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>>> People in the U.K. will head to polls july 4th. >> Who do you trust to turn that foundation into a secure future for you, your family and our country. Now is the moment for britain to choose its future. >> Akshay: conservative leader rishi sunak was on the campaign trail this morning having called a snap election on wednesday and the pouring rain outside of 10 downing street in london. After 14 years in power, the tories are expected to lose to the opposition labour party. The country has a chance to end what he calls the chaos of sunak's government. To drive it home, their slogan seems to be "change". Some news coming in from the world of sports is also one of the worst-kept secrets in basketball. Toronto will be awarded a wnba franchise. The team will be owned by the larry tanenbaum-led group. Tannenbaum is also the chairman and chairman of the mlse. Toronto will mostly play at coca-cola coliseum, but will have other games at scotiabank arena and will even play some in vancouver and montréal. The announcement is happening at 9 a.m. Ask you can watch it live on ctv news channel. >>> Westjet is making changes to lower the price to fly, but it comes with sacrifices for travelers. >> They actually have the space where you can take a bit of leg room away and still add another row >> Westjet is planning to add more seats to some of its bigger planes and saying it will lead to cheaper prices. People who fly this category can bring a bag on board, but can't use the overhead bin. The airline is asking ottawa to freeze government-run passenger fees. >> Graceland is staying in the hands of elvis presley's family. Elvis's granddaughter sued to block the sale. Ownership of the estate after her mother died in january 2023. There was evidence that a company trying to foreclose on graceland had forged documents. Graceland says the property will continue to operate. >> And some traditions are best left in the past and others are meant to live on. >> We are raising money here. >> What is cowpie bingo. Now, if a cow does its business on your square, you win. In 1994, a game of cow pie bingo broke the rails. 30 years later, the school is marking the anniversary by bringing the game back. Almost all of the 650 squares have been sold. >> Lindsey: this is hysterical. You should do this for your baseball team. You do that grid thing where you -- is it your fundraiser? >> Kelsey: that's super bowl. >> Lindsey: you should do this. >> Kelsey: no! [ Laughter ] >> Lindsey: 100%. I would buy way more squares. >> Kelsey: no, no, I can't. >> Lindsey: why? I think it is a great idea. All 650 squares are all sold. >> Kelsey: you raise a good point. Fundraising is painful enough for kids sports teams. That might be a way to get more people in. >> Lindsey: you just need a field and one cow. >> Akshay: you have to do your business in any of those one scares. >> Kelsey: this could be a way I could get a farm and one cow. >> Lindsey: what if it is walking and hits a couple of squares. It's like the lottery, you have to split it. >> Kelsey: it has got to look like a cow pie. It has to be a splat. >> Akshay: look at the detailing. >> Lindsey: I know what you are saying. It's got to pancake. >> Kelsey: it's got to be suited to the game. So fun. So random. >> Akshay: so stinky. >> Lindsey: actually not that stinky.

anyway. We continue. >> Kelsey: you know far too much about this. >> Kelsey: starting off in québec city. This view courtesy of YouTube. You can see the ponding that is happening this morning just in certain areas due the to the fact that rain blew through and thunderstorms as well. Within the thunderstorms you get that ENHANCEs rainfall. That's the case for areas along the eastern edge of the jet stream. Pushing into atlantic canada. Now in behind that, as we look at our upper air pattern, a lot of people see this map and associate the colours you are seeing on it with temperature. What you are actually seeing is the varying thicknesses of the atmosphere. We have an area of lower pressure dominating across much of canada. Ask that has pushed our jet stream. This green line in the mid-latitudes well south of the border. What that means for you at home when you see these weather maps, if you were to google jet stream in canada, if you see it, you know that colder air has moved its way over the region and pushed that jet stream southward. That means temperatures are likely trending below seasonal. That holds steady in western canada for the next several days. We get a slight ridge that blowing through ontario and québec. It takes until monday before an upperridge starts building into alberta. We get a low that will hit the allusions. Southwesterly flow will drive chinook conditions first in alberta and that heat will spill eastward tuesday and wednesday. I point that outside because as we look at the temperatures in the west, they are cool. Still continuing. It's the reduced air quality in northeast B.C. generally, the cooler forecast has really helped to reduce that fire behaviour. An area that is the exception to the cooler forecast is this region where we have seen temperatures continue to be in the MID-20s or so. Outside of that, though, it has been relatively cool. Despite the fact that the sun is shining on the west coast. Temperatures eps of the warmer pocket over northern B.C. and alberta have been trending below seasonal. In some cases, it's single digits. Calgary, for example, hitting 11 today. That doesn't last as we start to see the beginnings of that ridging, you start to see temperatures rise. Today, temperatures in southern manitoba are in the teens. You got a big drop ahead of you. That is associated with a low that is going to move its way up from montana to the dakota. That will continue its progression eastward. Thunderstorms are possible south of the border. Severe ones offer the next couple of days. North dakota kicking off tomorrow morning with severe thunderstorms. But on the north edge of that, the rainfall moves its way into southern manitoba. And we could see a transition over to snow by the time we hit friday afternoon through higher terrain within the province. That rain will continue in ernest until saturday morning when it eases to showers. For now, we will take a short break showing you your local forecast. >> Lindsey: als is a progressive disease ending in paralysis. Thanks to a new breakthrough, that could change. Led by michael strong. A team of researchers discovered a protein. According to the als society, there are around 3,000 canadians over the age -- I should say 4,000 canadians over the age of 18 living with als. For more, we are joined by the chair of als research michael strong. Tell us about this breakthrough and how the new protein works. >> The most common thing we see whether we look at -- when someone has passed away from als. It's the muscle that pays the price. We see almost a train wreck of muscles. What we found is almost a partner protein to that, which seems to balance off the

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