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kind of this weird mix of how western and science-fiction. So think of it as kind of like yellowstone, and west world, if they had a baby. It might look something like out of range. And it is in the second season, just as suspenseful as the first one. The story is becoming a bit more complicated, there's time travel and things that are happening here. But I think what makes the second season interesting is that they have really deepened the characters. To be get to know everybody in the first season, maybe over the wikipedia page. That's what you should do. So you get to know everybody in the first season, another we are back in season two, they characters, to me anyways, seem richer, and a bit more interesting. Sera bit more invested in what happens. >> Okay. 's before we go the jenks park to. Out of range has been a little while but the jenks part two has been a really long time since the jenks part one. >> It was something that were the captured people's imaginations. Find this on craig, and that's the story of robert durst, who was accused of killing his wife, his best friend, and his neighbour. And while they were making a documentary about him, they caught him on a life mike saying I killed them all of course. And he was convicted. And he has now passed away in prison. But, what they've done here as they have gone back to tell the story of the whole process of making that first documentary, and what happened he said well I killed them all of course. And it is kind of like the filmmakers turning the camera on themselves. But it's an interesting way to see the behind-the-scenes and that -- machinations of what happens when you capture a confession on tape like they did in part one. So I do thank it was could put wouldn't because legal thank they expected apart to pure but it was called the jenks then, is called the [ Interjections ] part two now. It's on crave. >> Andria: you always have to be aware when there's a life mike. That's one thing I've learned in television. [ Unintelligible ] bell media as of ctv. Richard crouse film critic think you for joining us we will see you next week. >> Absolutely talk to you soon. >> Andria: bye-bye. [ ] Febreze! I use Febreze Fabric Refresher everyday. To make my house smell amazing. On my bed... My couch... My jacket or jeans in between washes... Even shoes. Febreze doesn't cover up odors with scent, but fights them... ...and freshens! Over one thousand uses. Febreze Fabric Refresher. Paula and Lynn have found adulting particularly hard today. Did you know how early you've got to get on a daycare list? Yes, I did. -It's like we're already late. And we don't even have a kid yet. That's no excuse, Paula. It's not? -Uh-uh. Dang it. But you can still adult like a boss when you buy insurance with Sonnet. Us? Just go online and in minutes, you're covered. And if you bundle home and auto, you save even more. Actual adults? -Like you. She said like us! -Correct. [ sigh ] Did you know most dish soaps don't remove all the grease, even with scrubbing? Whaaat? I just cleaned those! Try Dawn Platinum. It removes 99% of grease and food residue. That's why Dawn is trusted to save wildlife affected by oil. Dawn Platinum cleans to the squeak. Announcer: Have you ever walked into a big fancy car dealership and wondered who's paying for this place? Shopping for a Chrysler Dodge, Jeep Ram or Fiat? Log onto Actual photos rock bottom prices, click shop, buy online, save big! Because nobody beats a deal from Peel! Society walk was held today at fort york. The i-g wealth management walk for alzheimer's took place in 150 communites across canada today. Last year's event raised six point two million dollars. The event has raised nearly 50 million dollars since 2015. The funds go toward local programs and services which improve quality of life for people living with dementia, as well as their families. "we live through them and they they're never gone. They're going to be here through us. My dad will be here through my siblings and my kid and my brother and my sister's kids and I'll see like glimpses of him and some things they do or say he's always with us." the alzheimer society of canada says by 2030, nearly one million people in canada will be living with dementia. And that is our report for ctv news this evening. Remember -- you can get toronto's breaking news all day long on c-p-24. And on our website -- "ctv news toronto dot c-a". For all of us here -- have a good night. I'm andria case -- join us tomorrow -- for ctv news at six. Show start time (Dynamic music)

>> A jewish girl school near dufferin and finch has been struck by gunfire. The hate crime unit is assisting the investigation. The teen suffer serious injuries after being stabbed near square one mall late last night. What we know so far coming up. The u of t has delivered a trespass notice. Organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment. The university says the deadline to vacate the space at king's college circle is monday morning from 299 queen street west. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Hello. I'm sijia liu. Thanks so much for joining us. Our top story today. Police are investigating shots at after shots were fired at a jewish girls elementary school in north york overnight. Bullet holes were found at bay as khan ca elementary school near dufferin and finch around 9:00 this morning. Police say at around 4:50am a vehicle pulled up in front of the school. >> And multiple people got out and began shooting. The building was damaged, but no injuries are reported. >> One of the questions that I'm sure people are asking is this is a hate crime. Is this a terrorist act? What I want to say, that's too early in the investigation to say whether it is or not. We're not getting, nor the obvious, you know, of what has occurred here and what the target the shooting was. >> But the same time, it would be wrong to to just guess at this point, we're going to win into this investigation with an open mind. And the investigation will tell us what occurred here. But that's why we have a hate crime involved in this investigation, because we're not ignoring the obvious. >> This is an obvious act of ugly antisemitic hate who else in their right mind drives by a jewish day school. 5:00 in the morning and fires a of a gun at jewish girls day school. What else can it be? But antisemitic, ugly hate. >> Mayor olivia chow says she is horrified by the shooting, saying in part this is a despicable anti-semitic act. Jewish children and family should not be made to feel for their safety. Toronto police are increasing their presence around religious schools and synagogues. I am in contact with the chief about the plan to keep children and family safe. Premier doug ford writing on social media. This is a gross display of anti-semitism. It's beyond belief that anyone could beat this hateful. Every student deserves to feel safe at school. If you have any information, please contact toronto police. These cowards needs to be found and brought to justice. And prime minister justin trudeau also issued a statement on social media that reads reports of shots fired at a jewish elementary school in north york are despicable. A brazen act of anti-semitism. Its perpetrators need to be brought to justice. I encourage anyone with information about this incident to share it with toronto police. When asked if this was a hate crime or terrorist act. Police say it's too early to say. A late night stabbing in mississauga has left a teenager with serious injuries. Police received a call around 11:00pm about 2 teenagers involved in a fight near square one, which escalated to the point of the man stabbing the other one person was taken to a trauma centre with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. One person has been arrested and charged with robbery. Police have released images of a man wanted in a sexual assault in north york. Investigators are searching for this man described as 6 feet tall with short black hair and a short beard. He was last seen wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and blue pajama pants. Police say on may 5th around noon, the suspect sexually assaulted a woman inside a business near jane and wilson before fleeing in a white suv. Anyone with information is asked to call police or crime stoppers. More than 24 hours after the university of toronto issued a trespass pro-palestinian protesters, the encampment still stands with students saying they won't budge. But in other post-secondary institutions across the country, there continues to be a growing rifts between the student body and the school's ctv's kamil karamali reports. >> Trespass notices were posted along the encampment fence here at u of t some of them now torn down. Others vandalized a sign that the students don't plan on going anywhere. >> The university gave students 24 hours notice on thursday to accept their terms, which included potentially working with groups to disclose its investments. But it did not commit to cutting ties with israeli universities. Students called it an ultimatum and refused. So friday afternoon, trespass notices were issued. The university saying if students don't comply with their deadline for removal of tents by monday morning, then they will take all necessary legal steps. It is definitely strengthened the resolve community has been folks have been showing up and have telling us to continue going strong. >> And on the inside as well, we do not plan to leave. And we're hearing from jewish students. >> The uft and all across the

province who are experiencing increased anti-semitism. >> Meanwhile, other universities continue to try and find solutions. Mcgill university is reviewing its options after 2 failed legal bids. While the university of quebec in montreal has also filed an injunction, which a judge will rule on monday. And the university of waterloo has written a for letter to students saying they have to leave. >> The university tells ctv news it will not be providing an update today, but there still is a glimmer of hope with the 2 sides set to meet on sunday. Kamil karamali, ctv news, the annual alzheimer society walk was held earlier today in fort york ig wealth annual and that menu management walk for alzheimer's was underway in 150 communities across the country. Last year's event raised 6.2 million dollars by canadians participating in the walk and has raised nearly 15 million dollars since 2015. The funds will go toward local programs and services that improve quality of life for people living with dementia and their families. >> As well as raising awareness and education about the disease. Richmond gabriel lost her father due to disease and spoke about the devastating impacts dementia can have on people. >> We lived through them and they, they're never gone. They're going to be here throughout my dad will be here through my siblings and my kid and my brother and my sister's kids. We now see like glimpses of him in some things they do or he's always with I did ask for better weather today and he didn't mind. Everything I do, I just try to emulate what my dad did and try to be a better person, a better human cause. He really a great example of how to live your life to listen, I take him as a specially now that he's gone, it is gone, but that looks sort of much of my online. >> The alzheimer society of canada says by 2030, nearly 1 million people in the country will be living with dementia. Well, celebrations are underway as the world's longest rainbow road was unveiled in hanlan's point beach, skittles. The popular candy has partnered with pride toronto as well as friends of hamlin's to create the rainbow. The rainbow features trends. Black, brown progress, chevron starting on each side. The road was designed by award-winning artist travis snider's. It measures around 2000 feet long. >> There's so much more work to do. Absolutely. Yes. We celebrate, walk with pride. >> This wrong. But >> We need to do so much more. It is dangerous sometimes for some of the people. And series heat. And not just in canada. Is outside and those to seek refuge here in toronto. Because of their home country because of the persecution. Case we need to do everything we can. >> Over the last couple years, I've actually had the opportunity to learn about the history of this place and work to share with others. This is my history as a person seeing that I was never taught things that we were not allowed to know about where pride began about the people who have here for nearly a century, creating what we now call your community. And when I started learning this, knew that I had to go share with the world. And hopefully this is one very, very, very big way to share that history with people. >> Pride toronto is set to get underway in june. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 israel says they have killed dozens of terrorists and their latest attacks. Those details in moments. Welcome to the world of spycraft. (Dramatic music) Keep yours eyes glued to the action. Let's get down. Let's get funky! What are you concealing? You a communist sympathizer? (Whistles) It's just a job. Did you know most dish soaps don't remove all the grease, even with scrubbing? Whaaat? I just cleaned those! Try Dawn Platinum. It removes 99% of grease and food residue. That's why Dawn is trusted to save wildlife affected by oil. Dawn Platinum cleans to the squeak. This new Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy edges. It's no ordinary square. New Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy perforations that tear so much better with more cushiony softness. Enjoy the go with Charmin. Febreze! Your bathroom... Needs Febreze Small Spaces... The always-on, odor-fighting air freshener you set and forget. No outlets used, no batteries needed, no effort required. So your bathroom stays continuously fresh for 45 days. That's the power of Febreze Small Spaces. Ok, someone just did laundry... No, I add Downy Light so the freshness really lasts.

Yeah, most scented stuff gives me a headache, but this is just right. And I don't like anything. But I like this. Get a light scent that lasts with no heavy perfumes or dyes. (Dynamic jazz instrumental) israel continues to carry out airstrikes in gaza, a day after the united nations top court ordered an end to israel's operation in rafah. Ctv's jeremie charron has more on the landmark ruling and how it may not have the impact. Some may have hoped for. >> Bodies carried away in bags. Israeli strikes in the enclave have killed more than 40 people today. According to palestinian health officials. >> Thought of aisle on some and we were sitting peacefully and boom, a missile from a drone. This man says. Israeli defence force pressing on despite a new order from the international court of justice for a ceasefire in the city of not work money. And what we want the operation to stop completely. Man says we want a final israel has condemned the ruling, saying it has the right to defend itself against hamas. It isn't the first attempt the court has made to pressure the israelis to pull back. >> Instead, he pushed ahead with their operations. >> And is a new month is this is a defensive war. It is something was brought on israel. That was a cease-fire october, 6. And this is not a word choice, but this is something necessary to ensure the safety population. And the real challenge for the world court it. >> Well, that would need to happen would be that the icj would need to refer their ruling to the un security council, which would then need to vote in favour of forcing israel to stop this invasion. >> Well, the security council could enforce the order. It's highly unlikely the ruling would be voted through with the U.S. having veto power. It's up to states, but it's also up to global civil society to take the ruling. And then to try and implement political gains in terms of pressuring other to force israel to comply by the ruling. That pressure could be felt during cease-fire and hostage release negotiations. >> Which are now expected to resume next week, led by qatari and egyptian mediators. With the help from the U.S. as well. >> Italy welcomes palestinian prime minister mohammad mustafa to rome this morning. Italy reiterated its support for al ongoing efforts of a sustainable cease-fire. The release of hostages and a sharp increase in humanitarian assistance for the people of gaza. The country also said it will resume funding for the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees during the talks. Italian prime minister giorgia meloni re iterated the need to restart a political process leading to lasting peace based on a two-state solution. Well, over a year after canada promised ukraine of 400 million dollar air defence system. It still has not arrived. It comes as the russian missile offensive continues to havoc on kharkiv in ukraine, pleads for defensive help. Ctv's colton praill reports. >> A mass of rubble and steel is all that's left of this hardware store in kharkiv. At least 2 people were killed, dozens injured in the latest russian airstrike targeting the eastern border city. Much of been uka was dissolved that there was panic everywhere. This man says saturday lunchtime. There were many, many people in the doma. She put on a president, volodymyr zelenskyy now repeating his calls to allies to help bolster ukraine's air defence capabilities. Today I am announcing in january of 2023 canada committed to delivering ukraine 400 million dollar air defence system. >> 16 months later, it still hasn't left the united states. I think the western was should get some some for being this emotional, but I just see that people every day. >> In a statement, the defence ministry pointed to delays in the american production of nasa limbs. >> Noting canada has added an additional 76 million in funding to a poll aimed at bolstering ukraine's air defences. The attack comes just weeks before a peace summit, hoping to end a 27 month long conflict summit. Russia has yet to commit to attending additions. Putin says they've never refused peace talks could, but they must not be resumed on the grounds of would only one party watch the sun to rain

has created a 10 point proposal for peace that is slowly gathered. More international over the last year. >> One of the biggest issues holding back previous peace negotiations is where to draw future borders. Neither side has been willing to make any concessions as russia looks to annex even more territory from the european nation. Colton praill ctv news, ottawa. >> A massive fire in india has left at least 20 people dead. The fire broke out earlier today at an amusement park good job. State in western india. Officials say the fire has been contained and rescue operations are underway. However, there are still fears that more victims are stuck under the wreckage, including children. The police say they are following the case of negligence against the owner of the park investigation is underway to determine the cause. Harvey weinstein's lead lawyer is being accused of publicly intimidating a potential witness ahead of the disgraced movie mogul's re trial. The manhattan district attorney's office sent a letter to the trial judge colin lawyer, arthur aidala, as comments earlier this month to spar involving a witness who will be asked to testify once again. Weinstein's 2020 rape conviction was thrown out last month. The retrial is expected sometime this summer. Those who are forced from their homes amid ongoing wildfires in fort nelson are being warned against coming home early. Fort nelson's mayor told evacuees that conditions are still unsafe to come back. Warning those returning early. It could cause congestion on the highways and prevent health care workers from getting through. Almost 4700 residents were evacuated from the area on may, 10th officials are hoping evacuees can return early next week. Experts in health care and climate adaptation are calling on canada to disaster proof its hospitals. It comes as an increasing number of extreme weather events threaten the country's health systems. The canadian climate institute says disasters that bring people to the emergency room also strike hospitals themselves. Hospitals across the country have had to stop operations because of extreme weather over the last several years. Experts say the fixes are often simple, such as adding air conditioning or upgrading ventilation systems. So they aren't overpowered by wildfire. Smoke. The remains of an unknown soldier from the first world war is returning home to newfoundland today. Are proud, really feel proud. You know. >> Represent canada represent newfoundland here here here and it's a once lifetime opportunity. >> The soldier will be buried at the province's plated tomb of the unknown soldier. >> His casket will in st. John's in lyon, a state of the confederation building for 3 days next month. >> A solemn burial retrial, some money will be held on july 1st, the anniversary of the battle of beaumont hamel were hundreds of newfoundlanders take their lives that day in 1960. >> This is toronto's breaking news cp24. It was not a good day for team canada at the world hockey prague. The highlights coming up. Nice Dress! -You too. The best part? It has pockets! - It has pockets! I know! I know, right! Oh my gosh! Well that, and the Cash Back. -What? With Rakuten. It's a shopping app. I saved a ton on our dress. This is unbelievable. - This is unbelievable... I know, right! You're going to get so much Cash Back. Okay, I'm going to go change 'cause... -I'm always thankful when spring comes. It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring clean and put new plans in place for the year. -How about you? Is there something you'd like to get done? Perhaps it's your home renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Line can help you do that. -Could you use eighty thousand, two eighty or even two point eight million? -Call us today at 1800-new-capital to see what's available to you. [Ambient noise] Wow. Look at that! Lotto max has draws on Tuesdays and Fridays. If I won that, Id get the best barbecue in the neighbourhood. Not bad. I'd get personalized designer hedges. Ohh. Are we having a dream-off? Yeah. How about a full-time grounds crew? Try a human chess set! A backyard observatory! Front yard lazy river. Big enough for two? Let's go! Why dream to the min, when you can dream to the max? [olg sting] (Dramatic music) I am Paul Atreides! Duke of Arrakis! Let me fight beside you. I'll show you the way.

Closed Captioning is brought to you in part by Desjardins Insurance. Insurance with a heart so big, it shows. Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. (Dynamic instrumental music) toronto fc took on cincinnati tonight in a back and forth affair. The had fans out of their seats at bmo field. >> Renzo inc, nda ruled offside in the 96 minute to what would have been a draw. But tfc falls. 43 cincinnati enter the match as the best team in major league soccer. Tfc is in the middle of the cast. A significant improvement over last year. They'll try to bounce back wednesday night against philly. >> The jays dropped their second game in a row in their series with the tigers. >> This is well ahead right field and it's ball. >> Jose berrios got off to a shaky start, giving up a 2 run homer in the first inning. It was all detroit needed in the 2 one-way. David schneider was responsible for the jays only run a double in the 7th. The jays will look to split the four-game series tomorrow morning. And the canadians have been upset at the world hockey championship in prague. Switzerland getting the best of canada in the shootout, 3 to 2. This was signed, jumped out to a 2, nothing lead. Canada was able to tie things up, but ultimately cannot get it done. >> That's what's causing start to believe really. Lot of credit to the guys are sticking battling back. Comes down to that unfortunately, income on top. Obviously, I'm not the game. We all came here for about the same time to get up it was so in a metal, I and how we've been together for a month as a group come together, find a lot of fun, bonded well together. I think that's just honest to give each other our best tomorrow afternoon yourself the best chance with. >> Canada takes on sweden in the bronze medal match switzerland, those for gold for the first time in its history against the host country. Czechia. 2 time pga tour winner grayson murray has died a day after withdrawing from the tournament. >> Recently, just 30. He had battled trap some troubling times and had been. Sober since last summer. And early this year, he triumphed in hawaii. Sony open. >> No details have been provided about murray's death at just 30 years old. On friday, he pulled out of the charles schwab cup texas. Murray, who had openly spoken about his issues with addiction and mental health was the 58 th-ranked men's golfer in the world. The tournament continue today after the pga asked his parents how they felt about continuing on. >> And he has no idea he's the first eagle at 15 this. Like I can tell you that. >> This is toronto's breaking news cp24 doors open. Toronto is happening this weekend. What you need to know is coming up. To find a food star gordon faces his biggest rival ever. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? It's team lisa vs team gordon She can Vanderpump off. We're done on ctv If you're frustrated with occasional bloating or gas. Your body's giving you signs... it's time to try Align. Align Probiotic was designed by gastroenterologists to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. When you feel the signs... it's time to try Align/ The candles are for ambiance. And to disguise the fact that you wore your bathing suit to dinner. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) [ ] You might not know how to fix a broken air conditioner. Sfx: [phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." And if you need a new one pay as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance -Having triplets is...amazing. -expensive. So, we switched to

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