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>> Hi everyone. Welcome to Spirit Alive Television. You're watching Spirit Alive across the country here, and we're bringing you the Word of God that will bless you. We are grateful for our friends and partners across the nation. And thank you for writing in. Thank you for letting us know how much you appreciate the program and how much it's doing for you. During this segment, we will come back and give you some announcements, but at the end we'll pray with you as well. And if you can't wait, there's a number on the screen that you can call and you can talk to a prayer partner and they'll pray with you. We'll talk to you again real soon at the end of the program, if you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you. Ephesians 6:18 says, praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit. Watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. Well, that's a mouthful. There's a lot in those scriptures. So we're going to talk about how to handle worry. Fear. Cares. Burdens. How to handle those fearful thoughts. How to handle that. And we want to use two methods. One is simply through prayer. Somebody said to me one time, if you worry, pray. And if you pray, why worry? I like that. And so we're going to talk about prayer in reference to handling this. The other one is making a bold statement of faith, making confessions of faith in God's Word. Now, when you make a confession of faith, you're not telling God what to do, as some people propose. You're just boldly saying what God already said that he's going to do. Boldly. And some people misunderstand us. They think that we are trying to boss God around by making faith confessions. That's not what it's all about. And some people in the church, even in this church, they think that if you say something bad, you're making a faith confession. That's not so. So you have to watch. Of course, you can't joke too much about it because that would kind of violate your own spirit. You know, the Bible says, whatsoever ye shall say he's going to have. Right. Mark 11. And whatsoever ye shall say, and whatsoever ye think or whatever he meant. But whatsoever you shall say, you shall have what you say. So John chapter 15, verse seven is the scripture that we use for prayer. Jesus said, whatever you ask, if my words abide in you. In other words, if you get the word in you and and it's part of your life and it's inside you, you don't have to scramble around for that. It's in there. If you meditated, it's there. He said, if the word's in you, you're not going to ask God anything that's outside the word, if it's in you. Because you know the will of God. You're not going to ask God something outside the will. That would be playing, that would be just guessing. So you have to ask based on the scripture, based on what did God say about it. That's how you're going to ask whatever you're going to ask God to do. You know, if you notice in the prayers in the Old Testament, even in the New Testament, you find that they prayed. They said, God, you said this, you said that, you said that. And now, Lord... And they went on to ask based on what the Lord said. So we're asking God to do what He said. You're not bossing God around. He said, if you abide in me and the only way you can abide in God is to be born again. Give your life to Jesus. Put your trust in him. If you abide in me and my words, in other words, what He said abides in you. It's the living reality in you. And you shall ask what you will. Now, that's what you will according to what the Word of God says. And let's veer off here for a second to go to First John chapter 15, and go to verse 14 and 15. Let's go to see just a little bit more clear what John said here. If ye abide in me, ye shall ask what you will. He didn't say, just ask anything you want. But what you will should be based on God's will. When you come to God, your will is his will. Right. You can't just ask anything you want. If you look at the screen,

you'll see 1st John chapter five and verse 14 and 15. King James says, This is the confidence. You know, confidence comes from knowing something. If you know what God says, then you have confidence. That's what faith is all about. You know the word. So this is the confidence that we have in him that is in God, right? That if we ask anything. Anything. What? According to his will. In other words, if God said it you can have it. Brother Hagin used to tell us. I know he didn't like us saying that. He said, don't quote Brother Hagin. Quote the word. That's what he always would say. But we quote him because we trust him. We trust people, you know? When I went to university, I quoted different people. When I went to school and I gave a presentation they'd ask me, where'd you get that from? Where did you get that? Was that researched properly? You know, you can't just say anything you want in school and pass. You've got to say what the other research says. So I'm doing the same thing here. So Brother Hagin, he researched it before I did and I found it in the Bible. So he's good too, because Jesus said it and John said it. They're all the same. Right? So this is the confidence. This is how we get confidence because we're asking according to his will. So if you're going to ask in his will, he'll hear you. And if we know that he hears us, because we're asking according to his will. Whatsoever we ask, that is according to his will, We know that we have the petitions that we have desired of him. And that's what he said over here in this chapter, in John chapter 15, verse seven. if you abide in me, verse seven, and my words abide in you, you shall ask. He didn't say, go tell your pastor. Ask him to ask God. He didn't say, go tell the prayer line. Ask this lady over here. She knows, she's been praying around here for a long time. What's she doing here? I don't know, she's praying. Ask her. Well, she might help you if you're a baby Christian. And there's some things that we pray about as a corporate union. There's some things that corporately you pray about. There's some things that you have to continue to pray about. Right? There's some things you only pray once. If you learn about prayer, there's some things that you ask one time and one time only. If you keep asking for the same thing, then you never were in faith the first time because that word was never abiding in you. If you ask me something. I say, okay, I'll do it. And you should trust me that I'm going to do it. But if you don't trust me, you'll keep asking me. Did you find Ephesians 6:18? Ephesians 6:18, Paul is praying this. He's encouraging the people to pray. And praying is one of the offensive weapons we have against the enemy. He's talking about the armor of God then he talks about prayer there, using the word. He tells the people at the end of his exhortation to be good soldiers. He says, praying always with all prayer. And we've taught this before, that when we pray, we'll use all kinds of prayer. And one prayer, one kind of prayer we're going to use this morning is the prayer of casting your care on God. You can write that down right now. That's what we're talking about. Casting your care upon the Lord. If you cast your care upon the Lord, then he's got it. You don't. And if he's got it, then he's working on it. While you're waiting and having patience and growing your faith and trusting him. And I want to veer off here for a second. Go to Proverbs chapter three, verse five and six, I believe it is. I didn't write it down because it just came out of my spirit. I had it in my office here. Notice this. It says trust in the Lord with all your heart. Let's just stop right there for a second. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. So you can't trust God unless you know the word. I said, you can't trust God unless you know the word. Unless you know His word is His nature. It's who He is. You know, you trust someone, you say, well, I know him. Right? He wouldn't do that. So you trust people according to their nature, who they are. Their word is who they are. If you say I'll be there, I'll be there. Never show up. Then that's who you are. You're a liar. And you can be relied on. So trust in the Lord.

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