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>> Good evening and thank you for joining us. There was a serious collision late this afternoon on the thunder bay expressway. It happened at the harbour expressway intersection just before 6:00 P.M. two vehicles at the scene had significant damage including one that appeared to flip and end up on its side. The collision closed the highway westbound between harbour and oliver road for about an hour. Thunder bay fire, police and the opi were all at the scene of the crash. There's no word at this time on any injuries. Residents in several neighbourhoods with parkettes are fighting back against the city's plan to sell those lots to developers. The plan was announced by the realty services division earlier this week to help meet raisis ambitious housing target knough van pelt has the details back in twenty seventeen the residents of holly cresson were confronted with a similar proposal to turn this park into housing and after hearing their concerns about the plan, city council chose to invest in the green space rather than sell it. Longtime resident of holly cresson barb krot says everyone in the neighbourhood is frustrated this is happening again and they've been contacting city councillors about their concerns. >> There are, you know, so many different quotes from corey helverson and some of the others at the time who saw the need for these green spaces and it is essentially part of the city's mandate also with greening the city and that you know and yes, we do have to do you know the intensification in urban infill but there are so many streets that end in dead ends and you know why take away the parkettes when they add so much to the life of the city out of the eight pieces of land being considered vtr6 are parkettes pickrell believed 100 percent of the holly crescent neighbourhood didn't support the city's plans and after polling thawne low drive resident of that neighbourhood nathan hewitson says he found unanimous opposition of the city's proposal. >> The neighbourhoods 50 years old. Nothing is going to conform to you know, as they say the built form of the neighbourhood or its cosmetic appearance. It has environmental repercussions. It seems odd to be, you know, developing green space in other areas of town and then trying to bruinette in others and I don't think anybody is going to build anything here that's going to get anybody who's precariously hosed out of that situation. >> Residents say the parkettes are a big part of their neighbourhoods identity and are used by everybody. >> You have people over here, you know, throwing the ball with their dogs, little kids come and play in that and it's used quite extensively often is used for access for the hydro property as well in which people will walk out there and then they come back here with their dogs and that so it does see it doesn't sit empty is what we're saying. >> It's raining. There's kids playing here. They're playing on a park on the other side of the neighbourhood. It just doesn't make any sense to infill it with housing the city's realty services division will continue to take in feedback from the public and a synopsis will be provided to counsel during their presentation on june 3rd. >> Knough van pelt tbps news the city of thunder bay can still look forward to a mining boom but it'll be a couple of years farther out than expected. That's according to the community economic development commission which released its updated mining readiness strategy this week. The dc is now projecting that mining jobs will peak in twenty twenty eight two years later than previously projected ceo jamie taylor says the pandemic and fluctuating markets are amongst the reasons for the delay. It's not the only change since the original report was released in twenty twenty new business opportunities have been identified as has the increased need for local suppliers. A lack of available land in the city has become a concern. New labour force and education gaps have been identified along with a lack of employment opportunities for the spouses of mine workers. Mining is one of our main sectors here although there's coal mines in the city of fednor bay proper we are a regional hub. We have over four hundred businesses listed in our service and supply directory providing services to the mines in the region. A lot of the companies need just in time service in terms of whether it's repair or equipment back up and there are some gaps in our current local supply and service. So we'll be looking at opportunities to fill those gaps and attract those companies to thunder bay. >> The cdc has also launched a new and improved mining service and supply directory which is more user friendly highlights indigenous owned businesses and allows companies to indicate when they're hiring gold is officially flowing at the greenstone gold mine. The company announced its first gold for this week on schedule. The first pour took place on wednesday producing eighteen

hundred ounces of gold. All equipment operated as expected according to a release from equinox gold once operating at full capacity, the mine is projected to produce roughly four hundred thousand ounces of gold a year for the first five years it's expected to gradually decline for a yearly average of three hundred sixty thousand ounces of gold over the expected fourteen year lifespan. The first pore is a major milestone for the mine. >> Work is on hold again at the site of the new headquarters for the lake superior national marine conservation area in nipigon. >> It's the second work stoppage in less than a month. The first stoppage occurred after a bone was found in the excavated material on may 8th just four days after a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the thirty seven million dollar parks canada facility. The bone was later confirmed to not be human a number of objects dating from the mid to late nineteen hundreds were also uncovered. Site manager lisa najman says construction stopped as soon as they were alerted to the bone and work restarted on may 16th. The project was then stopped again on tuesday. Parks canada officials have no comment at this time as to the reason for the the second work stoppage after months of work and input from students, thunder bay's first french public school has a permanent name. It's now called a cool public event and boared which roughly translates to northern when school. The celebration event was held this morning and vasilios was there. >> Thunder bay's first french public school has its official name. >> I do not want the school. Victoria avenue is now called equal public devonport ignored which in english means northern wins public school. >> It first opened in september with the name reveal events on friday featuring students, their families and faculty having a small school. >> It's like having a large family principal always someone says the name and new logo featuring the sleeping giant was thanks in large part to discussions with their students . We talked about different things that are important to fednor be the water, the community a little bit of the history we talked about the vegetation and animals all around things that were important to them, activities that they did to their families and tried to include as much as possible one for the name for the logo and then future mascots as well. >> I during the name reveal event there were a number of performances by the students showing off their talents that includes grade seven student nicholas danney opseu who talked about how everyone has grown closer during the first year the school has been open. >> Everyone knows each other. We all know our names. Everything is just all together . The principal is really good. It's just a great, great feeling and community to be in here. >> Twenty three students were enrolled here for the inaugural year at thunder bay's first french public school officials anticipate that number will continue to grow as more families become interested in french education. Vesalius bellows tbps news. >> Meanwhile, nicole franco baysuperior has been celebrating its forty fifth anniversary a special dinner was held for alumni, parents and employees on sunday and and yesterday and after school carnival was held to bring past present and future students together for an event that captured the full vibrancy of the francophone community. The carnival was bustling with activities, games and the smell of popcorn and poutine although the school has changed locations and names several times over the course of its development, it has roots as the first french school in thunder bay. Currently the school has more than three hundred students from kindergarten to grade six . The faculty is a testament to the impact of the school as around thirteen staff are also alumni. This includes principal marrick de opseu who understands that fun is a key element to keeping french culture strong within education we do a lot of fun things so I think that that's also one of the things that stick with them. We have our traditional christmas dinner. We have our paku on a day on the twenty fifth of september we have our winter carnival. We have we bring artists into our school to to get them to enjoy music and french singing and so I think because we do so much of the cultural aspect you know it sticks with them and they just love their school and they are always happy to come back for 45 years. You look around all these families, all these kids for forty five years they've chosen francophone education and they've trusted with their children year after year and this is what keeps the language and the culture alive. >> So that is great cause for celebration. >> The school has also planned a special performance from famous francophone musician

brian st. Pierre for students and staff on may thirty first and we're now joined by sports anchor josh marano and josh, the border cat season is just around the corner. >> You know in that last story we saw fresh popcorn. >> It made me think of allseason sick of watching the blue jays. I need a real team, one that's close to home boared parkettes they were back home getting ready for their season starting next week. >> We'll have those details when we come back. What do you do when your tire goes flat and there's no air anywhere to fix that? You reach for Bullseye Pro. The smarter, faster, hands free way to fill it up with air. Bullseye Pro is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion power plant. So fast, so strong and so convenient. It's like putting the power of an air compressor in the palm of your hand. Look, you can inflate all four tires of your car on a single charge or inflate a bag full of soccer balls at practice. Bullseye Pro is so advanced it has a built in smart pressure digital sensor that gauges and automatically stops when the set tire pressure is reached. Plus, it can be 100% hands free. You simply set the target pressure and walk away, keeping you out of harm's way. Bullseye Pro is lightweight, durable and powerful enough to inflate this massive monster truck tire. Plus, it has four ultra bright led lights to safely inflate at night. Bullseye Pro comes with three custom air nozzles on board so you can easily inflate, pool toys, exercise balls and more. Forget driving to the gas station. Bullseye Pro is your anywhere! any time! inflation station. Call or go online now and get the complete Bullseye Pro inflation system all for the factory direct price of just $79.99. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. Plus, we'll ship your entire order free. That's right, free shipping. But to really inflate this offer we will give you a 50% discount on a second one. You get it all. An incredible value for one low price. Call or go online to order now. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! The thunder bay border cats are getting ready to kick off their season as their practises are in full swing back at port arthur stadium, the boys of summer have returned to the stadium with some new and familiar faces. The border cats had their first day of trading ahead of their season opener next week so we could get a first glimpse of the new and returning recruits. >> Joe sadowski was there and has the details. A new season means a fresh start for the thunder bay boared cats and all the pressure to make a run to get back to the postseason. >> I don't really feel the pressure. I don't pressure is not really a thing that exists to me after barely missing the playoffs in the first half of last season and struggling in the second half due to half their roster leaving the boeser cats are entering the twenty twenty four campaign with a newly constructed team that manager jim kelly says are committed to play all 68 games. >> I think these guys realise kind of how important it was to how much it means to make it through an entire summer up here. You know, it's it's almost an award. It's a reward to be able to make it through a northwoods like summer. >> Another aspect of this team that gm kelly said would be their strongest area is their new arms on the mound in thunder bay native and starting pitcher jack peno who had an astounding eight and one record with the university of creighton this past season. Pino is getting the start for their home opener next friday and says he can't wait to take the hill on opening day. >> Definitely. I mean last summer was awesome to kind of start home opener and I was pretty nervous for the last one so hopefully I won't be as nervous this year but it's definitely a it's a it's an honour and I love pitching when I have familiar faces the crowd so the first thing he said was , you know, coach, I'm going to be there earlier than I thought I was and I said ok, good when you be here I'll be there day one he said he said home opener questionmark. And I said absolutely and he said good can't wait to break the new radar gun. The border cats kick off their season this monday for a four game road trip before their home opener on may 31st at port arthur stadium for a two game stint against the minnesota mud puppies joe sadowski tbps sports undercity speedway was buzzing thursday night as

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