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>>> The future is looking bright in muskoka. An area already rich with lush forests and walking trails. Now has a long-term plan to keep the region looking its best promising to be an ongoing attraction to people right across the province. Here is rob cooper with more. >> Reporter: it's been a picture perfect day in muskoka. The kind of day michelle sharp hits the trails with her pal milly. >> It's a great space to walk the dog. We get out every day and get our physical activity in. >> Reporter: the bracebridge resource management centre lands are a popular place for those who enjoy the outdoors. >> I know this is a special place. >> Reporter: the province announcing it signed a new 10-year land use agreement with the town for it to continue to operate and maintain the valuable land. >> It gives the town the authority to manage activities and developments on the crown lands here for things like upgrading signage, parking lots, picnic areas. >> Reporter: the trails have 26,000 visitors every year. The mayor of bracebridge says the area is for everyone to use. >> Focus on making sure that what we are offering here in this park is one that is attractive to not just the locals but folks that want to come here and visit. >> Reporter: scott wilson suspect with the muskoka often road cycling association. They maintain the trails for the town. >> We make a real concerted effort to have a good mix of beginner trails, green trails, intermediate blue trails and advanced black and we convene a couple of black diamond trails in here. >> Reporter: the town of bracebridge is actually maintained this trail since 1993. This latest permit is good for ten years and I am told people will be able to use the trail year round. Rob cooper, ctv news bracebridge. >> Sarah: and now to wasaga beach where for decades the town has been left without the presence of the royal canadian legion. Well, that will change this weekend. As the town gets set to celebrate the opening of a brand new branch. Ctv's christian d'avino reports. >> Reporter: it's been a missing piece of theor over 40 years. A cenotaph has the town hall a peace keeper's park on veteran's way but no central spot for a legion. That was until veteran mark seguin moved to town. >> Last year after the mayor was elected I came, approached him and I said I don't want to bother you right now I know your hands are full but I will approach you after remembrance day to talk to you about a legion in the community. >> Reporter: and so did he garnering support from others and from council itself. >> The application for the charger was the easy part. Once we got the charter now all the hard work is beginning because we are still in negotiation with the town on a location. >> Reporter: a location that's only a matter of time according to the mayor. Saying this has been a long time jamming wasaga beach was the originally built and founded because of the troops coming from base borden. That's where it all started. >> Reporter: its members looking to give the new branch a modern twist by focusing on youth which could come with some breaks with tradition. >> This isn't just about veterans again top priority but it's also about the youth that we do things for the youth. >> Reporter: its opening will be marked with a ceremony in bray this weekend. The first branch to open in ontario in 19 years. It is gratifying to know that local veterans and community members understand the legion's mission and want to be part of it and help us modernize and off new and innovative ways to serve our veterans reads the statement in part by the national president. And a positive sign after losing two branches in the region. One in woodbridge and one in warman's three years ago whose members call orillia home. >> It's exciting to find a new legion. And wasaga beach they spoke about it. Their population was grown. They were having an interest. A legion in a small community is usually very good. >> Reporter: the town celebration to mark the opening of the new legion will take place on sunday but an official grand opening of the branch will have to wait as the legion members tell me they hope to have it open by june. Christian d'avino ctv news wasaga beach. >> Sarah: riders hoping to take the go train south out of barrie over the weekend will have to catch the bus instead with rail service temporarily suspended. Trains will not run on saturday and sunday between the allendale waterfront go and union stations because of construction. Instead, go buses will run between the allendale and the highway 407 station. Delays are also expected on monday and tuesday as the construction will also impact trains. Regular service should resume on wednesday.

>>> Barrie's annual waterfront festival is officially under way at centennial park. Weekend-long lenient feature live music, food trucks, vendors and more. Why don't we go ahead and join with us ctv's mike lag. He is live from barrie's waterfront. Mike, I know this'll be a first for you. What's on tap for the weekend? >> Reporter: as you mentioned plenty of music, food and fun. That is for sure. As you look right behind me you will see some of the food trucks that are on hand serving delicious food to those currently in attendance now. Taking a walk to my left, your right, you will see the stage is ready to go for the live music tonight. This is the event that official launches barrie's festival season in the summer season. As of early this morning crews were already on hand setting up the stage beer garden and midway. 14 bands are set to perform this weekend. Mostly consisting of classic rock tribute bands. There are also 50 plus exhibitors selling all types of food, capacity is other goods from around the world. Organizers expect tens of thousands of people to enjoy the admission-free festival each year. >> It's a great feeling to think about it, execute it and then come here and watch thousands of people smiling and enjoying themselves. It's a great satisfaction and it gives you more excitement to do it again next year. >> Reporter: the live music begins with a classic rock band phone yard to take the stage in less than an hour followed by an '80s tribute band called the bomb at 8:30. Saturday and sunday more than six hours each day of live music. I am mike lang reporting live from centennial park in barrie. Sarah, back to you. >> Sarah: oh, mike, you better stick around and enjoy that. It is one of the best festivals. Thank you so much. >>> Let's go ahead and say good evening to someone who I know really enjoys her music festivals. Catalina, I am sure you will be there this weekend for the festival. How's it feeling there at this moment and what can people expect over the weekend? >> Catalina: it's feeling pretty nice but a little bit breezy. I wore shorts today. I am regretting it just a little bit because I am feeling a little cold maybe because I am in the shade right now but it is beautiful out. Is it going to stay like that all weekend? We will find out in a moment. But first here is a look at our weather brought to you by the gravel your local gravel driveway expert.

>>> A 19°. Winds are picking up from the west at 19 kilometres per hour. Current temperatures around the region up in muskoka-parry sound 14°. A little cool he. Then gravenhurst at 18. Orillia. 17 in collingwood and alliston. >>> And looking at your radar and satellite from the last couple of years not much to see here. We had a very clear day, sunny skies but that may factual basis turning around for tomorrow. I'll have your full weather forecast later on in the show. Back to you. >> Sarah: we will be waiting with bated breath. Thanks, cas. >>> Barrie north collegiate was the site of a special promise day today as special -- prom day today from 14 high schools across the region celebrated their graduation in style. More than 300 special education students took part in that celebration. The students aged 14 to 21 were dressed in their friday finest and enjoyed an afternoon of dancing, music and treats. >> As you can tell they are loving it. They get to see all their friends that they don't normally see. It's a wonderful event. That kind of resonates with all the students and it carries through throughout the year. >> I love dancing. And seeing my old friends. >> All the music and the food and the pizza. Hanging out with friends. Everyone I know from other schools I see it's a good time. >> Sarah: the special ed students will already be thinking about next year's prom organizers say just as this year's prom comes it an end. >>> Well, it was a chance of a lifetime really for a former barrie couple now living abroad. Out of hundreds of applicants the duo received an invitation to a high class affair fit for royalty. We caught up with megan and kirk chang about the journey of rebuilding their lives from the rubble of a tornado that led them all the way to the united kingdom. >> We are walking in through the opening to the palace gardens. >> Reporter: when one extended an invitation while royal garden party in london, england there is surely no shortage of pomp and circumstance. >> You know what, go big or go home, right. >> Reporter: canadians living in the U.K. who work in public service can apply for an invitation to the illustrious event. Barrie natives megan kirk manning and her husband brandon were 30 people chosen out of 700. >> I was just elated when the email came through and said congratulations. You have been successful in being invited to the royal garden party. >> Reporter: but things weren't always so grand for the changes. The you couple's home in barrie was destroyed in the tornadoes of 2021. >> I think this is one of the common human experiences with the experience of grief is that the world continues to move forwards and you know I would be lying if I said we didn't reflect on that horrific day back in july 2021 often. It is still deeply does affect us but what we have really tried to do since then is live with more intention. >> Reporter: megan works for oxford university and represented the commonwealth for the high commission of canada. >> I be have to be honest. As we were both walking through the main gates of buckingham palace a wave of emotion ran over mean which I wasn't expecting. [ ] it was an afternoon of fine foods, classic english tea sandwiches served just as one would expect. >> They absolutely cut the corus off there. Was cucumber and cream cheese, there was ham and cheese, really nice mustard. And there was I think a coronation chicken so a bit of a curry flavoured mayo in there. So yes, we went back for seconds. >> Reporter: and of course high fashion with a touch of canadian sensibility. >> Several years ago they actually made like a wedding version so it's a wedge heel with beautiful straps. >> Did you not wear socks. >> You have to see the crocs. They don't look like crocs. They are a wedge heel. They are really classry. >> Reporter: the barrie couple's experience was more than a laugh haddish affair. It symbolized resilience and renewal.

>>> An incredible experience for it the chang family and an absolute pleasure to share her story. Let's move hon to some other news now. Facing discontent from shoppers over soaring grocery prices the parent companies of loblaw and sobeys are under investigation by canada's competition bureau for alleged anti-competitive conduct. Ctv's paul hollingsworth has the details. >> Reporter: canada's grocery giants sobeys and loblaws already facing scrutiny over rising food prices are now on the receiving end of an investigation launched by the competition bureau of canada. >> Any time you are being investigated by the competition bureau something serious is happening because they don't get involved all that often and in fact I think this is a fairly novel case. >> Reporter: both grocery chains are accused of using property controls to limit competition in the retail grocery sector. >> A lack of competition is directly linked to the high price of food. >> When you fry to control geography as a retailer while and you are suppressing competition access, access to food, affordable food becomes an issue for a lot of people. >> Reporter: sobeys's owner empire called the investigation unlawful. Law professor wayne McKAY says this case will resonate with millions of canadians who are struggling with the high cost of groceries. >> That's one of the things the competition bureau has to look at. They have to come to it independently. They are not the overly influenced by political or public opinion but at the end of the day they can decide is this or is this not proper competitive activity. >> Reporter: wayne McKAY does not want to predict an outcome but he does think the competition bureau has enough to pursue this case going forward. Which means he says it's possible it could be linked to increased competition in the future. Paul hollingsworth, ctv news, halifax. >> Sarah: the truck driver who caused the tragic humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered to be deported. The decision came this morning at an immigration and refugee board hearing. The lawyer for jack singh sidhu said the decision was a forego conclusion as all this was required to deport sidhu was proof that's not a canadian citizen and that he committed a serious crime. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison. 16 people were killed and 13 were injured from that crash back in 2018. General hospital some delays could be coming at our border. Canadian border services agency workers have voted in favour to strike. According to their union more than 9,000 border workers voted in favour of the mandate which could lead to some significant delays to the flow of goods, services and even people at various ports of entry. Workers have been without a contract now for over two years.

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