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Man: FBI! Stay where you are! [ Indistinct yelling ] Like you said, some jobs -- you just have to do them yourself. How could you? What kind of man turns his back on his ownfamilia? You were taking Violeta,hermana. What did you expect me to do? Ramona Sanchez, you are under arrest for the first-degree murder of Nadia Morales. Guess you should have thought twice before dumping her on my doorstep. So we did it. Yes. Looks like we did. I know how hard it was for you. I owe so much to her, but now I see who she really is. So, what happens now? Well, the cartel is still loyal to me. So you don't have to worry if that's what you're thinking. Thank you. And since I'll be running things now, there's a place for you if you want. You know, Arman told me once that being in this life gave him the power to protect the ones he loved. Ramona used to say the same thing. And she used her power to control and hurt people. That's not the life I want. What do you want? I want to do things my way. Alright. Who wants to go first? Let's do "Dancing Queen" altogether! Yes! How about a love song for you and Camila, Chris? Hey, how about you shut up? [ Laughs ] JD: Hey, Luca! Let's do some Beyoncé. Come on, man. -Okay. Oh, don't do that. He can't keep a beat. Luca: Come on. How's your arm? Should I change the Band-Aid? Oh, I can do that. Sorry, if that's okay with you. Sí, sí. Oh, yeah. [ Indistinct conversations ] Alright. So that...should do it. Good? Perfecto. Yeah. Perfecto. [ Both laughing ] We should, uh... probably... go back, right? Sí. Chris, Camila's mom is here. [ Screams with joy ] Mi amor! [ Speaking Spanish ] Here. What's that, my love? It's a gift. For me? I found it at the back door. Uh... What does it say? Uh, "Thony, I have a job for you. Derek." [ Cellphone ringing ] What are you gonna do? [ Ringing continues ] Not this time. [ Ringing continues ]

( ) >> Announcer: ctv news with alessandra carneiro. >> Alessandra: a major storm system moves through simcoe county, bringing torrential rain as the region is hit with another tornado warning. Thanks for joining us. Residents around simcoe county were on alert throughout the day, including this evening. As environment canada issued a series of tornado warnings. That most recent warning issued just after 9:15 this evening. With that second warning now lifted. This is what it looked like in barrie as lightning struck and large clouds were captured on our ctv barrie camera strong winds and heavy rain was also captured as that warning was issued. >>> Earlier today, another tornado alert was issued just before 2 P.M. this is what is looked like in the south end of barrie late this afternoon as hail fell throughout the city. Hail is also seen in innisfil this afternoon as scary scene in friday harbour where the footage was captured. Withok at the weather and let's start with the watches and the warnings. And it looks like now those warnings have ended throughout parts of show county. We still have a bit of watches throughout parts of york region, newmarket remains under a severe thunderstorm watch at this moment. And there is your radar system showing you that last three hours. That red there showing you the significance of that storm system that moved through. Bringing that heavy rain and that tornado warning. Forecast coming up. First the temperature, though, 17 in barrie. 22 in orillia. And 17 in collingwood. We'll have more on your weather coming up later in the newscast. >>> A new anti vaping pilot project is being introduced in schools across simcoe county, offering support to kids to stop vaping. As ctv's christian d'avino reports, the project could have an impact here in our region. >> Christian: vaping among youth has increased rapidly across the nation. Hitting school boards here at home. >> I was an elementary school principal for 20 years. I had experience of vaping as young as grade 5. >> Christian: to help with students facing addiction, the simcoe it county catholic school board and the simcoe county district school board will be joining four other boards piloting that will give students access to an app. >> The app basically guides them through wanting to quit. >> Christian: school boards began training staff on how to roll it out last week. A component itself of the province's mandate banning vaping in schools as announced last month. That alongside restrictions on when students can utilize cell phones giving guidance to how students can access the app. >> But only during instructional time. During the rest of the time if they're in school or the students are at home or wherever they are, they are still able to access through the app. >> Canada has some of the highest youth vaping rates in the world. >> Christian: based on the most recent tobacco and vaping survey, 69% of students have never smoked. Quash was developed three years ago to tackle this worsening crisis. It works in two ways. One by the aforementioned app itself and by parents and administrators through educational supports. >> It's a series of web gnars. They can also become become adult facilitator and take a program on our website that allows them to facilitate the quash program. >> Christian: the simcoe county district school board declined to comment. Meanwhile, the simcoe-muskoka catholic school board says it will be rolling out the app in june which will then be extendd into the fall. Christian d'avino, ctv news barrie. >> Alessandra: a heavy police presence closed down county road 21 outside of thornton today. Emergency crews were called to the area for reports after possible body after an investigation took place, police say it turned out to only be a rolled up carpet. And there was no body found. That investigation is now closed.

>>> A 21-year-old bradford man faces charges of sexual assault involving teenaged girls. And police believe there could be more victims. York regional police charge janarthan sivaranjan with sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching. Police allege he met a 16-year-old girl through social media in march of 2023 and that when the two met in person he sexually assaulted her. Police also allege their investigation revealed he met a 13-year-old girl at a party in october of 2023 and pretended to be 16. They claim he met her a second time and sexually assaulted her. Anyone with information is asked to contact police. >>> Construction on the roads throughout the city of barrie have been a headache for motorists for a while now. Leaving many to wonder when will it end. As ctv's rob cooper reports, it might be sooner than expected. >> Rob: it's not often that major road work projects get done ahead of schedule. But that's exactly the case for the dunlop street interchange trunk sanitary relocation project by cedar point and dunlop. >> We're working 24-hour shifts so we allowed the contractors to do the 24-hour shift so we can get the work done as quickly as possible so that the businesses aren't impacted as much as they have been. >> Rob: all that's left for the $11 million project is a repaving of the road set for later this month and the grading of the boulevards and sod replacement work which continues today. Businesses in the area admit the last several months of construction and traffic delays have been difficult for their bottom line. >> I'm very pleased it's coming to an end. It's been a long haul. It feels like even customers have said how much more more more can you take. >> Rob: it will be another busy construction season across the city projects underway in which some people seems to be every corner of the city. The duckworth is still taking place in the east end. >> Duckworthy think will be done in 2025. >> Rob: the overpass project as essa and the 400 may not be a city project but it has certainly brought things to a near stand still along essa road in the south end. Many drivers try to avoid the area at all costs but some admit they can't. >> Just to get on to essa road sometimes takes 20 minutes to get three sets of lights it's been a hectic spot of town now it's a lot worse. >> Rob: while drivers will get a break from the road work and congestion by dunlop and cedar point it will be short lived as the province prepares to do its bridge replacement project. I'm told it's expected to start next year and will take four years to complete. Rob cooper, ctv news, barrie. >> Alessandra: staying with development, the county of simcoe held an open house at barrie city hall tonight giving the public a first look at the multimillion dollar development. At the open house, residents were able to view the floor plans for the building and ask questions about the build as well. The development will include two buildings with more than 200 units ranging from 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms for the affordable housing units. One building will be seven storeys while the other will be nine. >> It's very important. One, we want to make sure residents understand what we're proposing in the neighbourhood. We like to hear feedback. And some of the features. We also want to make sure they know what services will be located in the building that they can access. Because what we try to do is make sure we're designing and building whole communities and ensuring that we have a wide variety of service that is the community keeps and not just the residents. >> Alessandra: the county hopes to have shovels in the ground for the rose street affordable housing project by the fall and the hope is to have the project fully completed by 2027.

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