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took place in gaza's northern city of jabaliya and destroyed a quote, terrorist infrastructures launch sites and military structures. The attacks come on the heels of the world court, ordering israel to halt its military offensive in the southern gaza city of rafah. And now that one of our top stories here at home, police investigating after shots were fired at a north york elementary school. Overnights will listen in life found what they believed was evidence of a firearm discharge. >> At the school. >> Police arrived at the school and we confirmed that a firearm discharge did occur. Just before 5:00am this morning at approximately 4:50am. Suspects arrived at the school in a vehicle, a dark coloured vehicle. The exited the vehicle and opened fire at the school, causing some damage to the front of the school. The suspects then got back into the vehicle and left the area. There were no reported sound of gunshots at the time and there have been no reported injuries. I completely understand that this can cause concern and fear and anxiety in the community, especially when it happens at a school like this. And especially with the students, the parents and the staff. Want the community to know that the toronto police is going to ensure that community safety is most upmost importance as we always do. And in this case, you will see an increased presence, not only in this neighbourhood by officers going door to door business to business, asking if people have heard seen anything or have video of anything but the to be concerning. I'm asking you to please open your door to those officers to the special constables will be going around. The community will also see officers at other schools, high visibility at synagogues to ensure that public understands community's safety is number one for us. I also want you to know that the integrated gun and gang task force is the lead investigator in this. However, we have the full support of the hate crime unit as well. One of the questions that I'm sure people are asking is this is a hate crime. Is this a terrorist act? What I want to say, that's too early in the investigation to say whether it is or not. We're ignoring the obvious, you know, of what has occurred here and what the target the shooting was. But the same time, it would be wrong to to just guess at this point, we're going to win into this investigation with an open mind. And the investigation will tell us what occurred here. But that's why we have a hate crime involved in this investigation, because we're not ignoring the obvious. Going we will be like I asking people to please check their dash cams of their vehicles checked their business video, anything, even if an officer doesn't come to your door in a few thing it and see you to see anything suspicious about 10 to 4 before after that this morning. Please attend a 5 story. Contact police at 808. 25 10, that's 416-8082. 2, 5, 1, 0, the other thing I've been told that there is video circulating possibly of this shooting. We will release video at due course, but I'm asking members of the public if they have a copy. This video not to release it at this time. The reason is, I don't want members of the public looking in determining what they believe is important. This investigation for us to know. And if they, they think something that they saw or have on their video at their house or their business. You know, exactly match what they see in this video. I don't want them to discounted. So I want them to call the police. So I'm asking if a member of the public has this video to not be distributing it at this time. And now I can take some questions. So again, just because it's so early, I have a good idea, but I don't want to release at this time and will say that there's multiple suspects more than one opened fire. And that it was a dark coloured vehicle. That's all I'm willing to release at this time. Also for. No. I want to tell I do want get that information out at this point. But there was damage to the school. Are investigating a shown that the suspects opened fire from outside the gate. So outside the school grounds. Have a question for you about the atmosphere in the city. >> For about 8 months now, we've seen terrorist flags flying out in the open with no charges. Was gone missing people comment charged and prosecuted we see trespass and

mischief at the university of toronto. Would you say that? Refusing to prosecute charge? Obvious press possible hate me and many of all the toronto police has sort of. Indicated that it's okay to go a little bit further than before october 7th, that there's a new atmosphere around okay. >> If you want to conduct a little bit of anti-semitic >> So I'm here just to talk about the incident that occurred today. And like I said before, I don't want to jump to any conclusions. The investigators are going to jump to any conclusion at the same time, we're not going or the obvious. And so the hate crime unit is fully supporting this investigation. I'm just here to talk about the incident to vehicle. I just said it was a dark-coloured vehicle. >> Why won't you answer my question about the new atmosphere. >> That and houston, there any other questions you don't want to talk about this year to talk to the U.S. thank you very much. I thank you. >> Okay, we've just been listening in live to investigators updating us that each those shots that were fired at a girls jewish school in north york very early this morning. Police saying that they are still looking for multiple suspects who fled in a dark-coloured vehicle. And people in that community will see an increased presence in the neighbourhood. Officers will be going door to door asking people, businesses and homes for more information. And so investigators, they're asking people to please open your doors to police and answer any questions. But investigate also said he's been told there is video circulating of the shooting, asking members of the public not to release that video out this time. And he also said it's too early to tell yet whether this is a hate crime or a terrorist obviously investigating must be done on that situation. The investigation continues. We'll have more on that when we have it. But for now, this is toronto's breaking news cp24 stay with us. The professional women's hockey league final continued last night with minnesota hosting boston for game 3. And we've got your sports highlights after the rolex, rolex, rolex My cash for your used or new Rolexs. Bring me your Submariners, your Yacht-Masters... your GMT's, your Date or your Datejusts. Oliver Jewellery pays the hightest prices for Rolexs! ooh yeaaahhh!!! People across Ontario have discovered Casino Time dot c-a! I'm playing Blackjack in Belleville I'm playing slots in Sarnia. I'm playing Bingo... in a cave. Seem unbelievable? Believe it! Casino Time has live players, live dealers and live chat anywhere in Ontario... From Grimsby To North Bay to the bush. It's Casino Time where you are. Ontario only. Must be 19+. Please play responsibly. If you can get a signal, you can get a game. -Hey, whatcha doing? -I'm just looking up how to install hardwood flooring. -No, no, no. Honey, Let's go to Alexanian's, we'll get it done right. Announcer: For expert advice, huge selection, and professional installations, visit Alexanian now for fantastic spring savings. Alexanian's ( ) ( ) The Magic Window Wall... can change faster than you can. Rolex, rolex, rolex My cash for your used or new Rolexs. Bring me your Submariners, your Yacht-Masters... your GMT's, your Date or your Datejusts. Oliver Jewellery pays the hightest prices for Rolexs! ooh yeaaahhh!!! Crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now at Closed captioning of this cp24 program is brought to you by Diamond and Diamond lawyers Canada's largest personal injury law firm with over 65 lawyers across Canada (Upbeat music) the professional women's hockey league final continued last night with minnesota hosting boston for game 3. >> But picking up speed >> Minnesota's taylor highs, he scored just 59 seconds into the game. She also had an assist to help lead the home team to a 41 victory. Minnesota now leads the best of 5 series two-one and will host game 4 tomorrow. 3:25 16 degrees. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 a dog is back home after being safe from running into traffic. >> Near pearson airport. More on that coming up right after the break. Male Announcer: chum 104.5. I'm not here for long Toronto's best music. I'm a survivor Listen for your chance to play CHUM's Road Trip Challenge. Win a Nissan Rogue s all-wheel drive.

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monday morning. From 299 queen street west. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Good afternoon. I'm lindsay biscaia. Police are investigating after shots were fired at a jewish girls elementary school in north york overnight. Bullet holes were found at the bay's mischka elementary school near dufferin and finch around 9:00 this morning. Police say at around 4.50, a vehicle pulled up in front of the school and multiple people got out and began shooting. The building was damaged, but no injuries were reported. It. >> I completely understand that this can cause concern and fear and anxiety in the community, especially when it happens at a school like this. And especially with the students, the parents and the staff. Want the community to know that the toronto police is going to ensure that community safety is most upmost importance as we always do. And in this case, you will see an increased presence, not only in this neighbourhood by officers going door to door business to business, asking if people have heard seen anything or have video of anything but the to be concerning. I'm asking you to please open your door to those officers to the special constables will be going around. >> Police say they're aware of video being circulated online of the shooting that they say may not actually be accurate. They say they will release proper surveillance footage in due course anyone with surveillance footage of the area from around 4.50 this morning is being asked to come forwards. Well, late night stabbing in mississauga has left a teen with serious injuries. Police received a call around 11:00pm about 2 teenagers involved in an altercation near square one, which escalated to the point of the man stabbing the other one person was taken to a trauma centre with serious but non-life-threatening injuries and one person has been arrested and charged with robbery. A toronto man is dead after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a bus on the qew in st. Catharines chopper. 24 was over the scene in the toronto-bound lanes near the garden city skyway bridge yesterday afternoon. Opp say a wheel came off a passenger van hit a pickup and then went through the bus windshield. A 48 year-old toronto man who was a passenger on the bus was killed. 3 other passengers were seriously hurt and police have released images of a man wanted in a north york sexual assault. Investigators are searching for this man pictured here. He's described as 6 feet tall with short black hair and a short beard. He was last seen wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and blue pajama pants. Police say on may, 5th around noon, the suspect sexually assaulted a woman inside a business near jane and wilson before leaving in a white suv. Anyone with information is being asked to call police or crime stoppers. And the university of toronto has delivered a trespass notice to organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment. But the protest continues. The university says the deadline to vacate the space at king's college circle is now 8:00am on monday morning. But before then, the 2 sides will meet again for talks at 5:00pm on sunday. Now this follows an offer that the university presented on thursday in a bid to end the weeks-long protest. It includes forming a working group to consider disclosure of its investments. But you have to also says it will not end any partnerships with israeli universities. The offer that they put forward really is the first offer. It's a first and you know, we look forward to further negotiations and >> You know, it's a bit disheartening that despite agreeing to the and continue these negotiations, this administration is still going forward with this trespass notice. But we're here will continue to be here and will continue to mandate aspect. >> And toronto mayor olivia chow spoke about the ongoing protests on the u of t campus. >> The university of toronto have made a decision it's really up to the folks that are in, in this you have to space to continue to negotiate. It will all get worked out. And just very quick to want do you want the police involved on monday it's not up to the tell police to do. Belong to enforce, but it's really up to in toronto and the police who were folks that have a very important point to make. >> Jewish student advocacy group hillel ontario is calling for the removal of the encampment, saying reports of anti-semitism and intimidation on campus have not been addressed by the university. Meanwhile, as the encampment protest continues at u of t's st. George campus vandalism has been found at the university's campus in scarborough. A number of red triangles were spotted on the

side of buildings at the campus on military trail. And they also featured cross hairs. Those upside down triangles have become a popular symbol among pro-palestinian advocates. Some interpretations link them to videos from hamas's military wing, which highlight israeli targets with red triangles. The paints was soon covered up. The toronto police hate crime unit says it is aware of the occurrence. Meanwhile, pro-palestinian protesters remain camped out at mcgill's university campus amid ongoing efforts to have them removed. The protest group has faced 2 failed legal bids from the school, labelling the encampments as an illegal occupation of its property. The protesters also dealt with torrential downpours along with blistering heat. Quebec's minister of higher education says campuses are not an appropriate place for these protests. In other news we're following today. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant 3 years ago was the result of a plot from a group who have pledged allegiance with the terrorist group. Isis. The crown also says the reason a mississauga man was killed was because he was ready to expose those terrorist ties. Ctv's jon woodward has that story. >> It was a scene in may of 2021 in the family run restaurant chicken land 5 people shot the 25 year-old name. A keel died in an attack that shocked the city of mississauga. I just don't understand. Senseless really is, it's just senseless. At the time, police released this surveillance video of the gunman before and after the shooting, part of an investigation that led to the arrests of 3 akasha suleyman rasa and anand nath and lead the crown attorney to tell a jury in the first-degree murder trial of the brampton courthouse that keel had gone to work in abbas's warehouse ground. Attorney david d'iorio said you will hear evidence that 90 mckiel had become aware that the group had pledged allegiance to isis. They were just buying and selling products. They had pledged allegiance to isis. The islamic state and money was being used to finance that organization sent back home to further that cause he was planning to go to the authorities and betray the others. It's our position that the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening. A plan to kill name a keel and his family. >> The crown says on may 29th 2021. That plan was put into action alleging that naf entered the restaurant, pulled a handgun and shot 7 times in 18 seconds. Witnesses told the court they saw a slender man rush from the restaurant and hop into the trunk of a waiting honda accord, which sped off inside a keels mother. Rania had heard several pops. She was shot in the arm. She rushed in to see several other family members being shot, including one of her sons. She said I looked at him, he was looking at me. I could see the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing. She said she called 9-1-1 and then ask any driver in the gas station for help. Police pulled footage from some 70 dash cams and surveillance cameras on route to follow the accord back to abbas's business. One officer testified major break in the case. John woodward, ctv news. >> A married couple has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder in a hamilton case. A jury finding oliver karafa and lucy li guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of 39 year-old tyler pratt. Back in 2021. They were also found guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of products. Pregnant girlfriend. The crown suggested car off a plan to kill pride because he couldn't pay back the half million dollars that pride had invested in a failing business care off admitted to the shooting, but claimed it wasn't premeditated. The pair then fled to europe after the killing. The annual alzheimer society walk was held earlier today in fort york ig wealth management walk for alzheimer's was underway in 150 communities across the country today. Last year's event raised 6.2 million dollars by canadians who are participating in the walk. And it's raised nearly 50 million dollars since 2015. The funds will go toward local programs and services that improve quality of life for people who are living with dementia and their families as well as raising awareness and education about the disease. Karishma gabriel lost her father due to the disease and spoke about the devastating impacts that dementia can have on people. >> We lived through them and they, they're never gone. They're going to be here through a my dad will be here through my siblings and my kid and my brother and my sister with elsie like glimpses of him. In some things they do or he's always with I did ask for better weather today and he didn't mind. Everything I do, I just try to emulate what my dad did and try to be a better person, a better human cause. He really a great example of how to live your life to listen, I take him as a specially now that he's gone, it is gone, but that looks sort of much of my online. >> The alzheimer society of canada size by 2030, nearly 1 million people in canada will be living with dementia.

and celebrations are underway as the world's longest rainbow road was unveiled in hanlan's point beach today, skittles. The popular candy has partnered with pride toronto as well as friends of him lands to create the rainbow. It features trends, black and brown progress. Chevron starting on each side. It was designed by award-winning artist travis myers. And it measures around 2000 feet long. Toronto mayor olivia chow spoke earlier to share her excitement on the record breaking road. >> As we cruise into summer. >> We are opening. >> The world's largest pride law. 2000 feet. From here. Yeah, >> Longer is ranked overall. You can see it. >> From from the sky. Imagine from here all the way point. >> And award-winning artist travis meyer speaks about the importance of designing the road. >> Over the last couple years, I've actually had the opportunity to learn about the history of this place and work to share with others. This is my history as a person seeing that I was never taught things that we were not allowed to know about where pride began about the people who have here for nearly a century, creating what we now call your community. And when I started learning this, knew that I had to go share with the world. And hopefully this is one very, very, very big way to share that history with people. >> Pride toronto is set to get underway in june and go transit is reminding people of service updates on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend. So keep in mind service on the lakeshore west rail will be temporarily modified on certain weekends until june 9th to allow for track work. The trains will operate every 15 minutes between union station to oakville and then hourly between oakville to west harbour, a train service on the barrie line will be suspended this weekend for critical track work during this time, buses will only run between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 israel size. They have killed dozens of terrorists in their latest attacks. Details on that coming up in moments. Stay with us. (School bell rings) ( ) ( ) (Crowd cheering on tv) ( ) No amount of studying can guarantee a gambling win. Find tips for safer play at ( ) [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours like those from sweat, urine, and other musty odours can get trapped in fabrics. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Just add to the fabric softener drawer. It's formulated with odour-releasing technology to help remove odours 3 times better than detergent alone. Plus, it's gentle on sensitive skin and on all fabrics. Release trapped odours the first time with Downy Rinse & Refresh also available in fragrance-free. Brand Power, helping you buy better. My name is Steve, founder of Clera Windows and Doors, and we are kicking off the year with our best sale ever Enjoy 50% off Windows and Doors installation. And the first 100 customers to call will get a free upgrade to sound reducing glass, and the best part and you don't have to worry about paying for one year. It is our way of saying thank you for choosing Clera. Clera Windows and Doors. We are the oldest because we are the best. (Dynamic music) the israeli army says it has killed, quote, dozens of terrorists during today's operation in gaza. Officials say the operation took place in gaza's northern city of jabaliya and destroyed, quote, terrorist infrastructures launch sites and military structures. The attacks come on the heels of the world court ordering israel to halt its military offensive in the southern gaza city of rafah. Italy welcomes palestinian prime minister mohammad mustafa to rome this morning. Italy has reiterated its support for all ongoing efforts for a sustainable ceasefire. The release of hostages and a sharp increase in humanitarian assistance for the people of gaza. The country also side it will resume funding for the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees.

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