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[theme music] [cheers and applause] Captioned by Ai-Media >> Citynews calgary acknowledges that we are broadcasting on the traditional territories of the blackfoot confederacy of the siksika, kainai and piikani, the tsuut'ina nation, the stoney nakoda nations, the métis nation and all the people who make their homes in the treaty 7 region of southern alberta. [ ] >> That has never happened. >> Reporter: the housing strategy... >> People -- >> Reporter: some city of calgary employees are demanding higher wages and more work from home flexibility. How a potential strike could impact the city of calgary. >> We could call it an update to the ged. >> Out with the ged and in with the cae see. The alberta government has a new program for people without a high school diploma. >> Yes, we are on top of things. >> Report presented to calgary council says they are in a good place to address tragedies to solve the housing crisis. Some counsellors saying no other strategy has ever moved this past. >> Never has the corporation of this size, this many employees come together to expedite these solutions. That has never happened. It demonstrates that people really want to see this go forward. >> Reporter: council passed the strategy in september of last year. The city says approximately 80 percent of the actions and housing strategy will be initiated by the end of 2024. Counselor dan mclean... >> We seem to be accelerating growth and building multiplexes in our communities while at the same time, slow walking the more affordable homes we could be building in our outlying communities. That's where you can find affordable homes. >> Reporter: counsellors arguing on which would be the best alternatives to implement these strategies. The counsellor says the report led to more questions. >> The only way to address the need right now is nonmarket housing and to try to address the market housing by virtue of this investment is a drop in the bucket when you consider that the private sectors building somewhere around $60 billion worth of residential homes annually. >> Reporter: so far the city says they've been able to provide city-owned land for building and secure funding from the federal health does housing accelerator fund. The council advisory committee on housing says it will continue to provide in the next advice and recommendations to increase critical outcomes for safe affordable housing. >> That shines a light on the population growth in alberta. Statistics canada shows the population in the edmonton region growing by over 60,000 last year. The estimate representing a 4 percent growth but the boom more pronounced in and around calgary with a population growth of 100,000 representing a 6 percent growth. It's estimated 2023 was the largest year on record for population growth in alberta. >> Reporter: thousands of city of calgary workers have voted in favour of a strike mandate calling for higher wages and more flexibility to work from home. Sam calgarian's are saying it comes at a time when the city is already struggling. >> People are struggling, their rents expensive, their mortgages struggling, they can hardly put food on the table. Then you want them to pay more money? It's kind of insane. >> I think everyone in alberta and canada is struggling right now with wage increases putting a further strain on the rest of the populace. >> The canadian union of public employees department local 38 represents thousands of the cities inside a workers which administrative and technical support employees like communications, social workers, urban planners, and it. The union has been in mediation with the city over the last few months resulting in three rejected offers. If they can't come to an agreement soon -- >> The next step would be to escalate it to what we would call a road to rule. Ask our members, any volunteer efforts, that's the start.

any overtime to get operations done, that's to stop. Do only the duties that you were hired to do and nothing extra. >> Reporter: employees are asking for attendant a half percent raise over the next three years to account for inflation. As well as more flexibility for work from home which the city limits to two days for some workers. >> They're all great employees. People are certainly concerned about the rising cost of inflation and how the income is being dealt with. We are also concerned about who's going to pay the bill and we trust administration to have the right answers. >> I am confident that we will be able to come to an agreement at some point in time. I do understand they taken a strike vote. They taken a strong position, developed a strong mandate to promote their objectives. I guess but we need to do is listen. >> Reporter: the union believes any job action would have a bigger impact on the employer, in this case the city then on calgarian's. And would have to give 72 hours notice had of launching a strike but negotiations continue. >> Reporter: calgary police are looking for this man who has been missing since tuesday. The 34-year-old was last seen at 11:00 am leaving his home in auburn bay, heading to the calgary transit customer service centre located downtown. He isn't familiar with the calgary area and only speaks ukrainian and russian. There is nothing to indicate foul play at the moment. Anyone with information is asked to call police. >> Reporter: charges have been laid against the calgary man who allegedly exposed himself and asked the teenager for sex at the northwest rec -- rec centre. Investigator say the victim was approached by a man he didn't know while using the change room at the thornhill aquatic centre may 5th. Police say the man that made several sexual comments and exposed himself to the team. Stocks by the interaction, the victim quickly left the change room but so did the suspect. Police say he followed the teen out into the rec centre's common area where he continued making sexual remarks towards the victim. This 64-year-old faces one count of commodification of sexual services from a person under the age of 18 and one count of committing an indecent act. >> Reporter: and theatre company in calgary's northwest has once again been the target of vandalism, putting the nonprofit group out thousands of dollars. The most incident -- recent incident happening tuesday when a person wearing a facemask through a large rock at the building, shattering the backdoor. The company says this is the third time it's doors have been destroyed intentionally in the last few months, costing them more than $20,000. >> We just can't afford to stay in this -- to sustain this damage. Our goal is to create a safe space for everyone and be safe inside nothing is important. >> Prior to the most recent incident, vandals also made off with three laptops after smashing two large windows on the buildings upper floor. An online fundraiser has been set up to help cover some of the costs. >> Calgary police are looking for this man who they say is responsible for a hit and run the last month. Police say at around 2:45 pm on april 27th, pedestrian fell and was lying in the parking lot of the memorial gas station in bridgeland when the front of a minivan drove over him. The driver stopped to check around and underneath his vehicle before closing the door and writing over the man again with his rearwheel. Police believe that is likely the driver of the minivan was unaware of the pedestrian until the collision took place. Cps last thing the pedestrian wasn't serious but stable condition. The driver of the van is described as a 20 to 25-year-old man with this redfield, short dark hair, and was last seen wearing a black-and-white nike hoodie. He is believed to have been driving an older model silver honda odyssey. Anyone with information is asked to call police. >> It's good to have these sessions so they can learn more. >> Reporter: special stop in calgary to destroy holocaust -- deliver holocaust and human rights education to our students. >> We could call it an update to the ged. >> Albertans without a high school diploma consumed register for a new adult education credential. Formerly known as a ged. General education development.

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