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>>> Are your seasonal all,erergies worse this year? If so you are not alone. It is starting earlier in recent years and that trend is expected to continue. >> This year is the worst. The other years were okay, but the reactin and that but this year it doesn' seem to want to work. >> Reporter: cheryl has tried every medication but nothing seems to be helping. >> Sinus and my throat. That's why I sound all stuffy. >> Reporter: the typical seasonal allergy symptoms sneezing coughing are being felt by everyone. >> I wish they would go away. Everyone has my sympathies right now. >> Reporter: about a quarter of canadians suffer from if it feels like yours are worse this year you're not the only one. >> As our warm months start earlier and fall tends to be warm for a bit longer that the overall season where different pollens are going up into the air is extending for longer. More are feeling it. >> There is a lot of pollen in the air I can get completely congested where I can't breathe. >> Reporter: at this pharmacy allergy medication is flying off the shelves. >> I have to order a new stock. >> Reporter: this pharmacist says patients are coming in regularly asking for advise. >> Allergy medication changing filters in the car and the house and sinus which is a mix of salt and water to help clean out the sinuses. >> Reporter: this is a type of condition that can change over time so your symptoms may have not so bad so long ago but getting worse. >> Reporter: a few simple strategies to keep it under control. First one is stay in doors if you can on dry and windy days. Avoid your gardening chores because they tend to stir up the allergens and finally if you've been outside all day when you get home remove your clothing and take a shower to rinse your hair and body. I too have been struggling. Throw it back to you in studio. >> Gabrielle: now to a barbie world life is plastic it is fantastic if you ask christine sinclair. The super star is among nine athletes including venus williams with being honoured with a one of a kind barbie. It is part of barbie's 65th barbie. >> We got the canada jersey, the little nike. We have the arm band, the weirdest member of barbie for me is my brother and I might have used their heads as hockey pucks growing up. [ Laughter ] >> Everyone had this growing up and now to see one in my likeliness is absolutely crazy and my two nieces they are like we can't wait to see it. They are so excited. >> As a soccer player, you know you dream of winning world cup and is pick and is various tournaments, but to be given this honour, very unexpected. It is one of my goals and mottos is to show those young girls in canada that absolutely anything is possible. >> Gabrielle: all right we will still bring you local headlines right after this. You're watching "global news morning" on your thursday. Stay with us. In the meantime enjoy this gorgeous photo of a prairie sky [ ] Yes!Ooh, it's on! Announcer: Abbott Elementary, season finale tonightat 7:30 et on Global. Where did you come from? -I'm Melissa.-Joe. Are you ever gonna stopfollowing me? I was wrong to think you werea run-of-the-mill serial killer. I've decided I wantto get to know you better. (Announcer speaks wordson screen) It's warming up out there. Time to get off the couchand go for a walk. All you need is a good pairof walking shoes and at Canadian Footwear,we've got you covered with a great selection atall three of our Winnipeg locations. The days are getting longerand the temperature is warmer. Come on out and enjoy it. Canadian Footwear. We fit you. Stay safe near dams. Hydroelectric generating station can be a dangerous place. Water levels around dams can change quickly. Obey all warning signs and barriers. They are there to protect you! Safety, it's in your hands. Take a swing at the course that nature built.

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announcer: You're watching Global, which also streams on StackTV. Watch live and binge the same great shows On Demand. StackTV: Try it free today. >> Gabrielle: the crown has finished presenting its case in the trial of jeremy skibicki. What we can expect next. [ ] >> Gabrielle: and potential changes to the bridge. Why one city councillor wants it renamed and who they want honoured. [ ] >> Announcer: you're watching global winnipeg. This is "global news morning" [ ] >> Gabrielle: good morning. Thanks for joining us on yourself thursday. Or baby friday as we like to call it here at global news winnipeg. Plenty of chatter about bands and bridges story, but for now let's look at our top story [ ] >> Gabrielle: good morning. Thanks for joining us on your thursday or baby friday as we like to call it here on "global news morning." plenty of charter about the bands and bridges story but our top story. [ ] >> Gabrielle: the crown has finished presenting its case in the murder trial of jeremy skibicki charged in the deaths of rebecca contois, morgan harris, mercedes myron and a fourth person known as buffalo woman. Yesterday the crown entered into evidence pen pal letters skibicki wrote to a female inmate in nova scotia. In the letters he laments unfair persecution by white people and plan to write a novel. He also talks about the high profile nature of his case. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the slayings. He as acknowledged in court that he killed the women but arguing he is not criminally responsible because of mental illness. The crown has painted a picture as a white supremacist who preyed on his victims at homeless shelters. >>> Brandon traffic is the assistant professor of faculty of law at the university of manitoba and he says that the onus is now on the defence to prove that skibicki wasn't responsible for those actions. He says the crown will be busy poking holes in the argument when the trial resumes. >> I expect they'll be putting tough questions to the experts that are being called by defence I expect it will be interesting. And I expect that we will see the crown end up calling rebuttal evidence in form of expert after the defence essentially calls its evidence. >> Reaction coming in after caa released its list for worst roads of 2024. Brandon's 18th street came in at number one followed by winnipeg's leila avenue. Numerous roads on the list were repeat offenders. It was compiled by votes submitted by thousands of manitobans. Brandon's mayor says that the mild weather has been challenging on the state of roads in the wheat city. >> This is the first year most anybody recalls ever having you know put asphalt in pat holes in january and february. And when we were doing that you know that spring would not be good. >> Gabrielle: meanwhile, winnipeg mayor says our city is putting record investment into improving roads here. The province tell us that it is moving forward with a plan prioritizing highways that manitobans identified with caa.

>>> Manitoba public insurance is dedicating 70 extra appointments a day to customers impacted by recent spring hail storms in winnipeg. The hail estimating centre will be open at the physical damage centre starting next week open monday to friday 8:30 to 4:30. The crown corporation says it has gotten nearly 1200 claims over the last week alone and still working on last year whether a 15,000 were opened. Customers who have opened a claim with mpi but don't have an appointment yet will be begun to be contacted this week in order of the claims being opened. >>> Seed something nearly half windy way done as producers across the province made another big jump this week. According to to the provincial crop report, 47% of acres are seeded with corn and peas leading the way. Producers started to put canola in the ground this week which is sitting at 20% finished. They are expected to plant 3.2 million -- seeding trails the five-year average of 52% for the third week of may but well ahead of last year >>> The manitoba government has partly walked back a funding cut to a provincial summer jobs program. The minister said wednesday he's adding $300,000. Green team program which helps nonprofit groups and municipalities hire young people in the summer. That move comes weeks after the government cut the programs funding to $5.6 million from last year's $9.6 million and after he met with a camping association and other groups in recent days. The budget cut up set sporting groups, museums, nonprofit camps, and others who said that they were surprised when after years of getting funding they were either rejected or given less money this spring.

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