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>>> Experts are calling on canada to disaster proof their hospitals. Increasing weather events threatened the health systems. Disasters that bring people to the er are also striking the hospitals themselves. Hospitals across the country have had to stop operations because of extreme weather over the past couple of years. Experts say the fixes are simple so they aren't overpowered by wildfire smoke. Toronto's breaking news, cp24. Toronto is out. All the canadian are teams are out. But the pwhl final still ongoing. Minnesota taking on boston in game three. We have got all the Ok, someone just did laundry... No, I add Downy Light so the freshness really lasts. Yeah, most scented stuff gives me a headache, but this is just right. And I don't like anything. But I like this. Get a light scent that lasts with no heavy perfumes or dyes. At Nuborrow we develop unique plans so people can unlock the equity in their home. Unique like this one... it's called the Jackson's Plan. Christopher and Gabrielle's son is off to school to play soccer and study engineering. Go, Quinton. They were juggling the cost of school, their current debts, and needed a specialized plan of attack. So now, while others only dream about goals, Quentin can score them. Reach out today... we'll work side by side to unlock the equity in your home. Use your home to get a loan with Nuborrow. That grimey film on your teeth... Dr. G? That's actually the buildup of plaque bacteria, which can cause cavities. Unlike other toothpastes, Crest Pro-Health's Antibacterial Fluoride fights bacteria for 12 hours. It stops cavities before they start. Crest. If you are ready to replace your windows or patio doors, would you want multiple companies working in your home? Or would you prefer one single company doing everything? I'm Ann Romer here with Michael Smith from Renewable by Andersen. Michael, you do things so differently. Yes we do. And we take care of your entire project for you from the point of sales, through manufacturing, all the way through the installation and the warranty. We cut out the middleman. And our customers absolutely love that. So, Michael, you're warranty is very different from what other window companies offer. Yes, we offer a triple warranty that covers our windows, patio doors and the installation. A lot of companies here in the Toronto area warrant their windows. But what happens if that company goes out of business? Well, exactly. Renewal by Andersen is a full service replacement window division of Andersen, which is a family of U.S. and Canadian companies. They've been around for over 115 years. So we'll be here to stand behind our warranty. You replace a lot of vinyl windows here in the Toronto area. People choose vinyl because they're sometimes less expensive, but vinyl is really 1950s technology, so they tend to warp and crack. Meaning that you'd have to do your windows again. Okay, so if you don't use vinyl, what are your windows made of? Andersen research and develop our fibrics window material for over 30 years before we install it into one. Home fibrics is a composite material that's two times stronger than vinyl and really just much more beautiful. And right now, renewal by Andersen has a great deal for Toronto area homeowners. Before May 31st, save $299 on every window and save $799 on every door. Get an extra $500 off your project. Plus, pay nothing for a year. For a free appointment, call renewal by Andersen named Home Stars Best of the best for 2024. 1-800-665-4700 Closed captioning of this cp24 program is brought to you by Diamond and Diamond lawyers Canada's largest personal injury law firm with over 65 lawyers across Canada brit >> Phil: welcome back. Canada takes out switzerland in the semifinal round of the tournament. I don't know why I said semifinal like that. The teach punched their ticket to the semis. Nick paul led the way with an assist in the win. This is the second time the countries meet in the semifinal. The first one dating back to 2018. Puck drop at 12:20. And toronto fc will go for a third straight win tonight. They welcome fc cincinnati to town. They're coming off an 8-1 win in the second leg of the quarterfinal championship on tuesday. Last saturday, it was a 5-1 victory over montreal. Cincinnati has the second best record in the east. Kickoff tonight at 7:30.

cannot wait. Quite the test. The blue jays continued their series against the tigers in detroit last night. >> 0-2 is in the air. Left centre field. >> Phil: things were going already until that happened. Kevin kiermaier charged with an error after almost colliding with daulton varsho. Jays astarter alek manoah give up six runs before he was pulled. Tiramisus win -- tigers win 6-2. >> The pwhlrofessional women's hockey league was last night with boston playing minnesota. Taylor heise scored 59 seconds into the game. She had an assist last night to lead the home team to the 4-1 win. Minnesota leads the best of five series 2-1. They will host game four tomorrow. More hockey, rangers were at home last night trying to take on the florida panthers. Trying to take that serious. >> Off of trocheck. Gets the lead. Scores. Gaudreau scored 6 minutes into overtime snapping the panthers '11-game winning streak. Tied up at one apiece. The series will head to florida for game 3 and 4. >> Really good. I thought we were sharper with everything we were doing. It's a game that goes back and forth. It's tight. It's close both ways. I think we started to take control of the game through the second and some good things in the third. We need some big saves. The overtime, he really like the way we played the overtime on the attack. It's a good hockey team. It was a good game. It went both ways. He made a heck of a shot on that. >> Phil: he's hyped. The oilers go up 2-nothing. Edmonton is coming off a thrilling 3-2 win. Connor McDAVID scored real quick into the extra, extra frame. The wolves hosted the mavericks in game two of the conference finals. Luka doncic led the way for dallas putting up a massive triple-double. Minnesota led by 12 by the halfway point. Dallas came all the way back with the second half out scoring the travels 61-58. Dallas wins 109-108. They have a 2-nothing series lead. >> The play was to get luke squab luca the ball. He has trust with his teammates he knew who he was going to find to knock down a not. We talk about taking a two, we're only down two. Dancing with gobert, you could see that the step-back was coming. The rest was history. >> Phil: game three is tomorrow night in dallas. Let's talk about movies. The weekend is here. Let's talk about movies that are here including the mad max installment. It's fewer furiousa. She finds herself in the battle to make their way home. Richard crouse says this one is quite the ride. >> Nobody shoot action scenes the way george miller is able to. You will pay for the whole seat. You will only use the edge. This movie is visually engaging. The stowaway sequence took 78 days to shoot. I gave it four out of five stars. See it loud as you can.

>> Phil: THIS IS ALTHOUGH THELY BASED ON A TRUE STORY. IT FOLLOWS A MILD MANNERED PROFESSOR. A HITMAN FOR SKIER -- HIRE. CROUSE SAYS THE MOVIE IS LIGHT AND FROTHY BUT ANCHORED BY A SMART SCRIPT AND GOOD PERFORMANCES. >> IT HAS A SCENE ABOUT THREE-QUARTERS OF THE WAY THROUGH THE MOVIE WHEN THE AUDIENCE AND I SAW THIS BURST INTO APPLAUSE AFTER IT WAS OVER. IT WAS THAT WELL-PERFORMED, THAT FUNNY, WITH SLAPSTICK EDGE TO IT. IT'S CALLED HITMAN IN THEATRES RIGHT NOW. IT'S REALLY WORTH A LOOK. >> Phil: A REBOOT OF GARFIELD. HE'S MARIO AND EVERYBODY AFTER BEING ABANDONED BY HIS STREET CAT. THE ORANGE TABBIE LEADS A LIFE OF LEISURE. WHEN VICK REAPPEARS, FWARFIELD AND ODIE LEAVE THAT LASAGNE BEHIND FOR A RISKY HEIST. >> BABE EXPLORES COMPLEX -- YOU'RE WATCHING TORONTO'S BREAKING NEWS, CP24. A LOOK AT TODAY'S TOP STORIES WHEN WE COME BACK. [ ] Oh Canada!! their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser powers through tough messes. So it makes it look like I spent hours cleaning. And no, I didn't! It makes my running shoe look like new! It's amazing! It's so good, it makes it look like I have magical powers! Magic Eraser and Sheets make cleaning look easy. For over 55 years, Greenpark Group has consistently built communities that people proudly call home. Introducing Thompson Towers, Greenpark's newest condo in Milton just steps from the Go Train. With suites starting from the low $500's, residents will enjoy unique amenities including; rooftop pool, and state—of—the—art recreational facilities. Inspiring the people who bring communities to life, Greenpark is the people's builder. Visit for condos now selling across the GTA. Hey its Brian Baeumler. I am here at Canadian Choice Windows and doors in Vaughn, Ontario, having a look a the euro tilt and turn window. Great thing about these. You can install them anywhere or in your home. Nice secure latches here and you can tell or you can turn. So this can also be used for egress, beautiful windows, very popular style in Europe and becoming more popular here in North America. Nice secure latch. Thats a great looking window. So, it's a financial approach that just flows together. Kinda like this: Investments in the front... Insurance in the back. We do both. [phone ringing] ( ) CRAVE, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now at CRAVE.CA. To give your teeth a dentist clean feeling... start with a round brush head... add power... and you've got Oral-B. Round cleans better by surrounding each tooth... to remove 100% more plaque... for that just-left-the-dentist clean feeling. Oral-B So I didn't think I needed Swiffer, until, I saw how easily it picked up my hair every time I dried it! Only takes a minute. Look at that! The Heavy Duty cloths are extra thick, for amazing trap & lock. Even for his hair. Wow! And for dust, I love my Heavy Duty Duster. The fluffy fibers trap dust on contact, up high and all around without having to lift a thing.

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that 90 mckiel had become aware that the group had pledged allegiance to isis. They were just buying and selling products. They had pledged allegiance to isis. The islamic state and money was being used to finance that organization sent back home to further that cause he was planning to go to the authorities and betray the others. It's our position that the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening. A plan to kill name a keel and his family. >> The crown says on may 29th 2021. That plan was put into action alleging that nath entered the restaurant, pulled a handgun and shot 7 times in 18 seconds. Witnesses told the court they saw a slender man rush from the restaurant and hop into the trunk of a waiting honda accord, which sped off inside a keels mother. Rania had heard several pops. She was shot in the arm. She rushed in to see several other family members being shot, including one of her sons. She said I looked at him, he was looking at me. I could see the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing. She said she called 9-1-1 and then ask any driver in the gas station for help. Police pulled footage from some 70 dash cams and surveillance cameras on route to follow the accord back to abbas's business. One officer testified major break in the case. John woodward, ctv news. >> And police toronto released images of 2 suspects in assault and robbery on the ttc that they're trying to identify these 2 men. Police say on tuesday a victim intervened when he saw 2 men bothering another person in a temporary bus bay at kennedy station. The victim was then assaulted and had his personal belongings taken. Investigators at 41 division are appealing for information about these 2 suspects. And independent mp kevin vong has asked to run for the federal conservatives in the next election. Van was the liberal candidate in spadina-fort york in 2021, but was dropped by the party just days before the vote for failing to disclose a withdrawn sexual assault charge. He won his seat that has been sitting as an independent since that is hoping conservative leader pierre poilievre will nominate him in gta riding. He has voted alongside the conservatives on a range of issues. And he says that he obtained party membership last november. Party spokeswoman, sarah fisher says the tories are not considering bringing him into caucus. And the ontario ndp are calling for action to help families facing uncertainty the province's latest funding delay. And it's $10 a-day daycare program. The news conference comes after the provincial government told childcare centres that it will implement a new way of funding the program, the national $10 day program starting next year. Many daycares are warning about a risk of closing if a funding formula is an updated soon to cover the actual cost of providing care. Just got hamas from the ontario coalition for better child care says that the province's approach doesn't match the approach of others throughout the country. >> What is the difference between ontario's approach versus others. And in the other provinces. Ontario specifically scrapped their planned increases, which account for inflation or just planned increases since the was implemented. So I like other provinces who have actually increased their their contributions, which makes perfect sense when you're building a system from the ground up. They have flatlined it. And that has been likely the significant difference ny, this hasn't ruled out in ontario, the same way it has across the country. >> 92% of licensed childcare providers have out that into ontario's 10 dollar-a-day program. Well, a new wing at north or general hospital is designed to give patients a quicker and more private way to get mental health assistance. Ctv health reporter pauline chan introducing us to the purple zone. >> 12 years ago in north york, general played a key role andrew burtynsky's. Like I was doing with the diagnosis of what appeared to be depression. And turned that to be complex post-traumatic stress disorder. And the emergency department was a noisy, busy place because very obvious that the room, the space is built for physical ailments here in a room with a little. >> You know, like a barrier there and a person says ok, we're gonna have a conversation. Don't worry. It's confidential. Now can please tell me about the most traumatic and worst thing that you've been experiencing. The lack of privacy and need for a calm, secure place devoted to mental health. >> Prompted the creation of north york general's new purple zone. The goal is to improve patient experience is the staff that are here are trained both as medical nurses and his mental health nurses. Our patients come directly from tree eyes. So before they would have had to go to triage, wait in an area, wait for the emerged act to see them be seen by an emerging ers who doesn't have the mental health background. >> Then wait hours upon hours upon hours. We do see from like we'd be feeling a little bit of grief and depression. >> 2 patients, me who may be a danger to themselves or to others. Nurse mark on says people coming into the er can be quickly diverted to the

purple zone. It streamlines or access to specialized mental health care. The unit features individual secure rooms with soothing surroundings have coming in crisis myself and like extreme crisis. >> And the lack of noise in the purple the privacy. The fact there's kind of individual attention >> Those are really big things. Andrew now works as a peer counsellor outside the hospital or at cooler is a peer support navigator with the purple zone. The emergency department at north york general see some 300 patients a day with about 4% of those dealing with mental health problems. So that 4% of say keeps growing every year because the merge volumes grow. >> Every year, sandy borrego says immediate plans include hiring more staff and building more connections with community mental health organizations. >> Pauline chan, ctv news. >> However, looking to get out and you want to know about these service changes on the lakeshore west and barrie lines a go transit service on the lakeshore west rail will be temporary modified. I'm certain weekends until june, the 9th to help to track work. The trains will be operating every 15 minutes between union station oakville and then hourly service between oakville and west harbour go train service on the barrie line will be suspended all weekend for track work during that time, buses are only running between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. Also for ttc riders, especially in the east end. There is no service on line 2 between woodbine and kennedy stations today and tomorrow. During trackwork shuttle buses are running. Regular service will be back on monday. That maybe you want to get out and about to take transit shuttle buses, which have doors open. Toronto happening this weekend, getting a chance explore more than 160 of the city's historic and significant sites since 2000. The event allows the public to get behind the scenes looking at landmarks, including todmorden mills queen's park. And this is a good one. The lower bay subway station, this year's theme is hidden histories. Christine williamson is a lead programmer for doors open and she joined cp24 with more on what we can all expect. >> We do have sites all across the city, whether in scarborough, north york or etobicoke. But if you go to our website, doors open as toronto dot ca slash doors open. We have a interactive map and a full list of the 163 sites that are across all 25 wards. You could figure out what's nearby you almost all of our sites are clustered so that there's something nearby. If you decide to go to one spot, you get pretty quickly to another one. And that is by far the best way to plan your weekend. If you prefer a physical match, all of our sites will have physical maps on site and you can pick one up and do it that way. >> It is 10 11 15 degrees. You're watching toronto's breaking news cp24. We come back. Israel says they have killed dozens of terrorists and their latest attacks. Details on that in moments. Red hot summer four farmers one mission true love I'm super excited to find the love of my life. A new crop of daters plunge into rural life I'm not a farm girl yet, but I'm farm-curious. On the show with real life romance I feel really special. Real connections I'm all in. Real heartbreak who will find their happily ever after? I did fall in love. You're a person I can see a future with. I choose you. Farming for love on ctv People across Ontario have discovered Casino Time dot c-a! I'm playing Blackjack in Belleville I'm playing slots in Sarnia. I'm playing Bingo... in a cave. Seem unbelievable? Believe it! Casino Time has live players, live dealers and live chat anywhere in Ontario... From Grimsby To North Bay to the bush. It's Casino Time where you are. Ontario only. Must be 19+. Please play responsibly. If you can get a signal, you can get a game. When choosing a location, amenities matter. Like private outdoor space, natural light, and most importantly, temperature control. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island To 50 years with my best friend. Nooo... Aya... Quick, the Quicker Picker Upper! One sheet of Bounty is all you need And Bounty is 50% more absorbent so you can use less. Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. (Dynamic music) welcome back. The israeli army says it has killed dozens of terrorist during today's operation into gaza. Officials say the operation took place in gaza's northern city, a jabalia and destroyed terrorist infrastructure. Launch sites and military structures. The attacks come on the heels of the world court ordering israel to halt its military offensive in south in the southern gaza city of rafah. Well, italy

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