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[ ] >> Heather: hello, everyone. And welcome. Here are some of the stories we have for you right now. >>> Grocery giants under investigation. >> Something serious is happening because they don't get involved all that often. >> Heather: canada's competition bureau probing allegations of anticompetitive conduct. >> Members work really hard to keep canadians safe. It's disconcerting to see some of what is being planned. >> Heather: bracing for border disruptions as workers give the go-ahead for strike action. >> The double quarter pounder with cheese meal. Would you like that super size? >> I think I'm going to have to go super size. >> Heather: marking morgan spurlock's legacy. The super size me filmmaker dead at 53. >>> Checking in on the pwhl finals after a successful first season. [ ] [ ] [ ] >> Announcer: ctv national news with sandie rinaldo. >> Heather: good evening. I'm heather butts in for sandie. >>> A summer of disruption at airports and land crossings could be on the horizon. Workers with canada border services have handed their union a strike mandate. Those representing roughly 9,000 members say they could be on the picket line next month. >>> Québec's bureau chief genevieve beauchemin has more. What could this mean for travellers? >> Reporter: well, heather, the union says a strike could throw the travel plans of many into disarray this summer. It could also slow the flow of goods across these borders and spend any time here at the lacolle border crossing for instance and you can see just how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. >>> The cbsa has employees at land border crossings, at airports, marine ports, there's also intelligence officers. What the union says it wants is among other things better wages, they say they want wages more in line with other law enforcement agencies like the rcmp. >> We're looking for greater parity regarding salary, protections around excessive discipline and protections contracting out and of course equitable retirement benefits. >> Reporter: what the federal government is saying to the employer is that this is still in negotiations that this potential strike is unnecessary. The prime minister justine trudeau said today the better deals are hammered out at the negotiation table. And that's still an option here.

>>> They're also saying they want to remind canadians 90% of the workers who have just handled their union a strike mandate are actually designated as essential, so they have to provide services in the event of a strike. But the union is saying that may be so but as of 2021 when there was work-to-rule action, it slowed down traffic, there were motorists and truckers idling at the border for 9 to 10 hours at the time. So they say this could happen again. They're saying the window is closing to hammer out a deal here before a june strike. >>> Heather? >> Heather: just days away, thanks. >>> Facing discontent from shoppers over soaring grocery prices, the parent companies of loblaws and sobeys are under investigation by canada's competition bureau for alleged anticompetitive conduct. >>> Ctv's paul hollingsworth joins us. What type of impact could this probe have? >> Reporter: no shortage of reaction to this case already and it touches on a very sensitive issue: the price of food in our country. >>> Canada's grocery giants sobeys and loblaws already facing scrutiny over rising food prices are now on the receiving end of an investigation launched by the competition bureau of canada. >> Any time you're being investigated by the competition bureau, something serious is happening because they don't get involved all that often. In fact, I think this is a fairly novel case. >> Reporter: both grocery chains are accused of using property controls to limit competition in the retail grocery sector. A lack of competition is directly linked to the high price of food. >> When you try to control geography, as a retailer, well, and you're suppressing competition access, access to food, affordable food becomes an issue for a lot of people. >> Reporter: sobeys owner empire called the investigation unlawful. >>> This law professor says this case will resonate with millions of canadians who are struggling with the high cost of groceries. >> That's one of the things the competition bureau has to look at. They have to come to it independently. They're not to be overly influenced by political or public opinion but at the end of the day they can decide is this or is this not proper competitive activity. >> Reporter: wayne McKAY thinks the competition bureau has enough of a case to pursue this in the short term and the long-term. He says it's possible this could go down a path that results in increased competition and more affordable food prices.

>>> Heather. >> Heather: ctv's paul hollingsworth, thank you. >>> The truck driver who caused the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash six years ago is set to be deported. The decision came at an immigration and refugee board hearing in calgary. >>> Ctv's annie bergeron oliver joins us with the details. >> Reporter: sidhu is a canadian permanent resident but the indian citizen does not have a canadian passport. For that reason his lawyer has said the decision was essentially a foregone conclusion. Sidhu is currently out on parole after being sentenced to 8 years for dangerous driving in the 2018 humboldt broncos bus crash that killed 16 people and injured 13 others. Two years ago, the canada border services agency recommended his deportation. His lawyer has been fighting it ever since. Today the father of logan boulet who died in the crash told ctv news: bernadine and I are thankful for the decision today as we continue to believe that Mr. Sidhu should be deported from canada. We're prepared to remain diligent in this belief even as Mr. Sidhu may launch further appeals. But while several families members of those killed agree, one of those injured doesn't appear to feel the same way. >> Obviously, you want the best for someone and best for human and best for a human and you know, there's no -- there's no negative emotions towards him and his family. >> Reporter: sidhu's lawyer said the deportation process could take months or even years. >> Heather: thank you. >>> Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga ontario restaurant was the result of a plot from a group who had pledged allegiance to the terrorist group islamic state. Five people were shot at chickenland in may of 2021 and a 25-year-old was killed. In the opening address in brampton this week, the crown attorney said the man was planning to turn others in the group in, so they decided to kill him and his family. Three people are charged with one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

>>> A major ruling today from the international court of justice. The united nations top court has ordered israel to halt its military operation in rafah. Although israel is unlikely to comply, it will rachet up the pressure on the increasingly isolated country. Ctv's jeremie charron is following the story. >> Reporter: inside this courtroom in the netherlands today, a landmark emergency ruling in a case brought forward by south africa, accusing israel of genocide. >> Israel has not sufficiently addressed and dispelled the concern raised. >> Reporter: in a strict order from the world court. >> Israel must halt its military offence and any other action in the rafah [Unclear] which may inflict on the palestinian group in gaza, conditions that could bring about its physical destruction. >> Reporter: the president of the court also ordered israel to open the rafah border crossing to allow humanitarian aid in, calling the situation in gaza catastrophic. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: canada's position has been clear for many weeks now. We need an immediate ceasefire. Hamas needs to lay down its arms, release all hostages but there also must be no more military operations in rafah. >> Reporter: the court also called for the release of all remaining hostages. While its order is legally binding, the icj lacks the power to enforce it. >> The international court of justice doesn't have its own army or police. It depends upon the security council to implement its orders. >> Reporter: this is the third time the court has issued orders for israel to pull back and address the humanitarian suffering in gaza. But israel has been accused of ignoring their orders in the past. >> Israeli spokesmen have already announced that essentially israel will not comply with the order, that they will continue their operation. >> Reporter: israel has repeatedly dismissed accusations of genocide insisting it has the right to defend itself from hamas.

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