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scarborough lead. And winnipeg falls even further behind in the second jaden campbell dials it up from outside the arc, and the lead was 11. But the see bears managed to get it turned around. Former nba per -- nba or darius days with the open bucket, and it's a remarkable finish to the half for the see bears. Jared jackson with the hoop, and the harm for a three-point play. Then, that you get outside, and simon hillebrandt hails it from downtown. And it was 48 all at the half. And they stay red-hot to start the third. Allen launches from long range, and it is good. And the man called teddy buckets was putting on a show. Hitting from everywhere. Allen with another three ball, and winnipeg led by as many as 12. Fourth q., and chevy and jones sores for a monster jam. And the stars would storm all the way back to the lead at the start of target score time. The first team one '07 wins it. And he chose it from almost half court to move one point away. But allen answers right back with a three of his own. So next basket wins it, and after a foul, jackson row misses both free throws, so it's see bears ball, and alex campbell drains it for the walk off when is the building erupts. Allen with a game-high 41 points , and the see bears when the home opener to move to one and one. >>> The blue bombers hitting the field bright and early this morning getting in a practice session between the rainstorms for day 13 of training camp. Can head coach michael shea almost seemed disappointed by mother nature, and the lack of fall football weather. >> It was perfect. I changed practice all around for all of this dealt -- deluge that we were going to get. And nothing. Nothing. So we are going to get it later, and I hope everybody is acting nice and cozy and safe, and what is and give anybody problems. I see a couple of guys and some winter coats underneath their practice jerseys. It's kind of funny. >> Reporter: now the bombers are in the market for any return at this years can't, as grantor remains on signed after handling those duties or much of the past four seasons. For players have been getting much of the wraps. Christopher smith, erin cruickshank, cody case, and josh van. And for o'shea, the number 1 criteria for any return or just afield the punt in the air, or they are probably going to feel the brunt of his iron. >> I heard it today when the ball hit the ground again it's, heavy ball. So really catch of a ball. They've only got some any opportunities, they got to grab every ball they can. >> I did get a little bit I was not pleased today for 30 seconds. In the course I forget what I just said and move on very quickly. >> Reporter: a winnipeg gold eyes were supposed to start a three-game series tonight against lake country dock hounds at blue cross park, but it wasn't exactly baseball weather out there with mother nature spoiling the party.

>>> The tarp never left the field. After all of the rain this morning, and with more precipitation in the forecast for tonight, the game was postponed shortly after noon. More than six hours before the scheduled first page. It is the first lane out of the young season for the bish. So the gold I sent dock hounds we'll now play a doubleheader on saturday. That will play a seven -- para seven any game studying at 5:00. Landon barraza, and travis seabrook are winnipeg scheduled starters for the doubled that. Both clubs have just five wins in their first 13 games of the campaign. >>> On the poor weather also wreaking havoc on the golf course, pushing back at the start of gulf manitoba's competitive season. Heavy rains causing unplayable course conditions at the winkler centennial golf club for tomorrow's match play championship qualifier, to the event has now been pushed back until sunday. And staying on the links, stony months erin cockrell is in the hunt through two rounds of the dp world tours sued out open in antwerp belgium. He had seven birdies, and just two boats to cart a second consecutive round of 66, and he is at 10 under par. Just four strokes off the pace heading into the weekend, and he will also be in the field next week at the rbc canadian open. >>> On the ice in the stanley cup playoffs, it was game two of the eastern final after the panthers won the series opener over the rangers, but five minutes in. Vincent truax jack has the easy tap in for his seventh of the playoffs, and he has to pay the price. Late stages of the period now, on the power-play. Carter for iggy with the fate, before finding the five whole, and it was a one, one game. No scoring in the second, or the third. But in the first overtime period, the past comes to berkeley could throw in the middle, and he fires it in for the game-winner, and the rangers tie up the series at one game apiece, with 82, one ot victory. Meanwhile, that who chant moose jaw warriors opening the memorial cup against the hosts I cannot spirits, with four manitobans in the lineup, including playoff mvp denton mckay chuck. -- warriors and white with maybe a bit of a championship hangover at the start. The spirit with all sorts of chances shorthanded, but goalie jackson under keeps them all out. Final minute of the first. Nick seema with the redirection for the first goal of the tournament. Kind then in the second, it's a bad break for the war years, as the shot goes in off his stick for a two nothing saginaw lead. And the spirit just keep it coming. Zayne parekh pulls the trigger for 83 nothing upper hand. Now the warriors would go down by four before flipping a switch mattea check. The top corner for the warriors second marker. And moose jaw scores three goals in the span of just a minute 35. Can suddenly it was a one goal game. But saginaw gets back on track early in the final frame. Joshua bloom makes it five, three. Former winnipeg ice forward matthew savoy gets the warriors back within one, but they can get to know closer. Matejicek with three points, and a five to four loss. And the warriors not get to enjoy the weekend off, with there next game not until one day, when they take on the leaguemac champ london knights. And that is our look at sports to close out the workweek. >> Lisa: his gas turns out to be a mass. >> Kevin: next on global news closed captioning is brought to you in part by eliminator rc were for the pilots, the racers, and the kid in all of us. Eliminator rc we sell fun. For 30 years, Walmart's helped Canadians save through a lot. The Elmo Craze in ‘96. Your endless wait for dial-up. Sfx: Iconic dial up ‘trying to connect' sound Those wide, shapeless jeans... that hair thing with the uh teeth. In the 2000s, you were all doing this. So we did this. In 2020, the race for toilet paper was won here. Whatever was happening, we made it happen - for less. 30 years later, we still are. ( ) When it comes to dentures, a custom fit is key to proper function. Over-the-counter linings and pastes are only a temporary solution at best. Your local denturist has solutions. Like custom-designed dentures and new technologies, to stabilize loose dentures. And realigning and refitting your existing dentures ... because gums do change over time. What are you waiting for? Visit your local denturist and get smiling again.

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