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shed. That is all part of the experience. >> Jill, alongside her husband rick and her sister kathy opened up sit and stay. >> We tried to build in everything we want when we are traveling with our dogs. Dog beds in the room. Dog dishes. Brother-in-law rick did a lot of work outside. Especially out by the road. He made sure that was high and double and safe for all of the dogs, which is his number-one priority. >> The b and b showcases a love for pups from the outside double fences from the carefully picked interior decor. >> It's the izzy suite. She was a rescue. I got her a puppy and she was my soul mate. >> While it is a puppy paradise, it still models a typical bed and breakfast. >> The breakfast is here at the b and b. >> Offering a place to sit and stay that is enjoyable for both 2 and four-legged guests. >> It's not just dog friendy. It's dog welcoming. >> The bed and breakfast is open from may to october. Alana pickrell, ctv news, new brunswick. >> Akshay: that is a cute little pair died. Your sidebar stories are coming up after the break. Stay w even with scrubbing? Not mine. These are clean. How 'bout we take a closer look... Whaaat? I just cleaned those! Switch to Dawn Platinum. It powers through and removes 99% of grease and food residue. Including stubborn, invisible grease other dish soaps can leave behind. Now, that's... clean! That's why only Dawn is trusted to save wildlife affected by oil. Dawn Platinum cleans to the squeak. Wall paper or paint.We make thousands of financialdecisions every day. Stay on top of it all withalerts and insights from the cibc Smart Account. New Herbal Essences is packedwith naturally derivedplant based ingredientsyo and none of the stuffit won't. Our sulfate free collections,smell incredible and leave your hairtouchably soft and smooth. New Herbal Essences. Meet my boyfriend. Jake. Sup everyone. What is all over your feet? They're flowers, I study botany. Resting dad face back there likes plants too. Grab some pruners. Let's prune. (Sentimental instrumental music) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Want a smarter way to mop? Introducing the new Swiffer PowerMop, an all-in-one cleaning tool with a 360° swivel head that goes places a regular mop just can't. Mop Smarter with the new Swiffer PowerMop. Oh Canada!! their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! (Dramatic music) (Cheering) man: Let's go. Let's play hockey. Light 'em up, light 'em up Light 'em up, light 'em up, light 'em up

>> Lindsey: it is corey's half birthday today. Did you know that? >> Only you have it in your calendar. >> Lindsey: happy half birthday. >> Thank you. I appreciate it. >> Lindsey: look at how happy he is. >> I just like the attention. >> Lindsey: I will do what I normally do for people. This is my gift to you. [ Singing ] >> Lindsey: do you understand? >> Yeah, half the song. >> Lindsey: moving on... Enough about you. I have a story to tell and it's about seagulls. This group of friends, meaning two people. Just two of them. In their car, they decided they wanted a first hand experience of seagulls. Watch this. >> Lindsey: have you ever seen the movie "the birds" it's an alfred hitchcock movie. Never watch it. Let's roll the last bit here. >> Akshay: a friend of mine, if he is watching this right now, he will have a heart attack. There's a condition called for people who are scared of birds. >> Kelsey: all of that poop. Is that my dad's car? At that age, I feel like I was driving my dad's car. There is strong words to be had. >> Lindsey: speaking of random ask funny. Look at this cat painting. >> Akshay: that's a You. Look. Fabulous. - No, you. - You! You! - Youuuuuu! - Youuuuuu! - It's Old Navy. - It's Old Navy. New Finish Ultramax. Engineered for the toughest conditions. Dry burnt-on stains. Old dishwashers. Very hard water. New Finish Ultramax, with CycleSync technology, helps deliver the ultimate clean. Every year the qeii Home Lottery awards fantastic properties. This year's qeii Home Lottery Grand Prize Showhome built by Stonewater Homes is exceptional! Its located in Hammonds Plains in the beautiful community of Glen Arbour. This great room

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