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Get the team there now. Announcer: TheFBIfranchise, only on Global. Tonight. Funerals are underway for the victims of last weekend's fatal boat crash on bobs lake. The city makes plans to address a major traffic bottleneck leading to the waaban crossing and convocation season is underway at queen's university. >> From "global-kingston, this is ckws news at six. >> Good evening. It's become a daily source of congestion and frustration among commuters, especially during the causeways lengthy closure. The city of kingston plans a major upgrade at the intersection of john carter boulevard and montreal street to handle traffic volumes by the waaban crossing the city's own website said. This work was supposed to start this spring, but as fawwaz muhammad-yusuf reports, it now appears construction won't begin for at least a year and a half. >> Congestion has become a common sight for anyone who frequents the intersection of montreal street and john connor boulevard. Due to the recent closure of the lasalle causeway, chaos. Robert busch is one such driver. He says he goes through the intersection about 5 or 6 times a day, and it can be quite time consuming. >> Sometimes I'll sit at that light just up the street, maybe a quarter of a mile or so. I might wait there 20 minutes and then get to this light and then have to wait for this light while help is on the way in the form of a major upgrade the city has planned for the intersection , it won't be coming anytime soon. >> Our current estimates are telling us that we probably need about a, you know, a year and a half to two years for full buildout of the bridge, rehab and road works the city is currently looking for a contractor to oversee what they expect to be a major operation. When you add in a couple extra turning lanes, some through lanes, better sight lines, you know, essentially a water intersection that does improve the level of service for, you know, operability of the intersection itself. The city says the expansion of the intersection was always planned to come with the waaban crossing, but was delayed by the pandemic. And with covid, that threw a wrench in the gears of some of our construction projects. As you know, with projects being deemed essential versus non-essential, the city is expecting to have a contractor chosen by late summer . >> And while that won't help commuters like busch in the meantime, he's taking the situation in stride. >> It is what it is. >> Fawwaz muhammad-yusuf "global news" kingston. >> Funerals and celebrations of life are being held for the three victims in last weekend's deadly boat crash on bob's lake, a celebration of life was held at the family home of juliette cote this afternoon. Memorial donations can be made to the canadian mental health association. Riley, or was laid to rest during a graveside service at sandhills cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests any donations be made to the cancer center of southeastern ontario. Funeral service information for the third victim, caleb bierman, was not immediately available. Meanwhile, opp say they have wrapped up the on scene portion of their investigation into the deadly crash. No word yet on whether the driver of the speedboat involved in the collision will face any charges. The future of the extended care nursing home is returning to city council councillor jeff mclaren has a motion to turn the building into a full health care clinic. Once the city takes ownership of the property this summer. But not everyone is on board with the idea. Kaytlyn-poberznick has more. >> The bath road extended care facility is set to become city property later this year, but what it will become is still up in the air. Originally purchased to help address the need for transitional housing, the district's councillor jeff mclaren, has made a pitch to his fellow councillors to do away with that idea and make the building a fully equipped super clinic for things that don't require, like overnight or aren't emergencies. >> That's what we have clinics for and one of the things that we could use here is all of that kind of walk in clinic, as well as family medicine clinics, to serve the population. >> Councillor is free to put forward any motion they'd like, as long as it can be seconded. But you know, that doesn't mean it will pass. Council. >> The most recent proposal by city staff was to make this a multifaceted building. That serves three separate purposes. >> The proposal is so far that have the community space, it have a health care space and also have a transitional housing space. That's why we bought the property and that's the intended use of the property. The integrated care hub will not be moving there. The consumption treatment center will not be moving there, but mclaren says

having access to a property that is prepared to offer the community services that are currently lacking within the city and give doctors a place to work, is a better use of the space. >> Last year, when we passed our strategic plan, we didn't know that this opportunity existed, so we passed a motion. We passed a strategic plan that just said facilitate better health care, access to health care. Now what we have is an opportunity to make that a reality and a sustainable way that actually benefits a huge number, like tens of thousands of people in kingston. >> But as of right now, council seems to be leaning towards the multi-use space, including transitional housing. >> The question that I would have for, I guess, some of my councillors is which crisis is best fixed at this particular location? >> Jeff mclaren's motion to move forward with the super clinic will happen at the june 4th council meeting. Kaytlyn-poberznick "global news" kingston if you had an eye on the sky last night, you might have seen a special sight. >> Breathtaking images of the flower moon, a celestial phenomenon that rings in the start of the summer. The event is the last full moon of spring and sees the moon light up in a vibrant orange and red due to the sun and moon being directly opposite each other in the sky. This will be followed by the strawberry moon next month. Lovely sight there. Another fabulous day of weather. Let's find out if it spills into the final weekend of may and bill's first look at the local forecast. How about it, bill? >> I think so, yes, we've got lots of sunshine on tap for you this weekend and a little something happening tomorrow afternoon, but it shouldn't put a damper on the whole weekend. Just a few clouds tonight. Dropping to ten celsius. Those northeast winds at about ten k, with the occasional gusts to 20km/h. Tomorrow up to 22. And I don't think we're going to see a big humidex value. Still looking at fairly cooler, drier air mass, maybe 2 to 3 points difference between, you know, might feel like a 24 or 25, but we'll be hitting a true 22. There is a 60% chance of showers that may be 40% by the late morning early afternoon, 60% by the evening. And that comes with a very small risk of thunderstorms. More so cottage country away from lake ontario, north of the 401 and to the east, there's a small risk of thunderstorms, but this is going to be short lived. It will move through quickly by the evening. It's right out of the way. We get back into some clearing again, some decent conditions for your sunday. The real rain and thunderstorms roll in for monday and it might stick around for a couple of days. I'll have the details for you in just a moment. >> First, weather is brought to you by auburn windows and doors for premium products, award winning service and professional installations, visit auburn comm . >> Some history for a kingston sailor. I'm mike postovit. That and more coming up in sports. >> The ford government is speeding up the timetable for low alcohol beverages to be sold in corner stores and more grocery outlets. The premier says starting in august, already licensed supermarkets can sell ready to drink coolers. The sale of beer, wine and coolers will then expand to corner stores and other supermarkets in september. Colin-d'mello has more on the supporting the small. >> It's the type of convenience that can only come with a cost. The ford government is speeding up access to beer and wine in corner stores, but in exchange, ontarians will have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to a private company just to make it happen. >> It's a no brainer. You walk into your local convenience store, you pick up your wine, your case of beer, or you're ready to drink. People want it, and we're going to do it. And it's overwhelmingly popular. >> The province says starting this august, licensed grocery stores will be allowed to sell ready to drink beverages and sell larger packs of beer. After september 5th, convenience stores province wide will be allowed to sell beer, cider, wine and ready to drink beverages, while new grocery stores can start selling all those products just after halloween. >> And this represents, without a shadow of a doubt, the largest transformation of ontario's alcohol marketplace since the end of prohibition nearly 100 years ago. >> But the province had to pay a premium just to speed up the timeline. Taxpayers will give $225 million to the privately owned beer store, which until now was an exclusive retailer. The province says the cash will ensure that the beer store doesn't close too many locations when their revenues drop over the next two years. >> Ford is giving $225 million to the beer store and handing billions like billions of public revenue, to grocery store ceos. >> Lcbo employees are also worried about the future. The

government acknowledged the crown corporation will lose revenue when 8000 convenience stores start cutting into their profits. The worry that publicly owned stores could close. >> Preparing to close stores? Yes and lay off full time employees. Exactly. That's exactly what this is. >> But the most interesting cost of all could be an early election. The premier was asked multiple times whether he was speeding up alcohol convenience in order to speed up the timeline for an election. >> So are you committing then, to sticking with the june 2026 election schedule? >> You're going to stick to that date. >> We're going to make sure that we fulfill our agenda and our promises that we made. >> Leaving many wondering whether the true convenience here is for the progressive conservatives themselves. Colin-d'mello "global news" toronto an 81 year old woman is recovering from serious but non-life threatening injuries after being hit by a car in perth. >> Police say it happened yesterday afternoon on foster street near wilson street. The woman was walking through a parking area adjacent to the street as a car was backing up. She was hit and ended up under the vehicle. Police say she was taken to an ottawa hospital for treatment. Queen's university held the first of many convocations this spring. Over 100 graduates from the school of medicine and executive mba program got their degrees inside stately grand hall this morning. They were joined by family, friends and faculty. Most of these grads are from the school of medicine. The others were from the 18 month executive mba program, which is a partnership between queen's and cornell university in the U.S. the bulk of convocations will take place early next month at the downtown arena. Still to come on ckws-news at six. Opp are still investigating a toddler tragedy near cobourg, nearly one year after the child died near a daycare. Also, one of the region first music festivals of the season happens this weekend. And remember that $70 million lotto max jackpot from last month? We the w As the first woman at the helm of the James Reid Funeral Home, I think of Peggy and the late Liz Reid, my third cousins, twice removed. They were the first women at the helm of their side. Robert Reid's when they ran the furniture store. Robert Reid and James Reid are completely seperate businesses a point of much confussion in Kingston.The seperate businesses of James Reid and Robert Reid all started from the same family and trade. The original James Reid in 1900 passed away and the eldest Robert, he thought I'll go down the street and open up my own business as Robert Reid Furniture and Funeral Home The current Robert Reid sold the Robert Reid funeral home in 1999. Currently sitting here at 1900 John Counter Boulevard is the current James Reid Funeral Home run Sarah my daughter and myself. While we're seperate businesses we are the same family dating from 1854 When you hear it, you know the Steve Miller Band Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Joker. June 25th, slush puppie place, On sale now at For more info and tour dates visit The Steve Miller Band Haven Home heating and air conditioning is Kingston's number one choice for home comfort. Right now, save $100 off any repair. Haven Home is available 24 seven 365 and there's no extra service charge for evenings, weekends or holidays. More than just heating and cooling professionals, Haven Home also offers plumbing and electrical services plus fireplaces, generators and green egg barbecues. Google Haven Home today and let the pros in the green trucks save you big bucks. Music I'm your host, Stephen Colbert. Normal girl Taylor Tomlinson. (Laughing) >> You're watching. Ckws-news

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