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Might just put a little bitof spring in your step. ANNOUNCER:Jamie Oliver Seasons. Spring starts Monday June 3rdon ctv Life. >> Good morning from windsor, ontario. It is a beautiful morning for a walk. Can you say hi? Have a great [upbeat theme music] >> Lindsey: how cool was that? >> Kelsey: I do the same exact thing when I'm showing videos of the dog. I will pause as if they are going to say hi. I go, thunder, say hi. I love that very much. Here is the qr code. We would love to hear from you. Scan the qr code and upload the video. >> Lindsey: how exciting is the wnba. This is something we have been talking about for years. We are moments away from a press conference which will officially announce the wnba's new expanse team coming to toronto. For more on this, we are joined by katherine, the host of pick-up, wnba podcast. What a good morning this is. What are you feeling this morning? >> Today feeling really exciting. It feels like a celebration. I mean, I have my pink suit on. Yeah, I mean, I feel like for a lot of football fans, this has been years in the making and we are finally here. It's really, really an exciting day. >> Lindsey: what sort of reaction are you hearing from fans this morning? >> I think everybody is thrilled. We have this exhibition game last year. It was sold out. I feel like it was a bit of a market test. I feel like the fans in toronto really came out. We did everything we could. The merchandise was sold out by halftime. There was so much buzz in the city for women's basketball. It really feels like perfect timing. >> Lindsey: let's talk about some of the details. Toronto will be the first city to have a wnba team north of the border. Fans in montréal and vancouver will also get a chance to watch the team. What do we know about the plan so far? >> Well, they will be announcing that at 9. I am hoping to find out more. What we do know is the team is going to debut in 2026. They will play at coca-cola arena. Which feels small, but it's a start. We are going to find out when they are going to reveal the team name. >> Lindsey: that is being thrown around for the name? >> Huskies. We also have the toronto smoke. I have heard bandits, which I think will be fun with raccoons and stuff like that. You know. North star. Lots of fun names being thrown around. >> Lindsey: the whole idea of attracting players here and that conversation, right? >> Yes. That's going to be huge. There will be an expansion draft. Keep an eye on women's nba basketball basketball. All that will be happening not today. There's two years' time. But definitely exciting. >> Lindsey: it is exciting because I think of my children. I have two daughters and a son. They are going to live their life knowing there is a wnba team in toronto. There are woman out there. And not only for my daughters, but for my son to see this as well. This is going to be normal for them. How great of a moment is that. >> Huge. I grew up loving basketball. Never really thinking I would ever see this day and here we are. It's a great day. I think a lot of us feel that way. >> Lindsey: good to talk to you today. Thank you. >> Thank you. >> Lindsey: akshay tandon has the rest of today's headlines. >> Akshay: we will continue with some sports news now. Oiler fans, are you ready? The oilers begin the westernhe road tonight in dallas taking on the stars. This will be their toughest year. The stars are considered one of the best teams in the nhl. The oilers are coming off an

emotionally emotion game thriller. >> In other news, the U.S. department of justice could file a lawsuit against the owner of ticketmaster as soon as today. They have been investigating whether live nation is blocking competition. The lawsuit is expected to allege that they have squeezed out competitors. Ticketmaster has been facing immense scrutiny in recent months, especially since millions of people tried and failed to buy tickets for taylor swift's eras tour. >> I chose number 3 as being the cake. Was I right? >> Akshay: let's see. >> No. It's chicken. >> I thought it was the cake. >> He is appearing on "ctv morning live" in vancouver. The owns a bake shop in surrey and he is good since he baked his way to the finals of the show. >> Lindsey: I love this show so much. >> Akshay: I just love cakes, period. >> Lindsey: what is your favourite? >> Akshay: cakes. Morning, evening, night. Cakes. >> Kelsey: you have to watch the show. You will sit there and become an expert on your couch. There's no way that is cake. They will cut into it and it will blow your mind. >> Lindsey: you have to be eating cake if you watch it. You have to eat it while you are watching the show. >> Akshay: like I said, cake, any time. I love cake. >> Kelsey: we were talking years ago, you don't have to wait for birthdays. You can say, it's thursday. It's cake day. >> Akshay: love it. >> Kelsey: right now, we will go to steinbach, manitoba. It is quiet now. There is a rainfall warning in effect for the community right across southern manitoba. As we are seeing a weather system move its way up from the dakota bringing with it saturated rain. Elsewhere in the country as we slide over to the St. Lawrence area through the gaspe peninsula and into new brunswick. We have thunderstorms pushing through this morning. This is part of a cold front that moves through ontario and québec yesterday. Prompting significant severe weather. It's a different story this morning. You might be wondering why, if it prompted all of that action when it moved through other communities. A couple of different reasons. Partly is that just like anything, weather systems will run out of steam. They will run out of the fuel that they need to prompt severe weather. The other big factor is the time of day. It's early morning right now and temperatures are not at their hottest. When a cold front hits an area as temperatures are still very warm. There's an increased likelihood of that weather becoming more severe. The storms that are pushing in this morning are non-severe. There's a possibility we could see a secondary front moving through. Notice the timing here. 4:30 in the afternoon. Temperatures at their peak. It's very possible we will be talking severe thunderstorms there. Severe thunderstorms are cat categorized not by lightning and thunder. Lightning is something that needs to be treated with a lot of caution. Severe thunderstorms are categorized by hail, heavy downpours and 50 millimeters of rain in an hour or less and wind gusts at 90 kilometres or less. It's approaching the loonie-sized if not big. Yesterday there was tennisball-sized hail reported in parts of ontario. As we head into the evening, you will see the thunderstorms pushing toward nova scotia. As you head farther north, you will see a flipover to steady rainfall and possible snow in the northern pen. Thunderstorms are possible through the halifax area overflight. You will pick up the day with rain. Tomorrow in newfoundland. Much more clear conditions in our maritime provinces. As we go into the weekend, a rainier story for newfoundland and labrador with labrador sticking firmly in snow as we head toward saturday evening. That's a look at a more wintry may forecast. Now here are some warmer temperatures.

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