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>>> A reminder, several roads weekend, a section of queen elizabeth driveway closed thf elgin street will be shut down,a small section of wellington, laurier alsonday, the closures stretched near the experimental farm through hintonburg and allway to matter the kichi zi will full list of closures on our website >>> The weather forecast. It will be it was cool today, but this weekend will be something. Tonight, clear, a chance of showers on saturday, not much and a brilliant sunny day for the marathon. Not punishing late hot either. In the morning, that temperature will be quite nice. Your next 24 hours. 17° at 8 a look tomorrow, bright and sunny, 10% chance, rising to 30% of -- chance of precipitation by 4:00 tomorrow night. Moderate temperatures, similar to today may be a bit warmer. I really nice saturday coming your way and nicer sunday and a touch warmer as well. Were right now 18°, clear, beautiful friday evening. A bit windy today, that will die down over the next few days. The grief is still fresh nearly a week after three young people were killed in that horrific boat crash on bob's lake near kingston. The community morning the sudden loss of three very promising young people who were in their kayla. The crash happened over the long weekend on bob's lake about two hours eedboat and fishing boat collidin on buck bay at saturday night. Jack richardson has more on how the victims are being remembered. >> Reporter: these are the three young lives tragically lost last weekend. 22-year-old juliet was a recent graduate from st. Lawrence college and co- owned a design business with her mom. Her obituary says, she was incredibly proud of her recent a commish meant and was extremely excited to start the next chapter of her life. She was on the path to succeeding in everything she put her mind to. A celebration of life was held at her family home on friday, she leaves behind the love of her life, her boyfriend been. 23-year-old riley or, works for front and ask plumbing service, right out of high school. 's former employer says, they watched him grow into an outstanding young man. His obituary says he was always ready to embark on camping trips, ski do getaways, cottage get-togethers, family gatherings, or just get-togethers with his friends. Riley was quiet, but had a huge kind heart and he could light up a room with his smile. His celebration of life will be held on may 31st, one day before what would have been his 24th birthday. And 21-year-old kayla, described as an intelligent person who always had a positive outlook on life. In a post on facebook, her aunt said she was such a creative, beautiful young lady and such a beautiful soul. We are still finding it hard to imagine we lost her. We love you kayla, and you will truly be missed. The loss of each victim will certainly impact the respective families and friends in different ways, but one common denominator with all three of them is that they were described as having a bright future ahead of them, something tragically robbed from them last weekend. Jack richardson, ctv news, brockville. >> Graham: we have extended coverage of the boat crash and how the victims are being remember. More stories online at

>>> An update now on that disturbing story we brought you last night, and otto bonanno faces animal cruelty charges after gosling was stomped to death. It happened tuesday morning in a parking lot near the hazeldean mall where mother goose had laid her eggs in a planter box. Police say the man stomped on one of the babies shortly after attached. The 68-year-old has been charged with causing unnecessary pane and suffering to an animal. 's name is not been released. The goose parents and the two surviving babies have safely been relocated to a pond nearby. >>> A pedestrian struck by a vehicle last night and barrhaven has died from her injuries. The collision happened on the intersection of strand heard and lungs field drive at around 9:15 pm. Emergency crews arrived to find a woman in critical condition she was brought to hospital, but sadly died. She has not been identified. Police look to speak to anyone who witnessed the collision or has the cam dig of it. >>> A man in hospital with serious injuries of -- after a shooting. It happened around 940 pm last night on a building near ogilvie road and saint laurent boulevard. They found a man in his twenties suffering from gunshot wounds. He was brought to hospital in serious but nonlife-threatening condition. The gun and gang unit is investigating the shooting. No word on any suspects or arrests. >>> The driver who caused the humboldt bus crash is set to be deported from canada. Sixteen people were killed, 13 others injured when a junior hockey teams bus was struck by a transport truck, one of the worst highway tragedies in the country's history. Kimberley fowler joins us live with the details on this. >> Reporter: when the crash happened in 2018, he was a rookie truck driver. He was a permanent resident but not a canadian citizen. Since then, there's been an ongoing debate over whether or not he should be deported with several of the victims family members calling for it. The decision to deport him comes this afternoon at an immigration refugee board hearing in calgary, after any serious crime by a noncanadian citizen, deportation can almost be routine. He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving offences and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was granted full parole last year. One of the humboldt broncos players who survived the crash says, he holds no ill will towards sidhu. >> There is no negative towards him and his family. I can't speak on behalf of anyone else, but I hope that from human to human I hope everything works out and they can find happiness.

>>> The father of one of the crash victims says he's grateful for the deportation decision. There are still other legal procedures to come and the deportation process could take months or even years. >> Graham: kimberley fowler, thanks. >>> There could be some major delays at the border just as summer travel season wraps up. Canada border service agency workers have voted to strike according to their union, 90 -- 96% of employees voted in favour of the mandate which could lead to some significant delays in areas -- ports of entry. Workers have not had a contract for over two years, strike action could come as early as june, but there are mediation sessions scheduled at the beginning of the month. >>> If you're planning on travelling the summer, you're not alone. And new survey shows more canadians will be taking a vacation this year. But, a staycation's are proving more popular than travelling overseas. According to deloitte canada, 74% of canadians plan to stay in the country for their egg summer vacation and most will stay close to home. Here's tyler fleming. >> I've been a hairstylist for 24 years, and entrepreneur,. >> Reporter: she is self-employed, or business as a priority, but so is a cost-saving summer getaway. >> Instead of going to florida, we've decided to do camping. >> Reporter: it's less than an hour from home and the perfect family spot. >> It's great to see the kids laughing and playing. They have activities, movie nights, cornrows, fire pits,. >> Reporter: camping remains popular and according to a new pole, most canadians planning summer -- summer travel are favouring short drawings within the country. Road trips are usually -- usually popular and whether it's one of canada's sandy coastlines or a nearby beach, there's plenty to see and do along the way. But if you're not sure how to plan that adventure, the contents of this package can help you discover some true hidden gems. >> It's a package of notes that you open one step at a time. >> Reporter: for a preplanned surprise trip to explore ottawa and beyond, it's unexpected journeys bite jennifer. >> It will lead you to five surprise outdoor. >> Reporter: spots cozy cafés, bustling town, indigenous landmarks, it costs $60. There's 11 to choose and options to tailor your. >> Trip you can choose, maybe you want to head to a vineyard, may be shopping, every package comes with a list of recommended accommodations in the area. >> Reporter: who knows what you may find. >> You can't beat this view! >> Reporter: canadians also plan to dish out there dollars on locally owned establishments like... Along the rideau canal, which also caters to boaters. >> People have rented the houseboat from places in smiths falls, or even peterborough and come down the river. And july we get a lot of québec boat traffic. >> Reporter: whether the vacation budget is big or small, summer is short and it's about getting out while you can. >> To make memories, you know, to spend time with the people you love, make memories. >> Reporter: tyler fleming, ctv news. >> Graham: looks like some fabulous local spots.

>>> There a class-action lawsuit over reasonable bags and helping ottawa youth battling addiction. >> Multicentre together with all our staff and youth, all under one roof, working together rather than being scattered across the campuses. He would be very thrilled. >> Graham: I look at the new dave smith youth treatment centre, open in... >>> Picture of the day, a great one from karen. At chipmunk, I think that's aharon? Or maybe a sculpture of one, I don't think that's a real bird. Is it? We will have to find out. I'm told it's a statue. I can't even get the bird statues right! You can check all our pictures of the day on our website. Downtown right now, a beautiful friday night, 18°, a beautiful evening out there. Get out and enjoy it if you can. Sign-up never morning and evening ctv news ottawa newsletters. Check out the best local content from ctv news, ctv morning live a news talk 580 cfra. A new password on a new day on ctv Oh Canada!! their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! ( ) ( ) ( ) Nutty...and sweet. Latte macchiato. ( ) This one is for the prize? Intenso. No, cool. Definitely iced. ( ) Sweet. Bye. Nespresso, what else? When you live with diabetes,confidence comes from knowing your glucose levels and where they're headed. Manage your diabeteswith confidence with Dexcom g7. ( ) Make room for more fresh ingredients. Say to goodbye to less-than-fresh take out. Say hello to home made and delicious. HelloFresh, home cooking made easy. Discover Amazing with Lexus of Kingston. Lexus of Kingston offers a vehicle size to suit any lifestyle. Your choice of fuel powered or electrified models. We look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you. Your Lexus deserves exceptional maintenance performed by Lexus Academy trained technicians using Lexus Genuine parts. it's the red carpet treatment with refreshments and a complimentary wash Visit Lexus of Kingston today. Browse online or stop by for a test drive. Four eligible farmers search for real life romance with a new crop of daters farming for love on ctv [ ] >> Graham: people across the city will gather this weekend to remember long time city councillor diane deans who died last week after a five-year city hall will be lowered to half-mast tomorrow to honour her. A celebration of life is held to more weather to bmn for td convention centre on gifford drive, it will be open to the public.

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