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>>> And a major ruling today from the international court of justice. The united nations top court has ordered israel to halt its military interpretation rafah although cyclical is unlikely to comply it will ratchet up the pressure on the increasingly isolated country. Ctv's jeremy haring on has been following the story. >> Reporter: inside this courtroom in the netherlands a landmark emergency ruling accusing israel of genocide. >> Israel halls not sufficiently addressed and disspelled the concern raised by its offensive. >> Reporter: and a strict order from the world court. >> Israel must immediately halt its military and any other action in the government which may inflict on the palestinian group in gaza conditions of life that could bring about a physical destruction. >> Reporter: the president of the court also ordered israel to open the rafah border crossing to allow humanitarian aid in calling the situation in gaza catastrophic. >> Canada's position has been clear for many, many weeks now. We need an immediate ceasefire. Hamas needs to lay down its arms, release all hostages. But there also must be no more military operations in rafah. >> Reporter: the court also called for the release of all remaining hostages and while its order is legally binding the icj lacks the power tone force it. >> The international court of justice doesn't have its own army, it doesn't have its own police. It depends upon the security council to implement its orders. >> Reporter: this is the third time the court has issued orders for israel to pull back and address the humanitarian suffering in gaza but israel has been accused of ignoring their orders in the past. >> Israeli spokesmen have already announced that essentially israel will not comply with with the orders. They will continual their operation. >> Reporter: israel has repeatedly dismissed accusations of genocide insisting it has the right to defend itself from hamas. South africa's wider case here accuses israel of state-led genocide against palestinians. A decision on that could take years but the icj has rejected israel's request to throw the case out. Jer any charron, ctv news, ottawa. >> Sarah: ukraine says its forces have stopped russian advances to the north of the kharkiv region and are now conducting counter offensive actions to restore the lost position. Authorities have evacuated more than 11,000 people from the region since russia launched an offensive there on may 10. Ukraine's challenge has been mounting in recent months as it tries to hold out against its much bigger foe.

>>> And finally the U.S. air force has released photos of its first new bomber aircraft in more than 30 years. The b-21 raider took a test flight yesterday. The stealth aircraft was first unveiled back in 2022. It's a long range strike bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The plane is currently undergoing testing alt edwards air force base in california. According to defense officials the test program is on track to meet time lines for deployment by next spring. >>> Still to come, celebrating 75 years with some speed painting with over 200 members, the barrie art club raised the stakes with some friendly competition. >>> Plus it's always a positive when piping plovers return to wasaga beach. We will bring you the good news next. You are watching ctv news barrie. [ ] a new password on a new day on ctv Ah the sound of spring.When I hear that sound,I think of one thing,I think Why visit the Barrie Automotive Flea Market? It's the cars, the antiques and the collectibles. Its the camping, the dirt bikes and the motorcycles, the art. It's the cars. It's Canada's finest automotive flea market. Everything from collectibles to classic cars and hard to find auto parts. A car lover's dream. June 6st to 9th at Burl's Creek Event Grounds. What will you find? Part of Great Places to See Hello I'm Simon from the local Heart to home Meals team. Simply call heart to home meals and, quote, yummy. When you place your first order of $60 or more, we will add a free meal of your choice. Get yours today.[ambient traffic sounds] Upbeat Music Upbeat Music [Ham It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Walker, Texas Ranger. You're under arrest.Walker, new episodeWednesday at 8:00 on ctv Drama. >> Sarah: thanks for staying with us.

>>> Well, for over 30 years there weren't any breeding piping plovers in our province but that eventually changed fortunately and nests can even be found this year. This year mark the 17th year that piping plover has been back at wasaga beach provincial park. All of the piping plovers that are northern interior great lakes population are band in an effort to learn mo about their life history. , how they migrate and information that identifies the bird. That's how the birds canada team tracks their return reminding the public just how special that is. >> Piping plover are a very valuable species. This year in ontario we only have about 8 breeding individuals and across the entire population that number is only about 200. And so we degree need to put our efforts in together and make sure that we can support these birds on the beach. So if you are visiting wasaga beach please stay outside of the fenced area. Make sure that you are cleaning up after yourself not bringing any extra garm or food to the beach so that it attracts predators such as gulls or skunk and foxes and giving the birds lots of space. >> Sarah: along with bird watching there is a chance for to you get involved. Three of the female birds here in ontario still need to be named. You can go online to make your piping plover suggestions. >>> The barrie art club celebrated the 75th anniversary thursday night. >> Here we go! Start the painting now! [Cheering] >> Sarah: how fun is this. The club started in 1949 and has grown to over 245 members. So in honour of the special day the club held its first ever art blast competition at the barrie curling club so 16 artists battled off in a 20-minute speed painting competition for a $500 prize. Audience members got to choose their winner by ballot. >> This year is so special because we are growing into 75 years of successful artistic culture within the city of barrie. So for the barrie art club it's all about community and sharing our talents with others. And that's been our history from the time that a group of people met in a small little community centre and start what had we have got today. >> Sarah: next the barrie art club will hold a diverse art exhibition at the double door studio and gallery that'll run if may 25th to more information about the barrie art club or perhaps would you like to help name the piping plover all of the details can be found on our wants that's or scan that qr code on your screen.

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