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>>> Team canada will play for bronze today after yesterday's upset at the world hockey championship. >> First from the gold medal game on the line. And he stops! >> They got the best to canada in the shootout and this wish side jumped out to a two to nothing lead and they were able to tie things up but they couldn't get it done. >> That's as close as it gets. Still hard to believe really. Lot of credit to the guy sticking with it and battling with it comes down to that circumstance unfortunately we didn't come out on top. >> Obvious enough the game we all came here for but to good opportunity to still won a metal and he been together for a month as a group we've come together how a lot of fun and we bonded well together. I think that's just on us to give each other our best tomorrow afternoon and give ourselves a best chance to win. >> You can see candid take on soon after through this afternoon. Meanwhile, switzerland goes for gold against the host country. >> Along the wall with a shot in scores! >> The tire early in the third period dallas would add an empty net or to seal the win. The series shifts back to edmonton. >> They played fairly well and had the opportunity to score. I thought it was nice to come out here but... Obviously dallas has a lot to say about that. About the story tonight was the play of those tenors chances we had in the chances they had, it could have been very high-scoring. We could have come out here with two games but obviously it's just the one. >> I think the first period for whatever period we were tentative. We had talked playing with the game seven mindset and I think our intentions were in the right place but we looked like we were waiting for something to happen and I thought we kind of regrouped at the end of the first and decided to get to our game. I loved the second and third, I thought we were excellent! >> Game three is tomorrow night in edmonton. 13° and this is toronto's breaking news, cp24. Still ahead, naci minaj apologizing to fans after her arrest in amsterdam for sure to cancel l Shopping for a new Jeep or Ram truck? It's never been a better time to buy! The biggest selection. The best deal. Its not just about the car, its about you. From sales to service, we're here for you. Your service priced right Done right. Downsview Chrysler Where you get more and pay less. Get more, pay less. It's never been a better time to buy! Get more, pay less. Get more, pay less. We make it easy, just sign and drive! Come on down to Downsview! We need to switch. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. But can we do it? Oh yeah. We can definitely make the switch. Sweet. New Herbal Essences is packed with naturally derived plant based ingredients your hair will love and none of the stuff it won't. Our sulfate free collections, smell incredible and leave your hair touchably soft and smooth. New Herbal Essences. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser powers through tough messes. So it makes it look like I spent hours cleaning. And no, I didn't! It makes my running shoe look like new! It's amazing! It's so good, it makes it look like I have magical powers! Magic Eraser and Sheets make cleaning look easy. (Dramatic music) I am Paul Atreides! Duke of Arrakis! Let me fight beside you. I'll show you the way. Closed Captioning is brought to you in part by Desjardins Insurance. Insurance with a heart so big, it shows. Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. (Upbeat music)

>> NACI MINAJ CANCEL HER ENGLISH CONCERT AFTER BEING ARRESTED BY DUTCH AUTHORITIES. >>> THE MANCHESTER CONCERT SCHEDULED FOR LAST NIGHT WAS POSTPONED AFTER POLICE AND THE NETHERLANDS DISCOVERED MARIJUANA AND HER BAGS AND SHE WAS PREPARING TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. THE 41 YEAR-OLD TOOK TO ASK FOLLOWING THE ARREST SAYING SHE BELIEVES POLICE JUST WANT TO MAKE HER LATE FOR HER CONCERT. >>> 755, 13° AND THIS IS TRAUMA'S BREAKING NEWS, CP24. A LOOK TO FIND A FOOD STAR GORDON FACES HIS BIGGEST RIVAL EVER. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? IT'S TEAM LISA VS TEAM GORDON She can Vanderpump off. We're done ON CTV Exciting dynamic music ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours at Justice. You are not alone, we can help. If you have been denied long term disability, You need our help. Call me, Wendy, at Sokoloff lawyers, to get you the money you deserve. Don't put it off, call Sokoloff To give your teeth a dentist clean feeling... start with a round brush head... add power... and you've got Oral-B. Round cleans better by surrounding each tooth... to remove 100% more plaque... for that just-left-the-dentist clean feeling. Oral-B In my book, saving while shopping is a no-brainer. So, I use Rakuten to get Cash Back while I'm book clubbing. Cha-Ching! So, how does that work? Well, stores pay Rakuten to send them shoppers. Rakuten shares that money with us, in a check or PayPal payment. It's free and easy. Exciting dynamic music (Upbeat music) (Upbeat music) ROLEX, ROLEX, ROLEX My cash for your used or new Rolexs. Bring me your Submariners, your Yacht-Masters... your GMT's, your Date or your Datejusts. Oliver Jewellery pays the hightest prices for Rolexs! OOH YEAAAHHH!!! [ ] By reliably delivering more the Hyundai KONA SUV has earned, “Best Residual Value,” from JD Power four years in a row. [ ] From its advanced technology to its durability we took the best-selling subcompact SUV in Canada and made it more WAH. [Hyundai sting] ( ) ( ) The Magic Window Wall... can change faster than you can. This new Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy edges. It's no ordinary square. New Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy perforations that tear so much better with more cushiony softness. Enjoy the go with Charmin. Darrell's family uses Gain Flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. Woman: Isn't that the dog's towel? (Groaning) Hey, mi towel, su towel. More Gain scent plus Oxi Boost and Febreze in every Gain Fling. With certifications at STC, prepare students for a career, make it up to $100,000 a year in just three short months. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall and masonry. Hello. Enrolled today at Skilled Trades College. ROLEX, ROLEX, ROLEX My cash for your used or new Rolexs. Bring me your Submariners, your Yacht-Masters... your GMT's, your Date or your Datejusts. Oliver Jewellery pays the hightest prices for Rolexs! OOH YEAAAHHH!!! [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] >> Phil: PRO-PALESTINIAN PROTESTERS AND MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MEETING TODAY AHEAD OF A DEADLINE TOMORROW MORNING TO SHUT DOWN THE ENCAMPMENT THAT'S LASTED FOR WEEKS.

>>> Toronto police say that they will increase their presence in certain neighbourhoods after a gun was fired outside of a jewish elementary school in north york yesterday. >> This is well hit, right field, and it's gone. >> Phil: and the jays will try to take another bite out of the tigers this morning after dropping their second game in a row to detroit. [ ] [ ] >>> From 299 queen street west, this is toronto's breaking news, cp24. Good morning, I'm phil perkins. Thanks for joining us. >>> There's a flurry of activity today downtown that's all for a great cause. The toronto world partnership walk in support of the aga khan foundation is happening today. The centre of operations for the walk is david pecaut square. The walk will involve some road closures, including parts of wellington, university, front, spadina and adelaide, some key arteries there. The event starts at 10 a.m. And the walk gets going at 11 and it should wrap up around 2. The campaign helps raise money for much needed development projects in africa and asia. Opening up opportunities for things like health canada, education and gender equality. >>> Also if you want to get out and about today's your last chance to explore you more than 160 of the city's historic sites. Since 2000, the open doors event allows the public to get behind the scenes of certain landmarks including the red path sugar factory, lower base subway station. >>> This year's theme is hidden history-sites open from 10 A.M. to 5 p.m. >>> Toronto police say they will be increasing presence in certain neighbourhoods after a gun was fired outside of a jewish elementary school in north york yesterday. Toronto police service responded to the area of dufferin street and finch avenue west just before 5 a.m. Yesterday, for reports of shots at the baze chaya mushka elementary school. No injuries were reported. There are some concerns this was hate motivated and police will be looking into that. Meanwhile, political leaders from all levels of government have weighed in. >> I completely understand that this can cause concern and fear and anxiety in the community. Especially when it happens at a school like this and especially with the students, the parents and the staff. I want the community to know that the toronto police is going to ensure that community and safety is utmost important as we always do and in this case, you will see an increased presence not only in this neighbourhood by officers going door-to-door, business to business, asking if people have heard, seen anything or have video of the -- of anything that they deem to be concerning. I'm asking to you please open your door to the officers, to the special constables going around. >> I think we need the provincial government, premier ford to step up and take this 8 months of anti-semitic hate more seriously and daycare some action. The cities can only do so much. We need help from the provincial government to toughen up laws which are weak, ineffective and they almost permit this type of violent behaviour with no consequences. So we need some help from the province. The cities can't do this by themselves. The police are doing a great job but they're here by themselves. We node stronger laws in the province. >> Phil: mayor olivia chow says she's horrified saying this is a des piss act anti-semitic act. Jewish children and families should not be made to fear for their safety. Toronto police are increasing presence arranged jewish schools and synagogues. Prime minister justin trudeau issuing a statement on social media that reads reports of shots fired at a jewish elementary school in north york are despicable, a brazen act of antisemitism. Its perpetrators need to be brought to justice. I encourage anyone with information about this tonight share it with toronto police.

>>> The centre for israel and jewish affairs called the incident a clear calculated and premeditated targeting. >>> Moving on pro-palestinian protesters who have been on the university of toronto campus for three weeks are due to meet with the school's administration today. The planned meeting comes ahead of u of t friday it follows an offer presented thursday in a bid to end the protest. It includes forming a working group to consider disclosures of its investments but u of t says it will not end any partnership with israeli universities. >> The offer that they put forward really is the first # offer, the first step and we look forward to further negotiations and it's a bit disheartening that despite agreeing to the meeting and continuing negotiations this administration is still going forward with this trespass notice. We'll continue to be here. >> Phil: toronto mayor live choi spoke about the ongoing protests at u of t. >> The university of toronto have made a decision expects and it's really up to the folks that in the space, u of t worked out. >> Do you want the police involved on monday morning? >> It's not up to the mayor to tell the police what to do with respect they have laws to enforce and it's up to the university and police to work with folks that have a very important point to make. >> Phil: a jewish student advocacy group is calling for the removal of the encampment saying reports of intimidation have not been addressed by the university. >>> As the encampment continues at the st. George campus vandalism has been found at u of t scarborough campus. A number of red triangles spotted on the side of buildings at the campus on military trail and featured crosshairs, the upside down triangles popular amongst some, linking them to video's from hamas' military wing that highlights israeli target with red triangles. The toronto police hate crime unit said it is aware of the occurrence.

>>> Moving on ontario's government is paying 590,000 and handing over more than 20 square kilometres of ma -- to matachewan first nation. The first nation did not receive all the land it was entitled to. >>> The world's longest rainbow road now open for use in hanlon's point and the beach. Skitlings the popular candy has partnered with pride toronto to create the rain poe, featuring chev rons start being on each side. The road was designed by award-winning queer artist travis meyers. It features around 2 -- it's about 2,000 feet long. >> We've all experienced such harm in this community. It's moments like in we need to take in to recognize that today we're making a statement to say queer people, the entire 2slgbtqia+ community, we have a safer space. It is moments like this that we can turn around and say this space right here is going to be protected for generations to come. >> As we cruise into summer, we are opening the world's largest pride walk, yeah, 2,000 feet! Whoo, from here. >>> Let's have a round of applause for that. [ Cheering and Applause ] >>> Longest rainbow road, you can see it from above, from the sky. Imagine from here all the way to gibraltar point. >> Phil: pride toronto is set to get underway in june.

>>> Toronto fc took on cincinnati in a back and forth affair that had fans out of their seats at bmo field. [ Cheering and Applause ] hate to see that, insigne ruled offside to what would have been a draw but tfc fall 4-3 to cincinnati. They enter the match as the best team in major league soccer. Tfc is in the middle of the pack, a significant improvement over last year, at the very bottom of their conference. They will bounce back wednesday against philadelphia. >>> Seems like the jays always looking to bounce back, trying to split their series with the tigers at comerica park after dropping their second game in a row to the tigers. >> Well hit, right field and it's gone. >> Packed house, jose berrios gave up a 2 run homer in the first inning. It was all detroit needed to win 2-1. Davis schneider responsible for the only jays run, a double in the 7th. The first pitch will fly in the series finale this morning at 11:30. >>> All right, the oilers were looking for another win last night in dallas. >> Along the wall, steele, a shot, score! Deflected in front. >> Yeehaw, do say they that in dallas, the stars added an empty netter to seal a 3-1 strictly. The series shifts to edmonton all tied up at one game a piece. >> I think the first period for whatever reason we were tentative, you know, we talked about playing with a game # mind-set and I think our intentions were in the right place but, you know, we looked like we were just -- you know, we were waiting for something to happen and i, I thought that we kind of regrouped at the end of the first and decided to get to our game and I thought we were -- I loved the second and third, I thought we were excellent. >> Game 3 is tomorrow in edmonton.

>>> YOU'RE WATCHING TORONTO'S BREAKING NEWS, "CP24". >>> BC WILDFIRE CREWS ARE MAKING PROGRESS IN THEIR FIREFIGHTING EFFORTS. THANKS TO MOTHER NATURE. MORE ON THAT COMING UP. [ ] [ ] [ ] >> NEW MUSIC FROM A JUNO AWARD WINNER, KEISZA IS BACK WITH HER NEW ALBUM AND SHE'LL DROP BY TO TALK ABOUT IT ON THE NEXT (School bell rings) ( ) ( ) (Crowd cheering on TV) ( ) No amount of studying can guarantee a gambling win. Find tips for safer play at ( ) Looking for a natural health product to reduce your joint pain. Try Genacol® Pain Relief. This clinically proven joint care formula contains AminoLock® Collagen and Eggshell Membrane These two ingredients help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Thanks to Genacol® Pain Relief, you can start to feel results in just 5 days! Add Canada's #1 Selling Joint Care Supplement to your daily routine and feel the difference! Genacol® Makes me feel so good! To 50 years with my best friend. Nooo... Aya... Quick, the Quicker Picker Upper! One sheet of Bounty is all you need And Bounty is 50% more absorbent so you can use less. Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. When the Murrays discovered Gain Scent Beads, they fell in love with the irresistible scent. Huh, huh, so did their dog Roger. Gain Scent Beads keep even the stinkiest stuff smelling fresh. (Upbeat music) >> Phil: WELCOME BACK. SOME OF THE TOP STORIES WE'RE FOLLOWING.

>>> Pro-palestinian protesters who have set up an encampment on campus will meet with u of t officials at 5 p.m. Today. The planned meeting comes after u of t issued a trespass notice to the students on friday and gave them a deadline of 8 a.m. Tomorrow to clear the area. >>> Toronto police say they're increasing patrols in certain neighbourhoods after a gun was fired outside of a jewish elementary school in north york yesterday. A bullet hole was found in bais mushk-a school. Investigators haven't ruled out if this is hate motivated. >>> If you're trying too make your tway around gown, the toronto world partnership walk based at david pecaut square will be shutting down. Participants walking along stretches of wellington, university front, spadina and adelaide, all in support of the aga khan foundation. >>> The bc wildfire service says that more seasonal weather across the province has reduced current fire activity allowing crews in the northeast to make some progress. The latest provincial update says there's the potential for scattered thunderstorms changing winds and rain early next week. However, it also notes that much of the province remains unseasonably dry as a result of ongoing drought meaning wildfires can spread quickly. >>> Check this out, stunning video shows what's left of a shell gas station after a possible tornado swept through northeast texas. It appeared to have collapsed as a result of the storm damaging several vehicles in the process. The storm also damaged homes, overturned motor homes and knocked down powerlines and trees. April saw the united states second highest number of tornadoes on record. >>> Canada's border agency says it is working on a plan to step up its game when it comes to intelligence training and tracking as we hear from ctv's tony grace, it recently released evaluations saying the program needs a major refresh. >> Reporter: batches of chemicals that could have become 2 million doses of fentanyl and 25 million doses of ecstacy, both considered intelligence wins at canada's borders, in a report calling for improved training and tools. >> It provides an important insight into a hidden part of the work of canada border services agency. >> Reporter: an internal review found insufficient access to intelligence training for officers and analysts, calling it one of the major challenges that could pose risks to the agency. With new recruits often working seven months or more without formal intelligence training. >> Cbsa has been struggling skins its creation, this is now two decades ago to transform it into what is often called an intelligence led organization. >> Reporter: and intelligence expert wesley wark says that is critical because of a growing focus on spotting national security threats including from the trove of data online that could be open sourced but not always sewn together,. >> It's a combination of taking raw data, using artificial intelligence, human analytical capabilities to come up with an intelligence picture. >> We also want to deploy analytics learning. >> Reporter: the cbsa underscored that need in its bid to crack down on auto theft and sharpen its watch on what is leaving the country. >> We're looking at things exported. >> The organization says it's reviewing training standards, certifying 12 new instructors at its own training college and I'ding gaps and new technology to help and map out a new way to measure goals and out comes. >> The key message is that the intelligence capabilities that cbsa are not really at the point that they're required to be. >> Reporter: what the agency deny the attach to its plan is a timeline. Tonight the union representing border workers which could strike next month tells me what they really need are another 2 to 3,000 staff for all areas of work and assurances that new technology would complement workers, not replace them. >> Phil: to overseas ukraine president volodymyr zelenskyy has released a video addressed ahead of next month's peace summit in switzerland. >> Russia ended strikes with guided aerial bombs, russian aviation comes close to our state border and launches these bombs straight on the city, it is a weapon of indiscriminate destruction and anyone in any city of the world from sao paulo to harbin take these -- this same way as terror, just like all other russian strikes on hundreds of other of our cities and villages. Some of them once booming with life are now burnt to ashes. People left, burnt out,

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