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but I think that we have a great reputation both in the region, the province and internationally. Education is something that can never stay stagnant. It's always changing what kind of changes have been you know, happened since the last report and you see going forward as you sort of meeting changing needs within within the country and within the globe? Well, we're lancy launching a pharmacy technician programme. We're launching other additional credentials. We have micro credentials that we've launched and we are also meeting employers needs by recognising prior learning of people they have working for them so that they can get their credential where it's needed. So we really work hand in hand with local employers to meet their needs. We've extended expanded practical nursing as well to small regional communities where they really are desperate for nurses so we are very responsive to the needs of our communities. >> Stay tuned. We'll have more word for word after the break Things have been great since we brought our two little families together... I love his child like my own...and I know he feels the same about mine... It's important that both our children are looked after if something happens to either of us...I don't want to leave anything to chance... >>When you pass away without a will - your spouse and your biological and adopted children will share your assets, but not your step children. You can include stepchildren by calling Larson Lawyers at 285-7777 It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Ask Bathroom Renovation Centre how to maximize your medicine cabinet storage space... while giving you maximum flexibility for tasks. Bathroom Renovation Centre has multiple sizes and styles sizes suit your space and needs. Get ready for an evening out with everything you need at your fingertips, close up tasks are easy with a quick mirror adjustment. Hair, make- up, everything... so easy, you'll be on your way. See you soon at The Bathroom Renovation Centre... from the start to completion, we do it all. 325 Simpson Street. Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. A bountiful harvest grown by you! There's nothing more rewarding than home grown produce for your family. With over 95 years of growing experience, Bill Martin's Nurseryland has practical advice to inspire you to get growing, whether your space is big or small. Stop by today & get all the gardening supplies you need to grow the best tasting veggies & flavourful herbs. Bill Martin's Nurseryland, just minutes from the waterfront district. Imagine a new, state-of-the-art Central Library Branch that meets the changing needs of our community. Imagine an expansive, accessible space for active children's learning and play, tech-centric hangout spaces for teens, Indigenous cultural and ceremonial spaces, a growing collection of books, media and more! A space where Thunder Bay can learn, connect and collaborate in the Heart of the city. Visit to learn more, and provide feedback. Thunder Bay Central Library. Your Library. Reimagined. Beat the 20-24 price increase with Norm's Boating Centre's 2023 Blowout Specials! Enjoy this summer on the water with savings up to 5,000 dollars on select models and get a free custom travel cover valued at up to $1,299 - exclusions apply, installation extra, while supplies last. Come navigate Legend and Mercury quality in Thunder Bay's only marine exclusive equipment and care dealership. Norm's Boating Centre - anchored in excellence! 448 May Street North in Thunder Bay. On your phone, your smart speaker, your tablet, Take us wherever you are. We're Thunder bay's hit music station. Online at . >> Thunder baysuperior north mp padi hajdu recently paid a visit to red rock township to talk infrastructure. She toured some recent projects and discussed the need for a new bridge to the community. While there hajdu also toured the historic comeback lodge which was recently purchased by the bmi group and renamed simply the lodge for the time being at least the lodge will continue to be operated as a fishing lodge and bed and breakfast january 30. >> First we acquired the lodge and it will be operated as a fishing lodge and be in be for this year and use it for this year going forward with our new plan. Well plans are always evolving so you know, we're constantly

looking at what we can do and how how we can evolve. But yeah, for right now a fishing lodge nishnabe ok, tell me a little bit about sort of respects how many rooms are there? How many will there be when you're done renovating or how many to sleep? >> How do people book all that stuff? So there are six operational rooms at the moment we can house 12 to 15 people, 15 being max and you can find us on discover the lodge at sea and we will be on airbnb booking .com all those different platforms and telling you about the work that you're putting into the downvo right now. What are some of the improvements and renovations that are happening? >> So a lot of the renovations are what you don't see upgrades the electrical plumbing but we've also fully refurnish it and you know, it's constantly ongoing and just something a little bit about the building itself and its history and sort of what you know, the the what it looks like obviously you know, we're going to see it. But just in your words, what's it like being in here? >> It's very cosy. Very can't be very cosy. I really love it here. Yeah. Yeah, it's romantic. It's I do work. Yeah. It's just can you repeat your question just yeah. >> Just tell me a little bit about the look and feel of love the building it's very very cosy to me very welcoming obviously it's very rustic you it has a lot of history. Yeah um yeah srery thing about that history. >> Oh yeah. So it was built in nineteen thirty seven by the mill executives or for the male executives just as a place where they could come and you know spend their weekends while they were travelling time while they were here visiting the lodge and historically it wasn't open to the public until raisis the previous owner bought it and so was open to the public then and we're just trying to uh um grow grow with that and you know, get out get the public out as much as we can and have people come and visit us and um maybe you can't speak to this but you know, why am I wanted to invest in this property? I I can't really speak to that . >> How much how much are you loving being here? Oh I love I love look for one look at look at the view. It's an amazing view and it's just a really beautiful spot to be. >> It's exciting to hear about red rock success over the last number of years and their plans for the future certainly hearing about the completion of the water treatment plant something that I know the community worked on really, really diligently and was in a necessity actually to the functioning of the community and now that plant has built obviously the rec centre is under renovations very exciting for community the development of the waterfront with new lots being cleared and an entire I guess subdivision going up in a beautiful spot along the water . These are all really great signs of growth and I was really excited to hear about the council's vision for the future and obviously council's big concern for the future is finding funding you ten to fifteen million dollars potentially to replace the bridge that is needed if they're going to be processing lithium here in the future. >> So you had some ideas in the meeting and I wonder if you could sort of , you know, touch at a high level back on and what you're going to be able to do to help support that that those financing beds that the townships. >> Yeah, well, as I mentioned, some of these projects, the water treatment plant, the rec centre have significant federal investment in in in their in their fruition and I think that's an important component of funding the bridge is that there's usually an opportunity for all levels of government to work together so that we do have vibrant rural communities . I know that the community hasn't been successful yet in finding a pathway for federal support but my commitment to the council was to go back with their proposal and with explanation from me as a member of parliament about why this connects the critical minerals strategy and the the agenda of canada right now which is to be a big player in the green transition and so it is rural canada that is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of the the minerals that we need for that green transition and the excitement around the partnership with the corporation here bmi, the potential of a deep sea port, the connexion to port colborne all of those things I think are important points that I will be raising with my colleagues. >> We were lucky enough to invite her and she accepted mr

hajdu to come and talk about the infrastructure projects that we have ongoing what's completed and what we're going to be looking for in the future . So we highlighted the rec centre. >> That stuff is going on right now. So new bowling upgrades to the seniors seniors flooring, air conditioning and entryways and both the front and back entrance. But our real our real reason to have her here was to talk about the red rock bridge number one . It's the main bridge coming in to redrock. >> Ok, and what are you looking for in terms of the bridge? What does it so we do need a hole. >> We need a new bridge so it's 80 years old. It's a timber bridge built when prisoner of war camp came in and the dam terminal. So it's it's in dire need. We have been spending three hundred thousand dollars last year. It's expected that we're going to spending 70000 this year. So it's time for new ones. So the past couple of years we keep going to both levels of government and asking to help us out in replacing that bridge. >> Ok, and how important is the bridge to the the community? Well really this bridge is the economic future of redrock. So we do have a lot of there's a lot of plans on the mill site ,the old mill site bmi group potential with ralko tech, the lithium mine. They have other developments that they're proposing and also the shipping port. So it's vital that we get this new bridge and that the payload is increased so we can get those heavier trucks getting over the bridge. >> I think you're also looking at possibly including rail along the same bridge. >> Yeah. So there's I guess two ways to go about it so yeah, include the rail with the bridge or they're going to go a separate route. We're not sure yet. We're not even sure if we can get rail back into redrock but that is the plan moving forward going either way what is it expected to cost to replace the bridge so initial costs or what they've been looking at is between seven and ten dollars million for full bridge replacement and that's I that's what you're looking at now. >> So obviously you're concerned about delays leadbottom due to the cost? Well, knowing how it worked with the secondary treatment plant, initial cost was nine million. Ten years later it was twenty five million. We're hoping that it's not going to take ten years five years is is what our plan is. So I'm assuming it's probably going to be ten to fifteen million dollar range which is an extreme amount for our township to you know, even have to pay a percentage of it. But if that's what we have to do then then we'll have to work with both levels of government to do that. Just to put that in perspective ,what's what's the normal annual for you compared to that ten fifteen million dollars just for the rich just over three million dollars I think three point five million to run the whole township. So yeah, obviously we don't have that kind of money and you can finance things long-term but I mean that's something that we almost would be paying for for a very, very long time . >> Thanks for joining us for today's edition of word for word. >> We'll be back tomorrow with more interviews from across the north west - [Announcer] Stay tuned to get this luxurious, designer pan free from Gotham Steel. (bell dings) That's right, free. Tired of your pan that scratches and sticks? It's so old and worn, you're afraid to cook in it. Well, it's time to upgrade. - Introducing the HammerCollection from Gotham Steel, one of America'sbest-selling cookware brands. 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