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shed. That is all part of the experience. >> Jill, alongside her husband rick and her sister kathy opened up sit and stay. >> We tried to build in everything we want when we are traveling with our dogs. Dog beds in the room. Dog dishes. Brother-in-law rick did a lot of work outside. Especially out by the road. He made sure that was high and double and safe for all of the dogs, which is his number-one priority. >> The b and b showcases a love for pups from the outside double fences from the carefully picked interior decor. >> It's the izzy suite. She was a rescue. I got her a puppy and she was my soul mate. >> While it is a puppy paradise, it still models a typical bed and breakfast. >> The breakfast is here at the b and b. >> Offering a place to sit and stay that is enjoyable for both 2 and four-legged guests. >> It's not just dog friendy. It's dog welcoming. >> The bed and breakfast is open from may to october. Alana pickrell, ctv news, new brunswick. >> Akshay: that is a cute little pair died. Your sidebar stories are coming up after the break. Stay with - [Narrator] Stay tuned to get two rolls of Alien Tape, free! You heard that right, free! Finally there's Alien Tape, a revolutionary new tapethat doesn't use adhesive but strong enough tohold an incredible 17-and-a-half poundson most surfaces. You'll love Alien Tape. The incredible new advanced grip technology tape that instantly locks anything into place without screws or anchors. There's more. Alien Tape is reusable. Remove it, rinseit and reuse it. Use it again and it's just as strong. Use Alien Tape tohold stuff in place. It locks right down instantly. Keep things secureuntil you're done. Just give it a twistand it comes right off. Alien Tape comes right offbecause it doesn't use adhesive. But on drywall, it's a permanent alternative to nails. No need to drill into cabinets. Alien Tape will stay in place until you decide to take it off. Alien Tape is perfect for glass. Use it for heavy towels and it stays in place. When you're done, remove it and there's no residue. Alien Tape defies gravity,even when it's wet. You'll love it. Alien Tape grips to most surfaces instantly. Hang heavy pictures on stone in a flash. Use Alien Tape outdoors. No screws or permanent holes. Alien Tape is the reuseable, double-sided tape you'll use everywhere. Alien Tape stopsfurniture from sliding and won't damage floors. You'll love it. Alien Tape keeps carpets in place. Use Alien Tape in the car for backseat entertainment, or easily secure yourcellphone while driving. Call or go onlineto get your roll of the incredibleAlien Tape for the low, low price of $19.99. But wait, order today and you can get two additional rolls of Alien Tape absolutely free. There's more. We'll ship it to you free. That's right, free shipping. That's almost 21 feet of Alien Tape for $19.99. Don't delay, get yours today. Here's how to order. (upbeat instrumental music) their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! The wake up crew with Brad and Laura! Entertainment for the whole family to get the day started. We're Thunder Bay's radio station, 91-5 ckpr.

>> Lindsey: it is corey's half birthday today. Did you know that? >> Only you have it in your calendar. >> Lindsey: happy half birthday. >> Thank you. I appreciate it. >> Lindsey: look at how happy he is. >> I just like the attention. >> Lindsey: I will do what I normally do for people. This is my gift to you. [ Singing ] >> Lindsey: do you understand? >> Yeah, half the song. >> Lindsey: moving on... Enough about you. I have a story to tell and it's about seagulls. This group of friends, meaning two people. Just two of them. In their car, they decided they wanted a first hand experience of seagulls. Watch this. >> Lindsey: have you ever seen the movie "the birds" it's an alfred hitchcock movie. Never watch it. Let's roll the last bit here. >> Akshay: a friend of mine, if he is watching this right now, he will have a heart attack. There's a condition called for people who are scared of birds. >> Kelsey: all of that poop. Is that my dad's car? At that age, I feel like I was driving my dad's car. There is strong words to be had. >> Lindsey: speaking of random ask funny. Look at this cat painting. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! On now for a limited time! Where are we right now?Beautiful northern Minnesota. We're going to go lookfor some wild plums. They are so vibrant. We're both from New York and we've gone on so manyadventures together. The water, it's quite magical. I feel like we gota taste of Minnesota. It's truly special. Your experience with a car dealer and repair centre should always be number one - and it's right there in the name you can trust, Auto One Car Care & Service Centre. Auto One is committed to excellence and has a quality selection of pre-owned vehicles. Along with E-Bikes and a variety of comfortable and convenient mobility vehicles.

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