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Who is the Lord? God is the Lord. And His word is the Lord. The Bible is the Lord. In other words, trust in the Word. Notice it says here, trust in the Lord with all your heart. Your heart. Where is your heart at? Is your heart your ear? No, it's not your ear. Is your heart your head, your body? No. It's your spirit on the inside of you. So you have to trust God. You take the Word of God inside. And you trust what's inside there. You trust the word when you put it in there. So you can't trust God unless you put the word in there. If you don't read the Bible, you don't make your faith in the scriptures, then you're going to have a hard time with trusting God. He said, oh, I trust God. Yeah, you trust God, right? You know, we need to learn this. Right? Trust in the Lord with all your head. No. Trust the Lord depends on the situation in life. Trust the Lord only when everything's going good. You don't have to trust God very much when everything is going good. Right? Trust the Lord with all your heart. So your heart is your spirit. So when you trust with your spirit, you're not using your outward eyes. You're not using your body or you're not using your feelings. You're not using your mind, your thoughts. You're trusting God. In other words, you're trusting the Word with everything you're doing right now. That goes for everything you're doing in life. Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not. It's telling you very specifically. If you don't understand this there's something wrong with you. Lean not. It says lean not on your own understanding. In other words, when we understand stuff, we understand that something shouldn't work, because naturally, that's how it goes. But God says, don't trust it. So, we're trusting, especially if God prompts you to do something and we understand God's Word, we should trust Him. Make sure you know the word before. Don't pretend to say, well, I thought it was Him. No. You should know it's Him. If the Lord says to you, go on top Mount McKay, make sure you run really hard and jump off. He said, the Lord told me I could fly, but that wouldn't be God. No, it wouldn't be God because you know He wouldn't tell you to do that. But if he told you something like, go to Faith City Church, go to church this morning. You say, I don't trust that. And get up early, an hour early. The Lord leads you in different ways. He's got a plan for you. Just go ahead and give an extra $10 this morning. Or phone so and so, tell them you appreciate them. Tell them that God's for them, and maybe they've been praying that God, I just need an encouragement, encouraging word. I don't know if you ever get that prompting and tell someone I appreciate you. Thank God. It's not like, go to the Emergency. And I want you to pray for every single person that's dying. You know you wish it could happen, but the Lord would probably tell you first to go to Faith City Church and go pick up a broom or something. Just a little bit of things at a time, right? Trust in the Lord. So Ephesians 6:18 says, praying always with all prayer. In other words, you're going to be praying. I saw something here years ago and I begin to understand it after praying always with all prayer. In other words, you're going to use all kinds of prayer and supplication in the spirit. Well, there's two things about supplicating the spirit. Number one is that you can pray in line with the leading of the Lord in your own language. Hi everyone. Thank you for watching the program. I believe that you're being blessed by the program, getting your heart built up, and the Bible says that the Word of God will build up our hearts, keep us strong. You know you need the Word of God. A daily dose of the Word of God. Don't wait for my program to come on. When you get the Word in your heart, you can read the Bible every day. You can go to our website, read our newsletters and sermons that I preached in the past. Look at the program. Hear it again. It's a wonderful way to get connected. Stay connected with the Word of God. We love every one of you. Remember, we're praying for you. We'll pray with you at the end of the program. And if you don't want to wait, if you want to pray right now,

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Being worried is actually a violation of God's will. Because Jesus said, don't worry. Paul said, don't worry. Peter said, don't worry. So if you're worried, that means you're in sin. And the more you worry, the more you'll be attacked. And the devil has license to come and put more stuff on there. And you get all shaky. I suffered real greatly, a world champion warrior. Some of you have badges. You won the week's worrier. So worry is a sin, it's a violation of God's word. It's really a disobedience. When God says, don't do it, don't do it. So how are we going to handle this worry problem? So many people feel they have to worry because it shows that you care enough for people. Now worry is a huge problem, bigger than anything else we're told in the American Society of Studies of Science and Medicine. They say that more people are institutionalized because of worry. We have forms of mental illness and one form of mental illness is someone who worries a lot. And that eventually affects them physically. Affects your body. When you're worried you got your body, your adrenaline is moving all the time. Your heart's pounding and different things are going on in your body. It's breaking down your body. Apparently that kind of stress in your body can cause cancer and heart disease. It puts different, I can't remember what the actual word is, but it puts stuff in your system. It hardens your arteries and you know, you get sick. So the devil wants to put that on you so he could kill you. But we know some things. So many people, they worry because it shows that they love someone. They care about them. Some say, you never worry about me. Every say that to someone? You ever said that about someone? You don't ever worry about me. You don't even care about me. Prayer is a source of help. Amen. You can't always have someone beside you, but you can pray. The Bible says in Psalm 46. God is a very present help in time of trouble. God is everywhere. God knows everybody. He knows where people are at. And I always remember this. I listen to people. They've been on the road longer than I have. Brother Hagin was some 70 years plus in ministry since he was 17 years old. He died when he was 86. He started when he was 17, or he was a little earlier than 17. He said, whenever I'm praying for something and I don't know what to do, I just go ahead and act on the Word. I just go act on what I know. If I can't find a scripture and verse for something, he said, I just go ahead and act what I know, and if I don't get a prompting to not do it, then I stop. And if I don't get any prompting not to do it, I just go right ahead and go on. He said, every time I had a supernatural encounter of God warning me about something, it was always tough slugging ahead for a number of times. But thank God we're not getting these things. We just go ahead and follow the Word of God. So our first method is to use prayer. We take our cares into our prayer time, our prayer room. So the two scriptures we had mentioned here are general verses of Scripture concerning that we can actually use this Word, this casting our cares on the Lord and apply them to our prayer. So prayer is a great source or resource of relieving tension, fear and anxiety. If you got a good prayer life, a good, healthy prayer life, it'll relieve you of a lot of tension. And the second method of handling fear and worry is is making your confessions based on God's Word. You just go ahead and tell yourself this is what God's Word says, thank God. I believe your Word today. Psalm 23 says, I will not fear.

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