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>>> Even before game 7, the edmonton oilers had decided that winter lose agains the vancouver canucks, they would be flying home to the alberta capital. Eventually they won game 7 and 1 the series against the canucks. Allowing them to spend tuesday at home, a day off for edmonton. Wednesday mourning they skated at rogers place before hopping on a plane and taking a 4 hour plane ride to dallas, arriving in the big d. For the big series between the final 2 teams remaining in the west and involved in the conference final >> We all love hockey, we all love competing in these moments and the ultimate prize is the stanley cup and there's 4 teams left. We've done a good job so far but they have guys that want to win it really badly I can tell you that we have lots of guys that want to and really badly to. >> You can't get too far ahead of yourself. You have to stay in the moment especially playing again -- against a team like dallas. They require all your attention and then some. They definitely have it. >> This is what you've been hoping for ever since you were a little kid being able to go into the third round of playoffs and you want to make it all the way but I think a big thing for both of us -- for everybody in general I'm sure everybody in the situation feels the same is you can't jump to far ahead. That little kid in you is just saying what an exciting moment it is for all of us to be able to be here. >> Reporter: on a mcdavid reference to the 2022 conference final when edmonton took on colorado but wasn't swept by the avalanche, certainly back then they were a good team. A couple of seasons later they are a better team with more lessons learned and more experience and maturity. They talked about all 4 teams remaining in the chase for the stanley cup. He said while they are different , they are all the same when it comes to the pillars and foundations that have got them to this point. Now it's up to dallas and edmonton to figure out what will get them to the next point and advancing to the cup final. >>> That's all for city news at 11. Thank you for staying up late and tuning in. We will be back again tomorrow evening at 6:00 and 11:00 pm with the latest local news. Have a good night. [ ] There is nothing better than the Stanley Cup Playoffs!” >> The only thing in this house is a flock of pigeons. We hear from neighbours on the city's response to derelict properties. >> As not fit for any human habitation.

>>> People don't realize how much training we bring when you call 911 and how much... >> Reporter: we are given up close look at the tools used by paramedics each and every day on the job. >>> It's your typical alberta spring and you never know what kind of whether you're going to get. Rest assured the green houses say even if there's a chill in the air and it's on is hard to find, still a really good time to get your plants in the ground. >>> Family carving across into a tree, the beginning of a memorial for a teenager found fatally wounded tuesday night in the far northwest corner of edmonton. Homicide detectives say paramedics tried to save the injured 15-year-old near 137th avenue and 184th street just south of saint albert but he died on seen around 9:30 pm. The teens mother witnessed her son's death. She's not ready to speak on camera but telling city news her son died a hero. They had been walking their dog when he was attacked. Edmonton police arrested a man on seen who they say was known to the victim. Meanwhile at saint albert public schools confirming the death of a grade 9 students. Lowering flags at the junior high school wednesday. >>> It's derelict homes like these that are being taxed even more by the city. Neighbours here tell us the city needs to clean up places like this. >> Reporter: thank mack. >> We've had a few people set up encampments in the front yard. >> He has a shepherd and my shepherd is not a fan. Other than that I kind of keep to myself. >> Reporter: people living around commonwealth stadium they've -- telling me they've had their problems with properties like these adding they are happy to see the city of edmonton now charging the owners of those homes nearly 3 times the normal property tax rates. Neighbours helping them move gets derelict homes cleaned up and back on the market. >> There's a problem with housing and canada right now so ... >> Reporter: officials saying since announcing the tax over 6 months ago, nearly 15 percent of edmonton's 300 ehrlich homes have been cleaned up in addition to a higher property tax rate, they say nearly 700 tickets have gone out to problem property owners as well. Just blocks north of commonwealth stadium, community leaders on alberta avenue say this crackdown on dilapidated properties is something they've been waiting 20 years for. The homes are more than eyesores , they are a safety hazard, particularly for the vulnerable. >> These are not homes or houses that anybody -- it not paper any human habitation. Half the basement is completely gone. Once we call fire took help they said they wouldn't go into the structure because it was so unsafe. >> Reporter: she adds she would like to see the city enforce the same rules on derelict commercial properties next.

>>> A busy may long weekend for rcmp in the edmonton region. At strathcona county rcmp handing out over 500 tickets during an enforcement blitz. Including 6 roadside sanctions for impaired driving at a check stop in sherwood park saturday nights. Also saying speeding on the anthony henn day posed a significant risk to the public. Nah front-line workers are using a national paramedic services week as an opportunity to show the tools and equipment ems practitioners use each and every day on the job. Alberta paramedic students spent the day getting hands-on experience, learning what they need to know before heading into a real-life emergency. >> All the equipment here makes everything so much more real and more exciting to get out there working. >> Reporter: from loading a structure into an ambulance to practising their stitching skills. A gives paramedic students a claims that the real world. >> People don't realize how much training we bring when you call 911 and how much we are capable to do. >> Reporter: paramedic so the first to respond to emergency calls and each day on the job can be different. Public education officer and paramedic ian cowie says it's important to be prepared for that. >> They give you a rough idea of what it is you are responding to. Once you get to that event it's your job to effectively create a differential diagnosis and identify what's going on with these patients and develop a treatment plan to manage that event. >> Reporter: she is a paramedic student about to begin her ambulance practicum. She is excited to put her skills to the test in the real world. >> I really hope that I can touch and make a positive impact on as many people as I can. >> Reporter: in emma 10, laura krause, city news. >>> New data shines a light on the population growth and alberta. Statistics canada shows the population in the edmonton region growing by over 60,000 last year. The estimate representing a 4 percent growth. The boom more pronounced in and around calgary with a population growth of nearly 100,000. Representing a 6 percent growth. It's estimated 2023 was the largest year on record for population growth in alberta.

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