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>>> Experts are calling on canada to disaster proof their hospitals. Increasing weather events threatened the health systems. Disasters that bring people to the er are also striking the hospitals themselves. Hospitals across the country have had to stop operations because of extreme weather over the past couple of years. Experts say the fixes are simple so they aren't overpowered by wildfire smoke. Toronto's breaking news, cp24. Toronto is out. All the canadian are teams are out. But the pwhl final still ongoing. Minnesota taking on Hello and welcome to the Skilled Trades college game show with Scottie Barnes leading by 10,000 points. All right, Open anyone here with certifications at stc, prepare students for a career making up to $100,000 a year in just three short months. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall and masonry. Are you sure you've never attended stc because you've won 42 shows in a row? I'm just passionate about the skill trades. Enroll today and skilled trades college. People across Ontario have discovered Casino Time dot c-a! I'm playing Blackjack in Belleville I'm playing slots in Sarnia. I'm playing Bingo... in a cave. Seem unbelievable? Believe it! Casino Time has live players, live dealers and live chat anywhere in Ontario... From Grimsby To North Bay to the bush. It's Casino Time where you are. Ontario only. Must be 19+. Please play responsibly. If you can get a signal, you can get a game. To give your teeth a dentist clean feeling... start with a round brush head... add power... and you've got Oral-B. Round cleans better by surrounding each tooth... to remove 100% more plaque... for that just-left-the-dentist clean feeling. Oral-B -Spring is a great time to get things done. A Flexi Line might be right for you. -Could you use two eighty or even two point eight million? -Call us today. (Dynamic jazz instrumental) crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now at Closed captioning of this cp24 program is brought to you by Bloom Retirement Communities. Now open in Oshawa, Stouffville, Lindsay and soon London. (Mellow music) brit >> Phil: welcome back. Canada takes out switzerland in the semifinal round of the tournament. I don't know why I said semifinal like that. The teach punched their ticket to the semis. Nick paul led the way with an assist in the win. This is the second time the countries meet in the semifinal. The first one dating back to 2018. Puck drop at 12:20. And toronto fc will go for a third straight win tonight. They welcome fc cincinnati to town. They're coming off an 8-1 win in the second leg of the quarterfinal championship on tuesday. Last saturday, it was a 5-1 victory over montreal. Cincinnati has the second best record in the east. Kickoff tonight at 7:30. Cannot wait. Quite the test. The blue jays continued their series against the tigers in detroit last night. >> 0-2 is in the air. Left centre field. >> Phil: things were going already until that happened. Kevin kiermaier charged with an error after almost colliding with daulton varsho. Jays astarter alek manoah give up six runs before he was pulled. Tiramisus win -- tigers win 6-2. >> The pwhlrofessional women's hockey league was last night with boston playing minnesota. Taylor heise scored 59 seconds into the game. She had an assist last night to lead the home team to the 4-1 win. Minnesota leads the best of five series 2-1. They will host game four tomorrow. More hockey, rangers were at home last night trying to take on the florida panthers. Trying to take that serious.

>> Off of trocheck. Gets the lead. Scores. Gaudreau scored 6 minutes into overtime snapping the panthers '11-game winning streak. Tied up at one apiece. The series will head to florida for game 3 and 4. >> Really good. I thought we were sharper with everything we were doing. It's a game that goes back and forth. It's tight. It's close both ways. I think we started to take control of the game through the second and some good things in the third. We need some big saves. The overtime, he really like the way we played the overtime on the attack. It's a good hockey team. It was a good game. It went both ways. He made a heck of a shot on that. >> Phil: he's hyped. The oilers go up 2-nothing. Edmonton is coming off a thrilling 3-2 win. Connor McDAVID scored real quick into the extra, extra frame. The wolves hosted the mavericks in game two of the conference finals. Luka doncic led the way for dallas putting up a massive triple-double. Minnesota led by 12 by the halfway point. Dallas came all the way back with the second half out scoring the travels 61-58. Dallas wins 109-108. They have a 2-nothing series lead. >> The play was to get luke squab luca the ball. He has trust with his teammates he knew who he was going to find to knock down a not. We talk about taking a two, we're only down two. Dancing with gobert, you could see that the step-back was coming. The rest was history. >> Phil: game three is tomorrow night in dallas. Let's talk about movies. The weekend is here. Let's talk about movies that are here including the mad max installment. It's fewer furiousa. She finds herself in the battle to make their way home. Richard crouse says this one is quite the ride. >> Nobody shoot action scenes the way george miller is able to. You will pay for the whole seat. You will only use the edge. This movie is visually engaging. The stowaway sequence took 78 days to shoot. I gave it four out of five stars. See it loud as you can. >> Phil: this is although thely based on a true story. It follows a mild mannered professor. A hitman for skier -- hire. Crouse says the movie is light and frothy but anchored by a smart script and good performances. >> It has a scene about three-quarters of the way through the movie when the audience and I saw this burst into applause after it was over. It was that well-performed, that funny, with slapstick edge to it. It's called hitman in theatres right now. It's really worth a look. >> Phil: a reboot of garfield. He's mario and everybody after being abandoned by his street cat. The orange tabbie leads a life

OF LEISURE. WHEN VICK REAPPEARS, FWARFIELD AND ODIE LEAVE THAT LASAGNE BEHIND FOR A RISKY HEIST. >> BABE EXPLORES COMPLEX -- YOU'RE WATCHING TORONTO'S BREAKING NEWS, CP24. A LOOK AT TODAY'S TOP STORIES WHEN WE COME BACK. [ ] Male Announcer: CHUM 104.5. I'm not here for long Toronto's best music. I'm a survivor Listen for your chance to play CHUM's Road Trip Challenge. Win a Nissan Rogue S all-wheel drive. Hello! Now that I am in Yorkville... I am the Class-man. Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex... You name it we've got it! Look rich, stay rich! 88 Yorkville baby. Ooh Yeaaahhh!!! Look rich, stay rich! 88 Yorkville baby. Ooh Yeaaahhh!!! -I'm always thankful when spring comes. It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring clean and put new plans in place for the year. -How about you? Is there something you'd like to get done? Perhaps it's your home renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Line can help you do that. -Could you use eighty thousand, two eighty or even two point eight million? -Call us today at 1800-NEW-CAPITAL to see what's available to you. With new Scope Squeez mouthwash concentrate, just add water, squeeze to control the strength of your mouthwash, and find a zone all your own. ( ) Scope Squeez. Tide is busting Laundry's biggest myth... that cold water can't clean. Cold water, on those stains? Cold water can't clean tough stains? I'd say that Myth is Busted. Turn to cold, with Tide. Hello! Now that I am in Yorkville... I am the Class-man. Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex... You name it we've got it! Look rich, stay rich! 88 Yorkville baby. Ooh Yeaaahhh!!! Look rich, stay rich! 88 Yorkville baby. Ooh Yeaaahhh!!! (Dynamic music) If you are ready to replace your windows or patio doors, would you want multiple companies working in your home? Or would you prefer one single company doing everything? I'm Ann Romer here with Michael Smith from Renewable by Andersen. Michael, you do things so differently. Yes we do. And we take care of your entire project for you from the point of sales, through manufacturing, all the way through the installation and the warranty. We cut out the middleman. And our customers absolutely love that. So, Michael, you're warranty is very different from what other window companies offer. Yes, we offer a triple warranty that covers our windows, patio doors and the installation. A lot of companies here in the Toronto area warrant their windows. But what happens if that company goes out of business? Well, exactly. Renewal by Andersen is a full service replacement window division of Andersen, which is a family of U.S. and Canadian companies. They've been around for over 115 years. So we'll be here to stand behind our warranty. You replace a lot of vinyl windows here in the Toronto area. People choose vinyl because they're sometimes less expensive, but vinyl is really 1950s technology, so they tend to warp and crack. Meaning that you'd have to do your windows again. Okay, so if you don't use vinyl, what are your windows made of? Andersen research and develop our fibrics window material for over 30 years before we install it into one. Home fibrics is a composite material that's two times stronger than vinyl and really just much more beautiful. And right now, renewal by Andersen has a great deal for Toronto area homeowners. Before May 31st, save $299 on every window and save $799 on every door. Get an extra $500 off your project. Plus, pay nothing for a year. For a free appointment, call renewal by Andersen named Home Stars Best of the best for 2024. 1-800-665-4700 (Dynamic instrumental music) [ ] [ ] >> MAN FROM TORONTO IS DEAD

after a wheel hit a coach bus on the qew in st. Catharines. More from the scene in moments. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant in 2021 was the result of a plot from a group who pledged their allegiance to isis. >>> And u of t delivered a trespass notice to a university encampment. The deadline to vacate the space at kings college circle is monday morning. For now, saturday morning, 8 o'clock, 15°. A bit chilly. This is toronto's breaking news, cp24. I'm phil perkins. A toronto man is dead after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a bus on the qew in st. Catharines. Chopper 24 hovered over the scene in the toronto-bound lanes near the garden city skyway bridge. The opp say a wheel came off a passenger van. You can see it right there, hit a pickup and went through the bus windshield. A 48-year-old toronto man who was a passenger on the bus was killed. Other passengers were seriously hurt. This happened around 3:40 yesterday afternoon. >>> A mother and a child were sent to hospital after being hit by a vehicle in etobicoke last night. This happened last night. Paramedics tell us the mother and child were taken to hospital. Their injuries are considered minor. >>> The university of toronto delivered a trespass notice to organized. The protest continues. The university says the deadline to vacate the space is 8 a.m. Monday morning. Until then t two sides meet for talks on sunday. This follows an offer the university presented on thursday in a bid to end the weekslong protest. It formed a working group to consider disclosure of its investments. >> The offer that they put forward is the first offer. It's the first step. We look forward to further negotiations. It's a bit disheartening, this administration is still going forward with this trespass notice. We are here, continue to be here and continue to demand respect. >> Roger: jewish advocacy group halal ontario is calling for the removal of the encampments. As the encampment protest continues at u of t, st. George's campus, vandalism has been found at the university's campus in scarborough. A number of red triangles were spotted at the campus on military trail. They featured crosshairs. Upside down triangles have become a popular symbol amongst pro palestinian advocates. Some interpretations linked them to hamas' military wing. The paint was covered up. The toronto police hate crime unit says it is aware of the occurrence.

>>> Crown prosecutors say that a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant three years ago was the result of a plot from a group that pledged allegiance to isis. The reason a mississauga man was killed, he was ready to expose those terrorist ties. Here's ctv's john woodward. >> Reporter: it was a bloody scene in 2021. Five people shot. 25-year-old akil died in an attack that shocked the city of mississauga. >> Senseless. It is senseless. >> Reporter: at the time police released this video of the gunman before and after the shooting, part of the investigation that led to the arrest of three men and led the crown attorney to tell a jury that akil went to work in abbasi's warehouse. They pledged legioniousallegiance to isis. He was planning to go to the authorities and betray the others. It's our position that the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening. A plan to kill naim akl and his family. That plan was put into action. Nath entered the restaurant and rushed into the trunk of a waiting honda accord which sped off. His mother heard several pops. She rushed in to see several family members being shot including one of her sons. I could see the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing. She called 9-1-1 and asked any driver in the gas station for help. Police pulled footage from 70 dash cams and surveillance cameras en route to follow him back. John woodward, ctv news. >> A married couple have been found guilty of murder and attempted murder in a hamilton case finding oliver krarafa. The crown suggested he kill pratt because he couldn't pay back half a million dollars invested into a failing business. The pair fled to europe after the killings.

>>> An independent mp has asked to run for the federal conservatives in the next election. He was the liberal candidate in spadina-fort york in 2021 dropped just days before the vote for failing to disclose a withdrawn sexual assault charge. He won his seat and has been sitting as an independent since them. Vuong is hoping pierre poilievre will nominate him in a gta riding. He maintained party membership since last november. Party spokeswoman said the tories are not considering bringing him into caucus. >> Reporter: a new wing is designed to give patients a faster and more private way to get mental health assistance. Here's ctv health report pauline chan. >> Reporter: north york general played a key role in andrew's life. >> I was dealing with a diagnosis of what appeared to be depression and turned out to be complex posttraumatic stress disorder. >> Reporter: the emergency department was a noisy busy place. >> It becomes obvious that the space is built for physical ailments. >> You're in a room with a little barrier there and a person says, okay, we're going to have a conversation. Don't worry. It's confidential. Now can you please tell me about the most traumatic and worse thing you have been experiencing. >> Reporter: the lack of privacy and need for a calm secure place devoted to mental health created the creation of north york general's new patient zone. >> The staff here are trained at medical nurse cpso -- and mental health nurses. They come from triage. They would have had to go to triage, wait for an emerge doc, see an emerge nurse who doesn't have the mental health background and wait hours upon hours upon hours. >> We see patients feeling a little bit of grief or depression or patients who may be a danger to themselves or others. >> Reporter: people coming in to the er can be quickly devoted to the people zone. >> Access is streamlined to mental health care. >> Reporter: the unit has secure rooms. >> The lack of noise in the purple zone, the privacy, the fact that there's kind of individual attention, those are really big things. >> Reporter: andrew works as a peer counsellor outside the hospital. >> Reporter: the emergency department says 300 patients a day with 4% dealing with mental health problems. >> 4% is growing every year. The emerge volumes grow every year. >> Reporter: the immediate plans include hiring more staff and building connections with community mental health organizations. Pauline chan, ctv news. >> Doors open toronto is happening this weekend giving you a chance to explore more than 160 of the city's historic and significant sites. Since 2000, the event allows the public to get behind-the-scenes looks at landmarks including todd morden bills, gordon park and the subway station. This year's theme is hidden histories. The lead programming joins cp24 with more. >> The great things about doors open is the opportunity to see inside the buildings you walked past that you wonder what goes on in there. Get off the beaten path. Learn a different skill. Whether you're into stretcharchitecture or design, history. All of these sites are participating. It's interesting to learn about the gems in your backyard. >> The sites are open today and sunday from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. The city is trying to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused to the long-term construction on the gardiner. It involves opening the ramp from lakeshore to the westbound gardiner. The ramp was previously closed in the afternoon. It can be difficult for drivers to merge onto the gardiner during busy periods. That's scheduled to continue for three years. The city issued a statement today on the reopening of the ramp. It says the ramp opened earlier this afternoon as in friday. The city of toronto's traffic operations centre reports the ramp has been working extremely well to keep traffic moving. Traffic agents are present to assist with the continued throw of traffic and provide feedback about the conditions on the ground. The city is installing various

digital messaging siends -- siends and bollards to educate motorists about traffic changes as a result of the ramp's reopening. I have got to took up what a bollard is. Service on lakeshore west rail will be modified on certain weekends until june 9th. The trains operate every 15 minutes between union and oakville and then hourly from oakville to west harbour. Train service on the barrie line will be suspended for critical track work. During this time, buses will run between highway 407 and allen and waterfront. For those taking the ttc specifically on line 2, there's no service between woodbine and kennedy. Today crews will be doing shuttle work. Regular service should be back on monday. You're watching toronto's breaking news, cp24. Indians heading to the poll after the country's next election. Details coming up. [ ] Welcome to the world of spycraft. (Dramatic music) Keep yours eyes glued to the action. Let's get down. Let's get funky! What are you concealing? You a communist sympathizer? (Whistles) It's just a job. Tide is busting Laundry's biggest myth... that cold water can't clean. Cold water, on those stains? Cold water can't clean tough stains? I'd say that Myth is Busted. Turn to cold, with Tide. Money is a thing. You're told to make money, invest money, save money. While others are encouraging you to spend your money. You might even be planning your money ...based on someone else's plan. Maybe it's time to do things...differently. And get obsessed over something other than money. Like building a path based on what's important to you. ( ) we understand money's a thing, but it's not everything. Edward Jones. We do money differently. Inez, you're using Head & Shoulders, right? Only when I see flakes. You should use it every wash! Otherwise , the flakes will come back! He's right you know. Is that Tiny Troy? There's no itchiness, dryness or flakes down here! I love Tiny Troy. Make Every Wash Count. (Dynamic music) . >> Phil: welcome back. The israeli army says it killed dozens of terrorists during operations in gaza. Officials say the operations took place in the northern city of gibalia. The attacks come on the heels of the world court ordering israel to halt its offensive in the southern city of ratifia .

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