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welcome palestinian prime minister mohammed mustafa to rome this morning. Italy reiterated support for all ongoing efforts for a sustainable cease-fire. The release of hostages and a sharp increase in humanitarian assistance for the people of gaza. The country also says it will resume funding for the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees during the talks, italian prime minister giorgia meloni reiterated the need to restart a political process leading to lasting peace based on a two-state solution. Well, back of the truck driver who caused the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered to be deported from canada. Jaskirat singh sidhu pleaded guilty to being responsible for the 2018 collision in saskatchewan. That left 16 people dead. 13 others injured. He drove through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey team's bus. Sidhu was sentenced to 8 years in prison, a criminal conviction with a sentence of more than 6 months makes a permanent resident in eligible to stay in the country. To his lawyer, michael greene says the lack of an appeal is disappointing. >> No, that's one of the unfortunate things about canadian immigration law right now. It has no forgiveness and no chance to appeal. If you get a sense longer than 6 months. There is no appeal that was taken away. He has a right to make an application 2 restores permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. That's what we intend to do. So he's, he's taking it is still hard in this. We knew was going to happen. It was foregone conclusion. There were no issues with this step in the process, but it's still it's still pretty tough him and his family. >> To his lawyer says there are several other legal procedures. The comment deportation process could take months or years. Well, defunct airline lynx air has resorted to selling plane parts to help recoup their losses. The discount carrier shut down operations nearly 3 months ago due to financial issues, fine for creditor protection due to 186 million dollars in debts. The company says it's worked out a deal with the aviation companies abroad to sell plane parts like seats, tires and transponders. The tsa has announced it is set a new record for most travellers screened on a friday. Officers say that nearly 3 million people were screened checkpoints nationwide. As many people look to get away from memorial day weekend in the u.s., the number surpasses the previous record from november over the thanksgiving weekend. Now 5 of the top 10 busiest travel days in the agency's history have occurred so far this year. Let's talk about some significant disruptions at the border heading into the busy summer season. Canadian airports and land crossings could see long lines as border workers have voted in favour of a strike mandate. Unions representing roughly 9,000 members say that they could be on the picket line next month. Here's ctv's quebec bureau chief, genevieve beauchemin. >> Canadians plans for summer trip abroad could hit a roadblock. Canada border services agency workers handed their unions a strike monday, a move supported by 96% of members who voted. >> Absolutely, I could see people being frustrated, inconvenienced, upset, annoyed, all of those that that's not something that we want either. >> Cbsa employees are posted at land crossings, airports, marine ports, but also work as intelligence officers. Investigators they want were conditions in line with those of other law enforcement agencies, like the rcmp. >> Looking for greater parity regarding salaries, some protections around excessive discipline, some protections around contracting out. And of equitable retirement benefits. They also want telework options for those who can work from home. >> This at a time when the public sector has already threatened a summer of discontent over the government mandating more days in the office. >> But where the union season him past the employer. The federal government says a strike is unnecessary. We recognize the hard work that they do every way every day. Keeping canada safe at our borders. But we also know that the best labour agreements happened at the bargaining table. And that's exactly where the ministers are. Focus. And the government says 90% of union members are designated as essential. >> You must provide services in the event of a strike. Still, the union say their job action could lead motor is idling at international crossings for hours. 2021 when they brought in work to >> It could also slow the flow of goods across these borders and spend anytime here. >> At the local border crossing, for instance, and you can see just how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. >> The union say the window to avert disruptions is closing strike measures could come by mid-june. Genevieve beauchemin, ctv news of the la colle border crossing in quebec. >> In the meantime, an internal evaluation says that better training in information processing tools are needed to help the intelligence program

at canada's border agency. The recently released report also found that the sensitive nature of the activities and a lack of data made it difficult to fully assess the program's effectiveness. The program is responsible for the national collection and analysis of intelligence on issues including drug trafficking, gun smuggling, immigration fraud, human trafficking and war crimes. Border services agency spokesperson says that efforts are underway to address the evaluations. Recommendations. The remains of an unknown soldier from the first world war's returning home to newfoundland today. Are proud, really feel proud. You know. >> Represent canada represent newfoundland here here here and it's a once lifetime opportunity. The soldier will be buried in the province's newly created tomb of the unknown soldier. The casket land in st. John's and lie in state at the confederation building for 3 days next month. >> A solemn or burial ceremony will be held on july 1st, the anniversary of the battle out where hundreds of newfoundlanders gave their lives on that day in 1916. 10. 19 family 15 outside watching toronto's breaking news, cp24. The blue jays bats. Well. >> Kind of empty get tigers. Also This is Brad. Brad neglected to properly mount his brand new tv. And with a dishwasher on the brink... Brad's problems keep mounting. Lucky for Brad there's Jiffy. The app that connects homeowners with Pros in a Jiffy! Way to go Brad. Download the app or book online. Jiffy. Canada's number one home maintenance app. With new Scope Squeez mouthwash concentrate, just add water, squeeze to control the strength of your mouthwash, and find a zone all your own. ( ) Scope Squeez. I have a secret. With new Secret Clinically Proven Aluminum Free deodorant, you can almost miss the bus... But smell like you didn't. Secret helps stop odor before it starts. Smell fresh for up to 72 hours. Secret works. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Look at that! Lotto max has draws on Tuesdays and Fridays. Dream-off? Try designer hedges. Ohh. A backyard observatory! Front yard lazy river. Big enough for two? Get your lotto max tickets today! [olg sting] . It's spring time in paris and the kings and queens of clay have come out to play Tennis played on another planet That is a piece of art right there Ooo lala! Roland garros on tsn and tsn+ Male Announcer: Mary's brightening up daytime with good friends and good times. Give me a high five! Do you love it? Oh my gosh, I love this. Announcer: The Good Stuff with Mary Berg, weekdays on ctv. (Mellow music) Many people rely on wireless security and doorbell cameras to help protect their rights. The same technology that makes these systems relatively inexpensive and user friendly is now often being used by criminals to hack or defeat the systems during the commission of an offense. It's the old now you see it now you don't. Now these systems vary widely in their degree of vulnerability, so it's worth doing your research when evaluating your current system or considering a new one. Strong passwords, upgraded hardware and software will help, but the best way to defend against this sort of attack is by using a wired security camera system with a hard drive in a secure location. When it comes to home security cameras, always know your rights and your tech. Male announcer: Know Your Rights is brought to you by Diamond & Diamond Lawyers. Canada's largest personal injury law firm with over 65 lawyers across Canada. Diamond and diamond welcome back. Canada will take on switzerland today, semifinal round of the world hockey championship tournament. >> The team's punch their ticket to the semis with their 63 quarter-final victory of a slovakia-v on thursday that paul led the way with a goal and assist in the victory. Now this meeting between the 2 teams will mark the second time the countries will meet in the semi-final, the first one dating back to 2018 puck drop. Under 2 hours. Let's go

to the pitch count. Toronto fc will go for their 3rd straight win tonight as they welcome fc cincinnati to bmo. Safe to say the reds dominant and their 8, one win in their second leg of the canadian champion quarter-final on tuesday. And last saturday's 5, 1, win over montreal. Cincinnati. Well, they got the second best record in the league and sit 8 points ahead. Tfc in the eastern conference standings, remember to see was at the bottom of the standings last year. Quite the resurgence kick off at 7.30 speaking to be at the bottom. The blue jays continue their series with the tigers in detroit last night. >> 0, 2, is in the air, left centerfield. >> Jack could have been bad. Things were ok into the 4th inning. Kevin kiermaier almost ran into daulton varsho. He's mistaken. Good this year, that would lead to the first of 3 runs in the inning. Jays starter alek manoah was dominant a couple starts ago, but it's not really his fault. I mean, that happened, he gave up 6 runs for before he was eventually pulled in the 5th. The jays scored a couple in the 9th, avoid being shut out. Tigers win 6, 2, the pressure women's hockey league final continued last night with minnesota hosting boston. >> But picking up speed >> Minnesota's taylor highs, he scored just 59 seconds into the game. Show's ahead of this is to help lead the home team to the 4, 1, victory. Minnesota now lead the best of 5 series 2 to one that will host game 4 tomorrow. 10:25, 14 degrees watching trials, breaking news, cp24. A look at the day's top stories. We come back. (Dramatic music) I am Paul Atreides! Duke of Arrakis! Let me fight beside you. I'll show you the way. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at ( ) ( ) The Magic Window Wall... can change faster than you can. Captain, the Cable Emperor has established contact. Put him through. May the lag be with you. Both: May the lag be with you. What's the status? Their ship has escaped, Your Eminence. They're just too fast. I see. Well don't worry, good things come to those who... (Static) Who what? "...who wait," captain. He's frozen again. Of course he is. Classic Cable Empire. ( ) The next lotto 6/49 Gold Ball jackpot is a big one. It's a massive $54 million! Imagine the possibilities Plus, the Classic $5 million jackpot. That's two jackpots on every ticket: the lotto 6/49 Classic Jackpot and the growing Gold Ball Jackpot. Two chances to find your possible. [olg Sting] (Mid-tempo music) Hello. I'm Russell Oliver, and I am the cash man. Bring me your used jewelry and I will give you cash. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! ( ) ( ) The Magic Window Wall... can change faster than you can. ( ) ( ) Kevin and Sarah have one of the world's largest collections of souvenir plates. [crash] They also have a teenager, so they got their plates insured. But they don't have life insurance. Kevin's worried his diabetes will make it hard to qualify, and Sarah does not like medical exams. So we got them some new plates to tell them about Canada Protection Plan. Canada Protection Plan has solutions for both the healthy and hard to insure. With no needles or medical exams required on most plans. You'll get great coverage at a price you'll love and there are no payments in your first month. Anybody between 18 and 80 can apply

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new. In terms of them responsibility. May, you maybe have room for someone who was starting forget it. Forget, how important is it for you to remember that remember when they weren't, imperative we live, live through and they, they're never gone. They're going to be here throughout my dad will be here my siblings and my kid and my brother and my sister kids. We now see like glimpses of him in some things they do or he's always with I did ask for better weather today and he didn't mine. Everything I do, I just try to emulate what my dad did and try to be a better person, a better human cause. He really was a great example of how to live your life to listen, I take him as a specially now that he's gone, it is gone, but that looks sort of much of my online. >> Thank you very much for us to remember father you get. So this is starting to operate said, you know, everything's is getting underway the next few minutes, but you can hear this in the conversation with derision about how >> Important this is for not only lost people, but also what we're talking about, an aging population. We have baby boomers that are retirement years and we're expecting to see up to 2 million people by 2050 with dementia or alzheimer's more mild dementia. There's a lot of people that this will affect an already affecting hundreds of thousands plenty of reasons to want today, you can send it back to, you thank you very is definitely gut wrenching journey for everyone involved. No doubt. Thanks much for that. >> All right, moving on to the roads right now. Tragedy on the qew. A toronto man is dead after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a coach bus on the a q a in st. Catharines. >> Chopper 24 was over the scene on the toronto-bound lanes of the garden city skyway bridge. The opp say a wheel came up a passenger van hit a pickup truck and then went through the bus windshield. 48 year-old man from toronto, who was a passenger on the bus was killed. 3 other passengers were seriously hurt. This happened around 3.40 yesterday afternoon. The university of toronto has delivered a trespass notice. The organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment by the protests continues. The university says the deadline to vacate the space at king's college circle is now at 8:00am monday morning. But before that, the 2 sides will meet again for talks at 5:00pm on sunday. This follows an offer the university presented thursday in a bid to end this protest that includes forming a working group to consider disclosure of its investments. But you have to also says that it will not end any partnerships with israeli universities. >> This confirmed with us that they're meeting with us at but that they're moving forward. The trespass at that's where we're at right you know, this trespass notice is the first of a much longer you know, these types of things, you know, they issue that trespass notice. And then you know, that starts at the wheels turning, but doesn't mean immediately. And the next you know, for 5 minutes that hundreds of cops are going to show up. There's lots of room between now and then. And we implore the administration to the right thing to be on the right side of history to divest from israeli apartheid ongoing genocide. >> And you're a student advocacy hillel ontario is calling for the removal of the encampment, saying reports of anti-semitism and intimidation on campus have not been addressed by the university. As you can protests continues at u of t's st. George downtown campus vandalism has been found at the university scarborough campus number of red triangles were spotted on the side of buildings at the campus on military trail. They also featured cross hairs, those upside down triangles have become a popular symbol amongst pro-palestinian advocates. Some interpretations, however, link them to videos from hamas's military wing. That highlight israeli targets with red triangles. The paint was soon covered up. The child police hate crimes unit says it is aware of the occurrence. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant 3 years ago was the result of a plot from a group would pledge their allegiance isis. The crown also says that the reason a mississauga man was killed because he was ready to expose those terrorist ties. Here's ctv's jon woodward. >> It was a scene in may of 2021 in the family run restaurant chicken land 5 people shot the 25 year-old name. A keel died in an attack that shocked the city of mississauga. I just don't understand. >> Senseless really is, it's just senseless. At the time, police released this surveillance video of the gunman before and after the shooting, part of an investigation that led to the arrests of 3 akasha suleyman rasa and anand nath and lead the crown attorney to tell a jury in the first-degree murder trial of the brampton courthouse that keel had gone to work in abbas's warehouse ground. Attorney david d'iorio said you will hear evidence that 90 mckiel had become aware that the group had pledged allegiance to isis. They were just buying and selling products. They had pledged allegiance to isis. The islamic state and money was being used to finance that

organization sent back home to further that cause he was planning to go to the authorities and betray the others. It's our position that the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening. A plan to kill name a keel and his family. >> The crown says on may 29th 2021. That plan was put into action alleging that nath entered the restaurant, pulled a handgun and shot 7 times in 18 seconds. Witnesses told the court they saw a slender man rush from the restaurant and hop into the trunk of a waiting honda accord, which sped off inside a keels mother. Rania had heard several pops. She was shot in the arm. She rushed in to see several other family members being shot, including one of her sons. She said I looked at him, he was looking at me. I could see the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing. She said she called 9-1-1 and then ask any driver in the gas station for help. Police pulled footage from some 70 dash cams and surveillance cameras on route to follow the accord back to abbas's business. One officer testified major break in the case. John woodward, ctv news. Let's talk transit >> There's some disruptions on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend. The lakeshore west rail be temporarily modified on certain weekends until june, the 9th help attract work. The trains will be operating every 15 minutes. Union station to oakville, hourly service pitino killing west harbour, a train service on the barrie line suspended all weekend for track work. Buses are running instead and they'll be running between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. Also on the ttc, they'll be no service on line 2 between woodbine station and kennedy station today and tomorrow for track work. Shuttle buses are running instead, regular service will be back on monday. And doors over toronto happening this week and getting a chance explore. But 160 of the city's historic sites. Now since the year 2000 events allow people to get behind the scenes looks at certain landmarks, including todmorden mills queen's park and the lower bay subway station. This year's theme is hidden histories. Christine williamson is the lead programmer for doors open joined cp24 on what we can all expect. >> We do have sites all across the city, whether in scarborough, north york, etobicoke. But if you go to our website, doors open as toronto dot ca slash doors open. We have a interactive map and a full list of the 163 sites that are across all 25 wards. You could figure out what's nearby you almost all of our sites are clustered so that there's something nearby. If you decide to go to one spot, you get pretty quickly to another one. And that is by far the best way to plan your weekend. If you prefer a physical map, all of our sites will have physical maps on site. You can pick one up and do it that way. >> So I drove in today and sunday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. It is 10:41 14 degrees. You're watching toronto's breaking news cp24. We come back indians ahead into the poll at of the country's next election. Details on that coming up. Welcome to the world of spycraft. (Dramatic music) Keep yours eyes glued to the action. Let's get down. Let's get funky! What are you concealing? You a communist sympathizer? (Whistles) It's just a job. Justice. You are not alone, we can help. If you have been denied long term disability, You need our help. Call me, Wendy, at Sokoloff lawyers, to get you the money you deserve. Don't put it off, call Sokoloff So I didn't think I needed Swiffer, until, I saw how easily it picked up my hair every time I dried it! Only takes a minute. Look at that! The Heavy Duty cloths are extra thick, for amazing trap & lock. Even for his hair. Wow! And for dust, I love my Heavy Duty Duster. The fluffy fibers trap dust on contact, up high and all around without having to lift a thing. I'm so hooked. You'll love Swiffer or your money back. Join the heat pump revolution with an all electric or hybrid heating and cooling system. Save up to 50% on utility bills while using only one system to cool and heat your home. Make the switch to Mitsubishi Electric, Canada's number one brand in mini-split heat pump technology. (Upbeat music) welcome back. 4 people are dead, 16 injured after a two-storey restaurant collapsed on the spanish island of mallorca. This happened in the city of palm on the mediterranean island popular with tourists. Officials say 7 people suffered very serious injuries. According to local media reports, people dancing on the terrorists that collapsed on top of another floor. The cause of this collapse is under

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