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last year. Today, the 7 local leaders on stage, which also included grand-bay westfield hampton, the village of fundy, saint martins and the fundy rural district seem to be more comfortable in working together. We will attract businesses. And we look at those housing developments. The regional transportation in place and so forth. We need to high density in order to provide these amenities in the services to people. What a lot of folks have realized. I certainly for me. >> Is that we're not going to get there. And last for all. Speaking the same language, unless we're all advocating for the same things. And that means working together as a region for fundy rural district chair ray ridelle working together is critical. >> The district he represents isn't even connected. We are composed of a series of fragments. It's huge. It's absolutely huge and it's none continuous. >> Which is a real problem from the service point of view tourism, transportation and tax reforms were mentioned as topics the area should be working together on. >> With the provincial government for ctv news. St. John. >> A tentative agreement has now been ratified between the nova scotia teachers union and the provincial government. The majority of the 10,000 members voted in favour of the deal when compound interest is factored in. The contract gives teachers a salary increase of 11.4, 7% over 3 years retroactive to august first the province says the new agreement is about an investment in students and student outcomes. Last month, the union voted in favour of a strike mandate. Agreement in principle is reached shortly after. Still to come tonight, kalin mitchell will have your full maritime weather forecast. But up next, paperwork process. So the different >> You know, parts of every one of the program changes slightly every year. >> The ever changing process, making it challenging for some employers to retain foreign workers. That's after the Who, me? Announcer: She's brightening up ctv daytime... Welcome to the Good Stuff! Announcer: her own Mary way... It's a little thick and gloopy. Gloopy? That's a technical term that I've made up. Announcer: ...with good friends... It's so fun to be in Canada, it's like my second home. Announcer: ...good moments... (Gasping) ...and good times. Give me a high five! Do you love it? Oh my gosh, I love this. Announcer: The Good Stuff with Mary Berg. Join the fun. Announcer: Weekdays at 10:00, 9:00 Mountain on ctv. Here's three mouthwatering reasons to order the new loaded garlic fingers from Greco Pizza one Bacon Albino Ranch, two honey mustard, crisp brothers, smoked pepperoni and three tropical doner taste. All three today with our famous don't air sauce. 310, 30, 30. Come along with me for a much needed spa day. Looking your best costs less than you think. First, the staffrecommended a deep cleanse with Olympic deckcleaner. There were lots of Olympicshades to choose from. Luckily, Kent has stain testers to help find the perfect colour. Then it was time for the facial. It gave me thathealthy, radiant glow and long lasting coverage with a protective coat. Confidence level through the roof. Kent. Right products, rightsolutions, right here at home. The iwk Telethon is back.We'll hear from kids who rely onthe iwk for world Your generosity is life changingfor many Maritime families. The iwk TelethonJune 2nd live on ctv. The qeii Home Lottery final deadline is midnight Friday! Live lakeside in Glen Arbour with the 1.8 million dollar Grand Prize Showhome! Custom built by Stonewater Homes this walkout bungalow is over 4,400 square feet and is a perfect blend of modern styling and classic design. Four bedrooms and four baths makes hosting a breeze! Awarded Furnished and landscaped along with $50,000 cash! Hurry, absolute final deadline midnight Friday! Order now at The Big w Event is onnow at WorldWide Furniturewith winning savingsin every Shop wow-worthy sofasstarting at $799. Welcoming diningsets at up to $740 off and wildlycomfortable mattresses starting at only $479. Plus take 2 years to pay with24 months interest free payments.Find everyday furniture you'll love from pricesyou'll love even more. These wicked savings won't lastlong during the Big w Event. Atrium, Dartmouth,Bayers Lake, Halifax and online at (Upbeat instrumental music) >> In 60 seconds on 100 listen for your chance to play the $1000 minute.

>> On move 100 s. >> The job market has been struggling quite a bit these last few years, with labour shortages in nearly every sector. But immigrants and new canadians are filling some of those roles. Ctv's hafsa arif has the details. >> Job advertisements online suggests a lot of open positions, but finding a candidate who has the right fit can be challenging, especially for jobs that require more experience. We've been able to track all of the time. We need a from international offence. Something danielle marcel struggle to do following the covid-19 pandemic for 2 years. Many of the positions at its financial technology company remain vacant. But that's changed challenging, especially to get specific it's secure week actually get a lot of people to come. >> As an example from after they bringing banking knowledge. They've worked in the bank for 10 years and they're coming. And joining us here in nova scotia. And we get to take advantage of that, which is why majority of the positions are now filled. >> But to ensure employees stay within canada. The businesses have to submit paperwork. And each year, the process changes. So that different >> You know, parts of every one of the program changes slightly every year. Marcel, along with 100 others attended this employers learning together how to support each other. Awareness the needs of 5 immigrants in new canadians in the workplace and all the support system stocks out of place for them. It's a complicated process that includes a lot of paperwork, but it's necessary, especially for businesses who want to keep their employees. Hafsa arif ctv news, halifax. >> If you've been to downtown halifax, you've likely seen the demolition zone that used to be the cogswell interchange, the former road to nowhere is about to become a new neighbourhood. And the municipality is asking people what should be in it. Here's ctv's jesse thomas. >> More than a dozen people gathered this afternoon for a public engagement session with halifax planning staff to hash out a vision for the new cogswell district. Neighbourhood council has previously approved the infrastructure design plan, which includes streets of new parks by that's currently under construction. But what we're looking to engage on today is the land use policy side of things that includes discussions on building design, land use and affordable housing, which is high and some priority list. City council has mandated staff to include affordable housing in the neighbourhood plan. That will mean space for 3,400 units of housing. But how much of that is affordable has not yet been determined to talk about things like building height, building design. The kind of materials architectural elements that we might see new buildings as well as land uses like commercial sort of office uses whatever that the public is looking to see in the district. The neighbourhood will connect halifax's north end of the downtown and will include cycling lanes, multi-use trails, parks and other open space. Transforming the car centric area into a livable 16 acre neighbourhood. Jesse thomas, ctv news, halifax. >> Time now for a break. When we come back. We'll have your full maritime weather forecast. But first, it was another warm night around the region. Coming up, kalin will tell us about another round of isolated showers for some to give the perfect clue Muscles Flex! You gotta think fast join jimmy fallon and emmy-winning host keke palmer Let's Play! A new password on a new day on ctv Here's three mouthwatering reasons to order the new loaded garlic fingers from Greco Pizza one Bacon Albino Ranch, two honey mustard, crisp brothers, smoked pepperoni and three tropical doner taste. All three today with our famous don't air sauce. 310, 30, 30. I'm Katie Kelly and I'mOSound your host for the IWKTelethon Tribute on June Neon Dreams headlinesthis special celebration, of 40 years of community giving. Join us for a two hour specialon Saturday, June 1st at 7 p.m.on ctv. Captain, the Cable Emperor has established contact. Put him through. May the lag be with you. Both: May the lag be with you. What's the status? Their ship has escaped, Your Eminence. They're just too fast. I see. Well don't worry, good things come to those who... (Static) Who what? "...who wait," captain. He's frozen again. Of course he is. Classic Cable Empire. ( ) Im Mike Murphy. And after nearly 40 years practicing personal injury law, I know one thing to be true. Your case is worth investing in. At the Mike Murphy Law Group, we hire the best experts from orthopedic surgeons to forensic accountants. We ensure that your case gets what it deserves. If you've been injured, give us a call. [Music]Reiker shoes available atat Clarence Shopping Martin Saulnierville.

Maxwells Quality Footwearin Greenwood, New Minusand Yarmouth and The Shoe Box in Digby. [Music] The qeii Home Lottery final deadline is midnight Friday! Live lakeside in Glen Arbour with the 1.8 million dollar Grand Prize Showhome awarded with $50,000! Absolute final deadline midnight Friday! This segment brought to you by Heart & Stroke, reminding women to know their risks for heart disease and stroke. Welcome back. Meteorologist kalin mitchell joins us now with your maritime weather forecast and kalin, we could see a few isolated showers overnight. >> Yeah, that's what comes along with some of the warmth, some of them agyness that has built up around the maritimes for the first part of this week. As soon as we have a weather system arrives, a trigger we can kick off some of those rounds of showers and thunderstorms. And that's what's expected to happen. And parts of the maritimes for tomorrow. The trigger for those showers and thunderstorms is going to be this cold front. That's making its way through parts of southern ontario and southern quebec, eventually in behind that front friday into saturday around the maritimes. There will be some less humid and slightly cooler air that filters into the region. So taking a look at our timeline for cloud cover and precipitation. There's actually a low chance of some showers or some small thunderstorms developing tonight, even around midnight around central areas. New brunswick, including fredericton, then that round of showers. And with that, a chance of some small thunderstorms moves into moncton. The southeast and the north and areas of nova scotia as we head through the overnight hours now, early thursday morning, there will also be around of rain with a higher chance of thunderstorms. The moves into northern areas of new brunswick and it's going to be a couple rounds of rain and showers for the province of new brunswick for tomorrow. All them with the risk of containing some thunderstorms along with lightning. The thunder storms for tomorrow, where they do occur could produce some localized rainfall totals in the range around 20 to 40 millimetres as we move through thursday morning towards noon, you can see that round of rain and thunderstorms moves across the north of new brunswick. And there's even a chance the southern part of it, they come into around the fredericton area and behind that, they'll be a little bit of a break by about a couple of hours. But near 4:00pm, a second round of showers and thunderstorms moves into the west of new brunswick as we move through the late afternoon into the first part of the evening, that will move across new brunswick from the west off towards the east. We're also be a chance of showers during the day tomorrow for both prince edward island eastern areas of nova scotia and a further chance of showers for nova scotia later thursday night winds in the forecast for tomorrow will be of the south will be sustained 10 to 20 kilometres per hour. Some occasional gusts between 20 and 40. It's another mild night for the maritimes most lows between 9.15 degrees. And despite the fact we have some showers and risk of thunderstorms for tomorrow, temperatures, a lot of cases are still plenty warm, including in the northwest. New brunswick. It does cool for parts of the northeast. Some temperatures there between 15 and 22 26 for fredericton for tomorrow. 18, a grand manan and st. John's will still cooler around the bay of fundy coastline. 26 degrees for moncton, the southeast prince edward island. It's again, most the highs in the low to mid 20's, except 17 to 19 degrees on parts of the coast and eastern areas of nova scotia. It does cool for cape breton for tomorrow with some cloudier conditions and the chance of showers highs there, most of between 12 in 18 10 year in a dish, some low to mid 20's. So for eastern areas of mainland nova scotia except cooler on the atlantic coastline. 24 for amherst on thursday, 27 for truro 21 for the city. Centre's, halifax and dartmouth, the annapolis valley with high temperatures around the mid 20's for tomorrow, low to mid 20's on the south shore of nova scotia, coastal areas. The southwest close to 15 in the 7 day outlook for new brunswick, this lower chance of a shower or thunderstorm on friday. This will be widely scattered in coverage. Saturday cooler, less humid conditions, but a mix of sun and cloud. A chance of showers into the weekend. On sunday. The brain possible monday night into tuesday for nova scotia. The forecast coming up on friday, but a 20 to 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm. A mix of sun and cloud on saturday temperatures begin to cool down a chance of showers on sunday, increasing cloudiness on monday and then rain possible on tuesday of next week. And for prince edward island about a 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm on friday cooler, less humid on saturday, a

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