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>> Is not a weeklong process, it's months of work. >> Reporter: also preparing for the future. >> Just getting it tightened up for hurricane season, making sure you can keep the water out. >> Reporter: canadians are also being warned of a potentially significant hurricane season. >> We do expect climate change to worsen the impacts of hurricanes, particularly the rainfall effects and storm surge >> We see water temperatures this warm, you are looking at intensity and a rate of intensification which can be tremendous. >> Reporter: experts say this year is just the latest in a concerning trend. >> There have now been eight consecutive years of above average hurricane activity, the last below normal season was in 2015, it only takes one landfall hurricane to setback years of socioeconomic development. >> Reporter: >>> Next, on city news. >> Reporter: the city looking at increasing fares on public transit and they are set that up with the way the city is spending money. >>> Experts say edmonton could see of mosquito population boom after all of the rain we have been getting, I do read it residents deal with the past? >> I just bought them away if I have to. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Loving the uncommon is a wonderful thing we have in common. ( ) (Lively mellow music) ( ) ( ) ikea. Bring home to life. Music Dogs have hands too. Help clean them every day with Dentastix. To help keep them happy and healthy. We know you care. But if this is all too real for you and your loved ones. Make the call. Because we care too. Home Instead. To us, it's personal. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser powers through tough messes. So it makes it look like I spent hours cleaning. And no, I didn't! It makes my running shoe look like new! It's amazing! It's so good, it makes it look like I have magical powers! Magic Eraser and Sheets make cleaning look easy. ( ) ( ) Daisy Wild, The New Eau de Parfum, by Marc Jacobs. [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] Closed captioning brought to you in part by HearingLife. Love your ears with a free hearing test at, & see how our personalised care can help you keep being you. (intense music) Everything that you think theres no way to top it... this season tops it! Whoah! I've got to give you one of these (cheers) Announcer:Speaks words on screen . Announcer: Celebrate the iconic series m.a.s.h.! We had become a social phenomenon boom!!! Announcer: Speaks words on screen

>>> Truck driver behind the tragic humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered to be deported. The decision for jaskirat singh sidhu came down and it immigration and refugee board hearing, his lawyer had said all that is required to deport is prove he is not canadian and that he committed a serious crime. Drove through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey team bus in 2018, killing 16 people and injuring 13 others. He was sentenced to eight years in prison and granted full parole last year, is a permanent resident originally from india, his lawyer adds the deportation pro-syrian progress district process could take months or years. >>> As calgarian's prepare for a busy travel season they are being warned of potential disruptions, this comes as border services agency voted for a strike mandate, the union says 96 percent of their members voted in favour of taking job action, calling it a last resort , union president saying one of the key issues is aligning cvs a wages with other law enforcement agencies, in a-statement the federal government says they are fully committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement for border services employees, mediation sessions are set for early june but if no deal is reached you could see delays at land borders and longer lines at airport security headed into the summertime. >>> After a rainy few days edmonton residents are outside on a sunny friday enjoying the grass but with rain and sun come mosquitoes. Wildfires are the worst in the dry springlike we had for much of this year, but that dryness does mean we have fewer mosquitoes. >> We live in a high-rise condo so they don't make it up to our balcony so it's not bad, but otherwise for the golfer. >> I spray when I golf. >> Reporter: the mosquito free spring is about to change, anyone going outside will need to prepare for the worst after seeing the most amount of precipitation all season and hot temperatures expected next week. >> Personally I am not a big fan of bug spray, I am enjoying the school temperatures because I can where the full clothing and like a jean jacket, and mosquitoes won't bite through that. >> The last couple of days I've been out jogging, and then there of been a few more, I noticed a fewbites when we got home. >> Reporter: the city of edmonton began measures last month after what they call a slow start to the season, but with extra rainfall they are advising edmonton residents to take care of standing water. Some people are taking precautions, others are not too worried about the bloodsuckers. >> What kind of precautions do you take? >> None. >> Reporter: you just let them go a added hot? >> Yeah,.

>>> I am here at the busy southgate transit centre where edmonton residents are coming and going across the city, speaking of those using public transit they are upset the fares could be going up in 2025. >> They have wasted enough money in the city, it is time they started putting in more money to actually support some of these things. >> Reporter: the city is looking to make money after public transit brought in millions less than what was expected in 2023, as a matter of fact the city budgeted to collect $99 million from fares was short of that number by around 12 million. >> Each year we monitor our revenue performance in addition to financial performance closely and we know we have had a revenue gap. >> Reporter: while revenue is down ridership is up in the city with more people using public transit during high inflation, one of the ways edmonton transit in the city are looking to get that money back our spite raising fares and passengers could see its when he 5 percent increase for one-time fares or 1-$2 for monthly passes. >> I mean that is quite a lot but to reach where we wants to we still have to continue taking the lrt. >> Reporter: for those using the smart card system say it has been hard to adjust to, when passenger claiming the car does not work consistently enough to be worth the hassle. >> The service is crazy, the cards don't work half the time. >> Reporter: their prices were presented at city council friday after a report showed an overview of fares and the status of low edmonton -- low income pass program, but the price adjustments were approved by city council in 2022. >> We will bring back everyone to cancel, they did give us the motion to look at all options in terms of how to adjust the gap so we will do a research and analysis, then we will have further discussions on it. >> Reporter: from edmonton, city news.

>>> Edmonton oilers forward is still questionable heading into game two of the western conference finals on saturday, is not played regularly since the first round having missed a majority of the second round with a lingering ankle injury. The head coach taking the cautious approach in hopes to get the 34-year-old time to get to 100 percent. >>> We have a decision to make, he is very close, more time off is only going to make him 100 percent, and right now he is probably 98 percent, now we have to make decisions on what is best for our team and he hasn't played for a while, but a player like adam would be a huge boost to our team. That our thing we have to decide. >>> And that's all for city news at 11, thank you for staying up late and tuning in. We will be back again tomorrow evening at six and 11:00 pm with the latest local news. Have a good night. [ ]

(Sound effect) Announcer: reads words on screen >> Lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer lopez. Tony goldwyn. And slash. With cleto and the cletones. And now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheering and applause ] >> Jimmy: thank you very much. That's very nice. I'm jimmy. I'm the host of the show. Thank you for watching. Thank you for joining us here in hollywood. Look at this, slash is here with us tonight. How about that? [ cheering ] what a way to come back to work. I was in new york last week, supporting my friend donald trump. This poor guy. It's like you can't have an affair with a porn star and give her campaign money to shut her up anymore. It's not fair at all. [ laughter ] the criminal trial, the people versus donald julianne trump, is coming to a close. Prosecutors concluded their case today. The defense is expected to rest tomorrow. And I have to say, I don't think a defense has ever been more well-rested than this one. Let her rip van winkle fell asleep in court again today. A reporter from the new york actually news was there. Daily news tweeted -- "it appeared trump was fully out a few minutes ago and just woke up. His head was tipped back so far that he would have been looking at the ceiling when he opened his eyes." [ laughter ] is it possible that his gas is knocking him unconscious? [ laughter ] how bored could you be at your own trial? There was some excitement though. The judge had to clear the courtroom. He kicked everyone out because the defense's witness, a lawyer named robert costello, kept rolling his eyes at the judge and tried to stare him down. Costello was an adviser to trump's former "fixer" michael cohen. Trump's lawyers have been working to paint cohen as a sleazy liar who is hell-bent on revenge, while conveniently leaving out the fact that trump used him as his own, personal porno venmo. [ laughter ] cohen was on the stand for four days testifying against trump. Among his many revelations was that one of his duties for the family was skulling on melania trump's madame tussaud's wax museum negotiations. [ laughter ] this is not a joke, by the way. [ laughter ] he was in charge of making sure the sculptor got her dead-eyed scowl just right. [ laughter ] they did a pretty good job. She's almost smiling. He's adjusting his pants. [ laughter ] I like that there's a wax figure of melania. That means every night, there are two melanias who won't sleep with donald trump. [ laughter ] there was no court on friday so trump could go to his son barron's high school graduation. You remember the one he was screaming about, saying the judge wouldn't let him attend? He was allowed to go to his son's graduation, and almost immediately fell asleep there too. [ laughter ] he sat down, closed his eyes. Said wake me when they get to the letter "t." [ laughter ] on the way to the ceremony, trump posted this. "going to barron's high school graduation. Great student, wonderful boy. Very exciting. Djt." what a beautiful, fatherly post. Isn't that so? [ laughter ] personal. Sounds like what you'd say to your schnauzer after it graduated obedience school. What a wonderful boy. The graduation was a private event. But there were photos of the proud parents. 54-year-old melania spent the ceremony wedged between her 77-year-old husband and her 80-year-old dad dressed like a gondolier in mourning. Donald, you can see donald himself had an absolute blast. Same face he made when eric was born. The crowd in florida was delighted when dad waved his little hand at his son. [ laughter ] and I thought this was nice. Trump let barron borrow one of his giant red fat guy ties to drape over his shoulders. [ laughter ] do you think donald trump has ever taken a picture of any of his children? I mean, ivanka, obviously. [ laughter ] but any of the rest of them? I'm trying to imagine it and I can't. Trump did not speak at the ceremony. Which is a shame because, never mind circumstance, no one is more full of pomp than trump. When it comes to wisdom, he has a lot to offer to these young graduates. But since he didn't, we took the liberty of cobbling together some of his more inspirational moments to make this speech for his son's graduating class. >> Let me begin by saying to each member of the graduating class, congratulations. You can do things that -- that stupid people can't do. As we pursue this bright future, we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this

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