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western and science-fiction. So think of it as kind of like yellowstone, and west world, if they had a baby. It might look something like out of range. And it is in the second season, just as suspenseful as the first one. The story is becoming a bit more complicated, there's time travel and things that are happening here. But I think what makes the second season interesting is that they have really deepened the characters. To be get to know everybody in the first season, maybe over the wikipedia page. That's what you should do. So you get to know everybody in the first season, another we are back in season two, they characters, to me anyways, seem richer, and a bit more interesting. Sera bit more invested in what happens. >> Okay. 's before we go the jenks park to. Out of range has been a little while but the jenks part two has been a really long time since the jenks part one. >> It was something that were the captured people's imaginations. Find this on craig, and that's the story of robert durst, who was accused of killing his wife, his best friend, and his neighbour. And while they were making a documentary about him, they caught him on a life mike saying I killed them all of course. And he was convicted. And he has now passed away in prison. But, what they've done here as they have gone back to tell the story of the whole process of making that first documentary, and what happened he said well I killed them all of course. And it is kind of like the filmmakers turning the camera on themselves. But it's an interesting way to see the behind-the-scenes and that -- machinations of what happens when you capture a confession on tape like they did in part one. So I do thank it was could put wouldn't because legal thank they expected apart to pure but it was called the jenks then, is called the [ Interjections ] part two now. It's on crave. >> Andria: you always have to be aware when there's a life mike. That's one thing I've learned in television. [ Unintelligible ] bell media as of ctv. Richard crouse film critic think you for joining us we will see you next week. >> Absolutely talk to you soon. >> Andria: bye-bye. [ ] That grimey film on your teeth... Dr. G? That's actually the buildup of plaque bacteria, which can cause cavities. Unlike other toothpastes, Crest Pro-Health's Antibacterial Fluoride fights bacteria for 12 hours. It stops cavities before they start. Crest. [ ] You might not know how to fix a broken air conditioner. Sfx: [phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." And if you need a new one pay as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance With certifications at stc, prepare students for a career, make it up to $100,000 a year in just three short months. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall and masonry. Hello. Enrolled today at Skilled Trades College. New Finish Ultramax. Engineered for the toughest conditions. Dry burnt-on stains. Old dishwashers. Very hard water. New Finish Ultramax, with CycleSync technology, helps deliver the ultimate clean. Did you know 80% of women struggle with hair damage? New Pantene Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioner with melting Pro-V pearls... Helps hair lock in moisture to repair up to 6 months of damage. Guaranteed or your money back! If you know, you know it's Pantene. Society walk was held today at fort york. The i-g wealth management walk for alzheimer's took place in 150 communites across canada today. Last year's event raised six point two million dollars. The event has raised nearly 50 million dollars since 2015. The funds go toward local programs and services which improve quality of life for people living with dementia, as well as their families. "we live through them and they they're never gone. They're going to be here through us. My dad will be here through my siblings and my kid and my brother and my sister's kids and I'll see like glimpses of him and some things they do or say he's always with us." the alzheimer society of canada says by 2030, nearly one million people in canada will be living with dementia. And that is our report for ctv news this evening. Remember -- you can get toronto's breaking news all day long on c-p-24. And on our website -- "ctv news toronto dot c-a". For all of us here -- have a good night. I'm andria case -- join us tomorrow -- for ctv news at six. Show start time (Mellow music)

[ ] >> Completely understand that this can cause concern, in fear and anxiety in the community especially when it happens at a school like this, and especially with the students, the parents, and the staff,. >> Reporter: police investigating after shots were fired in north york elementary school for jewish girls. Good evening, there will be an increased police presence in the community after multiple gunshots were fired at the elementary school early this morning. There were no injuries reported, and the search for a suspect, or suspects continues. Ctv sean leathong has the details. >> Reporter: a single bullet hole marks the window of the school for girls. Police confirming, multiple shots were fired the building early this morning. Suspects arrived at the school in the vehicle, a dark coloured vehicle. They exited the vehicle, an open fire at the school causing some damage to the front of the school. Rhythmic according to police the shooting happened just before five this morning, with the reported injuries. The school is located on chest would drive so runabout businesses, police have spent the day going through security footage. >> You will see an increased presence not only in this neighbourhood. >> Reporter: police would not call the shooting a hate crime and say that they will enter the investigation with an open mind. >> And the mystic's we'll tell us what occurred here. But that's what we have the hate crime involved in this investigation. Because we are not ignoring the obvious. >> Reporter: premiere done for writing on ask, this is a gross display of anti-semitism. It is long belief that anyone could be this hateful. Of the student deserve to feel safe at school. If you have any information, please contact toronto police. These cowards need to be found and brought to justice. Reaction from the jewish community has been swift. With a statement coming from the centre for israel and jewish affairs saying in part, we demand justice, we demand swift action. The fact a school was targeted were there this of kids being present or not represent another worrying escalation in the violence jewish canadians have been experiencing. And from friends of simon which reads in part, it is time for leaders to stop at sympathetic words, and instead to take the decisive actions that are necessary to confront the escalating hatred that is plaguing our community. Jews in this country will not hide or cower in fear in the face of this brazen and cowardly act. Police said they are stepping up their visibility within the community. >> The committee will also see officers and other schools, high visibility at synagogues, to ensure that the public understands that community safety is number 1 for us. >> Reporter: police about that how many suspects they are looking for. Sean leathong ctv news. Rhythmic and marital of the ochoa responded to the shooting today but saying in part this is a despicable anti-semitic act. Jewish children and family should not be made to fear for their safety. Toronto police are increasing their presence or run religious schools and synagogues. I am in contact with the chief about the plan to keep children and families safe. A team --'s stabbing and square one shopping centre in mississauga last night to police were called to the mall shortly before 11:00 pm yesterday after receiving reports of an altercation between two youth. Which led to the stabbing. The victim was taken to hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. Police a one young person has been arrested, and charged with robbery in connection with the incident. In peterborough, two people have been charged in connection with the stabbing early this morning, it happened shortly after 2:30 am the area of [ Unintelligible ] police a two before trying to steal the victims ebike, which led to the stabbing. The victim, a 52-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. An 18-year-old man, in a 22-year-old man were arrested in the area, and taken into custody without incident, they are both facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault. Mornings in a moment. First is alive look at the city tonight. Is 40 degrees degrees and clear, let's look at your forecast. As we can see there, there is not much going on as any for submission has moved well east of us. If you are out today you may have been aware of that. And you could see just very little clouds coming over the city of toronto. Is a little patch of popping up there, right now it is 14 degrees in toronto. 14 in muskoka, and 14 in waterloo. And 14 amount for us. Comes to know the 14th there's a lot of them going on right now. Is to look ahead at the overnight at a glance. 13 degrees overnight. North this year at 11 pierpont the cloudy light wind. In the sun we'll rise tomorrow at 542. And at 8:00 am it will be 16 degrees.

>>> Pro- palestinian demonstrators who set up an encampment of the university of toronto grounds have been given until monday morning to clear the space. But they say, they are not threatened by the trespassing of this issue by the school and continue to demand it ends any partnership with israeli universities. Ctv's wrecking letdown he has the story. Back more than 170 tents continue to occupy the green space at king's college circle at the university of toronto. Pro- palestinian demonstrators bowing to stay put, despite being delivered trespass notices. >> To us it is shocking that you have t. Would rather call the police when it's own students than to stop investing in weapons and bombs. Replica heighten situation can potentially escalate further with police enforcement on monday. Of toronto's mayor says, she won't be involved with that decision. >> It's not up the two the mayor to tell the police what to do. There is no law to enforce capital for the up to the university of toronto and the police to work with them and that have a very important point to make. >> Reporter: university have given those at the cat with a new deadline and an offer. Have until eight monday morning to vacate. If not the notice says necessary legal steps we'll be taken. The university is also inviting students to present their demands to you have t.'s business board of governing council. Informal working group to consider options for the disclosure of the school's investments. >> The administration has not agreed to allow us to appoint people and this can leave. We can make recommendations of the current proposal, of his direct conditions need to be approved Andria: by the president so yes final say. Like the offer also makes clear that the university will not end any partnerships with as really schools. Encampment organizers describe it as an inadequate ultimatum. Even fronting some demonstrators to take further action. >> A group of students have begun an indefinite hunger strike. We will continue into the university stops aligning itself with war criminals. Who won't eat till you have t. [ Unintelligible ] >> Reporter: the two sides we'll have an opportunity to find common ground when they meet again for talks on sunday at 5:00 pm,. >> There was a non-jew going genocide in gaza. So we are asking for u. Of t. To commit to meeting our commands now. We have been here for 23 days, we are here now, and we want them to take us seriously now. Not in the future. >> Reporter: another attempt to end the more than three week long standoff. Raheem bled on a ctv news. >> Andria: alcohol will be available in more stores a year and a half sooner than expected. With grocery stores able to offer and expand it's election as soon as august 1st. Convenience stores we'll be allowed to expand their offerings as early as september 5th. Ctv's dylan dyson has more on the expected impact on small businesses. Rhythmic on a sunny afternoon, john smith is making a quick pickup of items for the weekend. [ Unintelligible ] >> Reporter: soon this [ Unintelligible ] we'll be filled with beer, wine and ready-made mixed drinks after the province approved alcohol sales inconvenience court stores. >> I think it's great to tell you the truth. Why not? Can stop in anytime and get a sixpack or whatever you want. You have to worry about getting to the lcb oh, or the beer store on time. >> Reporter: located at the opposite end of town from the alcohol retailers. Of the owner of dole's convenience is expecting a big boost to business. >> I believe it will be at least a quarter of what we are doing if I could [ Unintelligible ] the nonselling more ice. >> Reporter: while some voices maybe concerned about the added accessibility from healthy and safety standpoint. It seems all consumers approve of the extra convenience. >> We shop in québec, where they've had it for a while, and I thank it is a fantastic idea. >> Reporter: convenience is wonderful. And in small town accessibility is beautiful for everybody like that. If you want a beer or a bottle of wine, or vodka whatever. >> Reporter: alcohol sales are as an opportunity small businesses say they have been waiting for, and are ready for. >> I think is long overdue. We are a responsible channel week been responsively selling age restricted products for years. Kids want to buy lottery tickets just as much they want to buy beer. We kept the matter. We've proven it. >> I think it's fair to be accessible in lower places. Because you're over the age of 19, so it doesn't really matter. Is not like it's going to change who's getting in to. As long as they are id and properly. >> Reporter: available as early as september 5th. The perk of putting alcohol on convenience store shelves right in the name,. >> I think convenience is a big thing for of what. >> Reporter: dylan dyson see to be news. >> Andria: heading into pride month, the world's largest -- longest rainbow road was unveiled today. Each road is no creative of the cola for rebel to help promote inclusivity, acceptance, and safest bases in the city. In the new escalation as a result of partnership between

skittles, pride toronto, and the friends of hammons. The rug was designed by award-winning queer artist travis meyer. >> There is always work to be done, but there are people who are doing it. This river road here is 2000 feet, 600 metres of five -- pride and joy. And I hope it acts as a reminder, for all of the people who look for a place to go to find community, who want to find people who are like them, who can be a little bit on the outside of what is considered normal in the city of toronto, that there is a place for you on toronto island. [ Unintelligible ] the rainbow road 600 metres long. >>> The city is taking steps to try and reduce gridlock on the gardener during the three-year construction project. It involves opening the westbound on-ramp from lakeshore to the gardener at jamison during the weekday afternoon rush. The ramp was plea -- previous was closed in the afternoon because it can be difficult to drive us to merge onto the gardener during busy periods. But the expressway is currently reduced to just two lanes of traffic between [ Unintelligible ] for major rehabilitation work. You make yesterday the city released a statement which red in part, the city of toronto's traffic operations centre reports they have working extremely well to keep traffic moving. Traffic agents are present to assist with the continued to flow of traffic and provide feedback with many conditions on the ground. The cities is also installing additional variable messaging signs to educate motorists about traffic changes as a result of the ramp's reopening. >>> More to come after the break, we'll have your full forecast, as well as was going on in sports. Discover BetMGM casino [Lion roar] and leap into a world filled with all your favorite casino games. Including popular picks like mgm Grand Millions. And premium Blackjack Pro. All of it, right at your fingertips. BetMGM casino. Start your adventure. The King of Casino's is available in Ontario. Chuck's a wanderer. A lover of the open road. To some he's a legend... to others a phantom of leather and steel. [Motorcycle revs] Chuck was searching. What for, you ask? A Triple-A-Steak at an unbeatable price. And that's The Legend of Chuck! Can I get you guys anything else? [Horse neighs in the distance] [Door opens] [Bell rings] [Footsteps approaching] ( ) [ ] "Ready?" Change is inevitable. It can send you off in new directions... show you the unexpected. Like how your favourite spot isn't yours anymore... it's theirs. Introducing the completely reborn three row Hyundai santa fe. Wah changes everything. [Hyundai sting] >> Andria: welcome back to take a look at the sea entire at this hour. At the little blue tonight. With the procession day as well as orange to recognize the walk. An annual event to ridge awareness for mental health and [ Unintelligible ] right now it's 14 delete -- agrees and clear outside there tonight. Know for a full look at your forecast. A little bit earlier about the temperatures around chatham-kent a lovely 17 degrees right now. So really, on most bang on for this time of year if you could but looking at the overnight temperatures, 13 in toronto, normal temperatures for this time of the year picked the state's 11 peter cowan sound is nine. Mackinac. And let see london p. Or 10 degrees, which is the norm for this time of year. As we move ahead to tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a pretty nice day. 22 degrees, expect some clock, and maybe a slight chance of rain, but generally, pretty nice 22 degrees, what if I'm on monday, and 23 and owen st. Pierre 25 in bangkok for those people who are enjoying a lovely weekend at the cottage. As we move along to tomorrow at a glance. In the morning 17 degrees, mainly sunny like wind. Sunny into anyone in the afternoon, and partly cloudy for the winds east. 10 degrees -- 10 to 40 kilometres an hour, and 19 degrees. And so, as we look at the week ahead. We've already spoken about tomorrow. In the rain comes and monday 21 degrees. Tuesday the canadian open, rbc canadian open starts on tuesday. It looks like a good have to

dock some showers there. And 18 degrees. Gets a little cooler on wednesday. 17 degrees, and then, the sun comes out on thursday and friday, up against a warm up again, and then saturday, the 1st of june everybody. Yes, we are moving toward summer. It will be 23 degrees, and partly cloudy. That is your forecast. Well this summer season means is a return to backyard grilling from any. You can he's carol charles check in with barbecue to get the scoop on creating the perfect meal. >> Reporter: you can smell it in the air. Barbecue season is here, but before you ready to roll out the hardware, barbecue naz has a few tips and reminders,. >> If you haven't used your row over the wintertime, it is very important to get it in side of your grill, and take it apart, clean it, make sure nothing has gone bad, or something is broken. Before you turn on your grill, chances are, it needs a good cleaning. >> You get yourself a piece of what you can use a piece of wood , or those wooden brushes. You need to get in there, clean that all off, because your food will stick if you don't clean that, that is very, very important to take your grids out, and actually do a thorough cleaning. >> Reporter: >> When she finished cleaning the future grow much in hot. Make sure it [ Unintelligible ] get your food ready, go out to your grill, and start grilling. Time to flip these things back over. That make a barbecue staple for many families. Baby back ribs. They kept up with black garlic, and honey barbecue sauce. >> You want to make sure you keep them moist so you add a little bit of [ Unintelligible a little honey a little pineapple juice. Just keep basing them maybe once every half an hour. >> Reporter: a new emerging trend blacktop cooking. >> The whole while factor of this griddle is because it creates so much caramelization on the food. You can cook all kinds of foods on here. Your stakes, your burgers. You could even grow your steak on the infrared, or you can go right on the flattop to caramelize it. But it caramelize is the natural sugars that come out of any food >> Reporter: his stuffed meatball cannelloni wrapped an apple smoked bacon. Finished with the maple barbecue sauce drips with all the natural sugars that melt in your mouth. >> Get to some flavour in there. Let's see. Delicious yes. >> Reporter: it's also a good idea to heat up your sauces beforehand. >> I like to heat up my sauce, and I put hot sauce on hot food, and continued to put that's what the process get that way you don't load on the cooking. >> Reporter: and if you're trying to find the right temperature to barbecue your favourite foods. The iq grill is becoming a popular option. >> This is a grill that is completely controlled with your phone. So it's got a little bring here which controls the solenoids which allowed gas to come up, and go up and down via your phone. If you want to say a cheeseburger it will tell you how long it's got to, it will even set the temperature for me. You just tell them you're doing a cheeseburger pizza, and damn if that's the temperature for you,. >> Reporter: one important piece of advice, maintain your grill. Keep it clean, and it will work efficiently each time you barbecue. Carol charles, ctv news. >> Andria: we get a behind-the-scenes look at as part of doors open toronto. Attendees had a firsthand look at some of the airports heavy machinery, as well as a variety of aircraft which called billy bishop home. >> A huge number of teams that are doing all different kinds of work here at the airport, including airport maintenance, runway maintenance, security, and the things that people don't always get to cpr could not to mention, if you want to get into an aircraft, you can get an aircraft, or helicopter, and it's just a great fun day for everyone to experience the airport in a very different way. I think airport is one of many locations at the public and explore part of does open tl, which has been running since 2000. This year's theme was hidden histories, besides taking part will be open to the public once again tomorrow from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Stay with us folks, more to come after the break, including more pics from Did you know you waste 200 hours a year hand washing dishes? Switch to your dishwasher and Cascade Platinum Plus. All you have to do is Scrape Load, and you're done! Cascade. No prewash, no rewash, or your money back

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