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if you find a papaya, -that's no joke. -CHARLIE: Yeah. Shocking. I hate to say this to y'all 'cause I've really loved. -Oh! -Oh, come on! Here's your first look atSurvivor47. (all cheering) PROBST: Every survivor story begins with an empty page. It's up to the players to leave their mark. I want to forge my own legacy in this game. I want to be the very first head on the Mount Rushmore of the new era. This will be the most important chapter of my life. Survivor is a completely blank page right now. I want to come here and really be one of those big-name players that people are saying, "We want to see this guy." People look at me as an underdog. That's Miss Delaware or whatever. She has nothing more to her. And I'm like, I'm a big dog. (imitates dog barking) I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a Cub Scout. I threw up and went home. I am ready to forge my own path. I want to be the fasting person out here. I want to be the strongest person out here. I wish they had a bench press competition, 'cause I just hit 300. My final words will be I'm 59 and I beat all your asses. I am either gonna blaze my own path out here or I'm gonna burn down this island. It has to be victory or glory in death. All right, welcome back to theSurvivor46 After Show. If you want to bid on props from this season,you can do that. Website's on the screen. Profits goto Stand Up To Cancer. If you want to be onSurvivor,what do you have to do? -ALL: Apply.-You gotta apply. All right,thank you all, and thank youto the non jury members -who couldn't be here.-We love you, Jeff. Really enjoyed this season. You all were fantastic to watch. Congratulations to our winner, Kenzie. We will see you in the fall forSurvivor47. -(all cheering) -PROBST: Let's do it. Give me a hug. Congratulations. Thank you so much. -Charlie [indistinct]. -CHARLIE: Thanks, Jeff. -[indistinct] -Thank you. PROBST: All right, come here. We got to sign this thing over here. MAN: Kenzie, you got to sign it first. Let's get Kenzie in there first. We've got Charlie, WOMAN: Right under [indistinct]. (cheering)

[ ] >> Kevin: tonight on global news at 10, manitobans have a spoken which roads did you vote as the worst in the province, and what is being done to fix them. >> Lisa: plus is a jeremy skibicki trial heads and to awaken a half break the crown calls its final witness the details letters the killer sent to another inmate. >> Kevin: and I move by three european countries to recognize a palestinian state, the significance of that movement and why some say it's one that rewards terrorism. [ ] >> Announcer: you are watching global winnipeg. This is global news at 10. >> Kevin: thank you for joining us. One of our most common complaints in manitoba is the state of the roads. So it's no surprise that manitobans made themselves heard in a caa's worst road campaign. >> Lisa: today those worst roads were unveiled. Our daisy looks at where the rides are, the roughest. And wants being done to repair them. >> Reporter: it's no secret to manitoba roads have taken a beating this spring. >> Crumbling infrastructure, alligator cracks, curbs being destroyed, and of course a big one which we are all the often manitoba's potholes. >> Reporter: but 10 the ca says have been voted worst of all by manitobans. Topping the list is 18th street and brandon. Brandon malic -- mayor says it has a lot to do with the freeze and dos cycle seen as early as january. >> This is the first year most anyone recalls ever having put asphalt and potholes in january and february. And when we're doing that we knew that spring was not going to be good. >> Reporter: most of manitoba's worst roads are listed in winnipeg, the avenue being voted the second-worst in the province. Chris with the manitoba heavy construction association says property maintained road infrastructure is essential. >> The transportation system supports everything we do going to and from work. Moving products from markets to and from hospital going to school, to cottages, to beaches, welcoming tourists. >> Reporter: but association believes that turning things around is marked -- matter proper investment which winnipeg mayor says is happening in record numbers. >> How does a $59 million in revenue will, 308000000 this year another hundred to $3 million investment next year. >> Reporter: he hopes changes on the horizon for how various levels of government contribute financially to deteriorating infrastructure. >> I'm grateful that in the most recent provincial budget premier did commit to having dialogue with the city of winnipeg and manitoba misa polities to establish a new funding arrangement. >> Reporter: an e-mailed statement in the provincial office responsible for transportation says it's moving forward with the plan prioritizing the highways manitobans identify with the caa, it as a dedicated panel along with music polities they're hoping to prioritize the most important projects. Daisy welk global news. >> Kevin: one of the victims of these bad roads are our vehicles. The owner of frank motors says a number of issues can pop up after hitting rocks or potholes, the big one is the tires. >> Biggest problem is tires if you hit the potholes it could happen that the inside of the tire might get damaged and start bulging, one should not take lightly to hit the potholes, I would recommend to have it checked out, by a mechanic to see any damage satire. >> Kevin: a city councilor wants to name a prominent winnipeg bridge after a prominent winnipeg band. The counsellor wants the bridge to become the back rent turner overdrive a bridge for a five year period. Named after the legendary rock band led by winnipegger randy backman, reports amid the city hall says that audit would only pay tribute to the band's musical legacy but point of interest encouraging towards them, and fostering a sense of pride in a city's cultural heritage. The report will be discussed at a committee meeting next tuesday. Speaking at the city's executive policy committee voting in favour of a motion that seeks to remove a member of the winnipeg police board. The motion passed today after a very brief discussion on removing kyle mason from the board and replacing him with a former police board member. Calling mayor. The motion says it was determined he had breached the board's code of ethical conduct, both mayor scott and placed board chair were asked for further details. Both said none can be given.

>> Question specific to the item I'll defer to the police board chair councilor markus chambers, to answer those questions as it is really that specifically as a police board matter. >> I don't want to explain ball, I don't want to provide misinformation, I want to ensure that processes and procedures are followed. This is a very serious matter, matter for me and matter for the board, and we want to make sure that is done correctly and fairly. >> Lisa: before joining the board mason founded and ran the north and the family centre in winnipeg, speaking to global news late today mason said he chose to resign from the board on may 3rd, mason says he was pulled over earlier this year and ticketed for driving without proper insurance, and resigned after a number of discussions with the board. More details on the breach of the ethical code of conduct could be made public at the police board's next meeting on june 7th. >> Kevin: moving to the jeremy skibicki trial which is now taken a week and a half break after the crown called on its final witness today. >> Lisa: teagan rasche on letters that skibicki sent to another inmate. >> The ground calling its final witness wednesday in the murder trial of a jeremy skibicki. Winnipeg police service detective sergeant presiding at nine letters that skibicki wrote a female inmate in nova scotia. The content of the letters were not read in court. The officer said two to three more letters were sent from skibicki to the woman but she had destroyed them. In a first letter skibicki rights to the woman that he needs human contact and he cannot trust anyone in his life. He says he's being kept in segregation at miller ridge correction settling up to trial. As a lot of progress skibicki asks her to calm anton one of the pseudonyms he used on facebook. In the letters he also said he sort his marriage did not work out. And something they will have in common. Skibicki writes he wants to stay in contact after her release and hope they can get married one day. In his letters skibicki gets more personal saying he loves cats and dogs, depends on medical marijuana for pain and likes to work out. He also wrote he's quote, kind and respectful and oppose conflict where possible, but notes quote when I lose my cool I've been known to terrify people. In the letter skibicki wrote about challenges of having unbiased you're in his case and now he would have to use but not criminal responsible defence. He never told his penpal while he was in prison. Skibicki also wrote about religion, attacks on white culture, and a plot for a fictional book he was writing. In the last letters seized by police skibicki wrote that he is an emotional low, and that the content of his previous letters have sent his penpal. He promises to not write any more about religion, and that he was in love with her. These letters conclude the crowds evidence in this case. The defence will bringing its whiteness as on-duty third. Teagan rasche local news. >> Kevin: brendan is the assistant professor of the faculty of law at the university of manitoba he says the onus is now on the defendant to prove that skibicki was not criminally responsible for these actions and he says the crown is going to be busy poking holes in an argument when the trial resumes. >> I expect be putting some pretty tough questions to the experts there being called by defence and so I expect that will be very interesting cross-examination and I expect that we will see the crown end up calling rebuttal evidence in the form of an expert after the defence essentially calls its evidence. >> Lisa: the support line is available for anyone who may need it, is available 24 hours a day, the number is 1844, 413-6649. >> Kevin: local organization helping support youth could be forced to make major changes after critical funding from the federal government has yet to be approved. The resources assistant for youth organization also known as rate operates a program called a level of. Which provides more than 80 at risk youth every year with paid employment and training to help them transition out of a life of poverty. But the grant application and submit to ottawa last november has yet to be approved, this is funding that ray has received since 2018. And staff essay if the funding does not come soon it could lead to layoffs of up to a dozen staff members, and potentially even a closure of the program. >> The level up a program is successfully working with over 100 employers who may experience significant losses within their own businesses. If they can no longer higher youth with the support of this program. >> Kevin: global news has reached out to the federal government for comment but has yet to hear back ray says they recently have been told by the feds that there is a high number of applicants for this grants,

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