CKPR - Sunday, May 26, 2024 - 08:00 a.m. (ET) - Segment #2

[Liliane]>> Thank you, gentles all. We give you pause now for refreshment of mead, sack and honey cake. We'll be back after the break. (applause) I thought it was david. I'm glad it's not. [Marshall]>> I wonder where he is now. Do you suppose he's at the motel? [Liliane]>> I really don't care as long as he's not here. [Marshall]>> I just hope he doesn't get the wrong idea about us. Then he might do something really foolish. >>we're all going to stroll in town after the show. Are you coming for a bite? [Liliane]>> Sure. [Marshall]>> No. You go love. I can't. I've got to make some calls. [David]>> What are you doing here? If you insist, come in. What have you got there boy? Insurance papers, from marshall's theatre company. What do I do with these? (phone rings) hello? [Man]>> You don't know me. I'm a friend of liliane's. [David]>> Is she hurt? >>no, nothing like that. [David]>> Liliane wants to see me. Great! Where? Okay then I turn right? The old barn. Sure, I'll find it. Okay. Great. I'm leaving right away. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. What are you doing? Why are you hiding the keys? Come on. Don't you want us to get back together? I knew sticking around would pay off sooner or later. I'm sorry boy, I can't take you. This one's personal. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! [female narrator]If alcoholbuilds a wall around you,know this. We're here to helpif you want us to. It's never too early or too late - to ask for help with a drinking problem. Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a way out. I feel so free - [Narrator] Linda just paid off over $42,000 in credit card debt. A debt management plan lowered her total monthly payments by over 40%. Consolidated Credit counseling services worked with her creditors to reduce her interest rates to just 1% so she can pay off all her debt fast. Call now for a free consultation. Call today. Lookin' for a place to meet friends, book a party or have your shag? Komar's Dragon's Den at the Landmark Hotel on Dawson is the place to go. The tunes are always rockin' - Sing your heart out with Karaoke or dance the night away. Challenge friends to a game of pool or watch the big screens. Breakfast, lunch or supper selections are available with your favourite beverage. Join us for your next night out... for food, drinks and tons of fun!! See ya at Komar's Dragon's Den at the Landmark Hotel on Dawson Road. You're resigning? >>I'm tired... >>But you've been with us for so long. >>(sigh) too long...I can't keep up anymore! The rest of the neighborhood's already moved on. I mean, I'm not fibre, I just don't have the bandwidth, you know? (coughs...sounds like a device "glitching")

guys expect me to stream 4k movies like it's nothing...and then your kids, with their devices (groans)'s too many...the writing's on the wall here guys. For the sake of your network, it's time. [David]>> Liliane? Liliane! Liliane! What kind of place is this to meet? (david moaning) [Liliane]>> You scared me. Aren't you that dog that was with david this morning? What are you doing? Hey! Where are you going with that?! Hey! Where are you going? Come back here! [Marshall]>> Thank you dog. I thought she'd never leave. [Liliane]>> Are you playing a game? (bark) okay I'm with you. Lead on MacDUFF. [Liliane]>> Oh my god! David! What are you doing here? What happened? [David]>> Ohh. [Liliane]>> David, wake up. You're making me nervous. David, please wake up. What are you doing with these? These are marshall's. [Marshall]>> This will fix you mr. Barrington. [Liliane]>> Stay here. I'll be as quick as I can. I've got to get these back before he notices. Don't worry, I'll be right back. Marshall?

I wonder where he kept these. [Marshall]>> Well that's that. The door. I better lock it. (barking) get away from me dog. No! Nice try dog but it's too late now. [Liliane]>> Help! Marshall! Help! Chloroform. Oh david! Who's there? Marshall? Hurry! Please hurry! Oh no! Help! (bell ringing) [David]>> Hey, something's wrong! It looks like a fire! [David]>> Liliane! [Liliane]>> David! Do something! >>that's gone! Forget it! Save the rest. Has anyone seen marshall? Come on! Hurry! Hurry! Get rid of the hay! >>come on, quick! Find water pails! [David]>> It's okay. >>get the hay out! Quickly, before the whole place goes up. Come on, guys! Just keep it under control. Come on! >>it was set deliberately. But if you didn't do it, who did? [David]>> Marshall. That's what you were trying to tell me. [Liliane]>> Come to think of it, where is he? [David]>> I've got an idea. Come on. [Marshall]>> Hello? Anybody here? So it's you. You're the only one here. Did you do this by yourself? It doesn't matter. I can finish before anyone gets back from town. This time you won't be able to stop me.

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