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Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. >> Zuraidah: a new wing at north york general hospital is designed to get a patient seven-day forecast and when private wait to get a mental health assistance. Health reporter introduces us to the purple zone rep! Five years ago north your general played a key role in his fight. >> Had a diagnosis for what appears to be depression, and it turned out to be complex ptsd. >> Reporter: at the emergency department was a noisy and busy. >> This basis is both for ailments, here in a room with a barrier, like okay we will have a conversation don't worry it's confidential. Please tell me about his most dramatic and worst think you've been experiencing. >> Reporter: the lack of privacy, is a place devoted to mental health, with the creation of north york generals knew purple zone is. >> The goal is for those experiences, trained as medical nurses and mental health nurses. Or patients come directly from triage, before they would have had to go to triage, waited for the emerged doctor to see them, seen by an emergency nurse who does not have the mental health background, and wait hours upon hours when we do see patients, lipid of bid of grief, depression, a danger to themselves or to others. >> Reporter: it people coming to the er can be quickly diverted to the purple zone. >> It is streamlines their axes. >> Reporter: individuals to rooms with snoozing surroundings is. >> I've come to crisis myself, like extreme crisis, the lack of noise in the purple zone, the privacy, and the fact that there is individual attention, those are big things. >> Reporter: working as a peer counsellor us out of the hospital, appears a port navigator with the purple zone. >> Emergency departments at north york genesee 300 patients a day, was about 12 percent of those dealing with mental health problems. >> Every year, the emergency volumes grow. >> Reporter: antes as an immediate plan includes hiring more staff and building more connections with community member the truck mental health organizations . Ctv news. [ ] [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours from sweat, urine, and other musty odours can get trapped in fabrics. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. It helps remove trapped odours 3-times better than detergent alone. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. -I'm always thankful when spring comes. It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring clean and put new plans in place for the year. -How about you? Is there something you'd like to get done? Perhaps it's your home renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Line can help you do that. -Could you use eighty thousand, two eighty or even two point eight million? -Call us today at 1800-new-capital to see what's available to you. Febreze! Your bathroom... Needs Febreze Small Spaces... The always-on, odor-fighting air freshener you set and forget. No outlets used, no batteries needed, no effort required. So your bathroom stays continuously fresh for 45 days. That's the power of Febreze Small Spaces. Announcer: Have you ever walked into a big fancy car dealership and wondered who's paying for this place? Shopping for a Chrysler Dodge, Jeep Ram or Fiat? Log onto Actual photos rock bottom prices, click shop, buy online, save big! Because nobody beats a deal from Peel! City's cultural calendar - returns this weekend. More than 160 historic and significant sites across all 25 wards... Will be open to the public for free to areas they typically can't access. Locations include museums, cultural landmarks, places of worship and theatres... As well as city hall, queen's park, and even lower bay station, among many others. We've got all different kinds of spaces. Whether your into architecture or design, or history, you like arts and crafts, museums. All of these kind of sites are participationg and yeah, its just a really interesting opprotunity to learn more about all the little gems in your backyard. This year's theme is "hidden histories" - doors open toronto runs saturday and sunday, 10 am to 5pm - you can find a list of participating locations on the city's website. And that is our report for this evening. A reminder -- you can get breaking news all day on c- p-24 -- and on our website -- "ctv news toronto dot c- a". For jessica smith -- and all of us at ctv news -- have a good night. I'm zuraidah alman -- we'll see you tomorrow. 11:30pm news

(Dynamic instrumental music) >> And from toronto is dead after a we'll hit a coach bus on the qew in st. Catharines. The university of toronto delivered a trespass notice. 2 organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment giving them a deadline on when they need to vacate or face legal action will have all the details from king's college circle coming up. And ontario is accelerating its expansion of alcohol sales in the province will have the details. Plus reaction straight ahead. From 299 queen street west. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Hello. I'm sijia liu. Thanks so much for joining us. We begin with developing news. A toronto man is dead after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a bus on the qew in st. Catharines chopper. 24 was over the scene in the toronto-bound lanes near the garden city skyway bridge opp say a wheel came off a passenger van hit a pickup and then went through a bus windshield. A 48 year-old toronto man who was a passenger on the bus was killed. 3 other passengers were seriously hurt. This happened around 3.40 this afternoon. >> Next to an update on the pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto with the school delivering a trespass notice to organizers cp24's lindsay busk and joins us with the latest details. Lindsay, you've been at the encampment all evening. Have you noticed any movements? >> Not so much sijia at a couple people coming and which I think will be normal at this time of night. But for the most part, it's very quiet inside the this hour. And it doesn't seem as though there's much movement in terms of anyone leaving. And we know the students have said they're not happy with what the university has offered so far. So they have no intention of leaving, but they do have until 8:00am monday morning. So that trespass notice came out today, as you mentioned, but it's not until 8:00am monday morning that the students actually have to be vacated from this encampment. And the university has size it will any subsequent legal matters as well afterwards. So this all comes after the university offered such an offer to the students yesterday with a couple of different things that included an invitation for students to attend the university's business board of governing council meeting on june 19th to present their demands. It also included a working group to consider options for disclosure and greater transparency of investments. But the university did say it would not cutting any ties with israeli universities, which is one of the demands that the students wanted. The students also demanded the university to divest from direct and indirect investments that support israel. And it sounds as though from this offer, that's not what's going to but the university did see the table as I just said to maybe pursue, got down the road. That being said, we heard from students in this encampment today and they say that this offer is not enough, which is why they rejected. And they say they feel now they've been offered an all to with this notice of trespass. Have a listen. >> This confirmed with us that they're meeting with us at but that they're moving forward. The trespass at that's where we're at right you know, this trespass notice is the first of a much longer you know, these types of things, you know, they issue that trespass notice. And then you know, that starts at the wheels turning, but doesn't mean immediately. And the next you know, for 5 minutes that hundreds of cops are going to show up. There's lots of room between now and then. And we implore the administration to the right thing to be on the right side of history to divest from israeli apartheid these ongoing genocide. >> So all the signs that you see all this fencing that you see, this has been up for weeks now sijia and it looks as though it's going to remain, at least for the rest of this weekend, despite the snow to sign. Kevin. Organizers did say university administrators had also agreed to meet with them on sunday at 5:00pm for continued negotiations. Supper hops. They'll be able to come to some kind of settlement before 8:00am on monday morning. The students half as I said until 8:00am monday morning to pack up leaves will have to wait and see how this goes. So >> Okay, a very crucial weekend. Thanks for keeping an eye on the encampment. Press lindsay. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant was a result of a plots from a group who had pledged allegiance to the terrorist group. Isis. >> 5 people were shot at chicken land near the college way. And glen erin drive in may of 2021. 25 year old naeem a kill was killed in the opening address in brampton this week. Crown attorney david diorio said a queue was planning to turn others in the group end. So they decided to kill him and his family on not

salman rasa akasha basi are all charged with one count of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. The charges haven't been proven in courts in testimony continued today. Keep it here on cp24. As we continue to follow this court proceeding. Ontario will soon be ontarians will soon be able to buy beer, wine cider and ready to drink alcohol at corner stores. The province announced today they moved up their plan to expand alcohol sales with availability at convenience stores coming on september 5th grocery stores already with licenses will be able to sell larger cases of beer as of august. 1st. And by the end of october, more big box stores will be allowed to sell the lower alcohol beverages like beer and wine. This accelerated plan is going to cost taxpayers to the tune of 225 million dollars to help out the beer store with the transition as well as giving a discount to convenience stores. >> As of october 31st, every convenience, grocery and big box store in ontario will be able to sell beer cider wine and ready to drink alcoholic beverages as we enter this new marketplace. The beer store and the lcbo. We'll continue to play a big role spirits like vodka, gin and whisky will continue to be sold at the lcbo. The beer store will remain active in distribution recycling and as a valid retailer. >> Some of the people we spoke to today support the expansion plan. >> People get out the race from anywhere. They will go your stories, making a convenient honestly, I don't really drink much. And I think a lot of young people drink much these days. Not going affect think, just more convenient. >> I have no issue is that that was born in europe, that's really going everywhere and you know, we don't drive people everywhere just because of that. So it's a show for it, I guess culture and so on. I think we're a civilized society and I don't see problem was that. So it proved come to trust was giving a deer. The corner is a problem. >> The beer store released a statement saying today is a significant milestone, reaffirming the beer store's crucial role as the primary distributor of beer in ontario. This announcement underscores our commitment to responsible beer distribution and environmental stewardship, but not everyone supports this expansion. Doctor leslie buckley is ahead of addictions at camh. She joined cp24 and says there are many safeguards that needs to be in place to reduce harm. >> It really all comes down to accessibility. So there's multiple studies that show that the single most important lever that impacts the amount of alcohol consumed by a society is accessibility. And what we mean by that, we mean price. So the minimum price plus taxes. So the higher the price, the less consumed the hours of availability and the retail density. So you know, all those things are increasing at this point. And we know that that will have an impact in terms of consumption of alcohol. >> Earlier this month, a coalition of health organizations, including the canadian cancer society, the canadian mental health association and can aged released a letter calling for a comprehensive strategy to deal with increased alcohol consumption with what will come with the change it says harms linked to drinking cost the province more than 7 billion dollars a year. More than tobacco and opioids combined. The city is trying to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused a long-term construction on the gardner. It involves opening the ramp from lakeshore to the westbound gardiner at jameson during the afternoon rush. That ramp was previously closed in the afternoon because it can be difficult for drivers to merge onto the gardiner enjoying busy periods. The garner is currently reduced to 2 lanes of traffic each way between dufferin and strachan for major rehabilitation work that's scheduled to continue for 3 years. The city issued a statement today on the reopening of the ramp. It says in part the ramp opened earlier this afternoon, the city of toronto's traffic operations centre reports the ramp has been working extremely well to keep the traffic moving. Traffic agents are present to assist with the continued flow of traffic and provide feedback to the city on conditions on the ground. The city is also installing additional variable messaging signs in bowler to educate motorists about traffic challenges as a result of the ramps reopening. Go. Transit is reminding people of service updates on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend service on the lakeshore west rail will be temporarily modified on certain weekends until june 9th to allow for track work. The trains will operate every 15 minutes between union station to oakville and then hourly between oakville to west harbour train service on the barrie line will be suspended this weekend for critical track work during this time,

buses will only run between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. And heads up for ttc riders. There will be a subway closure to keep in mind this weekend. There will be no service on line 2 between woodbine and kennedy stations on saturday and sunday. Crews will be doing trackwork shuttle buses will be running and regular service is scheduled to resume on monday. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 sounding the alarm over funding for child care and the potential impact on families. Those details ahead. She'll never bend the knee. The greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra, and for your children. (Dramatic music) Otto: It is your great privilege to witness this, a new day for our realm! (Cheering) (Roar) Rhaenyra: We don't choose our destiny. It chooses us. When we moved, I went online with Onlia and insured our home right from my phone. [child] Heads up! Oh no. [glass shatters] I went online with Onlia and submitted a home insurance claim right from my phone. ( ) Food Basics' biggest savings event is back with prices so low, you'll be saying Totally Wowza! Super duper Wowza! Mega Wowza! Oh my Wowza! Hot diddly Wowza! Save big in-store and online. Plus get new deals every Thursday. Only at Food Basics. Always More for Less. My life is full of questions... How do I clean an aioli stain? Use Tide. Do I need to pretreat guacamole? -Not with Tide. -Why do we even buy napkins? Thankfully, Tide's the answer to almost all of them. -Do crabs have eyebrows? -Except that one. For all of life's laundry questions, it's got to be Tide. (Playful music) the ontario ndp are calling for action to help families facing uncertainty following the province's latest funding delay. The news conference comes after the provincial government told childcare centres that it will implement a new way of funding the national 10 dollar-a-day program starting in 2025. Many daycares are warning about a risk of closure if a funding formula isn't soon updated to cover the actual cost of providing care. Ndp mpp political posh says the government must provide a short-term solution to help these daycare survive. >> Asked today is simple. No more delays, share the funding the centers can start planning other centres in similar situations and stay I also want to >> 92 of licensed childcare providers have opted into ontario's 10 dollar-a-day program. The federal government is providing more insight into why it rejected toronto's request to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs. Addictions minister ya'ara saks says the proposal didn't include age restrictions or limit the amount of drugs a person could have. She says the plan left her with deep concerns. The minister says she decided to deny it after toronto refused to amend the proposal to address concerns from her department. The application sought to decriminalize possession of all controlled drugs and substances for personal use. Premier ford was asked about the federal government's denying of toronto's request to decriminalize drugs for personal use. Here's what he had to say. >> As long as on premier, we're never going to decriminalize hardcore drugs. What I believe in, we need more detox centres. We need more rehab rehabilitation centres, but we sure the heck don't need people shooting up and doing drugs in neighbourhoods like mississauga were anywhere and that kaysen in ontario. >> Independent mp kevin one has asked to run for the federal conservatives in the next election. One was a liberal candidate in spadina-fort york in 2021, but was dropped by the party just days before the votes for failing to disclose a withdrawn sexual assault charge. He won his seat and has been sitting as an independent. Since then, one is hoping conservative leader pierre poilievre will nominate him in gta riding. He has voted alongside the

conservatives on a range of issues and says he obtains party membership last november. Party spokeswoman, sarah fisher says the tories are not considering bringing him into caucus. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 coming up. Bracing for potential disruptions at the border. And what that could mean for the busy travel season this summer. Ok, someone just did laundry... No, I add Downy Light so the freshness really lasts. Yeah, most scented stuff gives me a headache, but this is just right. And I don't like anything. But I like this. Get a light scent that lasts with no heavy perfumes or dyes. Did you know there's another form of debt consolidation? It's called a consumer proposal. This government regulated alternative to bankruptcy helps you repay a smaller portion of your debt based on what you can afford. Simply make one monthly payment and put an end to both interest charges and collection calls. Take the first step with a free consultation. You'll wonder why you didn't do this years ago. The Jeep No Limits Event is here. Which means more trails to blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoy no payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee, the most awarded suv ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off msrp for up to eighty seven hundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. If you're frustrated with occasional bloating or gas. Your body's giving you signs... it's time to try Align. Align Probiotic was designed by gastroenterologists to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. When you feel the signs... it's time to try Align/ . It's spring time in paris and the kings and queens of clay have come out to play Tennis played on another planet That is a piece of art right there Ooo lala! Roland garros on tsn and tsn+ Closed Captioning is brought to you in part by Desjardins Insurance. Insurance with a heart so big, it shows. Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. (Light music) canada border services agency workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. More than 9,000 members voted in 96% supported job action that could lead to significant disruptions to the flow of people, goods and services in an out of canada. As the busy summer travel season begins. Workers have been without a contract for 2 years. He issues in this round of bargaining includes fair wages that are aligned with other law enforcement agencies across the country. Flexible telework and remote work options and equitable retirement benefits. Canada's competition bureau is looking into the conduct of sobeys and loblaws. The major grocery chains are under investigation for alleged anti-competitive conduct. The federal government documents show the bureau is looking at the company's use of so-called property controls to limit retail grocery competition. The commissioner claims the controls at the grocery giants have baked into lease agreements are designed to restrict other potential tenants and their activities. Meanwhile, loblaw boycott organizers say they plan to keep movement going past may. One of the group's moderators, rick brown joined cp24 with more on their efforts. >> It's going really well, the poll that came out yesterday, so to saint people participating, which is 18% of the canadian population. 58% of the population aware of the boy died and supported so that's very encouraging to us because, you know, we have a lot of and and do and dover evidence. But this, you know, really quantifies what's happening. >> Boycott organizers say they're looking forward to seeing the financial impact on loblaw once they're q2. Reports are released. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Coming up, the blue jays looking for a win against the tigers with alek manoah taking them. And we'll have those highlights next. Male Announcer: chum 104.5. I'm not here for long Toronto's best music. I'm a survivor Listen for your chance to play CHUM's Road Trip Challenge. Win a Nissan Rogue s all-wheel drive. Hello. I'm Russell Oliver, and I am the cash man. Bring me your used jewelry and I will give you cash. Oh yeah!

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