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Strike #1. (Groaning) Boo... 'Cause it's yeast. (Groaning) Are youkidding me!I said it! Oh, damn! Dad, come on! Trusted thatman my whole life. Yeast? That's a terrible name. Guys, it's okay,we got this, guys. Still in great shape. Here comesanother $100 question. Head, eye, face, and claw are all parts of what commonhousehold tool? Hammer?Eye. Face and claw.Hammer. Common household tool.Hammer. The head, the eye. Yeah.But what wouldthe head be? The head would be thesame thing as the eye. Where it hits it. It's where it--Yeah, guys, it's hammer. Okay, hammer. Hoping to avoid strike #2in the Cash Cab... You nailed it! (Cheering) We got this, guys! Well done! It's on oldie but a goodie,you know. Hammer is correct, yes. I'm so glad I keptyou people as friends. (Laughing) Sometimes associated withroyalty or rank, what colour is used to describea state in the US that has similar levels of democratic andrepublican support? I feel like red or purple. Red.Purple's royalty. No, Republican's are red.It's a red colour. Red flag. Yeah, but then, wait-- Obama-- We're at your destination. Guys, I think it's purple. Because a mixture ofblue and red is purple. Yeah, but red isusually republican, and it has the blue stripes. It's a mix. It's a mix. So you guys think purple? And he said it was related toroyalty and rank; that's purple. Oh, yeah,'cause it was the rich colour, because they didn't have enoughink, and it was expensive. Time is upat your destination. Okay, purple. Sam and the team,breaking it down. Game in the Cash Cab startedwith a lot of smiles, even some tears,little bit of shaking... the nerves, and it ends... with another hundred bucks. (Cheering) Purple! (Cheering) This is better thanmy birthday! (Cheering) I love you guys! I'm so gladthis happened. We're taking it home. You've won 550 bucks. Aah!Oh, my god! Ah! I love it! I love everything about it. All right, now, you can leavewith that money. You could try to double it onthe Video Bonus Question. If you're right, 1,100 bucks. But if you're wrong, you dolose it all. Zero dollars. Okay, no, I-- Let's just keep it. Guys,we just had an awesome run. There's only... five--Oh, there's five of us. Yeah? Who cares?Don't be greedy! Yeah, we can't be greedy. It's a hundred dollars more. We're students.That's, like, a lot. That's like amillion dollars to us. Okay, guys. No... We're-- yeah. We're good. Stickin' on the 550. We are. We're doing it.We're sticking. All right, this 550stays in the Cash Cab. Let's see what would've happenedon this Video Bonus Question. Operational in 1969, the Fernsehturm wasmeant to demonstrate the strengthened power of the Socialist GermanDemocratic Republic, and is located in what city? Are you (Bleep)kidding me? Excuse my language. Still don't know it!I don't know. Don't know. I'm not gonna guess. I think it's Chicago. Jessica knows. I totally don'tknow this.That's notthe CN Tower. You thought it wasthe CN Tower?! Oh, my god! You don'tget any of the money! What was it? What was it? Berlin. I wouldn't know that. You made a great decision. Either way,you're winners in the Cash Cab, and an absolute delight.Great game. Yes! Thank you so much! Bye! You're on your way! Okay, wait, somebody elsewanna hold this? Because I don't feel safewith it. I might steal it. Good game. Good game. Any time you wannado this again. Okay. Thank you very much! Next episode.Try next episode. That could've taken aFernsehturm for the worse. Hey, we won Cash Cab!

>> Good evening, I'm stephanie tsicos in now for thursday, may 23rd. This is ctv news at 11 30. >> Tonight, storm or major storms and hurricanes this summer. And close for business plan to shutter pulp and paper mill will never reopen. 2 cities seeing major population growth in the region. >> From our maritimes news centre, this is ctv news. Here is stephanie tsicos. >> Yes, chris hill is off tonight. We could be seeing a lot of storms this summer. Conditions are perfect for an intense hurricane season. Us forecasters are warning there could be up to 25 named storms with as many as 13 of those becoming hurricanes. The canadian hurricane centre painted a similar picture. Ctv's jonathan macinnis has the details. >> The water is calm right now, but if the latest forecast for the hurricane season is accurate, these waves will be getting much bigger. A combination of record water, busy atlantic. >> And a developing la nina is really lining up to be an active season in the atlantic. >> The prediction is that 17 to 25 named storms will form 8 to 13 of them have the potential to become hurricanes. We can expect some of the storms too. >> To to become a major hurricane right now. The thought is that could be as many as 7. >> All of these totals are above the climate averages for the season. Ocean temperatures in the caribbean and southern atlantic. One of the main reasons why this hurricane season is looking ominous. >> I was like bath water out there. That's not a good thing. This early in the season, florida based meteorologist steve weagle is troubled by what he sees and the warmest temperatures we've ever recorded in most areas. So they're not just a little bit above normal degree or 2 degrees above normal. They are super i, people are very concerned, they're very worried and so are officials with the province of nova scotia after major storms in 2022 2023. >> They're preparing ahead of time. >> We have, you know, extra point and that we for this year, knowing that it's going to be a particularly bad season. Hurricane season runs june 1st until the end of november with most storms forming in august, september and october. >> Jonathan macinnis, ctv news. Halifax. Get the maritimes top stories, breaking news alerts and watch live. Download the ctv news app. >> Lobster fisherman in northeastern new brunswick are back out on the water after the federal fisheries minister called an urgent meeting today with industry representatives. This comes after hundreds of local fishermen were told they had to pull all of their traps for at least 15 days due to a right will inside the 10 fathom line, which is essentially shallow waters east of miscou island. The fisherman when against those orders and did not pull their traps yesterday this morning, the minister and dfo confirmed the well was actually at the 12 to 13 found online, meaning local fisherman can still fish close to the shore. >> The problem in ottawa was that they were looking at some some other for tions of the maps that that we were looking. And on these the will was at 9 and a half out right? And I mean, we're we're, we're tripping on details here at the end of the day. I mean, we had a the potential crisis where fishman would have lost and their communities over mean 40 to 60 million dollars within 2 I'm really happy because this is very short. We only >> 2 months. The fish. 15 days of the 2 months is a long time. >> The north american right whale is critically endangered. And just yesterday, it was reported right whale carcass was found off the southwestern shore of nova scotia. After a lot of debate legal threats and protests today, it became official the shuttered pulp and paper mill in pictou county. Well, never reopen. Instead, the former plant operator might reopen the mill on the south shore. Ctv's jesse thomas reports. >> Nova scotia premier tim houston confirmed it. The pictou mill is not reopening. Houston announced the province and paper excellence. The parent company of northern pulp that ran the shuttered pulp and paper mill have reached a settlement agreement. It means paper excellence will drop its 450 million dollar lawsuit against the province for forcing the middle to shut down in 2020 after northern pulp failed to meet environmental

standards set out in the boat harbour act after the former liberal government of premier stephen mcneil rejected plans for a new effluent treatment facility. The new agreement also allows the company to explore setting up a new pulp mill in brooklyn, queens county in the area. The former bowater mill, which closed in 2012. The resolution settles the legal and financial issues. Paper tax pen shares and sets a new path forward for forestry that offers hope to the thousands. 10's of thousands really of of nova scotia. Woodlot owners. >> And one time the mail in pictou county employed more than 300 people. The forestry sector says the announcement provides hope for the industry that was rocked by the closure of northern pulp. The percentage of the year the sector's contribution economy declined by 25%. We saw 40% of the contractor based lost 500 families were impacted by the closure of the mill was 500 families who faced economic uncertainty. And now we're able to look at those people and say there's hope. In a statement, paper excellence says they're committed to completing a feasibility study to determine if there's a business case to opening a new mill. The province expects that process to get underway shortly and could take anywhere from 6 to 10 months to complete. Now keeping the forestry sector up and running in bringing good jobs back to rule in nova scotia is only part of the story. So too is the company's environmental record. Houston set a new mill if deemed viable, would have to meet the highest environmental standards. The settlement agreement must still be approved by the british columbia supreme court. Jesse thomas, ctv news, halifax. >> 5 youth were on board a school bus involved in a collision this morning in nova scotia's, kings county. The crash happened just before 8 on tory lane clark road near woodville, west of kentville rcmp say a car crashed into the side of the bus. No injuries were reported. No word tonight on what caused the crash. A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle early this morning in north end halifax police say just after 7:00am a driver was turning right onto robie street from yonge street when they hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk. The pedestrian was treated at the scene for their injuries. Police say the driver was issued a ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The prime minister didn't do anything wrong when he appointed someone who couldn't speak french to be new brunswick's lieutenant governor. The province's court of appeal ruled. Well, it's the best for the lg to speak. Both official languages. The constitution doesn't impose such a requirement. The decision reversed a lower court ruling, which said the prime minister violated a language protections. A choosing brenda murphy, the acadian society of new brunswick intends to take the case to the supreme court of canada. 2 of canada's fastest growing cities are in the maritimes. In fact, moncton and halifax broke records in 2023. According to statistics, canada, ctv's nick moore has more on our soaring cities. >> Metro milton's population boom is only getting bigger, adding more than 10,000 people between 2022 2023 totalling just shy of 179,000 people. And a lot of that is being driven by newcomers and as well as into provincial migration. According to statscan of moncton tied at kitchener, cambridge, waterloo, ontario for having the fastest annual population growth of any metropolitan area since at least 2001. The local chamber of commerce says efforts to add more people that began about a decade ago are paying off, knowing that demographics were changing more baby boomers retire and they need for us to attract younger people to the city, be able to sell those job vacancies. >> During that same time, halifax surpassed the population benchmark of more than half a million people. So we're going to head for a million so 500,000 is a stopping point, I suppose along the way were clearly behind on and we we need to support the businesses that are going to be joining the population to support that that million population over time. As for other parts of the region, fredericton added more than 4500 people to arrive at a population of just over 119,000 and the population in st. John is up to nearly 139,000 with the addition of 3,420 people. This is welcome news from sasc and to see. >> Stability year-over-year. Mohamed baga is a managing director at the st. John newcomers centre and serves on the ground. Support is critical for keeping newcomers in the area of her son was designed to help people connect with the rest of the community. Designed it's so that the opportunities iced moore. Ctv news st. John. >> And 24 year-old man and 42 year-old woman have been arrested after contraband

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