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Thank you so much. [cheers and applause] Captioned by Ai-Media >> Announcer: broadcasting from treaty 6 territory, also home to many diverse first nations, inuit and metis peoples, this is citynews. >> Reporter: [ ] >> I'm not nervous at all, I think the oilers have got it. It is a new game. >> Reporter: the oilers against the stars battle continue following game to after the western conference final, oilers fans here at rogers place share their thoughts following the game. >>> How a 15-year-old boy is being remembered by his mom after he was attacked and killed while on a walk in northwest edmonton earlier this week. >>> Someone finally said we just need a general protest. >> Reporter: protesting everything, albertans gathered to tell the provincial government they have had enough. >>> I think it is a pretty sad day. >> Reporter: enough is enough, that's the message to daniel smith and the ucp from the hundreds of albertans who showed up outside calgary city hall on saturday afternoon. >> We have been watching issue after issue and feeling divided, so someone finally said we just need a general protest. >> This protest is one of many happening across the province, here there is a diverse range of groups all protesting a laundry list of issues they have with the ucp, there are tenants advocacy groups, the union representing public employees, teachers, healthcare workers, seniors, parents, and everyone in between. >> Everything is getting worse year over year, it doesn't matter what the issue is, it's not getting better, it's getting worse. >> Reporter: signs in the crowd calling out the province proposed legislation restricting gender affirming care for trans youth, criticizing the province for exploring alberta pension plan and some saying it is just too many issues for one sign. The ucp responding to the protest saying quote we always support albertans right to protest peacefully and lawfully, if anyone has concerns about government policy they are free to reach out to any of our malaise through their constituency offices. Recent polls show however that albertans largely support our government's efforts but, the three generations of this family don't agree. >> The ucp deserve people being against them, they don't care about their people. >> Who was representing alberta? They are present bring presenting any of us accept themselves. >> All of these policies and actions put together I am concerned about the future of this province. >> Reporter: with hundreds of protesters in calgary and at numerous events around the province, those opposing the ucp are making sure their voices are heard. >> Calgary city hall is a frequent area for protest of all kinds but now we are seeing it in grand prairie and sylvan lake and medicine hat and lethbridge, it really is coordinated on a number of topics. >> Reporter: in calgary, city news.

>>> After the last few days of gloomy rainy weather, the city's drought status has been downgraded to normal as river levels come up and reservoir levels upstream are at capacity. An expert in water supply and climate change at the university of calgary says while the rainfall has definitely mitigated drought conditions in the area, we are not out of the woods just yet. >> As much as it seems like we have had a ton of rain and that we must be near flood conditions remember that under the surface it is still very dry, a lot of this water is still being observed by the environment and that is exactly what farmers want, that is exact the what we want that it takes time for us to actually get out of the dropped. >> Reporter: as for the rest of alberta, doctors say while the rainfall has helped southeast alberta continues to see the driest conditions in the province. >>> Came to in western conference finals the oilers and stars 1-0 in the series, 22 and three all time after winning the first game of a serious, dallas moves it up the ice, jamie been keeping fiery and scoring on dallas' first shot of the game, they go up 1-0, just 44 seconds later an unexpected goalscorer for the oilers, connor brown on net, then burying his own rebound, 16 game goal in the playoffs, is first of the postseason tying the game up at one. Later, the oilers continuing to pressure, initial shot to stop the rebound comes to evander kane on the doorstep of jake on dirk, kane cannot capitalize on the great opportunity. Still in the period, the puck gets thrown on net, sack hyman leaves the postseason with 12 goals in tight, dallas' goalie makes yet another safe, edmonton outshooting dallas 16-for in the first period. Second-period now, it is wyatt johnson with a chance for the stars, he is denied by stuart skinner, gets his own rebound and puts it off the bar, this game remains tied. Still in the frame, stars continue to attack, johnston getting up alone in front, skinner coming up but the big sprawling safe, then the oilers on the rush, former start with a wraparound attempt, still tied at one through two. Third-period a shot doesn't get through, tries to centre the puck but dallas cannot put it in. Shortly after they do, a point shot takes deflection off mason marshman and past skinner, margins first playoff goal in eight games, the stars on top to co- one. Humans to go now, oilers with a net empty, a long distance shot finds the back of the net to make it 3-1 stars, edmonton with five shots in the third-period, dallas evening up the series at one game apiece, taking game to in the final. >> They are a good team and they defend well. They are doing a good job getting into passing lanes, shooting lanes, two good teams, like I said, they did well. >> Reporter: [ Inaudible ] >> That is good question, I don't know. I never like to lose, we had a big opportunity and didn't capitalize on it.

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