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kinko nuts. >> Reporter: I'm jillian code, thanks for watching citynews at 11. For news at any time, including breaking news, head to our website, We will be back tomorrow night at 6 P.M. have a great night. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] >> Announcer: citynews calgary RECOGNIZEs that we are broadcasting on the traditional territories of the blackfoot confederacy of the siksika, kainai and piikani, the tsuu t'ina nation, stoney nakoda nations, the metis nation, and all people who make their homes in the treaty 7 region of southern alberta. >> We just need a general protest. >> Reporter: protesting everything. A gathering on saturday to tell the provincial government they've had enough. [ ] >> It's a good chance to really show our culture and what we represent. >> Reporter: shining a light on calgary's diversity, as global fest brings together culture and community. >> We want freedom. [ Chanting ] >> Reporter: four years after george floyd, an unarmed black man was murdered in broad daylight by a minneapolis police officers, calls for changes in systemic policing continue. >> I think it's a pretty sad day, actually. >> Reporter: enough is enough. That's the message to daniel daniel smith. >> We've danielle smith. >> We needed a general protest. >> Reporter: one of many happening across the province. Here, a diverse hells angels range of groups, with issues that they have with the ucp. The advocacy group, seniors, parents, teachers, healthcare workers, and everyone in between between. >> Everything is getting worse year over year, it's getting worse. >> Reporter: signs in the crowd calling out the province's, chris sizing -- criticizing the problem for an alberta pension plan, and some saying there's too many issues for one sign. The ucp responding to the protests, saying, quote, we always support albertans' rights to peacefully protest. They are free to reach out to MLAs through constituency offices. Albertans largely support our governments efforts. But the three generations of this family don't agree. >> The ucp deserves people to be against it. They don't care about their people. >> We have three generations of-on. They're not representing any of us, except themselves. >> All of these policies, all of these actions put together, I'm concerned about the future for this province. >> Reporter: with hundreds of protesters in calgary and at numerous events across the province, those opposing the ucp are making sure their voices are heard. >> Calgary city hall is a frequent area for protests of all sorts, but now we're seeing grande prairie and sylvan lake, and medicine hat, and lethbridge. So it really is coordinated on a number of different facets. >> Reporter: in calgary, jillian code, citynews. >> Reporter: the calgary police are asking the public's assistance for locating a 22-year-old woman from sage hill. Lexi was seen around sage hill terrace northwest. Her family and police are concerned for safety. Described as 5 feet 11 inks, weighing 200 pounds with hazel eyes, and short red hair. [ Audio Difficulties ] >> Reporter: the rainfall has

definitely mitigated drought conditions in the area, we're not out of the woods just yet. >> As much as it seems that we've had a ton of rain and near flood conditions, remember, under the surface is still pretty dry. A lot of this water is still being absorbed by the environment, which is exactly what farmers and we want, but it takes time for us to actually get out of drought. >> Reporter: as for the rest of alberta, doctor standdik saying that southern alberta continues to see the dryest conditions in 2 whole province. >> I couldn't think of a better place to be than to let the floyd family know that I understand exactly what you're going through. When your loved ones' life is taken away simply because of the colour of their skin. >> Reporter: dozens gathering in minneapolis, to monday -- honour the life of george floyd, four years after murdered by a white police officer. [ Yelling ] >> It's the day that the lord has made! >> Reporter: floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man was taken into custody by minneapolis police after a store clerk suggested he made a purchase with a counterfet bill. The officer's knee was on floyd's neck, screaming, I can't breathe, before losing consciousness. The murder sparking international out outcry, with black lives matter matter movements across the u.s., those demonstrations resulting in the introduction of the george floyd in policing act, to remedy racial profiling by law enforcement. By speaking on the anniversary of his brother's death, terrance floyd tells cnn that changes is a slow burn. >> Slow motion is better than no motion. I see slow movement on it, where there's always been officers in the law enforcement that cared for the community, and there's always the rotten apples that made it bad for all of them. But I see more coming out and really being compassionate with the community. >> Reporter: he says it's important for those to not lose the fire ignited within them over his brother's tragic loss of life. >> I stand on my word when I say, it's up to us as a community, as a race, as a culture to stay united. >> Reporter: in 2021, chauvin was convicted on state charges, and currently serving a 22-and-a-half-year sentence. He pled not guilty in federal court for denying floyd of civil rights, serving a concurrent sentence of 21 years. Last november, chauvin was attacked by a fellow inmate. And stabbed 22 times. Now chauvin currently remains behind bars, where now facing a new federal civil rights lawsuit, from a woman who alleges he used the same violent force on her just months before floyd was killed. For citynews, I'm karling donoghue. >> I think it's a really good idea to represent whatever culture, because canada is a very culturally diverse country. >> Reporter: calgary is the third most diverse city in canada, with over 200 ethnicities, and global fest is showcasing the city's multiculturalism through music and dance. The first group to hit the stage, the izari calgary stars. They've demonstrated their dancing skills around the world. [ ] >> This is both exposure for them at events like this, to be able to see other cultures as well, and have their own sure and heritage. >> Reporter: fa tee ma is the coordinator for the group, and the girls have worked around the clock. >> It's a 10-hour difference for us, with the trainer in azerbaijan. >> We spend months. >> Reporter: despite the grueling schedule, these girls say it's all worth it, performing in front of crowds and doing what they love. >> I used to get nervous, but now it's not as nerve-wracking as before. I'm ready to perform. >> Reporter: eight groups will be performing at this event, and it continues on sunday at marlborough mall. In calgary, Hey, so Mom's thing is coming up. Should we book flights? Let's do it. We could go a day early. Mmm... Or the later one?

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