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emptiness, the most horrible consequence of war. >> Phil: prime minister justin trudeau is among more than 80 world leaders set to attend the peace summit in switzerland, scheduled for june 15 and 16. Switching gears. >>> Red lobster canada has asked an ontario court to recognize the restaurant's bankrupt have I in the U.S. red lobster filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing submitted last week which prevents creditors from taking action against the company about the the chain is expected to bring the application to the ontario superior court of justice on tuesday. There are 27 active red lobster restaurants across canada, according to the website, a majority of which are in ontario. >>> And for the first time since the collapse of the francis scott key bridge, a cruise ship has set sail from the port of baltimore. The vision of the seas is headed for a five night voyage to bermuda. The trip comes two months after a cargo ship struck that bridge causing it to collapse into the pas patapsco river. >>> Former U.S. president donald trump booed repeatedly while addressing the libertarian party national convention last night in D.C. >> I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me. [ crowd noise ] >> And we should win together. >> Phil: people in the crowd should the insults and heckled trump for his covid-19 policies, running up federal deficits and lying about his political record. Some supporters in the room tried to drown out the boos throughout trump's half hour speech. Attendees will pick their candidate for president during their three-day convention. >>> Harvey weinstein's lead lawyer is accused of threatening a witness, calling lawyer arthur aday law -- adhalla. >>> Two time pga tour winner greyson murray has died a day after withdrawing from the tournament. >> Greyson was just 30. He had battled troubling times and had been sober since last summer. And early this year, he triumphed in hawaii. >> Phil: and no at the world hockey championship. >> Gold medal game on the line. >> Cozens in on and he's stopped. >> Switzerland got the best of canada in the shootout 3-2, the swiss side jumped out to a 2-0 lead. Canada was able to tie things up but couldn't get it done. >> That's as close as it gets, still hard to believe really. A lot of credit to the guys for sticking with it, battling back. Comes down to that circumstance, unfortunate we didn't come out on top. >> Obviously not the game for but at the same time it's a got tuned that we win a medal and we've been together a month as a group and bonded and it's on us to give each other our best tomorrow afternoon and give ourselves the best chance to win. >> You can watch canada take on sweden after 3.

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enclosures happening downtown, all for a good cause. We'll let you know which roads are closed and why they're doing this. Pro-palestinian protesters and members of the university of toronto meeting today ahead of a deadline tomorrow morning to shut down the encampment that's been put in place for weeks. >>> Cfl season just around the corner, pre-season action led to a loss for the argos. We'll have a break down of that game against montréal coming up. [ ] [ ] >>> From 299 queen street west, this is toronto's breaking news, cp24. Good morning, I'm phil perkins. Thanks for joining us. >>> Let's go for a walk. >>> There's a flurry of activity downtown and it's all for a great cause. The toronto world partnership walk in support of the aga khan foundation is happening today. The centre of the operations are happening at david pecaut square, next door to roy thomson hall. The work will involve road closures, including parts of wellington, university, front, spadina and adelaide. The event starts at 10. # walk gets going at 11, should wrap up at 2, raising money for much needed development projects in africa and asia, owing up opportunities for things like health care, education and gender equality. >>> After that, you can also check out 160 of the city of toronto's historic and significant sites, since 2000, the doors open event allows the public to literally get behind the scenes looks at landmarks including todd morton mills, queen's park, the lower bay subway station. This year's theme is hidden history, starts at 10 and shuts down at 5. >>> Toronto police said they will be increasing presence in certain neighbourhoods after a gun was fired outside of a jewish elementary school in north york yesterday. Toronto police service responded to the area of dufferin and pinch avenue west just before 5 a.m. Yesterday for shots fired at bais mushka elementary cool, police found a bullet hole in the building. No injuries reported. This are concerns this was hate motivated and police will be looking into that. Political leaders from all levels of government have weighed in. >> I completely understand that this can cause concern and fear and anxiety in the community. Especially when it happens at a school like this and especially with the students, the parents and the staff. I want the community to know that the toronto police is going to ensure that community and safety is utmost important as we always do and in this case, you will see an increased presence not only in this neighbourhood by officers going door-to-door, business to business, asking if people have heard, seen anything anything that they deem to be concerning. I'm asking you to please open your door to the officers, to the special constables going around. >> I think we need the provincial government, premier ford to step up and take this 8 months of anti-semitic hate more seriously and take some action. Because the cities can only do so much. We need help from the provincial government to toughen up laws which are weak, ineffective and they almost permit this type of violent behaviour with no consequences. So we need some help from the province. The cities can't do this by themselves. The police are doing a great job but they're here by themselves. We need some stronger laws in the province. >> Phil: mayor olivia chow says she's horrified saying this is a despicable anti-semitic act. Jewish children and families should not be made to fear for their safety. Toronto police are increasing I encourage anyone with information about this tonight share it with toronto police.

>>> The centre for israel and >>> The centre for israel and jewish affairs issued a statement calling the incident a clear calculated and premeditated targeting. >>> Moving on pro-palestinian protesters who have been on the university of toronto campus for three weeks are due to meet with the school's administration today. The planned meeting comes ahead of u of t issuing a trespass notice to the students on friday and gave them a deadline of 8 a.m. Tomorrow to clear the area. It follows an offer the university made on thursday in a bid to end the protest. It includes forming a working group to consider disclosures of its investments but u of t says it will not end any partnership with israeli universities. Toronto because of their home because of the persecution we face we need to do everything we can. >> Over the last couple of years I've had the opportunity to learn about the hidden history and work to share it with others. This is my history as a queer person, things we were not allowed to know about where pride began, about the people who have been here for nearly a century creating what twee now call the queer community. When I sort of learned this stuff I knew I had to go out and share it with the world and hopefully this is one very, very, very, very big way to share that history with people >> Phil: pride toronto is set to get underway in june.

>>> Toronto fc took on cincinnati in a back and forth affair that hazard fans on the edge of their seats. [ Cheering and Applause ] that was pretty beautiful but offside. Insigne ruled offside to what would have been a draw but tfc fall 4-3 to cincinnati. They enter the match as the best team in major league soccer. Tfc is in the middle of the pack, a significant improvement over last year, at the very bottom of their conference. They will bounce back wednesday against philadelphia. The blue jays will try to split their series with detroit after dropping their second game in a row to the tigers. >> This is well hit, right field and it's gone. >> Phil: not a great start. Jose berrios got off on the wrong foot, giving up a 2 run homer in the first inning. It was all detroit needed to win 2-1. Davis schneider responsible for the only jays run, a double in the 7th. The first pitch this morning at 11:30. >>> Let's talk cfl, the montréal alouettes defeated the argos 30-13. Julian grant opened the scores for montréal going 48 yards on a pass from codey back will be outscoring the argos. Toronto's next game is may 31st against the tiger cats. >>> Team canada played for bronze today after yesterday's upset at the world hockey championship. >> Here comes cozens. >> Switzerland got the best of canada in the shootout 3-2, look how sad john tavares is. >>> Canada tied just couldn't get it done in the end. >> That's as close as it gets, still hard to believe really. Guys sticking with it, battling back. Obviously comes down to that circumstance, unfortunate we didn't come out on top. >> Obviously not the game we all came here for but at the same time, it's a good opportunity that we're still in a medal and we've been together for a month as a group and we came together fine, had a lot of fun, bonded well together so I think that's just on us to give each other a best chance to win. >> Phil: you can see canada take on sweden for bronze.

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>>> Toronto police said they will be increasing presence in certain neighbourhoods after a gun was fired outside of a jewish elementary school in north york yesterday. Bullet hole was found in the elementary school after shots rang out around 5 a.m. Yesterday. Investigators haven't ruled out if this is hate-motivated. >>> Another story we're working on the body of a young child who went missing five months ago after falling into the québec river has been identified. 4-year-old eva rose gauthier's body was found 15 kilometres from where she went missing in december of last year. She had been sledding with her mother when she went through a hole in the fence. The discovery came after the girl's mother issued an appeal earlier this month calling on fishermen to often the look out for any signs of her daughter. A funeral will be held june 7. >>> And one of newfoundland's last soldiers has been brought home from france. After more than 100 years, here's ctv's garrett barry. >> Reporter: under blue skies, at the base of newfoundland's caribou member yat at beaumont hamel, season soldiers took one of their own in their arms -- canadian soldiers -- >> Right behind those pallbearers, a hug between premier andrew furey and his young son serving as the official next of kin. >> To know that somebody's father, somebody's mother didn't know where this person is overwhelming to be there with my son and just feel the way to be premier and father at the same time is quite emotional. >> Reporter: by hearse-plane and fighter jet escort, the unknown soldier was carried home. >>> Waiting to witness his return, dozens lined the streets for a procession through the city. >> This is probably the most important event in the last hundred years for our province. And honestly, to see that the people of newfoundland were supporting us and supporting our boys is amazing. >> Reporter: beaumont hamel is home to a devastating chapter in newfoundland's pre canadian history. Within mere minutes, on july 1st, 1916, hundreds of young men were killed and injured. After they were ordered over the top by the british commanders, a big push into german machine gunfire. [Speaking Alternate Language]

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