lp hers by giving back to the community. And part of that includes adopting a rescue dog.

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