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and during the talks, italian prime minister giorgia meloni reiterated the need to restart a political process leading to lasting peace based on a two-state solution. Meanwhile, a russian attack on a ukrainian mall has left multiple people dead. Local officials say to glide bombs were dropped by russian forces, striking a supermarket in the northern ukrainian city of kharkiv. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy called the attack an act of terrorism, also saying more than 200 people could have been inside the store. The ukrainian president stated this attack emphasizes the need for air defence systems from western allies. And a massive fire in india has left at least 20 people dead at the fire broke out earlier today at an amusement park in god's good drought state in western india. Officials say that fire has been contained and rescue operations are underway. There are fears that more victims are stock under the wreckage, including children. The police say they are filing a case of negligence against the owner of the park and investigation is now underway to determine the cause. In spain, 4 people are dead and 16 injured after a two-storey restaurant collapsed on the island of mallorca. This happened in the city of palma on the mediterranean island popular with tourists. Officials say 7 people suffered very serious injuries. According to local media, people were dancing on a terrace that collapsed on top of another floor. The cause of the collapse is now under investigation, but a police official did say it was likely due to excessive weight. Well, millions of indians headed to the polls earlier today in the next to last round of voting in a gruelling national election. The voters were lined up as early as 7:00am local time to avoid the blazing sun, which is expected later in the day. This election is considered one of the most consequential in india's history as their current prime minister campaigns for a 3rd consecutive term for himself and his hindu nationalist party votes are expected to be counted on june 4th. And the truck driver who caused the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered to be deported from canada. Jaskirat singh sidhu pleaded guilty to being responsible for the 2018 collision in saskatchewan that left 16 people dead and 13 others injured. He drove through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey team's bus. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a criminal conviction with a sentence of more than 6 months makes a permanent resident ineligible to stay in canada. Sidhu's lawyer, michael greene says the lack of an appeal is disappointing. >> No, that's one of the unfortunate things about canadian immigration law right now. It has no forgiveness and no chance to appeal. If you get a sense longer than 6 months. There is no appeal that was taken away. He has a right to make an application for 2 restores permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. That's what we intend to do. So he's, he's taking it is still hard in this. We knew was going to happen. It was foregone conclusion. There were no issues with this step in the process, but it's still, it's still pretty tough him and his family. >> Sidhu's lawyer says there are several other legal procedures to comment. And the deportation process could actually take months or even years. Turning now to the threat of significant disruptions at the border. Heading into the busy summer season. Canadian airports and land crossings could see long lines as border workers have voted in favour of a strike mandate. Unions representing roughly 9,000 members say they could be on the picket line next month. Ctv's quebec bureau chief, genevieve beauchemin reports. >> Canadians plans for a summer trip abroad could hit a roadblock. Canada border services agency workers handed their unions a strike monday, a move supported by 96% of members who voted. >> Absolutely, I could see people being frustrated, inconvenienced, upset, annoyed, all of those that that's not something that we want either. >> Cbsa employees are posted at land crossings, airports, marine ports, but also work as intelligence officers. Investigators they want were conditions in line with those of other law enforcement agencies, like the rcmp. >> Looking for greater parity regarding salaries, some protections around excessive discipline, some protections around contracting out. And of equitable retirement benefits. They also want telework options for those who can work from home. >> This at a time when the public sector has already threatened a summer of discontent over the government mandating more days in the office. >> But where the union season him past the employer. The federal government says a strike is unnecessary. We recognize the hard work that they do every way every day.

keeping canada safe at our borders. But we also know that the best labour agreements happened at the bargaining table. And that's exactly where the ministers are. Focus. And the government says 90% of union members are designated as essential. >> You must provide services in the event of a strike. Still, the union say their job action could lead motor is idling at international crossings for hours. 2021 when they brought in work to >> It could also slow the flow of goods across these borders and spend anytime here. >> At the local border crossing, for instance, and you can see just how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. >> The union say the window to avert disruptions is closing strike measures could come by mid-june. Genevieve beauchemin, ctv news of the la colle border crossing in quebec. >> This is toronto's breaking news cp24. The professional women's hockey league final continued last night with minnesota hosting boston for game 3. We've got your sports highlights after the break. -I'm always thankful when spring comes. It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring clean and put new plans in place for the year. -How about you? Is there something you'd like to get done? Perhaps it's your home renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Line can help you do that. -Could you use eighty thousand, two eighty or even two point eight million? -Call us today at 1800-new-capital to see what's available to you. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) The Magic Window Wall... can change faster than you can. Visit for more information. It's not really Magic... It's just better, smarter,thinking. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours at The candles are for ambiance. And to disguise the fact that you wore your bathing suit to dinner. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island to find a food star gordon faces his biggest rival ever. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? It's team lisa vs team gordon She can Vanderpump off. We're done on ctv Closed captioning of this cp24 program is brought to you by Diamond and Diamond lawyers Canada's largest personal injury law firm with over 65 lawyers across Canada (Mid-tempo music) toronto fc will go for a 3rd straight win tonight as they welcome fc cincinnati to town. The reds are coming off an 81 win in the second leg of the canadian championship quarter-final on tuesday. And last saturday's 5, 1, victory over montreal, cincinnati as the second best record in the league and sits 8 points ahead of tfc in the eastern conference standings. Kickoff tonight is at 7.30 and the professional women's hockey league final continued last night with minnesota hosting boston for game 3. >> Picking up speed >> So does taylor high z-score just 59 seconds into the game. She also had an assist to help lead the home team to a 4, 1, victory. Minnesota now leads the best of 5 series two-one and will host game 4 tomorrow. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Coming up, a dog is back home after being safe from running into traffic near pierce. And more on that straight ahead. Stay wi Male Announcer: chum 104.5. I'm not here for long Toronto's best music. I'm a survivor Listen for your chance to play CHUM's Road Trip Challenge. Win a Nissan Rogue s all-wheel drive. Money is a thing. You're told to make money, invest money, save money. While others are encouraging you to spend your money. You might even be planning your money ...based on someone else's plan. Maybe it's time to do things...differently. And get obsessed over something other than money. Like building a path based on what's important to you. ( ) we understand money's a thing, but it's not everything. Edward Jones. We do money differently.

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west. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Good afternoon. I'm lindsay biscaia. Police are investigating after shots were fired at a north york elementary school overnight. Police say officers received a report around 9 this morning about what appeared to be a bullet hole in the window of bays. Mosca elementary school. The jewish girls school is near dufferin and finch. Video footage revealed that just before 5:00am a vehicle pulled up in front of the school and 2 occupants inside that vehicle fired shots. No injuries have been reported. The gun and gang task force as well as the hate crime unit are investigating, though witnesses or anyone with information is being asked to come forward. This is a live look at the school this afternoon. We are expected to get an update from police later this half hour. And we will bring that to you live. So will return to that story a little later. In other news, a late night stabbing in mississauga has left a teen with serious injuries. Police received a call around 11:00pm about 2 teenagers involved in an altercation near square one, which escalated to the point of the man stabbing the other one person was taken to a trauma centre with serious but non-life-threatening injuries and one person has been arrested and charged with robbery. And a toronto man is dead after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a bus on the qew in st. Catharines chopper. 24 was over the scene in the toronto-bound lanes near the garden city skyway bridge opp say yesterday afternoon a wheel came off a passenger van hit a pickup and then went through the bus windshield. A 48 year-old toronto man who was a passenger on the bus was killed. 3 other passengers were seriously hurt. And police have released images of a man wanted in a north york sexual assault. Investigators are searching for this man described as 6 feet tall with short black hair and a short beard. Here he is pictured. He was last seen wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and blue pajama pants. Police say on may, 5th around noon, the suspect sexually assaulted a woman inside a business near jane and wilson before fleeing in a white suv. Anyone with any information is being asked to call police or crime stoppers. And the university of toronto has delivered a trespass notice. 2 organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment. But the protest continues this weekend. The university says the deadline to vacate that space at king's college circle is now 8:00am monday morning. But before the 2 sides will meet again for talks at 5:00pm on sunday. This follows an offer that the university presented on thursday in a bid to end the weekslong protest. It includes forming a working group to consider disclosure of its investments. But you have t also says it will not end any partnerships with israeli universities. The offer that they put forward really is the first offer. It's a first and you know, we look forward to further negotiations and >> You know, it's a bit disheartening that despite agreeing to the and continue negotiations, this administration is still going forward with this trespass notice. But we're here will continue to be here and will continue to mandate aspect. >> And toronto mayor olivia chow spoke about the ongoing protests on u of t campus. The university of toronto have made a decision it's really up to the folks that are in, in this space, a gift he space to continue to negotiate it will all get worked out. And just very quick to want do you want the police involved on monday morning? It's not up to tell police what to do. >> Belong to enforce, but it's really up to in toronto and the police who were folks that have a very important point to make. >> Jewish student advocacy group hillel ontario is calling for the removal of the encampment, saying reports of anti-semitism and intimidation on campus have not been addressed by the university. And as the encampment protest continues at u of t st. George campus vandalism has been found at the university's campus in scarborough. A number of red triangles were spotted on the side of buildings at the campus on military trail. They also featured cross hairs. Now those upside down triangles have become a popular symbol among pro-palestinian advocates. Some interpretations link them to videos from hamas's military wing that highlight israeli targets with red triangles. That paint was soon covered up and the toronto police hate crime unit says it is aware of the occurrence. Meanwhile, pro-palestinian protesters remain camped out at mcgill's university campus amid ongoing efforts to have them removed. The protest group has faced who failed legal bids from the school. Labelling the encampments as an illegal occupation of its property. The protesters also dealt with torrential downpours along with blistering heat. Quebec's

minister of higher education says campuses are not an appropriate place for these protests. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant was the result of a plot from a group who had pledged allegiance with the terrorist group. Isis. 5 people were shot at chicken land near the collegeway and glen erin drive back in may of 2021. 25 year old name aquil was killed in the opening address in brampton this week. Crown attorney david d'iorio said a call was planning to turn others in others from the group in so they decided to kill him and his family. Meath, solomon rasa and cosh abassi are all charged with one count of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. The charges have not yet been proven in court. And a married couple has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder in a hamilton case. A jury finding oliver karafa and lucy li guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of 39 year-old tyler prot back in 2021. They were also found guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of products. Pregnant girlfriend. The crown suggested car off a plan to kill prep because he couldn't pay back the half million dollars that prod had invested in a failing business. Tariff admitted to the shooting, but claimed it wasn't premeditated. The pair fled to europe after the killing. In other news, the ontario ndp are calling for action to help families facing uncertainty following the province's latest funding delay on its 10 dollar-a-day daycare program. Now the news conference comes after the provincial government told childcare centres that it will implement a new way of funding the national 10 dollar-a-day program starting in 2025 many daycares are warning about a risk of closure if a funding formula isn't soon updated to cover the actual cost of providing care. Ndp mpp, bhutila karpoche a spoke about the impact these funding delays have on daycares across the province. Sunnyside is a not-for-profit centre. >> And the whole aim is to not make a profit to be able to provide this service for families in the community. Just up the street. We had only daycare, a for-profit centre withdraw from the 10 dollar-a-day childcare program because of the implementation problems. The lack of funding and the uncertainty around the funding formula. The ymca, one of the largest child care providers in the province is also experiencing the same challenges they're losing $13,000 per child for infant care. >> 92% of licensed childcare providers have opted into ontario's 10 dollar-a-day program and the annual alzheimer society walk was held earlier today in fort york. Ig wealth management walk for alzheimer's was underway and 150 communities across the country. Last year's event raised 6.2 million dollars by canadians who are participating in the walk and has raised nearly 50 million dollars since 2015. The funds will go toward local programs and services that improve quality of life for people living with dementia and their families as well as raising awareness and education about the disease. Kerry schmidt gabriel lost her father from the disease and speaks on the in the devastating impacts of dementia can have on people. >> I was a little tough, I like to think I'm my fave, his being sort of a daddy's but I took a little comfort that he thought I was one of his favourite siblings for a while. And whenever he had his moments of lucidity in recognition, really cherish those when you remember who I was remembered my name, he remembered my daughter. Those are special moments. It's, it's a hard thing to go through someone that you've been around your whole life doesn't remember you by when they do, you just sort of just embrace those those moments as as soon as they come in, you hold on to >> The alzheimer society of canada says by 2030, nearly 1 million people in canada will be living with dementia. In other news, celebrations are underway as the world's longest rainbow road was unveiled in hanlan's point beach today, skittles. The popular candy has partnered with pride toronto as well as friends of hand lands to create the rainbow. This rainbow features trends black and brown progress. Chevron starting on each side. The road was designed by award-winning artist travis myers. And it measures around 2000 feet pride. Toronto's director of operations bobby macpherson spoke about the significance of today's event. >> We've all seen so many harms and tragedies. The 2 slgbtq especially last year with such rising heat times where our community is moments like this. We all need to take in to recognize that today. We're making a statement to queer people entire to you can cue community. We have a c c

for states is moments like this that we can say this right here is going to be protected for generations to come. >> And toronto mayor olivia chow spoke earlier to share her excitement on the record breaking roads. >> As we cruise into summer. >> We are opening. >> The world's largest pride walk. 2000 feet. From here. Yeah, >> Longer is ranked overall. You can see it. >> From from the sky. Imagine from here all the way point. >> And award-winning artist travis meyer speaks about the importance of designing the roads. >> Over the last couple years, I've actually had the opportunity to learn about the history of this place and work to share with others. This is my history as a person saying that I was never taught things that we were not allowed to know about where pride began about the people who have here for nearly a century, creating what we now call your community. And when I started learning this, knew that I had to go out and share with the world. And hopefully this is one very, very, very big way to share that history with people. >> And pride toronto is set to get underway in june. Well go transit is reminding people of service updates on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend service on the lakeshore west rail will be temporarily modified on certain weekends until june 9th to allow for track work. The trains will operate every 15 minutes between union station to oakville and then hourly between oakville to west harbour. Train service on the barrie line will be suspended this weekend for critical track work during this time, buses will only run between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. And also a heads up for ttc riders that there will be a subway closure to keep in mind this weekend. So no service on line 2 between woodbine and kennedy stations, both today and tomorrow. Crews will be doing trackwork shuttle buses will be running instead and regular subway service is set to resume on monday. Okay, we're going to back to one of our top stories now. Police are investigating after shots were fired at a north york elementary school overnight and they're updating the media on the situation. Now we will listen in live. Okay, you know what, we're going to come back to that in just a moment. Time now is 3.13 this is toronto's breaking news cp24 israel says they have killed dozens of terrorists and their latest attacks will have details on that. Also coming up in just a few moments. Oh Canada!! their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! Sometimes your work shirt needs to be for more than just work. Like when it needs to be a big soft shoulder to cry on. Which is why Downy does more to make clothes softer, fresher and better. Downy Breathe life into your laundry. The elements of a complete outdoor kitchen system. Grills, cabinetry, countertops, appliances. Individually exceptional. Extraordinary when combined. Design your complete outdoor kitchen with NewAge Products. Inez, you're using Head & Shoulders, right? Only when I see flakes. You should use it every wash! Otherwise , the flakes will come back! He's right you know. Is that Tiny Troy? There's no itchiness, dryness or flakes down here! I love Tiny Troy. Make Every Wash Count. (Playful music) the israeli army says it has killed, quote, dozens of terrorists during today's operation in gaza. Officials say that operation took place in gaza's northern city of jabaliya and destroyed a quote, terrorist infrastructures launch sites and military structures. The attacks come on the heels of the world court, ordering israel to halt its military

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