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the season opener for the racing season kicked off following wednesday's thunderstorm. The skies cleared just in time for the track to be in perfect racing condition. Knough van pelt was at the racetrack and has the details. Dirt was flying and engines were roaring as the long awaited racing season officially began around 2000 fans made their way to thunder city speedway to cheer on local racers and track manager todd robinson was pleased with how the night when I think it went well a few hiccups along the way. Lots of new drivers and we've got some new officials but we're we're we're going to get better for scheer and we did ok considering we had the deluge of rain that we thought we'd be washed out here for sure. >> But the track was really good tonight the feature races started with the was soda midwest modified division and following some confusion after the yellow flag was flown when a car spun out in the final lap it was thunder bay's david simpson in the number seventy car who crossed the finish line first for his first win of the season at the thunder city speedway. Next up was the wasso to st. Wsox race where roslyn's pwhl lived up to his name as he held on to a big lead and was able to capture the checkered flag while almost lapping the car in last place. The third feature of the night was the was sold a superstar wsox and thunder bay's colton norske in the thirty three car made his hometown proud starting the race and fifth he worked his way to the front crossing the finish line with a lengthy lead and ending up back in a familiar spot on winners row during the hornets raisis hunter marshall in the number five car flipped right over, forcing a complete stoppage. The night saw many caution flags raised with cars spinning out and raisis restarting. Robinson says this isn't abnormal for opening night and he expects it will improve as the season goes on you'll see less cautions where the guys actually get a little better and they figure out how to get around the corners and how to race around either. So they don't wreck and things like that. So yeah, it's it's it's a moving target there and we'll get there. >> The marquee race of the night was there a soda modifieds and after going neck and neck with riley matthews for multiple laps the wily veteran joel cryderman in the fifty one car pulled ahead just before the final lap to take the checkered flag and then the final race of the night michael shaley won the hornets feature the new drivers will you'll see an incremental increase in their abilities as the season goes so it'll be far different by midsummer you'll see some of these new guys really shining racers will be back in action every wednesday for the rest of summer with a june invitational happening the fourth weekend in june knough van pelt tbps sports the biggest regional swim meet of the year is now underway at the kennedy games complex at the twenty twenty four everlast thunderbolts grand prix features two hundred and thirty five swimmers from the local clubs along with outoftown competitors from as far east as U.S. marine kappus casing and as far west as manitoba. The swim meet continues tomorrow on and on sunday with three sessions a day and dozens of medals to be handed out on day one marrick your daddy won the fifteen and over girls eight hundred metre freestyle while lambros weste4rn won the gruelling fifteen hundred metre event on the boy side. Well there's the eight hundred which I'm hoping to win because distance and then the four hundred I am and this one I already secured gold so for good so I won the eight hundred free and then I'm currently seated first coming into finals for the 200 free. I'm hoping to try and win all my events this weekend just so that I can achieve our high points award this any most of the older swimmers are trying to get to the provincials national times so the thirteen and overs that's what they're shooting for and the twelve and unders are shooting for it's called that festival timessot so it's like a junior provincial time and then some of the 13 year olds are also looking for what's called an ontario youth junior title. >> Those provincial and national competitions happened in july to the nhl with the winnipeg jets have officially named scott o'neil, the team's new head coach after bonus announced his retirement this offseason. Scott o'neil will officially take the reins of the jets. He came to winnipeg in twenty twenty two as an assistant coach and served as interim head coach twice this year after bonus stepped away for personal reasons, leading the team to an eleven five into record. We'll stay on the ice but shift over to the whl where game three of the walter cup finals was underway in minnesota after boston grabbed game one at home. Minnesota answered back shutting them out before returning home looking to move one win away from the first ever walter cup minutes into the contest it's thunder bay's mckayla have doing the dirty work picking this out from behind the net and puts it right to taylor hizzy who scores izi five goals now in the playoffs and it's one to nothing into the frame now and it's minnesota keeping up the

pressure. The rebound right up front is cindy brought she buries it rots first of the post season and just like minnesota out to nothing after one boston would get one back in the second but will jump to the third where it's cava looking for that muchneeded insurance jansens on the person canada has whitrow josh todayand controlling the back goal of the playoffs. Mickael takevtr unbuild believable her second point of the game she's up to six in the playoffs. Fans chanting we want the cup as minnesota win game three four to one and move just one win away from the inaugural walter cup mckayla cava could potentia be the finals mvp in this one six points in eight games so far she has been on fire. Hopefully we get to see that trophy come back home and talk to her about potentially an mvp calibre postseason run that would be so cool. >> She is doing excellent almost as excellent as the sunny weather will have next week. But all the details on tomorrow's weather and more after the break. >> - This right here is confidence in a bottle. - Makes me feel so much more confidence than I've ever felt in my life. - They are some of the hottest videos on social media, those videos claiming to instantly get rid of bags under your eyes and Net Figueroa is here to tell us why she says this one is for real. - This one is for real and I'm so excited, not only does it work on the bags it works and the appearance of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles, we even have a video and all he uses is a small amount and that's how easy it is and I did this to my father, we were at home, 4:34, completely gone. - My real true opinion is holy - words I can't say on camera, this is absolutely unbelievable, I can just feel it lifting my skin, it was amazing, it feels good, feels great, looks even better. - At our $14.95 price, it's the best way to try Plexaderm and see it work after your first application, visit or call the number on your screen. These are the faces of addiction. Faces of your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Faces of those battling life controlling issues. Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada is changing these faces of addiction into faces of hope. We see faces full of potential, and full of joy. Waiting to be seen and known. Join us in our mission by making a donation addition to financial donations, we accept clothing and we welcome vehicle donations. Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada. Freedom from addiction starts here. Make your new home a Modular home...built by Smart Modular Canada! Smart Modular Canada builds homes year-round in a controlled environment, with a team that includes all the skilled trades people needed to put together, and deliver you your new home quickly and efficiently. The "Orchid" is one of the many designs they offer! This beautiful 1,512 square foot home features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, and more! To learn more, or to request a quote, visit! Josh, I have to admit we've seen a lot of rain this week and it's not totally over yet. But you know what? One day the clouds will open up and the sun will come down and will all be beautiful again. Perfect. So let's look into the weather nationally and see where everywhere else is experiencing rain. First snow in vancouver. They're seeing some showers there at 13 degrees. Prince george thirteen as well with a chance of thunderstorms and then thirteen in edmonton but they're just partly cloudy. Eleven in calgary with some rain and potential thunderstorms and similar to that in saskatoon but they're at ten degrees over in regina they're twelve partly cloudy rain still continuing quite heavily in winnipeg. Seven degrees there too in church under cloudy skies, 19 in toronto and clear clear in ottawa as well and twelve then over in quebec city ten and thirteen in fredericton with some clouds, twelve in charlottetown with some rain potential thunder nineteen in halifax mainly clear and rainy in st. John's and nine over in our own region I mentioned there is still a little bit more rain. We're looking to see five to ten millimetres of rain in areas like red lake tonight down in fort francis they'll see periods of rain as well mixed with southwest winds gusting to 40 an hour at some points over in greenstone they'll be mainly cloudy with showers beginning after midnight and winds from the east down in to saint marie. They'll be cloudy with showers after midnight as well but they'll actually have a risk of thunderstorm there. They'll be one of the warmer areas of the region tonight at nine degrees tomorrow when we look in to our daytime hours specifically in the morning we'll still see some more rain

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