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>>> I think it is a good idea to really represent whatever culture because canada is a culturally diverse country. >> Reporter: calgary is the third most diverse city in canada with over 200 at ethnicities, in honour of south asian heritage month global fest is showcasing the city's multiculturalism through music and dance. The first group to hit the stage the azeri calgary stars, the group formed in 2014 and have demonstrated their dancing skills around the world. >> This is exposure to the events like this to see other cultures as well and to be able to share their own culture, to have their own heritage. >> Reporter: the coordinator for the group says these girls have worked around-the-clock to prepare for the event. >> Studying for online classes we take with choreographers in azerbaijan, it is a ten hour difference for us, girls wake up really early to get those online classes. >> In total we spent months practising for stuff like this. >> Reporter: despite the gruelling schedule these girls say it is all worth it, performing in front of crowds and doing what they love. >> I used to get nervous but now it is not as nerve-racking as it was, it is like I am ready to perform to show people what I love to do. >> Reporter: eight groups will be performing at this event and it continues on sunday at marvel mall, in calgary, jayden was knee, city news. >>> It's what you've all been waiting for, preseason cfl actions, saskatchewan hunting here back to return, he can't cash's thing cleanly watch, it is the preseason, don't worry. It's fine. Thompson, louis, also camped secure it, or member, it's the preseason. 46 yards for the score, but saskatchewan was winning in this half, in the third windrow trailer the third, then if you are interested writers down one here, a field goal attempts saskatchewan winning four seconds left, blanchard with 57 yards for the win. No. Nope. The writers when.

>>> Canada looking to reach their fifth straight metal game and in their way, switzerland in the first period, switzerland up 1-0 on the power-play, redirected past jordan finning tent and it is to-0 after one under the second. Zellweger shot doesn't get through, the rebound off a body and in the 28 time champs cut the deficit in half. Onto the third period, canada with the man advantage bedard scores with his tenth point of the tournament tying the game at two neck this one eventually needs a shootout in the first round it is bedard, works his way in and check out the release, varies out and his dad loves what he sees a glove side pass putting switzerland on top. Onto the fifth-round needing the score to keep canada a life but the sprawling stop as switzerland winds, canada upset by the swiss, they will play for the bronze on sunday, meanwhile switzerland will take on check he a for gold. [ ] ( ) Milestones aren't for looking back— They remind us to keep moving forward. Introducing Mazda's largest 2-Row suv. With hybrid power... ...and spacious versatility. Made for more meaningful journeys. The first-ever Mazda cx-70. Available as a Mild Hybrid Inline 6 Turbo or as a Plug-In Hybrid. ( ) Alberta College of Aeronautics, is where careers take off. Don't leave your future up in the air. Study and train now for in-demand commercial pilot positions. The sky isn't the limit, it's just the beginning. Need help reducing the look of your dark spots? New nivea luminous630 dark spot solution 10 years of research. 1 patented solution. Reduce the look of dark spots and try the world's #1 dark-spot serum for luminous skin. 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back. [ ] You might not know how to keep cool in your home. SFX:[phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." Get an air conditioner for as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance Every morning is a chance to start fresh... With Wendy's new Sausage Bacon Deluxe And our fan favorite crispy seasoned potatoes Get both for just five dollars. Made fresh to order. ( ) Depend offers all day protection. So you can say "yes" to alll-most anything. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! Depend. The only thing stronger than us, is you. [ Serene music playing ] Welcome to the Wayborhood. The Wayfair vibe at our place is Western. My thing, Darling? Shine. Gardening. Some of us go for the dramatic. How didn't I know Wayfair had vanities in tile? [ gasps ] This. Wow! Do you have any ottomans without legs. Sure. You'll flip for the poof cart. in the Wayborhood, there's a place for all of us. Wayfair. Every style. Every home. You think theres no way to top it... this season tops it! Whoah! Announcer:Speaks words on screen Its been a long time comin... Got a heart of steel (crowd erupts) Ta da da daaaa whooo Well here it is... Here it is! Announcer: Stream your favouriteshows on demand with Citytv+. Start your free trial now. >> Reporter: the battle of the western conference final continued saturday night with the oilers in dallas for game to. The dallas stars did win the game 3-1, tying the series as both teams fight for a spot in the bath finals. Oilers fans in edmonton are keeping the good vibes going ahead of game three. >> I think it will be fine. >> We will definitely be fine, I can feel it. >> Reporter: are you nervous for the next game? >> Kind of. >> Reporter: do you think the oilers can pull off the next one >> Yes. >> Reporter: oilers fan's flooded downtown to support the team. >> A lot of local businesses around us and restaurants would love our support and are willing to acommodate oilers fans, so

going around there with groups will be really fun. >> Reporter: it has been over two decades since the oilers and stars have faced off in postseason playoffs, season renews one of the most memorable playoff matches in the 90-cent to thousands, the team squared off in the playoffs from 1997- 2001 and again in 2003 with dallas winning five of six matchups. >> I think the team we have today stands alone in itself. >> I think we have believed in them this far, it is only fair to continue. >> Reporter: the western conference final continues on monday in edmonton with the oilers hosting the stars. From edmonton, christina laughlin, city news. >> We are here to defend well, they have been doing a good job passing, are two good teams and defend well. >> Reporter:%. >> Good question, I don't know. We never like to lose. >> And that's all for city news at 11, thank you for staying up late and tuning in, we will be back again tomorrow evening at six and 11:00 pm with the latest local news. Have a good night. [ ] [ ] >> Announcer: broadcasting from treaty 6 territory, also home to many diverse first nations, inuit and metis peoples, this is citynews. >> Reporter: [ ] >> I'm not nervous at all, I think the oilers have got it. It is a new game. >> Reporter: the oilers against the stars battle continue following game to after the western conference final, oilers fans here at rogers place share their thoughts following the game.

>>> How a 15-year-old boy is being remembered by his mom after he was attacked and killed while on a walk in northwest edmonton earlier this week. >>> Someone finally said we just need a general protest. >> Reporter: protesting everything, albertans gathered to tell the provincial government they have had enough. >>> I think it is a pretty sad day. >> Reporter: enough is enough, that's the message to daniel smith and the ucp from the hundreds of albertans who showed up outside calgary city hall on saturday afternoon. >> We have been watching issue after issue and feeling divided, so someone finally said we just need a general protest. >> This protest is one of many happening across the province, here there is a diverse range of groups all protesting a laundry list of issues they have with the ucp, there are tenants advocacy groups, the union representing public employees, teachers, healthcare workers, seniors, parents, and everyone in between. >> Everything is getting worse year over year, it doesn't matter what the issue is, it's not getting better, it's getting worse. >> Reporter: signs in the crowd calling out the province proposed legislation restricting gender affirming care for trans youth, criticizing the province for exploring alberta pension plan and some saying it is just too many issues for one sign. The ucp responding to the protest saying quote we always support albertans right to protest peacefully and lawfully, if anyone has concerns about government policy they are free to reach out to any of our malaise through their constituency offices. Recent polls show however that albertans largely support our government's efforts but, the three generations of this family don't agree. >> The ucp deserve people being against them, they don't care about their people. >> Who was representing alberta? They are present bring presenting any of us accept themselves. >> All of these policies and actions put together I am concerned about the future of this province. >> Reporter: with hundreds of protesters in calgary and at numerous events around the province, those opposing the ucp are making sure their voices are heard. >> Calgary city hall is a frequent area for protest of all kinds but now we are seeing it in grand prairie and sylvan lake and medicine hat and lethbridge, it really is coordinated on a number of topics. >> Reporter: in calgary, city news.

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