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enough capital, who are in that position where they're transitioning their wealth from one generation to the next, who have excess funds. So if you are in the camp where you are stretching to make your money, then there's a few different impacts. So, number one, when it comes to housing, you have to look and see, are you carrying your own mortgage? And, at the same time, are you helping to carry your child's mortgage at the same time? So are you getting into a position where you have double mortgages? And if that's the case, are you prepared for the impact if they can't pay that payment? Because you are now jointly responsible if you are-- if you have signed on that mortgage. Also, taking a look at paying taxes on things like RESPs or Registered Education Savings Plans. So an RESP is meant for your child's education. You contribute to the plan. It grows tax deferred when the children take it out. It's taxed on their marginal tax rate, which presumably is low because they're children. If they don't go to school, you can either transfer into your RSP, but if you don't have room, you need to take that into income and then potentially pay tax on any of the growth, from what the contributions were to where it is now, and you have to pay back all the grant room. And then, finally, when you take a look at debt, you know, are you helping your children with debt? Is it credit-card debt? Is it debt that is good debt, which essentially means it's either a house or something that's appreciating in capital. It's investment, it's growing a business, or is it credit cards? Is it that high consumer debt that is not growing? So, you know, it's about what is the impact that it has on you? And sometimes I find that people don't look at what the number looks like in the future, because when you give your money to help, what that means is that you're then giving up that appreciation room, that room for growth in the money. >> Right. >> Because once it's transferred, it no longer has time to grow and compound. So you are not just giving up the capital now, but you're giving any future appreciation of capital as well. So you need to be able to afford that. >> Yeah, these are conversations that are important to have and important to have early because of that. Robyn, thanks so much for coming in. >> You're so welcome. It's great to see you, as always. My life is full of questions... How do I clean an aioli stain? Use Tide. Do I need to pretreat guacamole? -Not with Tide. -Why do we even buy napkins? Thankfully, Tide's the answer to almost all of them. -Do crabs have eyebrows? -Except that one. For all of life's laundry questions, it's got to be Tide. [ ] By reliably delivering more the Hyundai KONA SUV has earned, “Best Residual Value,” from JD Power four years in a row. [ ] From its advanced technology to its durability we took the best-selling subcompact SUV in Canada and made it more WAH. [Hyundai sting] What keeps baby's skin healthy? A diaper that doesn't leave skin wet. That's why Pampers Swaddlers absorbs wetness better for up to 100%leakproof protection and 0% skin irritation. Pampers. For healthy baby skin. What's the Walt Disney World thrill feel like? It's like... Woody: Howdy, partners! and like... (Giggles) and also like... (Screaming) And it feels even better together. And check this out. You can thrill with this special 4-day, 4-park magic ticket offer. Visit to learn more. Disney thrills us like... (Screaming) Did you know most dish soaps don't remove all the grease, even with scrubbing? Whaaat? I just cleaned those! Try Dawn Platinum. It removes 99% of grease and food residue. That's why Dawn is trusted to save wildlife affected by oil. Dawn Platinum cleans to the squeak. ( ) Surprise! I've got Summer Fridays Masks for everyone. On my day, my besties will be glowing mama. It's this Merit. Does lips, does cheeks, I've got it on both shiny and soft? I know, right? Did you cheat on me? (Gasp!) Girl, no. It's Amika and it's Clean at Sephora. Brands like Phlur have everything you want minus certain ingredients you might not. Summer Fridays, Merit, Amika, Phlur. Clean at Sephora, is only at Sephora. (Screaming in movie) (Audience gasps) Bleeding gums are serious, Jamie. Dr. Garcia? Whoa! They're a sign of bacterial infection. Crest Gum Detoxify with anti-bacterial fluoride works below the gumline to help strengthen gums and reduce bleeding. Crest saves the day. Crest. - Mama, what's a Dare Veggie... Crisps? - Oh! I'm Dare Veggie Crisps! I'm a little bit of all the things... veggies, crackers and chips. [group] - Ohhs! - Veggify your snack time with Dare Veggie Crisps. - Made with real veggies! Ok, someone just did laundry... No, I add Downy Light so the freshness really lasts. Yeah, most scented stuff gives me a headache,

but this is just right. And I don't like anything. But I like this. Get a light scent that lasts with no heavy perfumes or dyes. (Dynamic instrumental music) >> Welcome back to the weekend edition of Your Morning. Here's what we have coming up for you this half hour. >> It's a tail-wagging good time! We're taking a look back at Lindsey's conversation with the stars of Dog Man, the hilarious kids' show playing right now in Toronto. >> Plus, are remote cashiers on the menu for the future of fast-food service and retail? Retail expert Doug Stephens gives us his take. >> But, first, more on a new desperately needed field hospital being built in Rafah. The International Red Cross and its partners are opening a new field hospital in southern Gaza to help with the desperate demand for health services, since Israel stepped up its incursion into Rafah last week. So this hew hospital hopes to be able to treat 200 people a day. The International Committee of the Red Cross will handle getting medical equipment to the site, while 11 nations, including Canada, by the way, will provide staff and equipment. For more on this, we are joined by Kelsey Lemon, vice president of International Cooperation and Programs at the Canadian Red Cross. Welcome to the show today. >> Thanks, Lindsey. >> What is the situation like on the ground in Rafah for people who urgently need healthcare? >> Well, health needs in Gaza are absolutely enormous. The health system has been all but devastated in this crisis. Hospitals no longer working, of course, having shortages of supplies. So I think it's fair to characterize this particular crisis as a health crisis now. People's basic health needs are simply not being met and those that are injured or have health issues to manage are not able to receive the treatment that they need. There's simply not enough facilities, and there's not enough access ability to move around and access those facilities that do exist. >> Lindsey: Tell me about this field hospital then. What resources does this new hospital have? >> Kelsey: So this hospital has 60 inpatient beds, so those who need to stay in the hospital. And as you said, can see up to 200 patients a day. It has full surgical capacity, so they can do seven major surgeries a day, around 15 minor surgeries. As I understand, they've already been quite busy delivering babies, complex cases with mothers arriving at the hospital having survived seven months of crisis and trauma while being pregnant. Very complex cases, but so far we've had five healthy babies delivered, which is a huge success, a big win, and truly is life-saving humanitarian work, very much thanks to the support of Canadians and Canadian contributions. >> I want to ask you about that. What role is Canada playing in this? >> The Canadian Red Cross works closely with the Government of Canada, and we maintain a number of health supplies and stocks, including emergency field hospital that can be deployed to these high risk and complicated contexts. So we maintain this equipment together, and for this particular hospital, the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada provided the surgical capacity, the operating room where these surgeries are happening. We also provided the lab so the hospital can do all the basic diagnostics that hospitals need to do to ensure patient care. We provided some of the beds, the actual physical beds, some of the medical supplies, and of course personnel to support the operation of the hospital and funding as needed for it to operate. >> Important work. Now, according to Human Rights Watch, more than 258 workers have been killed in Gaza to date. You've emphasized the need for a guaranteed right to safety for humanitarian workers. Why is that so important? >> Well, this has been a real problem for humanitarian work in Gaza and of course, this poses threats to civilians as well. I mean, it's absolutely urgent to be protecting aid workers from harm at all costs, and civilians. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has already suffered loss of many of our humanitarian workers, as have many other organizations, and it simply makes our work more difficult, more dangerous and so much harder to do. Where we go to offer services, people tend to gather, and so of course, it makes the whole humanitarian operation even more risky. If we can't guarantee the safety of our operations, because that's where civilians will go to receive those services that they desperately need, those lifesaving services. The dignified delivery of humanitarian aid, the safe passage of aid, and the protection of civilians and aid workers is absolutely critical. >> Paramount. Alright, Kelsey Lemon, thanks for your time today. Appreciate it. >> Lindsey: Coming up, sitting down with Carley Fortune to talk about the beach read of the summer. ( ) ( )

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