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>>> An italian teenager was beanified in 2020 after a miracle was attributed to him. He died of leukemia at the age of 15. The vatican has not announced when to saint hood. >>> Hundreds feared dead after a massive landslide in northern paw pa new guinea. Search for family members, as boulders still fall from the mountainside. All food gardens that sustain the remote village destroyed, and the three streams that provide drinking water buried by the landslide. The prime minister says officials are assisting with relief and recovery efforts. >>> A new mexico judge denied alec baldwin's bid to dismiss an involuntary manslaughter charge in the fatal shooting on the set of "rust" in 2021. A judge rejecting both the defence's argument surrounding the grand jury's process. Ultimately including that it wasn't prejudiced against baldwin. Halyna hutchins was killed. After shot by a gun that baldwin was holding. The case is scheduled to go to trial in july. >> Reporter: the rainbow has long been a symbol of the lgbtq2s+ community, and that the inspiration for a massive art project. >> 1, 2, 3, rainbow! >> The official name of this project is the long walk to equality, and this is a 6 kilometre rainbow road. This is the fight where the first pride in canada happened in 1971. And hanlin's has been a queer space for over a century. >> Reporter: the rainbow road is now the longest of its kind in the world. With pride month officially set to kick off next week, the party has started early. [ Cheering ] >> It's so empowering and it feels incredible to be able to celebrate pride with all of these amazing people here, with my fellow queens, and I'm really excited that I get to express myself freely to the world. >> Reporter: while the colourful corridor is cause for celebration and a place for reflection and remember, for a community that continues to fight for equality. >> Walking on this beautiful world, largest rainbow, give us strength, give us joy, but also encourage us to keep going and fight for justice. >> Us returning here today, and unveiling this, again, it's very significant, and it's showing how much respect we have for the folks that did the work before us, so that folks like myself could be here and be free. >> When folks walk down this road, I want them to feel like they're walking with the same people that fought for their rights in the 1971, and those that started the community in toronto back in the 1930s, because when you walk down this road, these are the same steps they took. So they are in the sense, walking along with you. >> Reporter: ironically because of saturday's weather, the rainbow not officially to be completed as scheduled. The plan is to finish off the final 200 metres later this week when the sun comes out. On hanlin's point, rob [ ] You might not know how to keep cool in your home. SFX:[phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." Get an air conditioner for as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Hey, so Mom's thing is coming up. Should we book flights? Let's do it. We could go a day early. Mmm... Or the later one? ( ) With over 500 flights daily... we have a flight for that. Bigen Cream Color one push comes with an innovative hair colour dispenser. You can do highlights and lowlights to cover grey. Choose one to three colours to put on. Lighter on top and darker at the bottom. Just one push, then apply and comb through. 10 minutes later, rinse it off. It's quick. It's easy. It's permanent. Mix and match withBigen Cream Color one push.

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